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  1. inkoalawetrust

    Preference of OS

    My own computer uses a 32-Bit version of Windows 7* since it's so archaic, even if I did have a computer that has more power than the Antikythera Mechanism, I would still not really want to use Windows 10 since it's just a far shittier version of 7 full of mandatory bloatware and unnecesary forced updates. However if I did have a proper computer that didn't screech in agony and reach 90-99% resource usage when I opened 4 Chrome tabs and 2-3 programs, I'd probably try out KDE Neon (Because I like KDE's look.) or at least install KDE on some other Ubuntu-based distro. Since that way I'd have a good looking desktop enviroment (Unlike Windows 10's shell whose graphics and look seem to have been designed by kindergardeners.) AND use a distro that is far more likely to have a bunch of support for it in case I encounter any issues, plus it would just make it simpler and easier for me to use without requiring a degree in computer science to make a new file. I do already have a live installation of Linux Mint on a thumb drive though, which I use as a portable computer. *The processor is 64-Bit but I can't reinstall Windows 7 on it because I'd lost a bunch of data I didn't even know I needed or thought of backing up until AFTER my disk was wiped.
  2. Perhaps some kind of notice somewhere would be a good idea ? e.g if someone contacts you to make a video or article on the game you specify that they shouldn't say that it pushes GZDoom to its' limits, or to even explain to them that it DOESN'T run on the original Doom engine in the first place, since I doubt a lot of people not familiar with Doom modding (besides knowing that custom maps exist) would understand that Selaco isn't running on the original Doom engine. Case in point if you look at the comments on videos about Total Chaos, most people think it's actually running on the original executable.
  3. inkoalawetrust


    Well I myself never cared for there to be a simpler options menu, plus like I said it's TOO simple when turned on now, the obscure settings nobody uses are gone now which is good, but so are really basic things like turning on and off post processing effects and dynamic lighting, which people would be interested in.
  4. inkoalawetrust


    On the subject of the new simple options menu, what I don't like about it is mostly that it's TOO simple, you need to turn the simple options off to access some pretty basic settings like whether dynamic lights should even be on and postprocessing effects like bloom and ambient occlusion. Not to mention that trilinear filtering is still on by default.
  5. inkoalawetrust

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Doggo with rosco(e)
  6. Well could you make a macro that resizes voxels then ?
  7. Could it be possible to set a what resolution sprites are imported ? The maximum export resolution seems to only be 64x64 which is far too small for anything besides small to medium sized decorations and sprites such as sprites of human sized enemies/NPCs.
  8. Where does that Cacodemon avatar come from?

    1. inkoalawetrust


      No idea about the exact source, I just know that it's a custom Spore creature someone made.

  9. Yeah I figured so, which is why I asked if it'll be released as a standalone mod or a library of sorts with nodes that mapmakers can place down on their maps (And possibly make custom monsters for or modify existing ones.).
  10. I found the thread you are talking about and I can pretty easily say that even outside of the usual virtue signalling and woman = far left plot stuff, the people in that thread quite literally have no idea what they are even talking about such as this gem from someone who clearly knows nothing about Doom modding and source ports/forks: Though to their credit several people knew that for it could be made in GZDoom because it's really easy to make stuff for it and it may simply be what the devs of the game best know how to use such as this post. As for the game itself, is there any chance that the AI code could be standalone mod/library that could be used for other projects ? Also is there any projected release date or known system requirements yet ?
  11. inkoalawetrust

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    Yes but most of those aren't the majority of people, and people in general have stopped caring as much about violent video games. Also I'm Greek not American lol, though what I said still applies here as well I'm pretty sure, even with Greece being a lot more religious than the US. That's less people being against video games specifically and supporting those politicians for it as much as it is being indifferent towards video games and simply supporting them for other reasons than their opposition to video games.
  12. inkoalawetrust

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    I don't think the vast majority of people nowadays would seriously argue that Doom makes people more violent or into satanists unless some very religious and/or conservative old man or woman (Or multiple.) just found out about Doom. And even then I doubt them getting mad at Doom or any other game would gain anywhere near as much traction anymore, what with video games in general having become far more ubiquitous and socially accepted in the past 20 years. Which means that recent attempts at blaming video games for violence or whatever other negative thing ended up with a lot more backlash (At least as far I remember.) than they did back when games like Mortal Kombat and Doom were released, since now a lot more people DON'T agree with that view, which is at least in part because the same people that were teens and kids back in the early and mid 90s are now adults (Obviously).
  13. Yesterday I uploaded a video showcasing a nuclear missile launcher I made using ZScript for GZDoom.
    The sprites are from the nuke launcher from Realm667.


  14. inkoalawetrust

    how do i make my own mod?

    In that case as others have said you should just use Nashgore, or if you want something closer to Brutal Doom's gore (Since you said you want a mod like BD, which now that we know that you just want extra gore I'm guessing probably means that you want something like BD's gore.) you can download and use Bolognese, which is basically a standalone version of Brutal Doom's gore made by SGTMKIV.