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  1. Sorry, haven't gotten around to replying or uploading the fixed version yet. I've got it fixed now. Thanks for the (two) playtests. @Matacrat - Updated version here. Uploading midi separately. Here you go - a2.wad Also, midi - I'm sure you know what it is, but it's just E1M5 from Doom because I really don't know what would fit, so here you go: M_E1M5.mid Updated text document below Screenshots:
  2. You can probably use a voodoo-doll closet to raise/lower a sector so that they can't scroll off to the player once one of those switches are pressed, assuming what's happening is activating a scroller.
  3. Yep, thanks for all the feedback. I'll work more on the thing placement on difficulty and work on more balancing. Matacrat also had some of these issues, I suppose knowing where everything is in the map helped me when I tested it. Will also add more ammo and health on all difficulties. Might give the player a bit more rockets too since they seem to run out quickly. I think maybe I'll drop them a little in the archvile encounter. I'm very stingy when it comes to balancing (as you can tell, to the detriment of the map) but I think it's better I just give the player a lot more so I can take it away little by little as they progress through. Thanks again, I will be giving the player some more health and ammo, on all difficulties. Still will have some deprivation, though. Also just realized... the blue key wasn't being used as a light, I really did forget to make the blue key door a blue key door... I'm really dumb. I'll fix that before I forget. Also noticed an area that never opened at the same spot, just didn't notice that when it went through testing. Will also fix that. I'll move the health there outside, too. Thanks for going through (most of) the slog, even with all the balancing issues. I did actually test the map (contrary to what it looks like) but I have the hindsight of having made the whole map. I wanted the player to have to backtrack a bit to previous areas for more ammo rather than just handing it to them when they need it, so I'll add some surplus ammo in some early arenas too. That should help a lot. Also noted that the secret berserk was the only reason you managed to get so far without having to restart. I'll also move the RL on the lift in the one archie encounter to the side of the switch, under another lift. Those should be all the biggest changes in relation to balancing, besides just general health and ammo. I also added a lot more changes on other difficulties. I've only tested UV and HMP (after updating) so far. @Matacrat Here's the updated map: a2.wad
  4. @Biodegradable - Sorry for wasting your time here but, since you're playtesting most of the other maps here, would you be able to test mine? I haven't been able to get any second opinion(s) on it yet and I'm not sure if it holds up to any standard, both visually and in gameplay to everything else here, so I'd just like some feedback if you have the time to provide some.
  5. @Matacrat - I sent you the map on discord yesterday but it's still not listed in the thread as finished
  6. Paf

    Infernal Invasion: A Single Map Wad

    Decided to take another little look at the map, what is this door here for?
  7. Paf

    Infernal Invasion: A Single Map Wad

    I remember playtesting this one, it's pretty cool. Good visuals in general, I think. It's a bit on the easy side. When I was testing this it was a bit less than 15 minutes, pretty fun map. I like most of the encounters here and it's fairly simple but holds up I think.
  8. gonna go download it and try a few maps, it's the 31st here but timezones are a thing so
  9. Paf

    Creator Co-op

    I do not know how I managed to miss this thread for a whole two years, but if the offer is still open, I can make them MP compatible and play in a few weeks or so if you want.
  10. i thought i dropped my slot for this a while ago, sorry but i'm dropping it, any one else can take it
  11. Just tested it, it can go way higher - up in the thousands. I don't know how high exactly, but I'm guessing it would be 32767 considering that's the static limit for a lot of other things, like linedefs.
  12. tbf who really cares over pirating a 30 year old game at this point, the original devs don't get any more pay for their work and now we just have a company who rips off their composers for fun. if you're pirating a game you probably weren't even going to buy it anyways if piracy is that much of a problem for a consumer, then just don't pirate. there's a difference between digital and physical, downloading a game that costs money for free is different from stealing a sink from someone else. digital is much easier to reproduce/copy but physical isn't most based dw thread of 2023
  13. Thanks for that, but I really don't feel like taking any credit here. Sure, I may have hosted the project at first, but I took too much and ended up delaying the project for way too long than I should have because I wasn't able to properly playtest every map on UV. I don't want to take any credit for what @Death Bear picked up, and finished. (feel free to delete this since it's a little bit off-topic, just wanted to reply here)
  14. Paf

    doom's 30th anniversary

    average thread from new doomworld member anyways, you can run gzdoom on windows 11 and down to windows 7 iirc, so this thread is kind of pointless
  15. (takes map01 slot and d_runnin slot for testing purposes) name: mappersblock.wad 2.0 midi: family guy https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/950130727532507210/1062170834036346990/mappersblock.wad