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  1. Carry on, would be interesting to see what you come up with Alfonzo.
  2. Playing on HMP & found this. Had to punch him away to avoid taking damage since the area got flooded with HK's and Cyb's just a switchpress later.
  3. This map was a real headscratcher for me, no weapons & no idea where to go until i've just noticed that i was playing a version with the player start in the wrong location? Nice memes Nirvana :D Guess i'll have to give this another spin with the new version.
  4. Same here but I'm looking forward to PVP and replaying some of the covenants which are mostly inactive in the original game nowadays. I also hope they'll adjust the combat speed to be more on par with BB or DKS3.
  5. Thing is, it's not a preconception but a fact.
  6. Time to mix some white russians CB.
  7. I wish it would be Demon Souls instead since i haven't played it yet but still very tempting. Guess there goes my spare time once it's may.
  8. and where's the pic with y'all "drunk"?