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AV secrets

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I downloaded the speedrun demos for Alien Vendetta in order to find the secrets but I'd really appreciate a textfile version (plus the lmp's have problems, like shooting at walls :)).
So... where can I find that text?

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If the players are shooting at walls, you either have an old version of av.wad and are trying to watch demos recorded on the new version, or you have the latest version of av.wad but you are watching demos recorded on the old version. Get the latest version here, and get the old version here. For demos recorded on the old version try [executable of choice] -file av.wad avold.wad -playdemo [the demo].

Also see this thread for more on this topic.

Hope this helps.

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Also, if you use the method to watch demos described here, then it "knows" from the file-names which demos are for which version of Alien Vendetta. If you have both av.wad (the new version) and avold.wad, then it will load them as necessary to play back the demos.

If you prefer to do it manually, then the date-stamp of the demos will give a good indication of which version of the wad they are for. All compet-n demos work with the second release. The demo-pack is for the first release.

Also, by setting your automap colours appropriately, you can have it display the locations of secret sectors on-screen with IDDT. (AFAIK, Boom and all descendent ports have this, and probably others too.) Though this just shows you where they are - it doesn't show you how to reach them.

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About the textfile. You can use Yonatan's secret locator, which is included in Doom Things Analyzer 1.06. Just run the following command:

scrtfind av.wad > avsecret.txt

and you'll have a file avsecret.txt created in the same folder, containing all the secret sector numbers in all the maps.

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sdger said:
So... where can I find that text?

I doubt anyone will make one of those, as it's a boring task. But if you're willing to maybe others will find it useful.

Maybe you've spotted them already, but there's a bunch of demos without monsters recorded as route demonstrations. It's for the old version, but in general it should prove helpful, as most secrets didn't change.

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Dr. Zin said:

In Doombuilder you can do a search or sectors with a tag of "9".

You mean, type 9? Btw, in Boom generalized format it's not necessarily 9, though this does not apply to AV of course.

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