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  1. Opulent

    Chronologically sorted demos

    I have previously considered this a long time ago, but it is a herculean task for several reasons. - There are a LOT of DOOM demos. Even if you limit yourself to Iwad demos, there are thousands. - The LMP file timestamp is not 100% reliable. Many DOS-era demos have incorrect timestamps - or were archived by themselves(outside of a zipfile) so they have inaccurate dates. You can use some OS file managers(or a tool like Lookdisk) to list all the files and files in archives into a textfile that can be manipulated and sorted to get the answers you seek. It would be interesting to see the surges and lulls in the amount of demos recorded over time. DOOM recording is busier now than it ever was. (well, possibly a bit higher a few years ago, but in general, it is more prolific now). Funny that in the 8900 days since DOOM was released, there have been about 12 demos recorded everyday since then(that have been released). I imagine that some days in 2014 or so, probably several hundred were recorded in the same day. A lot of DOOMers have been busty. Oh, I meant to say busy, but perhaps they've been busty too.
  2. Opulent

    Doom version 1.666 with everything

    On topic, I think that find is really cool. There are a wide variety of prices on Ebay for such an item. Not sure what the correct range or price would be. Off topic, Smight. Holy crap. What a legend of the game. A legend before most of us even played DOOM. Thanks to Bahdko for sharing several of your amazing performances. Okay, I can turn off fan-starstruck-mode now...
  3. Opulent

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    PVS and Kraflab are the Heretic experts. 1) Yes, Heretic1.3+vvherectic4 is the "real" way to record. All of the Heretic-capable ports have some issues(but not many). Heretic-plus, Chocolate-Heretic, CrispyHeretic, and jHeretic are all very close approximations of the real game, although as with any windows-managed source port, they allow a lot of "player-skill-enhancing features" in comparison to the real game. If I was to suggest a method to use for you, I'd suggest using the CrispyHeretic modification that is indicated here: http://opulentdemos.us/fpsdemos/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=59 2) Nope, you cannot record a multi-episode run. I assume some versions of zdoom/gzdoom/zandronum/? can do this though. 5) with the -demoextend parameter, you can see the exit times. Also, LMPC can determine the demo-length. 6) PVS' port also has on-screen timing, I think.
  4. Opulent

    3 Heures d'agonie 3 demos [-complevel 2]

    2.5 hours of goodness. And that end is a shame. Always a worry on a map with so many lines and things.
  5. Opulent

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Best demo I've seen in a long time. A little unlucky on 7, 16, 23, and 30, but you rebounded really well each time. Good job.
  6. Opulent

    solo-net movies?

    If you look at my Iwad movies spreadsheet, a quick sort shows this: Executable Notes Number Player zip name CheatedDate Date Skill leMode GameticsDuration Type Complete IWAD Demotime Total seco PrBoom 2.5.-solo-net 1J.C. Dorne d230-uvsn-4211-J 1/15/19801/15/1980 4Speed Yes DOOM2 42:11 2531.00 PrBoom 2.5.-solo-net 1J.C. Dorne d230-uvsn-5107-J 1/15/19801/15/1980 4Speed Yes DOOM2 51:07 3067.00 ipxsetup - -solo-n 1Simon Widlake net1uv01 9/18/19959/18/1995 4Speed 578890:27:33.9Episode Yes DOOM2 24:33 1473.00 -solo-net 1Vladislav 'ClumsyDoomer' Baymurzi03no041 X 6/27/20116/27/2011 2Speed 16040:00:45.83 No DOOM2 0:41 41.00 ipxsetup 1Vincent 'PerOxyd' Catalaà 30fanet1 11/16/2001######### 4Coop Max Fast 2963672:21:07.63 Yes DOOM2 139:09 8349.00 Executable Notes Number Player zip name CheatedDate Date Skill leMode GameticsDuration Type Complete Short time (Demotime 1.6 converted to 1 3Simon Widlake / unknown / unknownep1-net3 1/18/19951/18/1995 4Coop Max 798080:38:00.2Episode Yes 32:34 34:25 1.6 converted to 1 1Simon Widlake ep1-net1 3/22/19963/22/1996 4Speed 762370:36:18.2Episode Yes 30:33 32:5
  7. Opulent

    Any physics nerds in here?

    That is an interesting question. I probably know less than the people who posted here, but some thoughts: 1) Every object has angular rotation. Or rather, every independent, inanimate object has rotation. This is caused by gravitational interaction with external particles and the electromagnetic forces. The "quark soup" at the planck scale prevents anything from being entirely motionless. From sub-atomic particles to clusters of galaxies, everything is spinning. I think this is caused in part by the electromagnetic force -- that the field of electricity is manifested in a perpendicular circular field. 2) When high-mass stars collapse to a neutron star after a supernova, the atoms are stripped of their electrons and compressed to only the material in the nucleus.(thus the neutron moniker). When this happens, the collapse makes the star rotate faster and faster. Imagine a 50 mile sphere rotating at hundreds of times a second. The surface of that sphere is rotating extremely quickly -- like a 10th of the speed of light. Eventually, if more mass is added, the star will collapse to a black hole. 3) There isn't a "center" object of a black hole, at least as I understand it. There is an object that is compressed by gravitational pressure to a density that prevents particles and electromagnetic radiation(light, etc..) from escaping; that object IS the black hole. That's it. There _is_ also an event horizon gravitational "wake" phenomenon that accompanies the black hole. As electromagnetic waves and particles are gravitationally attracted to the black hole, they are pulled harder and harder, faster and faster into the actual black hole through this 'wake' of the event horizon. But let's not confuse the wake with the actual event horizon(which is the point where the gravitational pull is strong enough to prevent even light from escaping). 4) If the Earth instantly became a black hole. It would be reduced to the size of a walnut or so. We, 7000 miles from the walnut-sized black hole, wouldn't be pulled in any faster or harder than we are now(although, you would still fall all the way down into it). The gravitational constant at what was the Earth's surface would still be 9.8 m/s/s as it is currently. The super-massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is so large and massive that the event horizon wake would be large enough that, according to Stephen Hawking, you could start to fall into it, even through the event horizon, without knowing it(because of the laws of relativity). 5) The size of a black hole is proportional to its mass. But to answer your question, I don't think anyone knows the relationship between their motion and their mass. From their cause of creation or what type of black hole they are. I'm skeptical if we will ever know. They are very difficult to monitor or test... and any historical data would have to be based on large lengths of time monitoring. The intriguing part of your question lies with the conservation of energy and angular momentum. Why this is currently unsolvable is because the laws of relativity don't cover infinites. That is exactly why we don't know what happens inside a black hole. The laws of physics as we know them don't explain the details of a black hole, or before 10 to the -43 seconds after the big bang. It is beyond our understanding.
  8. If their suggested solutions(which is the simplest way with a DOOM/Boom-compatible demo format) doesn't work, you can use one of the demo parsing tools like Boom-LMPC to get the exact time.
  9. Opulent

    Demo analysis tool

    Yes, self-executing. I didn't know Ruby had that ability. Certainly any demo analysis is worthless for certain things or certain types of demos. If I was one of these expert players who persevere to optimize every motion in a demo, I would probably enjoy seeing the path that a player takes on a speedrun, or to compare two maxdemo routes, etc...
  10. Opulent

    Demo analysis tool

    Nice. You are always improving stuff. I'm sure you already know about JC's DOOM/Boom demo format analyzer and BOOM LMPC; both parse Boom-engine-based demos. Shame it is tied to Ruby; I bet you could port it to Python so it would be self-contained. Python, Perl, TCL, Ruby, ... they are all pretty similar as parsing languages. I don't see anything about the demo footer or the emulation.... Might I suggest expanding DF's VIDD tool. If you aren't familiar, it drew a line based on the coordinate path of the player's movements through time. One of my tools does this too, but it is just the data, not an overlay like VIDD was. UberDemoTool_Viewer in Quake-Live is similar.
  11. Opulent

    Doom Members' Website Links

    As to the textbooks, in the USA anyway, they are locked in with the scholastic method of education. Professors are often required to further their field and show value to the school while they teach. For most, this means writing a book based on the curriculum for the classes they teach. That way, they can earn extra money, making their extra work pay off. I had plenty of classes where we barely used the textbook, but, of course, it was required. I'm sure any student would agree the prices are absurd. As for the scientific method and wave/particle duality, I agree that it is a difficult bridge for science to cross. Quantum theory is the most tested scientific theory; but it is 'proven' by empirical outcomes that cannot be directly observed. We see the results, just like the effects of gravity, but we cannot explain the details. We know the results of quantum interactions, QCD, and QED, but we don't know the mechanism behind the interactions. And the particles, even at the sub-atomic level are too small to be directly observed; or at least observed without interacting with the particles(and, in essence, ruining the test). I'm sure you know way more about this than me. Proving quantum interactions with mathematics instead of empiricism is leaving it as unproven IMVHO. It is still just theory. A man and a woman have sex. The woman becomes pregnant. We understand the correlation and the results, but we don't understand the 'how' in quantum interactions. I'd like to hear your take on Yang-Mills gauge theory, renormalization and Feynman's ideas, whether there are three base forces or one, and how dark matter and dark energy influence quantum field theory through time.
  12. I think this topic is muddled by different game types. FPS multi-player cannot be judged against the single-player side of games. For example, Half-life2 single-player sucks balls, but the multi-player(especially including game mods) are pretty good. And you can't measure Battlefield4 multi-player against some shooter/RPG, single-player scripted mess like Skyrim. never seen or never played: Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crysis Black Outlaws Turok Dinosaur Hunter Turok Evolution The Respawnables DESYNC Vanquish Spec Ops: The Line Legendary No More Room In Hell Good(worth playing): DOOM DOOM 2 Half-Life Heretic Hexen Quake 4 Quake Disappointing(I'm sorry I wasted my time): Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Clive Barker's Undying DmC: Devil May Cry F.E.A.R. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Half-Life 2 Prey Serious Sam 2 Wolfenstein: The New Order Far Cry 4 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Portal Bioshock
  13. Kaiser_13 (yes, Strife) in 19:15. Very difficult run on higher skill levels. I'd say skill 4 is nearly impossible. kaiser_13map02_opulent_gzdoom350_1915.zip
  14. Nice. I couldn't have done it better myself. No seriously, I couldn't have.
  15. Recently recorded Kaiser_28 for Hexen, so I thought I'd get back to some DOOM. Needed something short, so this was perfect. I'm sure Veinen already has a 19(that is half the time this is) demo recorded... I look forward to seeing that. kaiser_19_opulent_boom202_1225.zip