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Hell's Last Stand [continuing the HR legacy](Update!)

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Adding DM starts in your maps would cost you less time than asking here whether you should add them or not.

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Zetta said:

If anything putting them in will simply be a waste of time and effort.

Because placing a couple extra things takes forever and a hell of a lot of planning to do. Even though it's unlikely people will play this on Deathmatch, if I were to go through a complete sp/coop megawad and place deathmatch starts in reasonable places, it would take me 15 minutes at the slowest to do all 32 maps. I think an extra 15 minutes added on to the expected release date is nothing we can't wait for. Especially since the previous wads did it.

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entryway said:

Why people so like to exploit someone else's "trade marks"? Make one's crap with own name, not with Plutonia2, TNT2 or Hell Revealed III.

I for one would love to see a spiritual successor to the old legends. My gripe about the HR wads has always been that many of their maps look like crap compared to other highly enjoyable projects such as Alien Vendetta and Requiem. I'd love to see a HR3 keeping the spirit alive while introducing modern elements. Id offer to submit something myself but I'm new to mapping and I haven't released anything yet, although I'm very close.

If this project continues I would love to get involved.


Myk said:

I argued using a different name for Plutonia 2. Eventually I helped out regardless of the name choice, as that name was decided by the team leaders, and PL2 seemed like a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity considering the designer roster.

That's exactly how I feel about the idea of working on a new Hell Revealed... it's like putting your name to something that is already guaranteed its place in history, and it is something a mapper should not turn down lightly!

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