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  1. I don't even remember at this point except that the final map instantly kills all the non-teleported in monsters when you blow up the hole instead of once you exit the area. There was maybe a bug fix or two too. And balance changes.
  2. You are the antiparticle to my particle.
  3. Mapping for UDoom again?
  4. Is your profile pic from Metallica's single cover of Jump in the Fire? Because I'm almost 100% sure that's him.


    1. PotatoWater


      Nope, I'm 100% after looking at it again that it's the same demon.

    2. NaturalTvventy


      You are correct sir.

  5. Damn, I was afraid of that.
  6. Just for fun, I saw this thread and it made me wonder, when will people be able to play NUTS on their desktop lag-free, without the massive framerate drop? (I'm pretty sure it's not now though I don't have any sort of modern gaming setup.) Record your guess/prediction here and then if you happen to be right when the time comes you can print this thread out and hang it on your wall. I'm guesstimating 2021.
  7. Awesome interview; I enjoyed it tremendously.
  8. Awesome. Any chance for a zdoom version? Gzdoom heats up my laptop and burn my crotch.
  9. I just released a beta of a map with zero revs. Lots of custom monsters though.
  10. Darn. Thanks for letting us know.
  11. It's a lot like my NEIS levels except with the super shotgun, archviles, mancubi, pain elementals, arachnotrons, hell knights, ss troopers, and chaingunners. Also demons and specres don't infight. Pain elementals have a bite and cause explosive damage when they die. There's also the alpha rifle, mancubus arm, kdizd rifle, megasphere, doomsphere, and summonsphere. Then there's the hellions, soul harvesters, devils, hectebi, poison souls, poison elementals, vulgars, chaingun majors, Thamuzes, rapid fire troopers, double chaingunners, super imps, and demolishers. Otherwise indistinguishable from No End In Sight. Except that it requires ZDoom.
  12. Overdue screens.
  13. thanks guineu. I've added some arrows in the ground pointing to the hole to remind players they can head that way.
  14. ZDoom - DOOM2 MAP01 Beta release - feedback greatly appreciated. MIDI suggestions welcomed. Download
  15. Can I make a suggestion in this thread? It'd be great to be able to subscribe to a forum category. I'd like to get notifications whenever something new gets posted in the Doom News section. edit: nevermind, it's already there is see.