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  1. Honey by CZG The Altar of Storms by Necros Func_msgboard map jams by various members of the quake mapping community
  2. Yeah, It's definitely a BTSX map. Looks awesome!
  3. Did some dome quake thing using the Arcane Dimensions entities:



  4. Died on MAP05. Looks like I got exposed.
  5. I don't recall cheating when I played the xbox 360 port of doom, but now I sometimes use cheats now.
  6. Happy St. Patrick's day, everyone!

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Happy St. Patrick's day to you too.


  7. I use my current name everywhere. So I don't see a reason to change it.
  8. Hi Pavera, go map.

    1. AD_79


      hi breezeep, go map

    2. Breezeep
    3. Tarnsman


      Hi both of you, go map.

    4. bzzrak


      Hi Tarnsman, go map.

    5. Pavera



    6. Tarnsman


      That's where you're wrong kiddo. Trump secretly made slavery legal again and I purchased myself one Mr. Walker "Texas Ranger" Wright A.K.A. Pavera A.K.A. The Beard of the East A.K.A. Grand Master P A.K.A. Pavs McStaves

    7. esselfortium


      Hi Tarnsman, go read Rewrite.

  9. Post hell is objectively the best thing about doomworld. I get to look at all the idiots who get loser'd.
  10. Nice to see a separate thread of this. This is one of my favorite synthwave albums:
  11. If you want to post a status update, go to your profile page, and right under the 'activity' tab, click on the quote next to your avatar that says, "Write a public message on your own feed".
  12. Just gonna post to say that I'm liking some of the new forum features so far! Having a bigger avatar and having a cover photo for our profiles are nice additions.