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  1. I really like the tone.
  2. Paf

    "GRAVED", Community Project (UNFINISHED)

    Figured there wasn't that much activity in the thread for a while, so I'll give an update on one of my maps. Blue lines are areas I need to make. Some progress on MAP17, so people can rest easy knowing I'm not going to hold up the project for another year or so like with MAP28 and MAP29, or some of MAP13, which is now not horribly balanced, too. Also, fun fact, MAP09 is currently ~13.5% of the wad size at 2.65MB out of 19.5MB, because of fake slopes at the beginning to try to look nice, as of the current revision. For comparison, DOOM2.wad is 71.2% the size of the current wad.
  3. Paf

    "GRAVED", Community Project (UNFINISHED)

    Since tactical forgot to edit the thread with the new maplist:
  4. Paf

    "GRAVED", Community Project (UNFINISHED)

    It's open, you can take it.
  5. Took me a year (or more specifically 5 months, which is still a while), but I stopped procrastinating and finally did a major rebalance of all maps and added much more difficulty settings to all of them. Added extra health on easier difficulties and hopefully MAP06 doesn't take the map title so seriously this time. I've playtested it on UV and it feels much better but I'll adjust if I get any more feedback. All maps should be balanced well now, I'll test all of them on all difficulties in a week or two. If someone could play through them on any difficulty that'd be great, so I can finalize the balancing. Monster stats: PrecipitousV4.wad Updating to main post now too.
  6. Paf

    "GRAVED", Community Project (UNFINISHED)

    Looks a lot better now, cool.
  7. Paf

    The Community Project Tracker

    Hey @quakis, I'm in a community project with a few open slots. If you can move it into the post, that'd be nice. Host: @Tactical Burger Name: GRAVED Format/specification: Limit-removing, Doom II Format Start: ~September 2021, can't find exact date. Submissions Close: When the submissions are submitted Submissions Left: 4 to 5. I'll remove an old map I made from the project (since it's also pretty low quality for me now) if we get the other slots filled soon. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/V3C3nawgf8 Doomworld Link: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/142127-graved-community-project-looking-for-mappers/ By the way, got permission from the project lead to post this here.
  8. Paf

    "GRAVED", Community Project (UNFINISHED)

    Used an old map for MAP18, so that's closed now. MAP09 is finished. Few screenshots of MAP09:
  9. Paf

    "GRAVED", Community Project (UNFINISHED)

    MAP09 almost done, just need to finalize balancing and maybe some more polish. MAP07, MAP18, MAP22, MAP23, and MAP27 are open still. BTW, MAP30 is a collab map, anyone can contribute.
  10. Paf

    Doombuilder 2 keeps corrupting files???

    try downloading another map editor like Doom Builder X or Ultimate dDoom Builder and see if the problem persists, either that or try switching the nodebuilder. if nothing helps, you might have a hardware issue, probably with one of your storage devices. try clearing some space as well, your drive might have corrupted sectors. also might be worth saving the same file multiple times into different files to see if the corruption persists or changes.
  11. woah, a faulty and/or bad windows update? definitely never seen, heard, or dealt with that before
  12. the fake slope shading part was a lot easier, making it overlap with the wall so you didn't see tiny triangles (also without the renderer breaking) was a lot harder. took a while to figure out a method that didn't break anything. not to mention it's a vanilla map so i had to find ways to also reduce visplanes below 129 in that specific area.
  13. acs runtime script could work by clearing inventory of everything
  14. you need a different map format to do that, like gzdoom udmf or hexen format. dsda udmf doesn't support that, it's not dependent on editor.