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  1. Nice and very clever. I wish I had remembered/thought of that. good job! Now, if the demos were just a wee bit better...
  2. To answer the OP, it might have been a bad idea. But like the Neanderthals, these few bits of communication may be all that is left of us in the distant future. However, there is little reason to be concerned as the the likelihood that anything will ever "hear" it is almost absurdly small. Back in the 80s, the general consensus was that there are so many possible habitable planets, even in the Milky Way galaxy, that life on other planets was not just probable but possibly thousands existed. From what we can actually see, using the electromagnetic spectrum, of the Milky Way, is about 100 billion stars. Extrapolate that to the obscured rest of the galaxy and the somewhat-closely estimated mass of the entire galaxy, and it is somewhere between 350-450 billion stars. Knowing the coalescence method of star/planet formation in an 'ordinary' nebula region, the likelihood of solid planets being formed is high. But even if there were a trillion planets in the Milky Way, there are dozens of other factors which have to also occur for life to form. Personally, I'm not convinced that life can be created out of other elements like methane and silicon. Carbon's structure of protons allows for its unique ability to bond chemically into a varied set of molecules. Water is also unique that is bondability and solubility allows for a large number of varied chemical molecules. If it weren't for the carbon-structured protein strings and H2O's flexibility, biological cells would never exist. With that said, you need a planet that has constant liquid water. The Earth has so many fortunate events and components for life to persist into intelligent life. The sun is a second or third generation star -- needed for the heavier elements to allow life to occur. We had a second planet crash into us, it briefly combined and the debris of the crash became the moon. The Earth got an oversized nickel-iron core and more radiation heat out of the collision. Which, in turn, gave us a very strong magnetosphere to keep most harmful high-energy, high-frequency waves and particles out as well as plate techtonics. The moon also steadies us into a fixed, less-wobbly orbit which keeps the weather and temperature on our planet very even. Most star systems are binary(two stars together). We have the massive Jupiter, which didn't have enough mass to become a star. Jupiter keeps many of the smaller objects from making their way into the inner solar system. There is also the symbiotic relationship between the Earth and life on Earth. The original single-celled organisms, the CO2-eaters, Pangeaea splitting, India moving into Asia, the Panama isthmus closing or opening, life enriching the atmosphere, etc... We're in the middle of the probably the calmest weather period in Earth's history -- this is why us weak, soft Homo Sapiens even exist. (As an aside, if you don't believe Global Warming isn't an alarming problem, you don't know what you are talking about) Trying to keep this brief. While this argument doesn't reduce the possibility to zero(certainly not zero, we are here), it does reduce the statistical possibility considerably. Additionally, as other's mentioned, space is extremely vast. Our signal won't reach the center of our galaxy for 40,000 years. So, an answer wouldn't be coming soon. Lastly, there is circumstantial evidence that life on Earth didn't originate here. Scientists can recreate monomers(single molecules) of amino acids in the laboratory from the basic constituent elements(and heat and electricity). However, they have no way of polymerizing them into the polymer protiens like DNA. It is a real chicken-and-the-egg problem - Without RNA and DNA, there is no instruction set to put them together. The proteins have to exist first to create themselves. Amino acids are alive as much as ethylene is. And we have no idea how LIFE makes that leap from monomer to complex polymer. There is no known evidence of this on Earth... no intermediary step of 20 monomers bonded together or strings of monomers mixing and combining to randomly create life. Therefore, it is more likely an asteroid or other astronomical body seeded the Earth with life already intact. More evidence is that all life on this planet originated from one event. 42percenthealth mentioned the multiple universe idea. Which I think is crap. By definition, it can never empirically be proven or disproven. The idea is that, mathematically, string theory contends that there the indeterminacy of Feynman diagrams can exist. That is, the statistical outcome of every outcome for every particle interaction in the entire universe is manifest in some 'parallel world'. This would mean there is some astronomical(indeed the word astronomical isn't even nearly big enough for this number) number of universes -- something like 10 to the 100600 power or some absurdity. What I take away from this is that string theory is not restricted by reality -- that is, the math is not bounded. Crazy things like Time can go in reverse or you can have 9 spacial dimensions or more than one time dimension. (There actually is a reason or two to believe there may actually be more than 3 spacial dimensions though IMVHO).
  3. I don't use prboom-plus very often to play, but perhaps you have always-run enabled. I think it is enabled by default.
  4. Yeah, I thought it was bad 12-15 years ago, when 80-some percent of the gaming sites that I followed died. But it is significantly worse now, because the nature of the internet model today. Regular users have no personal webspace anymore. Sure, there are blog-type websites where you can twiddle about whatever you like, but you don't get webspace to post actual content. I bet anyone reading this would be hard-pressed to name more than 30 websites that actually host content. I know I can't. In the late 90's the internet was a wonderous place with content lurking around every corner. There were hundreds of DOOM sites with a map or two here and some awful sound file there. Literally 100 sites will be linking the latest map or game patch or something similar.... but they are all linking to the single hoster. Once that single host is gone, the content is gone. Nothing is permanent on the internet.(well, I mean as far as gaming is concerned :rolls eyes: ) But to be more productive, if someone names something I think I might actually have archived, I'll look it up and post it. I know a bunch of you have large archives of DOOM. I have about 1Tb(mostly garbage zdoom/zdaemon crap). I'm pretty light on the "website archiving".
  5. That is exactly correct. In general, monsters that are unreachable or are unintentionally inaccessible by the map author are not required(with the notable, unusual exceptions of pl11 and e1m8 - where 100% kills is not expected to be achievable). Just like secrets that don't trigger by the engine because the sectors are too small or unreachable, it is agreed that it is a map design flaw and doesn't count in the total. As RjY said, if it is obtainable, or sometimes the monsters DO teleport in, then you must have a run that this happens or it is not considered a valid maxdemo(although, it is probably still a good demo!).
  6. Improved the time a little... now I need to work on the quality. 3ha228_4330.zip
  7. The MBF demos are complevel 11, but I think this is the right place for these demos anyway. http://www.mediafire.com/file/n8zwnppnnhpf84b/3ha2_opulent_170827.zip
  8. Good job on the route and the archviles at the two spidermasterminds. And my apologies to Darkwave. Bukowski said "Almost everybody is born a genius and buried an idiot." I'm just getting ahead of myself.
  9. Watch at own risk... 3ha329_3623.zip
  10. Nice stuff, Grazza. Fast and for Doom by JC Dorne fa4d_opulent_170716.zip
  11. I made it to the BFG twice. There are strategies on all of the previous areas that aren't too hard. Occasionally you can get trapped or the archviles don't behave. You don't have enough ammo to just blast your way through. Those PEs are annoying in the first areas. The Cyberdemon pit isn't too bad, he lowers quickly and isn't in a good mood. You have to hide by him, then flee to the chaingunners. Plan on taking 60 damage and just get on the lift. Once on the lift, he can't hurt you unless he is far away. He will kill all the revenents for you, then jump down and plasma gun him to death. Obviously, you need to have the previous area cleared to do this comfortably. Anyway, once you get to the rk/bfg, you have to get lucky... like real lucky(at least for someone at my skill level). You don't have enough cells to blast a hole to the dropdown switch and then escape on the other side through the drop down. The viles are too far away for anything but a TAS run to get them to pop you back out the entrance. There is nowhere to hide, too few cells and rockets, and the ssg doesn't pack enough punch to clear a path. If the rear archviles weren't there, I'd say it would be doable for me, but you can't hide there as it is. Ironically, the safest place to be might be behind the 2 Cybers, but that is not the wisest approach, I'd say. An invulnerability would work wonders as it would give you the 30 seconds you desperately need to make some space. I don't think the exit area is too bad... the safest bet would be to let the Cybers infight the Revenents then cross your fingers to run passed the viles to the right teleporter. Once out, the cleanup would be nothing. It's a shame the stairs disappear, you can strafe back to the start area easily. I'm awaiting Roofi's demo!
  12. Yeah, I'm replying to myself again... but this should be the last one on this thread. All demos together. Some fun maps! 3ha3_opulent_170708.zip
  13. Map17, Map18, Map19, and Map31. Died escaping with the BFG on 29... /rolls eyes 3ha3_opulent_170628.zip
  14. Fun map. 3ha322-413.zip 3ha3_170622.zip 3ha3_170623.zip Btw, I trial-runned(not a word) Map29 and kept getting visiplane crashes. It looks like a too-tedious start for me anyway. 3ha327_522.zip
  15. I assume you know about these: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a51jaaj5272dibk/heretic.zip https://www.doomworld.com/sda/hh.htm