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  1. Living in New Jersey. It's ok.
  2. Hey, What's wrong with avatars?
  3. Jeez, bonnie, we didn't mean to upset you, we were only trying to help you improve your craft. Maybe you should act in a mature manner next time when you recieve feedback or tips that can help improve your mapping ability.
  4. I kinda forgot about the old site. This new site has a bunch of cool features and it looks cool and up to date, so there's that.
  5. Don't be hard on yourself, @bonnie. Sometimes you need to take a break from mapping for a while if you need to. You should definitely not worry about other people's work (I.E. Valiant, Ancient Aliens, BTSX) being better than what you put out. As long as you make your map and get feedback for it, you'll be fine. Also, the maps' layout is probably the most important aspect of a good doom map. I recommend having a look at this guide to get the gist of proper layout design.
  6. I went and made a twitter, because tumblr's bad enough.

    1. Fonze


      For shame, sir; for shame.

    2. 38_ViTa_38


      I've never had an account in either of them. And never will, perhaps.

    3. Marcaek


      Social media is fine if you use it for stuff you're interested in and avoid politics\religion\etc


      it's basically like Doomworld and Everything Else

  7. Whoa, that's quite lewd.
  8. I'll have to admit, I kinda like Mr. Freeze's avatar. It's not because it's sexy or something like that, but I just like the artstyle. Also:
  9. E1M3 is available if you want to make something.
  10. Good to see this long overdue project get done. Mad props to you, @Marcaek.
  11. It's baffling that everyone's giving him attention in the first place.
  12. Setting up a teleport ambush is pretty simple. My teleport setup can be seen above the playable area you see in the image. The highlighted sectors in the playable area and in the teleporters are joined together. That way, the monsters in the teleport rooms can wake up once you start shooting the former humans. In the middle is a square containing a super shotgun. It's linedef action is: (38) W1 Floor lower to lowest floor It is tagged to the floor that lowers in the teleport rooms (tag 5) so that the revenants inside can teleport to their designated teleport destinations, which are basically teleport destination things within sectors tagged 1, 2, 3 and 4. I hope this isn't too confusing, so here is a little test map for you to look at how it's set up.
  13. Half Life Quake Battlefield Dark Souls Hotline Miami Dishonored I've yet to finish the first and third Dark souls games, but they're fun and challenging.