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  1. Oh boy here we go
  2. Nice trolling. No one would ever defend terry wads like that.
  3. Shame. I actually liked working on my map. Oh well, I'll finish it up someday for a different project. Huh. No reason why he decided to leave? Either way, it's pretty selfish to just leave the community while you're in charge of a community project.
  4. Just posting this to let everyone know that I'm actually working on my map.
  5. 2017 and people are still debating over which doom game is better. Just let this discussion die already.
  6. Got finals tomorrow, not very sure if I can join, but I'll try.
  7. That ain't gonna happen, pal.
  8. I just plain hate dust. I got a new keyboard a few months back, and now the thing is bathed in dust behind my keys. If only if I didn't live in such an old, dusty house.

    1. grouchbag

      Understood.Very dusty where I live too.Sucks big time!

    2. Jaxxoon R
    3. Fonze


      To hate dust is to hate yourself, as that's what dust is.

  9. Do we really need another Chillax?
  10. To be fair, I prefer to hang around a small community consisting of sensible people who aren't a bunch of assholes. Having a bigger community has a bunch of setbacks that could potentially lead to a toxic environment if not managed properly.
  11. I've made stuff for Quake and Half Life 2. Infact, I started mapping with the source engine, but at the time, I didn't finish anything. I would them move on to making stuff for quake, and eventually doom. My most recent quake maps can be found in community projects like Fire and Brimstone and retrojam 5 and 6. Some various unreleased hl2 stuff: