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  1. NaturalTvventy

    Sally (Boom map)

    Good map! I also usually don't like slaughter but now I realize it's really just revenants I don't like. This one didn't have a single one, and it was really enjoyable. I spent most of my time dancing around the crowds letting everything kill each other, and dying many times in the process. Eventually I was able to get lucky and blast my way through the imp mob. I then found myself in a land of many spheres. From there it was pretty much a cake walk. Nice atmosphere, nice aesthetics. the floating skinspine textures were a bit weird, but I like weird. Played on UV.
  2. NaturalTvventy

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    I'm pretty proud of my mastermind usage. For e3m8, you can win every time if you wait for the cacos to bunch up before releasing the boss. E4m9 uses a lot of temporary cover. You have to blast when you can, but also leave time to poke in and out of cover to bait out the boss's pain-triggered counterattack before it's safe to bolt for cover elsewhere. There's ways to get through all my mastermind encounters without relying on luck.
  3. NaturalTvventy

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    Where to begin @Devalaous! What an amazing post. It's both thrilling and humbling to find someone enjoyed our work so much as to express his experience in such detail. I thank you with the deepest of sincerity. I'm quite proud of NEIS of course, and feel incredibly lucky to have worked with @Xaser and @Lutz. @Kyka, "The most Doomy fan made mapset ever" is epic praise for a culturally definitive game which has since spawned near-endless fan made content. Rumors of my distaste for DOOM II are greatly exaggerated. Since NEIS I've made content exclusively for DOOM II, though due to my general dissatisfaction with the SSG's OP and clunky nature I have focused on ZDoom maps which incorporate new weapons in an attempt to balance things out. The cryptic secrets have also been toned down, for better or for worse. I'm not sure Chris, Xaser and I will wind up teaming up again any time soon, as I've got my own projects in the works, and we all seem quite happy doing on our own thing these days. I'll even admit that I'm intimidated at the thought of going through the whole NEIS experience again. As amazing an experience as it was, I'm left wondering if I could ever be dedicated enough to make a new megawad matching anything near what NEIS is. Still, it would be a bit of a tragedy to not at least give it a try some day... if I can rally the troops! Thank you again Devalaous for your praise of NEIS!
  4. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Thanks for playing!
  5. NaturalTvventy

    List of ghost monster maps?

    Arch.wad by yours truly.
  6. Revenants. If they are in a level the level is ruined.
  7. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  8. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  9. NaturalTvventy


    It looks nice, but the download button doesn't seem to work.
  10. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Thanks NotJabba! I do try to adhere to a philosophy of themes with monsters. I try to find natural pairings/groupings. Imps and mancubi for example, due to their shared fireball attack. Or matching monsters to their environments - specters in the graveyard perhaps. The subterrain spiders wouldn't have been possible without you pointing me at those great web textures.
  11. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Castle DOOM's centuries old catacombs have long been abandoned by mortal souls, making them the perfect subterranean burrows for an arachnid infestation. It'd be a bad idea to STICK around.
  12. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  13. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Thanks so much Walter!
  14. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  15. NaturalTvventy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022