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  1. You know I already knew that Atari is still around. But it's still shocking to me to hear that they are actually doing much of anything. Also, half the acquisition will be payed with Atari shares ? Lmfao, what are those even worth ? Might as well pay Nightdive with 5 million Robux, as those probably have a better conversion rate to USD than shares to a company that was last relevant when my mom was younger than me.
  2. I'm seconding Graf. Sure, "mobjs do actually have height information, but vertical collision in the original id Tech 1 engine is only applied for projectiles and items, not solid mobjs" is more accurate. But it's not only not as catchy, but requires Joe Average to actually know enough about Doom to get what that means in the first place, at which point they'd probably not be getting confused by this idiosyncrasy in the engine to begin with.
  3. inkoalawetrust

    Share Your Sprites!

    I've remade Metal Slugs' Di-Cokka as a 3D model. And created a Doom sprite set out of it for my vehicle NPC mod. Here's how the assets are used in-game, on my vehicle mod (The forum software won't let me embed the video for some reason): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7TBvQGW7nc Besides the tank sprites, I've also released the actual Blender and BIMP (A GIMP plugin) project files. Including the original sprites rendered directly from Blender. The sprite set (NOT THE WHOLE THING): (This isn't the whole sprite set, it was just easier to make a one shot animation than manually create a sheet for hundreds of sprites) And here are some of the original Metal Slug sprites of the tank for comparison: For further comparison, here is the original concept art design of the Di-Cokka that I used as a reference (I used the actual original sprites too of course, for color reference mostly.) And here is a render of my Di-Cokka model in the same pose (Or as close as I could get to it.) The sprites themselves: The hull and turret sprites are separate. Which allows for making the hull and turret move and act independent of each other. As I've done in my own mod. The tank also uses fire particles effects, like the ones it produces in the games when low on health. Along with sprites for the separate firing effect, projectile sprites, projectile explosion sprites, and the debris and explosion is spawns when it's gibbed. All of those sprites are directly taken from Metal Slug, and are included as well. The tanks' sprites are the first ones I've ever made to actually be able to crushed down to Dooms' palette without looking like shit. Which means that it's also possible to recolor them with palette translations: Speaking of palette translations, here is the list of the palette translations available in my mod to customize each tank: Design changes: I tried to follow the original design of the tank pretty closely. Except for some bits I couldn't recreate, like the exact shape of the turret. Some parts I deliberately changed, like the exact Rebel symbol used on the side of the turret. Or how the Di-Cokka has a pain animation set similar to the one that the Slug Tank has in the games. There's some other differences too, most made due to how I implemented the assets to my mod. Like how there are sprites of the turret aiming up and down, since the turrets in my mod can do that. But you could reuse those aiming sprites to more accurately recreate the Di-Cokkas' attack animation, where the gun raises and then lowers to fire, instead of firing more like a normal tank, like it does on my mod. Download links: The project files (Blender files and BIMP procedures for optimizing the sprites, also contains a README with important info): https://drive.google.com/file/d/16dQeQfvZ2EOfrLA0JPkUQ0wP7LvhqQPK/view?usp=share_link The sprites (Final versions of the Di-Cokka sprites that I used in the Military Vehicles Pack, and the Metal Slug sprites it also uses): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fsYNcf1fd94JfFwNySyO-CooTP0xCr41/view?usp=share_link
  4. inkoalawetrust

    Do Not Buy Dell

    Since this thread has apparently turned into talking about how long our Dell shitboxes have lasted. My small form factor Optiplex 760 has lasted for about 7-8 years of daily use, gone through many dozens of power outages and brownouts, and still works to this day. It has also only been cleaned twice in its' lifetime, this is what it looked like the second time it has ever been cleaned, when I decided to open it up and clean it, before setting it up in the living room. It has gone through this much wear and tear and abuse, while spending most of its' life in this state. It's a piece of shit by every metric except reliability. My current custom built system has bricked 3 separate times, requiring me to RMA and replace CPUs and boards. While this PC still works with the exact same hardware it had since it was assembled in 2009.
  5. inkoalawetrust

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    Ketmar moved the thread outside of Doomworld to another Doom forum. So that's probably why the DW thread has no download links.
  6. inkoalawetrust

    how old is your computer?

    My current main PC has a Ryzen 5600X and an RTX 2060, and I had it built in August 2021. But before that, my only computer was a Small Form Factor Optiplex 760 that I was stuck with for almost 8 TO 9 YEARS. Saying that it was too slow for me to do much of anything with it doesn't even begin to describe it. I had extreme lag and occasional freezing just using Google Chrome, and could basically only watch videos at 480p. When I got my current computer I felt incredibly awkward just using it and opening programs because I had literally never actually used a computer that was this responsive, so everything felt unnaturally smooth not taking half a minute to open Chrome.
  7. inkoalawetrust

    Having fun with ChatGPT writing ZScript code

    Well I looked into it for a bit, and it seems to be doable with structs, and other things such as enums of course. But you can't put full classes inside other classes like ChatGPT's output did.
  8. inkoalawetrust

    Having fun with ChatGPT writing ZScript code

    Okay this is going to be kind of a mess because I'm not picking mistakes in any particular order, but: ZScript does not have any method specifically called CheckForCollision(), but it does have collision and position checking methods of course. The projectile firing functions for actors are also not virtual methods. You don't need to explicitly add a newly spawned actor to the game world, that's literally what spawning it does. No AddToWorld() method exists either, however, there do exist LinkToWorld() and UnlinkFromWorld() methods for adding and removing objects from the blockmap. You need to give projectiles custom movement code of course, the MISSILE flag already tells the existing movement code that the actor should move like a projectile. The most egregious error is that the PlasmaBall class is defined INSIDE the PlasmaWeapon class, which I don't think any programming or scripting language out there even allows for. It also assumed that projectiles have their own base class, which unfortunately they don't, all that stuff is just put inside the Actor class. To make a projectile you just need to at least give it +MISSILE; or ideally add Projectile; to it, which adds all the flags needed for a projectile in one go instead of adding each of them. There is also a minor issue that it thinks that projectiles have a dedicated Owner pointer, they actually don't, Doom projectile use the target pointer for that purpose, and homing projectiles like the Revenant's missiles use the tracer pointer instead. To give a projectile damage, you usually do it by simply defining a Damage or DamageFunction in the projectiles' Default{} block. But you can also modify an actors' damage value by using SetDamage(). And there's also a GetMissileDamage() function that can get the actual damage of the projectile. It did get right that weapons inherit from a base Weapon class though. TL;DR there is very little ZScript information out there compared to real programming languages, or even just scripting languages like GMod's Lua API. So ChatGPT didn't actually have much to work with and simply had to mostly assume that whatever ZScript is, it works similarly to other such programming and scripting languages. I still think the most egregious mistake is putting a class definition inside another class definition though. I seriously doubt ANY programming or scripting language it knows about works like that. ChatGPT was trained in 2020-2021 if I remember correctly. So the reason it was able to type out any ZScript code at all* was probably because it found a copy of the ZDoom wiki circa 2021. Which keep in mind was pretty lackluster in terms of ZScript documentation back then, still is now frankly. But me and several other people like Boondorl and Major Cooke have added A LOT of ZScript documentation since then. But I digress. Basically, there was way less ZScript documentation back then, and even less actual code snippers. So that's probably why the code overall resembles ZScript, but is massively wrong, since it has to fill in the gaps with its' much wider knowledge of other languages. *Like the way it makes a new PlasmaBall instance, which is kinda close to how new non-actor classes are created, and only really works like that in ZScript AFAIK, even if it too is incorrect, since the projectile is an actor.
  9. inkoalawetrust

    It seems Realm667 is down.

    Hmm, I wonder if it was some problem with the server host ? Because it is fixed now, but I didn't get any reply from Tormentor that he fixed it.
  10. inkoalawetrust

    It seems Realm667 is down.

    Okay everyone, here is an automatic fix for the URL directing problem Boris pointed out until Tormentor fixes the site (Me and probably @Gothichave already emailed him about it.). You will need to download this extension: https://github.com/einaregilsson/Redirector Once you've installed it to your browser our choice (More likely than not Firefox or one of the hundreds of Chromes), you will need to import this JSON file to the extension:Redirector.zip Edit: If you have an account on Realm667 and you had logged out before the site broke, you still can't log in. This can't be fixed by the Redirector extension (I tried on an incognito tab, since the site already worked for me normally due to never logging out.). So Tormentor wil have to come back and actually fix the site for the logging in to work.
  11. inkoalawetrust

    Project Brutality axe is OP yet very weird

    You are probably using an old version of the mod since you said you got it from ModDB, the most recent versions of PB are on the Discord server, and you can also download the mod from GitHub and use it as a loadable ZIP file. As for the weapon itself, it is pretty powerful, and better to use against weaker enemies IMO. But I find the chainsaw to be better against more powerful enemies like Hell Knights, especially individually, since it can painlock any non-boss enemies. But I don't like using the chainsaw as a melee weapon against weaker enemies. As for throwing the axe, I myself rarely really do that outside of fucking around, since I don't find it that useful as a throwable weapon, especially since you can throw it somewhere where you can't get it back, and then you need to find a new axe. Also, I don't really think either the axe or the chainsaw are that OP, at least not when you are dealing with many monsters at once that are all attacking you. If I had a cent for every time someone brings up something BD related and then someone popped out of the woodworks to shit on it, I wouldn't be broke right now. He didn't say the axe is unbalanced, he said that it is sometimes buggy when used as a throwable projectile.
  12. inkoalawetrust

    Post your funny Craiyon.com prompts!

    Because Doomslayer is a lot more well known than Doomguy, and also has a lot more images that the dataset was able to be trained on.
  13. inkoalawetrust

    Why doesn't the military just close the portals in Doom 1?

    Well you are in luck then, because TV Tropes also thinks that people sitting on chairs isn't a trope !
  14. inkoalawetrust

    Share Your Sprites!

    Just finished a remade sprite sheet of Brutal Doom's turret a few hours ago. The model is based off the remake of BD's turret that TommyGalano5 made last year. This time, there were also few enough sprites for me to make a full actual sprite sheet. Marine not included since I can only make sprites using model renders. Here are TG5's original sprites for comparison: And of course, here are some renders of the turret, along with the fully cropped and offsetted turret sprites. And the Blender project file for the model itself. Imgur album This is probably the last model I'll make for now that is just a remake of something that already exists.
  15. inkoalawetrust

    Share Your Sprites!

    Hello everyone, I have remade Brutal Doom's old sprite based tanks into a model that has been rendered into sprites. As practice for making my own more original vehicle models. I have made a full sprite sheet of the tanks' chassis moving and being destroyed, and of the turret firing it's cannon and minigun, and being destroyed. Here is a preview sprite sheet of some of the tank sprites I have made: And here are Brutal Doom's own tank sprites for reference: This is not the complete sprite set as I have made 100 sprites for the turret alone, and adding them manually in a sheet would take forever. Instead, I have packaged all of the sprites in an archive, and have also made dedicated editor sprites for the tank*, and have went over and given offsets to all of them, so nobody else has to do that themselves. The archive includes a test actor with code comments inside it for modders, the comments are instructions on how to properly use the sprites in-game without rendering issues. In addition to the full prepared sprite sheet and instructions on how to use it, I have also made the Blender project files for the tank public. The downloads for both the full sprite sheet and the Blender project files can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m8vJcHwGYLmTEdO88GilaL_4-9HtR0cl?usp=sharing I have also made a few renders of the tank: The full resolution renders can be found in this album: https://imgur.com/a/YyOAGsZ *The tank is meant to be used with the chassis and turret being separate actors, so only one of the two halves of the tank would appear in UDB or SLADE, so I made editor sprites of the whole tank for this purpose. Of course, you can also just put together the chassis and turret sprites, and turn the tank into a single actor if you want.