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  1. i just edited my pfp but that is still so accurate on topic: coop be like that sometimes tho
  2. gzdoom be like that sometimes tho
  3. Paf

    hey this isn't gwain, he doesn't have wadauthor 3 in his status!

  4. Yes, I renamed them to .WAD and then opened them, sadly it was a really early version. I did find a temp file that UDB did recognize, but it was blank, with no actual map. Thanks for trying to help though!
  5. Sooo... UDB crashed and corrupted the wad (I even looked in the TEMP directory, no actual working wad there) so I have to restart progress. I'm working on detailing the beginning area a bit more again, here's an image:
  6. No ideas for the name either. Sorry that it's taking so long but I want to make something kinda big and I kinda have mappers block.
  7. Still working on the map. Also have to playtest Full Moon II in a bit. I'll try to finish the map soon. I don't know what midi I want yet. I'll tell you as soon as the map is finished.
  8. I miscounted again and forgot to account for someone's second map. There are no more slots left! The poll results are "extras wad". Anyone who hasn't submitted a map can submit a map and I will put them in an extra wad.
  9. 1 slot left! Just posting this again because people might miss the original poll: https://strawpoll.com/polls/e2nav2NBAgB Once the project finishes, the poll will be locked and I will check the results.