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  1. zekhmet community project - let's map!

    The textures in here look really interesting and unlike anything I've seen in a doom wad. Might give this a shot, if I'm able to come up with an idea interesting enough to satisfy yak.
  2. Abandoned Community Projects

    BTSXE3 is still going on. It just won't be out until sometime around 2025.
  3. Theresa(aka a Yakfak mapset)

    gonna post some screenshots since the OP does not have any:
  4. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    Back in 2015, I got inspired by some "reality" maps. I decided to take the concept and morph it into a mapset consisted of short maps where the player only had 35hp. However, as usual, I lost interest and the 3 maps I started on never saw the light of day. There was also this mapset that started as an E4 replacement for Ultimate Doom that I was going to work on with an_mutt, the map I had started was getting all complicated and out of my control. You can see what's left of my map here, or you can go play mutt's map that was being made for this here.
  5. Why don't the majority of mappers plan out their creations?

    Planning maps out on paper is a pain on the ass and boring as hell, since I don't have a clear instance of what the map would look ingame or in an editor.

    Looks great, Mechadon! Can't wait to play it!
  7. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    God have mercy on suitepee.
  8. What are you listening to?

    So Carpenter Brut recently released a new album by surprise:
  9. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Peyote is a hell of a drug.
  10. How do you make maps?

    This is how I map
  11. Is there a link to the discord this time around?
  12. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    ^ Disjunction, Map04
  13. 1920x524-1-billion-units-emc-01.jpg


    Hey all. My first finished HL2 map was just recently released as a part of RTSL's 1 Billion Units Experimental mapping challenge! Go and check it out!

    1. Memfis


      video please!

  14. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    Died on map04. I hate Prboom's mouse sensitivity settings. Bre_cafebrk1_ironman.zip