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  1. Nice to see some new blood in the quake 1 mapping community! Have an FDA. (type "playdemo tofaz_breezeep" in console) A damn fine runic level with tons of little brush details and cool lighting (I wasn't very fond of the torch light color choice tbh, needs more orange). Gameplay was fun enough for me, but the end encounter can get pretty intense, especially with that final fight with the 4 shamblers. It's a bit too excessive for quake 1 gameplay standards. Otherwise, great job, and congrats on the release!
  2. It seems like doing proper research is optional nowadays.
  3. Thank you, Sandy Petersen.
  4. Well, that is a shame. It was a decent turnout in the end. Glad I could participate.
  5. Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition. I've yet to actually finish the game.
  6. Another update. got rid of a misplaced arachno and fixed nukage not damaging the player near the end of the level.
  7. Image is broken for me.
  8. Update for my map. -Slight visual adjustments -fixed arachnotron not teleporting
  9. slight update to my map to fix a sky transfer issue. Please redownload.
  10. Thriller! In the Wad! Themes - crypt, spoopy eneimies, lots of green slime. Build time - too long, fuck you. Music - Thriller - Michael Jackson textures - Didn't use cc4 tex, but used some custom textures from ttvzone.wad This is why I don't speedmap anymore.
  11. Me on my way to steal your girl
  12. I totally forgot about that project's existence. Look great!
  13. 63xbtrb.png



    Did a bit of work on a 1024^3 sized map for q1 AD. I'm really liking the looks of it so far.

    If anyone who makes q1 maps are interested in this project, go here: [Advent Jam]

    1. 42PercentHealth


      This looks amazing! I really like the use of Hexen 2 assets -- gives it a nice fantasy flare...

    2. Marcaek


      Cool beans Breez, I'd like to see you do something like this in Eternity or something.

    3. MrGlide


      DAMN!! Looking great.

  14. Look at your title, and you'll see why.
  15. I endorse this product and/or service. Good job, everyone.