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  1. Alrighty, this was a quite enjoyable ride, well done. Stuff: -ammo & health are like super generous to the point where you can play pretty careless, perhaps tone it down a bit at least on UV -one Radsuit is more than enough for the YK/Caco fight, perhaps put some other fancy things into the nearby secret same for the final fight in terms of Radsuit's -missing texture in the crusher area, tried to make obvious in my demo - the 2 arachnotron's in the final fight are stuck in PrBoom2.5.1.5 - more of a personal preference but i would replace the HK's on the pillars, in the pre final fight area, with Revenants hope i didn't forget a thing FDA torrential-FDA_TNq.zip Edit: Yeah i forgot a thing, Interpic hasn't the correct size, should be 320x200
  2. tourniquet


    Fun little episode to breeze trough in an hour or so, difficulty wise not too demanding unless you succumb to hitscan RNG. Usually I'm not a fan of drastic gameplay changes, that fuck too much with your muscle memory, however they were not too deviant from vanilla in that case. Occasional the maps were a bit too cramped for my tastes but yeah, i guess that's just a matter of preference. Stuff 03: Soulsphere secret is rather pointless as you loose you gain on the way back, trough the nukage 04: what's the point of the fake secret exit 05: the only map where i struggled with ammo, a bit more por favor 08: blargh! No RL? SG'ing 5 Barons is neither fun nor challenging FDA's err-FDA_TNq.zip
  3. tourniquet

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    very delicious texture combination Dobu
  4. tourniquet

    In Loving Memory ( NanowadMo 2020)

    FDA's with Saves recorded in PrBoom ilm_TNq.zip Fun maps, darkness is sometimes a bit borderline but it also augments the overall mood, so i guess it's tolerable. Didn't actually suffer a lot from ammo starvation as stated in the OP, aside from 03 maybe which was also the only map I'd partly consider as clusterfucky. Hitscan usage was often quite harsh, some traps rather dickish, yet there was sufficient health available to compensate that. Dunno generally i found nothing to really complain about, aside maybe in 04, 3 Cybies are more than enough to clear the map without doing a a lot, perhaps consider removing at least 1 (maybe even 2)? Good job, i enjoyed it.
  5. tourniquet

    In Loving Memory ( NanowadMo 2020)

    Howdy I'm interested in giving this a spin, just noticed that i could run it in PRBoom as well. Does that mean i can play it with said port as well or may i encounter some issues along the way?
  6. Double checked my demo and the map itself, i guess they were already dead when i got up there. Seems like the nearby cybie got aggroed by a random lost soul or caco and killed them all, long before i got up there. Glad i could help, thematically a bit all over the place but it's a really decent effort for being made in just a month, was fun to play through it, good job =)
  7. sry double post 22: might need to add a mechanism to prevent players from not waking up enemies like a shoot switch, fun map 23: block lines for the RK fight, got blasted out of the map by a vile, perhaps add a teleporter back up to the start for maxing purposes, i acidentally fell down and couldn't kill everything up there 24: fun finale, the cross shaped YK section literally cleared itself without me doing anything perhaps change some triggers
  8. the rest shen18-24_TNq.zip here comes the fun part, i think the last few maps are the one's i enjoyed the most 18: good midi choice, the start is brutal but the rest plays quite alright, barely had enough ammo to kill all viles but gladly there's a berserk 19: phew the start is a real stinker, i wish you'd hand out a shotgun right away, died countless times whist trying to get foothold and having just the pistol sucks. struggled a lot with ammo in the sewer section had to rely on infighting to progress, the cyb fight was fun. Also nice Going Down homage 20: cool RL centric map, i like it 21: looks tough at first glance but there are tons of resources, had a blast either add a way to get out of the trenches down in the central area or make them damaging
  9. tourniquet

    [release] Bond of hatred

    if you run into the corner where the green armor rises out of the floor you can get stuck behind it, potential softlock
  10. some more shen8-17_TNq.zip 8: good map, you can grab the secret berserk without opening the door 9: alright, died like 100 times to the cyb, should have released him earlier 10: the island hopping was certainly yoinked from eviternity, fun map however the boat part was a tedious clusterfuck considering your supposed to use the RL 11: obligatory tyson map, didn't bother maxing it but yeah good map 12: some neat gimmicks in here, probably tough to max due to the vile's at the end but no complaints 13: tough start, good map 14: a bit of a breather compared to previous ones, fairly spacious, i enjoyed it 15: perhaps a bit more ammo/shells to clear the whole catwalk section including the viles 31: not much to say here 16: the toughest nut so far, fortunately short enough to not get too frustrated, perhaps add a berserk unless there's a secret one. I had barely enough ammo to max it 17: it's possible to skip both key fights if you pacifist trough the cyb/pinkie section/not waking up other monsters, perhaps add a shoot switch to prevent that scenario. Got a bit tired from playing all that maps in succession so i skipped the final battle, however it seems manageable with plenty of resources available
  11. Gave it a spin just for shits and giggles, so far i like the overall 'not that serious' approach. Demo's for 1-7 shen1-7_TNq.zip Stuff: 1&2: fairly low health for such hitscan heavy maps but that's more of a observation but a complaint, the exit door trap in 2 is just brutal, my luck i found the secret blueberry 3: nice gimmick, perhaps add a few more shells to the switch at the end of the platforming section, it's not fun to kill viles with a pistol, is this map even maxable? 4: found a non damaging spot between 2 buildings, maybe there's more better double check 5: unless i've missed something there's not enough ammo to kill all mobs at the exit ambush, you've to consider the 2 viles and all the stuff they might revive on their path 6: short crunchy, sorta swift death lite edition, no complaints, there's a missing texture on the side of a small staircase, tried to make it obvious in the demo 7: maybe a bit too hitscan heavy in combination with all the cyb turrets, idk... just doubled checked the map to see if there's a way to telefrag the cybies, in fact there is one so all is good gonna play some more maps later
  12. tourniquet

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Excellent map Mr Hansen, lighting, texturing was delicious, gameplay was fun. No complaints another FDA if you care bondhate-FDA_TNq.zip
  13. tourniquet

    Your greatest achievement?

    Mentally surviving a BPD relationship.
  14. tourniquet

    Best albums of 2020?

    Haven't bought many albums this year, guess these 2 were the one's i liked the most Tame Impala - The slow rush La Priest - Gene
  15. I literally ran out of everything, i tried playing as ammo conserving as possible, using berserk/chainsaw in some of the fights prior yet it wasn't enough. Guess i'll give it another spin on HMP just to see what i've missed on my first run.