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  1. You know that scene in Office Space where the guy is seeing the therapist and he says that every day is the worst day of his life, and how each day is somehow even worse than the day before? That’s what playing TNT is like.
  2. I’d like a wiki entry for myself of course, but I thinks it a faux pas to write your own. Still, I know my own stuff best, and with the ever-growing backlog of wiki articles that need to be written, it seems like taking action myself will both contribute to the wiki and make me happy. It it would be completely unbiased of course, just sticking to the facts, like ‘Emil “NaturalTvventy” Brundage is the greatest DOOM mapper of all time.’
  3. I’m wondering why old idgames links are used instead of the new downloads. Is it because the downloads are still in a beta phase?
  4. A deep, deep, deep thank you to @Alfonzo and the rest of those who supported No End In Sight. I feel privileged for the recognition. There was tons of great stuff out this year. Also thanks to @Xaser and @Lutz for being my mapping dream team and sticking with NEIS through to the end. I couldn’t be prouder today.
  5. Stop jinxing it people!! 🤞
  6. The whole point of /newstuff being in news before was for visibility I’m assuming. Now news is buried. I always enjoyed seeing a new /newstuff but now I hardly remember it’s a thing. But I’m always checking out Wads and Mods, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so that move seems like a good one to me.
  7. I vote we bring /newstuff to Wads and Mods forum and pin the newest. I think I’d get a lot more attention and interest that way.
  8. Which maps/projects/wads are you most proud of making? Why do you like them over some of your other work? For me it’s end1.wad for being my first project, with all the learning involved. Also NEIS e1 for doing a decent job at caputuring the original e1 feel, e4m6 for its grand everything-but-the-kitchen-sink insanity and brutality, and e4m0 for being a tight, harrowing romp with varied gameplay.
  9. The best castle map ever made. That boat let me know it's a Lutz creation.
  10. Chris Lutz’s Inferno e3m1.
  11. Artists/coders: I’d like a custom status bar for the final release of this map, and I’m even willing to pay! See here for details:
  12. I don't even remember at this point except that the final map instantly kills all the non-teleported in monsters when you blow up the hole instead of once you exit the area. There was maybe a bug fix or two too. And balance changes.
  13. You are the antiparticle to my particle.
  14. Mapping for UDoom again?
  15. Is your profile pic from Metallica's single cover of Jump in the Fire? Because I'm almost 100% sure that's him.


    1. PotatoWater


      Nope, I'm 100% after looking at it again that it's the same demon.

    2. NaturalTvventy


      You are correct sir.