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  1. Eighteen minutes and twelve seconds well spent!
  2. Opulent

    FPS Playback Demo Site

    I admire your zeal for demos, gentlemen. You know I do. But there isn't enough interest in FPS demos to warrant any action. Outside of DOOM, there isn't a single game that has an active replay community that counts.(excluding the RTS games, which are mostly CJK-based) Well..., to my knowledge anyway.
  3. Opulent

    FPS Playback Demo Site

    No, it doesn't. I don't wish to step on Bahdko's toes either. Her awesome site has been one of the very best internet sites for decades. I don't wish to undermine her efforts. As I say on my site, what's posted is only top quality demos... and is about 1/50th of all the FPS demos I have. Now that a lot of time has passed, there is a fair portion that isn't online anymore... but I held little magic in obtaining most of these. Someone else offered most of them online at one time or another.... There is, of course, a small percentage that were obtained by less than publicly accessible means.
  4. Opulent

    FPS Playback Demo Site

    Thanks guys. And Adam, I always thought you and NC were the two most underrated players. I guess that is a bit subjective... but certainly the demos speak for themselves. Cheers.
  5. Opulent

    FPS Playback Demo Site

    I had resisted posting this shameless self-promotion, but it is tangentially relevant; and perhaps someone somewhere is actually interested in the content... I decided to start this site because so many demosites have disappeared in the last 5 years. Cheers. http://opulentdemos.us/ofda/ofda.htm
  6. Opulent

    What's rare in your music collection?

    I almost had a used record store in the 80s, so I've seen some rare stuff go by. I got a lot of first pressings, radio-only release crap, bootlegs, and limited edition collections of stuff, but nothing really noteworthy or THAT rare. I got a bunch of stuff, as I would assume many of you do too, that won't ever be released digitally. Off the top of my head, some items I have that you probably couldn't just go buy somewhere(that are actual items, not foreign releases or fake singles or something equally meaningless): Adam Ant - Mice in Freefall, Persuasion, original Dirk WWS. I have more than all of his music, so that includes some rare stuff. Josh White At Midnight original version Lord Sutch Quiet Riot 1 Body Heat soundtrack(only 2000 made and hand numbered) Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? play Phil Collins In the Air Tonight limited edition single. Supposedly only London release, but I would guess that it wasn't very rare in 80/81 anywhere in England. As for stuff I want; I would like some albums to be released digitally. An example would be Ranting at the Nation by Attila the Stockbroker. and, Grazza, I'm jealous of your access to music shopping in GB and europe!
  7. Death Certificate over Lethal Injection. Heresy, says I! (And that is quite an odd assortment of musical variety. The venn diagrams of those music genres do not overlap.) 5 is not many. Staying away from listing any non-original albums. Rice/Webber - Jesus Christ Superstar (soundtrack) (1973) Phil Ochs - Rehearsals for Retirement(1968) Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway(1974) Adam Ant - Dirk Wears White Sox(1979) Renaissance - Scheherazade and other Stories(1975) Maybe, just maybe, that shows my age.... If I re-chose these tomorrow, I might swap out a couple. It is a tough balance between "Desert Island Disc" choices and personal favorites. Certainly some musicals and diverse albums(like the Beatles White Album) are attractive choices due to their varied content... of course that depends upon your musical taste.
  8. Opulent

    Quake 1 controlls stopped working

    First off, bonus points for playing the real game. Seems like everyone plays the crap mods and online source ports these days. Did you try -dinput ? It is probably Synaptic, TouchPad, PalmCheck or something similar that is controlling the touchpad input. You need to either change the settings for the touchpad controller or disable it. Windows thinks you never want to use both input devices simultaneously, because everyone just writes textfiles or watches youtube 24/7.
  9. Taskbar preview panes of open windows when you mouse-over them. I don't see the usefulness of this 'feature'. I think you can also turn off the Aero desktop, which may disable this. This is down my list of annoyances, but it is on there. I've known lots of people who have dozens(if not hundreds) of windows open at once -- and I do see the usefulness if you are one of those people. I don't, so it is nothing but an annoyance. These procedures are for Windows7, but should work with 8 or 10. If your version of Windows7 has the group policy editor(Ultimate/Professional), then you can change this there. a) run gpedit.msc in the Run dialog box and turn it off b) Navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar in left pane of Local Group Policy Editor. c) Locate and double click on Turn off taskbar thumbnails in right pane of Local Group Policy editor. d) Select Enabled radion button. e) Click OK to make the change effective. (You will need to re-logon/reboot to enable the fix) If you have Windows7 Home, then: a) Click Start, type Regedit.exe and press {ENTER} b) Navigate to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced c) Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value named ExtendedUIHoverTime d) Double-click ExtendedUIHoverTime and click Decimal e) This is in milliseconds so it needs a large delay number; 400000 or so is fine. f) Exit the Registry Editor. (You will need to re-logon/reboot to enable the fix)
  10. Opulent

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal thread

    How anyone could possibly finish this game (without looking on the internet for help) is beyond me. A screenshot for this game should be on the wiki page for the word 'frustrating'. Shamefully, it isn't too far from Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim as far as the quality of the game is concerned. I wish they'd focus on the game first and then the frills, but that is why we're on a DOOM forum talking about Bethesda games instead of on a Bethesda gaming forum talking about DOOM.
  11. A sequel isn't really possible with a film like this. The entire movie is various forms of satire and mockery. People die numerous times, the social commentary, they intentionally show the stuntmen in the shot, the absurdity of the police state, etc... It isn't a real movie. It is like trying to make a sequel to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You have to admire Verhoeven's touch with the film though... really helped elevate this, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers to be much better than they would have been.
  12. Opulent

    Retro PC circa 93/94 help

    The first computer I played DOOM on was a 486, IIRC. Fraggle is right, all you need is a 386. The real requirement was that your computer had a math co-processor; so a 386DX was needed. And a soundblaster-compatible card if you wanted sound, IIRC. That first PC would play DOOM in frame-by-frame in multiplayer and took about 50 seconds to initialize the game.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean. Because I can't reach the number keys or that I don't combine keys? It has the advantage of being able to just grab the keyboard without looking of course and just start playing instantly. WASD is so... messy -- I don't "feel" that my fingers are on the right keys. Changing it would require a long downtime of practice and I'm way too old for that. I might die before I got back up to my current sub-par skill level.
  14. Left-Shift - forward Z - backward Left-Ctrl - strafe-left Left-Alt - strafe-right S - run A - turn left mouse2 - strafe-on So, to strafe50 (to the left only) is Left-shift/Left-ctrl/A/S/mouse2 - 5 keys I'm deep in the minority opinion that combining keys and always run are cheating. My setup makes it hard to change weapons since I cannot reach the number keys with my fingers without moving my hand. I use this configuration for all games that require the standard WASD-type movement. I'm not sure it was a good idea since the Windows Key or Q sometimes get pressed accidentally... and sometimes I go to rocket jump and I alt-tab instead; which never ends well.
  15. Please forgive the Wall of text.... It is not that they have had 30 years to perfect this OS into something worse than the earlier versions. It is not that there are still outstanding systemic-level issues with Windows as an operating system. I fully understand that the power of Windows is its dynamic usefulness -- and that means some inconsistencies and compromises. The thing that gets me is that they fu#$&##% designed this crap for themselves to use! WTFF?! And why isn't there an administrator-version of Windows? People are idiots. This isn't an exhaustive list or anything, these are just issues I have personally run into. Things removed: correct UI management -- One simple example(although there are many more complicated ones) is if you add a file to an open directory in WindowsExplorer, it will interactively instantly auto-sort(instead of being listed at the bottom as it should be) correct UI control (since the UI constantly refreshes, it often "highlights" a different object than what you were using as a user -- this is infinitely annoying) (another simple example of what I'm talking about is in WindowsExplorer, if you open a folder, then select a file, sometimes the action you choose will be enacted on the FOLDER and not the file) The built-in defragmenter has no output and the world's worst interface. Lame! UI refresh doesn't work -- if you run a program that changes the files in the directory you are in, it doesn't update the UI, because the user didn't do it. WTF? I cannot burn a CD in any post-WinXP computer that can be read in my CD player. You could blame this on the software or the hardware manufacturer, but it still doesn't work with the WindowsOS-built-in CD burning software. Yes, I have to burn it on Windows98 for it to work. Reliable file copy -- If you have a folder of files and some of them cannot be read; if you copy them in windows, it will only copy the ones it can read. It doesn't tell you it failed to copy them all. Similarly, since zip is corrupt(that is, zip 2.0 cannot read beyond a null character if your file has a terminating null, when you zip it, it will have dataloss because it truncates the file at the null.) If you copy a file with such an character into a windows compressed folder, it will have dataloss. yay for windows! Also, if you attempt to copy 1Tb of files over 0.9Tb of files that are duplicates, if there isn't 1Tb of extra space on the drive, Windows7 will refuse to copy them. There is no force copy. Ahh, maybe robocopy or xcopy has a force. There is no force in WindowsExplorer, let's just say that. NT Bootloader -- This is one of those things where it tries to help, but just causes problems. If you boot a Windows7 computer with another active Windows7-loaded OS drive in the computer it cannot boot! WTF! Additionally, and this occurs with windowsXP as well, if you boot a Windows partition with another Windows partition on another drive, it will use both and f$*& up your install. Idiots! A reasonable end-user EULA. Things I can't stand that were added: My number one complaint is the folder customization // autodiscovery. Oh, god, that is so annoying. There is no permanent fix either. Aeropeek tying html files with html subdirectory. ugh. stupid shells. no command-line switches or actual program help auto arranging or spreading open windows. never useful. windows functions cannot use files with non-standard date stamps. the design control where the computer is more important than the user // the user is no longer admin-level powerful (this is also true on more current Mac and Linux OSs too) lack of UI control CPU interrupt(although I understand it from a reliability standpoint) (this is where you type or do instructions that the computer is too busy to acknowledge) zip 2.0 compressed folder management USB and Bluetooth use shared resources (this is perhaps not a Windows issue but a standards issue) Having InternetExplorer embedded in the OS was useful back in the older days because browsers would potentially crash due to memory limitations. IE would be more useful in the 90s because of this. Nowadays, it is nothing but a security hole. I suppose that is why they made Edge. UAC protected directories cannot be disabled without disabling all security on the computer. Windows Search is clunky and requires indexing.(although, it can search for special characters where earlier Win OSs couldn't) Windows Notifications (and programs that use the Windows Notification service that cannot be managed through the WNS will popup anyway) Windows services that require 7 other services to be running Recycle Bin management Windows Temp directory management is flawed. Those darn taskbar icons move. I go to click on a task on the taskbar, and as I click the icon moves under my mouse and I click a different program. And yes, I know you can pin and unpin your icons in order, but we’re talking a lot of icons and I’m not setting it up every time I want to use my computer…. that would be like organizing your refrigerator every time you want to get something out. In Microsoft’s defense, many of my many, oh so so so many, windows7 complaints are also ever-present in Mac and Linux OSs now. Oh the bleeding inhumanity of it all! I got Fedora21 recently and I couldn’t reformat that crap off my computer fast enough. I miss redhat in the pre- RHEL/Fedora days… back when linux was a man’s OS and not crap. The only thing worse than Windows7’s issues would be an OS that uses tiles with a touch-screen instead of a taskbar. Imagine how bad THAT would be! I dropped a USB drive once and I plugged it into Windows7 to scan it for issues. If you tell it to NOT fix anything, it does anyway. sigh. It had a good report, but still should be more detailed IMHO. The report says it deleted a bunch of my files because “Windows cannot use those”. sigh. Thanks. At least it told me, I guess. Similarly, if you scan the drive and there are errors, when it fixes them, it just deletes your data. “You may need to restore from backup because we had to delete some of your files.” No report, no list of what files were deleted. Smooth. It’s the “You can reach the internet, so your computer is 100% healthy!”-type of thinking. I guess I should be happy the drive still worked. Microsoft forced pre-preparing and advertisement updates for Windows7/8 to upgrade to Windows10. These were automatically retrieving data from Windows7/8 computers without knowledge from the owners. As I said before, I mostly trust Microsoft to not play too dirty, but their EULAs for WindowsVista and later make it difficult to trust them. They don’t seem to understand that holes in your computer’s security are easily exploited by any other program on your computer. Thus, steam or origin or mcafee can use(or worse, manipulate or cull their own data) Microsoft’s exploit method. WindowsXP and higher, you can hide users or directories/files. Even an average hacker could compromise your computer and you'd never know it. Microsoft-ers might say “you don’t know that they are doing something wrong or sending non-OS information”. And that is exactly my problem. I don’t know. I expect they will soon require internet activation for Windows. I won't be doing that. A couple positive notes: Windows is still easily the most useful OS. I prefer WindowsXP and Windows98 over the current ones. Other than support for newer hardware, there is only one feature that is better in windows7 than WindowsXP. That feature is the merging of file-folders when you move directories; although that still has the uppercase/lowercase same-filename issue that all windows OSs have. I do like InternetExplorer's configurable security settings -- although this shouldn't be managing your OS security as well! I like that Windows7 has the international character/language sets built-in. NTFS is still flexible to not set its standard of compatibility to match the limited Windows. Windows NT-kernel shutdown script -- I can force a computer shutdown. This is very nice, I use it nearly everytime I shutdown a computer(which is several times a day). Microsoft has repeatedly fought the US government against more insidious data tracking embedded in their OS.