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  1. Make and release a mapset, and I could probably change the way I make maps in a way that I don't lose interest that easily.
  2. Did you even read the op?
  3. Did you not see people calling out graf for being a total dick to the mappers who earned their cacowards earlier in the thread?
  4. 55 submissions? Jeez, this'll keep the playtesters busy for a while.
  5. Just finished this beast of a map for Joy of Mapping 5
  6. I think you uploaded the wrong file.
  7. Did a thing over the weekend.
  8. Are those BTSX textures I see? I don't think @esselfortium will be happy with this, since using the BTSX resource is not allowed until E3 is released.
  9. I'm really enjoying the maps you've put out so far. Although while map06 is an interesting little puzzle map, it kinda feels a bit empty without the monsters and such. If that's intended, then I don't blame you for that. Looking forward to the rest of the maps you post here.
  10. Overdue Processing Themes - Texture limit, Monster limit Build time - 4 hours (too fucking long) Music - Billie Jean - Micheal Jackson this map sucks
  11. Thank you for the feedback, but I can't seem to get the demo you posted to work on prboom. G_ReadDemoHeader: Unknown demo format 31.
  12. Symmetry +++ Themes - Monster limit, Texture limit Build time - 3 hours idk Music - op7.mid by Ribbiks
  13. It's honestly both sad and delightful to see the alt right being upset over this game.