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  1. Breezeep

    What’s a theme / setting you’d like to see in PWADs?

    I always like settings that feature natural greenery or snow. As long as you pick the right sprites and textures, you can make some pretty convincing lush environments. TPH E2M2
  2. Been looking forward to this one! Congrats on getting the beta out!
  3. Breezeep

    Time Tripper demo circuit issue

    Are you sure you're not loading the mod with anything else? I'd send MSX a PM about this if I were you.
  4. Just wrapped up my playtrough. Good stuff! Really tight gameplay here, but it kinda got a bit hectic in some bits. One nitpick I have is that the blood flat looks a bit off: It looks like you grabbed a bunch of stuff from the 32in24 resource wad. I think putting in the 32in24 palette should fix this.
  5. The majority of TNT2 Devilution's MAP30 has a bunch of real comfy living spaces in what's essentially a colony built inside a massive organic being:
  6. Breezeep

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    You and me both! Real nice looking shots btw! I believe in you!
  7. This is such a great set! It has that appealing DTWID-lite look and has the kind of punchy gameplay that I really enjoy. A definite contender for a cacoward in my book.
  8. Breezeep

    Quake II Remastered

    From what I've played of the base Q2 campaign, The thing that annoys me about how they recompiled the maps, including the ones in the expansions, is that they sometimes appear to be way too bright in some areas. There's a bunch of stuff that looks better than in the base game, but it's instances like these that just make me wish they just went and redid the lighting entirely for the remaster. I would prefer if they just toned down the brightness of some of the light sources (most notably the sky and lava) so that way it wouldn't look too overly bright.
  9. Breezeep

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    God, Elon is such a fucking loser.
  10. Breezeep

    DOOMKID.wad - 6 New Maps

    We're so fucking back
  11. Breezeep

    Voidspawn - one map

    Cool little map, neat colors, good layout + gameplay + flow as expected from you. Found an oopsie tho.
  12. To be honest, there were plenty of times where I crunched myself to finish a map before the deadline of a community project. It's probably a combination of my ADHD and my incoherent, non-existent workflow, but there were several times where I bit off more than I can chew with what ideas and ambitions I had in mind for a certain map I was making. That pretty much took the enjoyment out of this hobby for me, and its regrettably self-inflicted. I recently made a vow to stop participating in community projects and just start making my own little projects at my own pace, If I ever muster up the energy and motivation to do so.
  13. Breezeep

    dsda-doom v0.26.2 UDMF [2023-06-04]

    I've been trying to do some stuff with a custom hud config I made, and for some reason I can't get the args to work. I've been following the docs on the github. doom full big_health 4 21 bottom_left big_armor 80 20 bottom_left big_ammo 192 20 bottom_right ammo_text 256 32 bottom_right weapon_text 220 42 bottom_right [grid] stat_totals 6 32 bottom_left message 0 0 top_left keys 0 0 none [horizontal] secret_message 0 76 none Is there something I'm doing wrong with this?
  14. Simply a great map, both in the visual and gameplay department. Congrats on getting this out. Really looking forward to whatever you put out next!
  15. Good to see another release from you. Best of luck on your surgery!