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  1. inkoalawetrust

    Alternative Gameplay Modding?

    Andrew is asking WHY ZScript doesn't work with multiplayer.
  2. inkoalawetrust

    Any sort of mp3 -> midi converter that actually sounds good?

    I wouldn't even bother trying to convert a standard final sound file into a MIDI. There are tools online to do it like this one. But the results always range from earrape to hilarious like this infamous Vinesauce mom ent. And here is what another MP3 converted to MIDI sounds like too below, and here is the original song for reference. club-diver-by-kevin-macleod-from-filmmusic-io.mp3.mid.zip If you really need to convert a non-MIDI song to MIDI, then your only option is to manually remake the song as a MIDI.
  3. inkoalawetrust

    I need some help with zscript

    Are you talking about the wiki page on inheritance ?
  4. inkoalawetrust

    Is this real?

    Yes, this is real, I tried out the full list of steps to get the easter egg (Can't say them otherwise the Doomworld illuminati will JFK me), and after I did every step right at 2 AM, I went to the bathroom to take a shit, and a hyper-realistic John Carmack appeared out of my haunted mirror. He just went to my kitchen and made a sandwich before crawling back through the haunted mirror, which then melted into a puddle of UN-realistic blood. But it did help me with my constipation by making me shit myself, so thanks post-singularity human ancestral simulation colloquially known as "John Carmack".
  5. inkoalawetrust

    Does Doom have AI?

    It's all AI, yes even Doom's, but like others have said it's just very primitive AI, and of course has no form of machine learning, so it doesn't self improve in any capacity. Video game AI in general is definitely AI, but it's just (Mostly, depending on implementation) hardcoded, and pretty much always made to only work in the extremely narrow scope of the game, for example Doom's AI wouldn't work in Duke Nukem because of how different the two programs are. Essentially, Doom's AI (And all monster behavior, including actions you wouldn't consider AI like dying animations) are handled by a state machine, where two main AI functions are called (A_Chase() and A_Look()) in the monsters' Spawn: and See: states. The major difference between video game AI like Doom's basic AI functions being ran by a state machine, and more advanced modern approaches to AI like behavior trees. Is that they don't learn at all, they have to be pretty much purely hand crafted, having manually written heuristics to check for conditions like when the NPC is in danger etc. While the AI that's in the news so much nowadays like GPT-4 is ran by neural networks, basically an approximation of the brain itself, and it allows them to learn (Machine learning), so using ChatGPT as an example. It can converse by having actually read god knows how much text to be able to form associations with it (e.g water makes things wet), know written descriptions of what things in the real world look like (e.g a car) etc. But unlike a chat bot from say, 5 years ago, it doesn't know those things because it was hardcoded with that knowledge, or how to recognize objects. It knows them because a very large neural network was given terabytes of text to read through and learn to write from. That being said, the knowledge is still actually kinda hardcoded, since so far these models CANNOT learn after their initial training period. For example IIRC ChatGPT doesn't know about world events past like 2021 (When GPT-3 was probably trained, or the dataset acquired), though I think it is allowed to access the internet now, but it can still only memorize and recall things within a local conversation, and only a very limited about of it. Like a computer with gigabytes worth of stored ROM, and only like 8 kilobytes of RAM. TL;DR Video game AI is hardcoded like every other aspect of a game. The AI models in the news are a big deal because they actually teach themselves through machine learning using an approximation of how the brain works, as a result though they are also black boxes, like planting a seed, we know how to train them but not how or why the fully grown models think or act the way they do, guess that just makes them a bit TOO similar to the brain lol. That's just flat out fucking wrong and it's frankly getting annoying to keep seeing this shit. This type of machine learning is absolutely fucking new, this kind of approach of using GANs and transformers for AI and machine learning didn't exist until literally the 2010s, the only parts of these we have had before are basically just that machine learning in particular (As opposed to trying to hard-code an AI) isn't a brand new concept, and that transformers technically date back to the 90s due to like 2-4 experimental projects. You might as well argue that electric cars aren't that big of a deal or anything new because technically they've existed since the start of the 20th century.
  6. inkoalawetrust

    GTA VI Trailer

    I'm sorry but all the complaints and whining about how terrible it is that GTA 6 is going to be a parody and/or portrayal of modern day America fall a little flat on their ass when most fucking entries since GTA 3 have literally taken place in the present day of the time. Like, it seems that social media will play too big of a role in the game ? Really ? I get that this is a forum about a 30 year old game and most people here probably think it's still 2003, but I can guarantee to you that if you go outside and look over someone's' shoulders while they're on their phone, there is like a 50/50 chance they are looking at TikTok. It focuses so much on that aspect (At least in the trailer anyway) because making a game in the modern day with no social media would be like a movie taking place in victorian England somehow not having a single sign of industrialization. That being said, yeah the game will be overmonetized to hell and back and the singleplayer campaign and sandbox will be immediately shafted in favor of online, now that Rockstar and Take Two have seen just how lucrative online is. No like 2 year delay for multiplayer like with GTA V.
  7. inkoalawetrust

    Beyond just a bool

    As others have pointed out, you clearly don't know even the basics of programming yet. In fact, your lack of awareness integers even existing kind of reminds me of how I was only able to truly learn at least some coding after I was literally walking down the street one day, and came to the eureka moment of realizing that a variable is a value that stores a number. Before that no number of tutorials, examples, and explanations by others were able to help me at all. Your situation sounds pretty similar to mine. So to join the dogpile, I'd also recommend that you try to listen to the help everyone else is trying to give you here. And don't bother using LLMs like ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) to either give you instructions on writing ACS, or straight up writing actual ACS. The amount of information on the internet on these obscure Doom scripting languages is very little for any LLM to have any proper info on them. You could perhaps use ChatGPT to get the basics from a language people actually use like C or something, but first of all, the free ChatGPT is 3.5 and it's pretty shit, while the actually functional GPT-4 is paywalled, and every other LLM is currently pretty dogshit in comparison*, second, you'd still probably just be better off just reading a premade guide, there's literally decades of them for normal programming languages, and for ACS you can find an entire playlist guide here. *Frankly I'm not interested in any of these AI models until they can actually run locally as open source software, not as proprietary black boxes on some data center somewhere. Until then they are as good as useless, especially with how much these companies lobotomize them.
  8. inkoalawetrust

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    I can do it myself, there's already crewmate sprites and the hardest part will just be making a system for catching keyboard presses to make custom vanilla style cheats, but I'm currently busy with other stuff.
  9. inkoalawetrust

    according to wikipedia doom64 used IDtech1?

    Nah, GZDoom and other forks like it such as K8Vavoom are their own thing. Doom 64 is id Tech 1 because it's basically just another console port of the PC engine, but with some extra tricks up it's sleeve like Edward said, and even then the biggest change is just the total change in art style, which isn't really impossible with like, the Linux Doom codebase. But modern source ports like GZDoom and K8Vavoom have WAY WAY MORE changes and additions. Doom 64 was a slightly more sophisticated console port, GZDoom is more like the difference between Quake 1 and GoldSource.
  10. inkoalawetrust

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    I imagine this would replace all monsters with crewmates wandering around, and you can only win by killing all impostors, but if you kill 1-3 innocent crewmates you get ejected and lose. You have to find the impostors by either random chance or actually observing them killing someone (Who could also be you), and they will generally avoid doing it with you in sight. Getting ejected triggers an actual cutscene or scripted sequence of the player being thrown into space with the message "(Player name) was an impostor", oh, and it also changes the music to a midi of the Among Us theme.
  11. inkoalawetrust

    How would one go about making an armor ignoring projectile.

    There is a +PIERCEARMOR flag you can use.
  12. inkoalawetrust

    Polydoor Expansion Problem.

    You can also create them out of raised sector floors. Which should also allow decals to actually appear on them. A few years back it even gave them proper-ish vertical collision, where you could stand on top of them (But not top flat, since like Gez said GZDoom doesn't have REAL 3D polyobjects like K8Vavoom and SRB2). But nowadays there has been some regression that causes both 3D midtexture and raised floor polyobjects to have infinitely tall collision.
  13. Well, I haven't messed with the Doom source code itself, but have made a few commits to GZDoom and have a to do list for more of them. Does that count ?
  14. inkoalawetrust

    [ZSCript] Referring to a class member causes VM to crash

    For complex ZScript questions like these it's better to ask in a place like the ZDoom Discord server instead. Since the questions section on Doomworld is mainly for mapping and simple DECORATE questions. As for the question itself, you've probably tried this. But have you tried to null check if the actual TL_Group class in that index is not null ? Something like If (GVars.TagLinker_Groups[TempVal1]) //Check if the index at TempVal1 is not null. { //If it isn't, run the other code here, like setting the value of StageName based on the iStageName of that particular class in the array. }
  15. inkoalawetrust

    how do I rotate a flat

    You know when finding an answer to your own question it's usually nice to say what it was so that other people can know. In GZDB or UDB, you can select your sector(s), right click them to go to the edit sector window, go to the surfaces tab, and change the Rotation property on whichever sector plane you want.