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Angler - one boom map

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Nice "icy" looks, the gameplay was surprisingly easy with pretty much all fights solvable by shamefully running away and camping, which is what I was doing the whole time. :) Not complaining though, FDA-friendliness is nice and I suspect you can get some fun dynamic action from this by playing more aggressively.

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Cool, I always like seeing when people make maps for other resource sets/mods/etc. Memfis does this sometimes, probably to get around using textures from wads that don't permit modifications, but I don't really know anyone else that does. Will definitely give this a play soon.

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bright silvers are an interesting complement to the blacks and grays I spammed everywhere in swtw, a neat addition! Fun map all around, it's cool to see my shenanigans could inspire someone else to fool around with the aesthetic.

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