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  1. Breezeep

    Tetanus | 10 vanilla-compatible maps for Doom 2

    Incredible stuff as always, congrats on getting this out!
  2. Breezeep

    What are some good map tropes?

    After seeing yet another thread where people post stuff they don't like about wads, I thought I'd make something similar, but on a more positive note. To kick this off, I really enjoy maps that use even the default textures to create goofy doomcute stuff like this: (From Bellatrix E1)
  3. I wouldn't consider myself to have improved over the last year, but I can say that earlier in 2022 I learned how to properly make my own sky textures using various sources I found on Google Images and just searching stuff up on Imgur. They're not on the same level as Mechadon's stuff, but I'd say they have this sort of 90's vibe to them, if that's the right term to use here. For good measure, here's one that I just recently made:
  4. Breezeep

    The Quake Confessional Booth

    As much as I love quake, I feel like the bestiary is definitely bullet spongey in comparison to doom's bestiary. I'd imagine that if the weapons had damage buffs (similarly to the changes seen in a mod like Ter Shibboleth) It would make killing quake's monsters a bit more fun and satisfying. On another note, Copper is an excellent mod that improves pretty much everything in the base game white staying faithful to vanilla Quake and it's pretty much essential if I ever want to do a full playtrough of Quake again. It's pretty much what quake should have been if ID had actually bothered to put both Qol features for the game and some more useful modding features for the community to play around with.
  5. Breezeep

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Pizza tower is good and you should play it.
  6. Fake Italian food. Never had it, and I do not plan on eating there any time soon.
  7. Breezeep


  8. Giving this a boost, could use a good classic style plutonia episode every now and then.
  9. Breezeep


    Some screenshots would be nice.
  10. Breezeep

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    32in24tex has a bunch of cool looking rock textures, especially the ones that were originally from Espi's Suspended in Dusk.
  11. Breezeep

    [BETA RELEASE] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    Played all 4 maps. Loved the atmosphere and lighting on display. Very 90's in a good way. I'm a bit dissapointed that you're not going for the full 6 maps, I kinda wanted more of this theme. Good work though.
  12. Breezeep

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Are those 3d sectors? In MBF21? I thought that was exclusive to UDMF.
  13. Breezeep

    Shallow World Episode 1 v1.2 IDGames

    Had some time to do a playthrough of this, and I'm in awe of the creative encounter and layout designs you came up with. Solid stuff all around!
  14. Breezeep

    [BETA RELEASE] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    I'm really liking the aesthetic of this! Looking forward to playing the complete set!
  15. Breezeep

    Insanity Edged