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  1. Go take a good look at the sun today when the eclipse happens and then tell us how it feels.
  2. Alright, here's my attempt: Download
  3. I don't have any friends.
  4. I think i'm having a stroke
  5. C3veIql.png



    Recently decided to try my hand at blocking out a bit of level geometry and then making it look pretty afterwards.

  6. Well then, since you can't fix texture related issues in the compilation, I decided to fix the thing myself: eagles05_v2a.wad I fixed the missing sky and unfucked the switches in my map. You can thank me later.
  7. It wasn't a sky transfer issue. It's just because you didn't include that sky texture in the wad. Also, I noticed that the custom plutonia switch texture was screwed up.
  8. Map01 (my map) has a missing sky. Seems like you forgot to include 'skypl1' into the wad.
  9. I personally think all the maps should be in order of difficulty, from easiest to hardest.
  10. Somolian Rhapsody Build time: 3 hours Themes: no armor, ruins, lots of switches? Music: "Trash" by Alfonzo
  11. Gray and brown textures don't really mix together that well TBH.
  12. I've got nothing going on tomorrow hopefully, so I guess I'll try this yet again.
  13. Map jam 9. Scroll up.
  14. Well said, captain. Would a moderator care to pin this to the wads subforum?
  15. Well shit, the doors that lead into the SK room were originally meant to close when you opened the GK door, but I ran into a couple of issues where the doors would not close. I didn't think that people would just go back to the gk door area again because of the looming deadline.