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  1. hello could you give a file of several 3d models

  2. @Lizardcommando Sadly, No. TL;DR: The decision to give the Zombieman a pistol rather than a rifle was mainly for the following two reasons: 1) narrative logic - there is no useable rifle weapon in the game and the ammunition the Zombiemen drops is for the pistol. I realize the chaingun uses the same ammo but I probably thought giving the zombieman a pistol was the best option for the suspense of disbelief. For what it’s worth, that could help explain why the chaingun is as weak as it is 2) time limitations - I saved precious hours by not creating the rifle. I don’t, and probably couldn’t make money doing this, I’m married to a lass who is jelly of my time spent away from her not making money, and I’m a father of three... and they cost a lot of money! lolz So cutting corners is good.
  3. Updated original post with links to previous models. This is for my own quick reference to existing and potential critiques.
  4. @Chezza the original did have green hair, because I did think of it as one of it’s defining features. But a strange thing happened. When he was rendered in three dimensions people started asking why his hair was green. Suddenly people were learning for the first time that the original sprites had green hair. It was amplified when there was a room full of green haired weirdoes. But yes, I will probably humor you with some screenshots of the green hair this week.
  5. @hawkwind the green hair debate was real. Lemme tell ye. Some of that even happened in these forums roughly ten years ago lol
  6. Previous 3D Model Posts This time we’ve got the Zombieman 3D Model from the Doom Ascension mod. I almost skipped showing this one since it’s so similar to the shotgun guy, but here it is. As always, criticism encouraged. Link to interactive 3D model
  7. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    That sounds about right. I was a professional modeler/animator for just over a decade lol
  8. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    Yeah, that is similar to the feedback I got on the original model a decade ago. This time around I explored the idea which resulted in the imp looking either too furry or like it's skin was covered in cocoa powder. But I do appreciate the feedback. I may make another attempt on the final pass.
  9. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    @Dark Pulse Don't have such little faith mon frere. I did mention the textures are a work in progress.
  10. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    Krull? The GEICO gecko? The passenger on the Mandalorian? The giant turtle on the NeverEnding Story?
  11. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    Haha! I don’t know what this means, but I like it.
  12. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    @Reelvonic venom? Spawn? Shamu? Skelator? Brie Larson? And thank you!
  13. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    Updated the idle animation to include a portion of one of the more extreme variants. The additional frames are at the end of the animation loop. Link to the interactive 3D Imp
  14. NiuHaka

    Imp 3D Model

    These models are being made for Doom Ascension, a mod for Doomsday Engine 2 and beyond. And I’m glad you approve of the imp’s progress.