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  1. tourniquet

    NOVA 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    Map11 UV-Speed/Pacifist in 0:16:03 n211-p016.zip sry jazz
  2. tourniquet

    Weird collision with walls in large maps

    ZokumBSP is able to compress blockmaps and or exclude tagged parts of the map from the blockmap itself.
  3. Oh well you're right, probably the only legit flaw of playing a CL2 wad in CL9, however in the end it's not a major drawback unless you wanna go for 100% kills. Hmm, there's actually an option in the menu to limit them to 21 but looks like it doesn't work in CL9
  4. No, there won't be any issues. Would be cool.
  5. The ruleset in general gives players being able to record videos a huge advantage, especially when you're allowed to save and won't be able to do it via demo. Aside the fact that i generally prefer to record demos, my PC is way too shitty for video recording/streaming, plus i don't have the time for tedious, long winded YT uploads.
  6. tourniquet

    How to save and load in demo recording

    Nope, won't work in those complevels Sure I assume you want to record your run for the DWMaster, unless your allowed to play it in another complevel than 2, you're screwed.
  7. tourniquet

    How to save and load in demo recording

    Step 1: Step 2: create a batch file to start Prboom with Step 3: stuff to put inside the batch file: e:\doom\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus -complevel 9 -file xxx.wad -skill 4 -warp 01 -record demoname ----change it accordingly to your needs Step4: run the batch, save at some point during the recording then quit out. run the batch once again and Prboom loads the save and resumes recording the same demo Step5: profit
  8. tourniquet

    How to save and load in demo recording

    True, however not recommendable to record in -1 as it changes infighting behavior amongst other things. It is also possible in complevel 9, set 'overwrite existing demo' to no in the options menu. Start recording,save the game, upon death quit out and restart recording the previous demo, it'll automatically load the savegame and you can resume playing.
  9. tourniquet

    Animated Skys

    Damn, that's a really nifty solution. Not sure if it's eligible for my map, i have to do some testing but even if not then i'll certainly use it for something else, in the future. Cheers for your help.
  10. tourniquet

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    Cheers for all the efforts Jaws....
  11. tourniquet

    Animated Skys

    That's alright, guess i'll just scrap that idea. Just for clarification @Worst method works very well however you have to live with some weird sky artifacts, above and below the map which kinda ruins the gimmick in my case. But thanks for the help and suggestions.
  12. tourniquet

    Animated Skys

    Sorry for not being more specific. Your solution would work well, however in my case it's a void map completely surrounded by sky, both ceiling and floor. Changing the boundary sky is not the issue but rather changing ceiling and floor skies which directly adjoin/surround the playable areas of the map. Thanks for your suggestion & the example. Not sure if it's actually possible to change those or generally change a transferred sky.
  13. tourniquet

    Animated Skys

    Bump, @Gez i'm looking for a way to change the sky ingame for a CL9 map. Could you explain how to pull it off via switch.