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  1. Puh, maybe it's time to start thinking about providing external patch wads for all the statusbars we can choose from by now. Normally one can be glad if you get a customized version at all, but for this project, the choices seem to be plentiful. And hard...
  2. I have made a small update for the brightmaps pack. It always pissed me off how the teeth of the demon face on dem1_3 and dem1_4 were glowing in the dark. As if demons are using special toothpaste or something. xD Finally, I took the time to fix that. Spritefix-compatible brightmaps for GZDoom v1.42 (PK3, 4.4 MB) Just in case you didn't know: It is possible to completely deactivate brightmaps for textures. To do it, find the gldefs.bm file in subdir filter\<game> and uncomment the line ending with _textures.bm by adding "//" at the beginning. Example for Ultimate Doom: // Brightmaps for vanilla sprites // #include brightmaps/doom_sprites.bm // Brightmaps for Revenant100's spritefixes #include brightmaps/doom_spritefixes.bm // Brightmaps for textures // #include brightmaps/doom_textures.bm Anyway, these brightmaps are designed in a "smart" way so they automatically deactivate whenever a texture replacement from a pwad is used.
  3. It's apraiseworthy approach. It'd be a shame if these beautiful maps couldn't be enjoyed due to being too "populated". This is more an explorer style project (at least it looks like) and should also have the appropriate gameplay.
  4. These dehacked files are optional and should remain as such. The differences they make are negligible compared to the rest, anyway.
  5. Looks like this could be "Travail" for Doom. Don't you dare cancel this!
  6. I was also under the impression that a glitch like this would not have remained unnoticed by id back in the days and would have been corrected for sure. The green pixel removal on the Megasphere was subtle and OK, but if you remove that shift to the right, it's a significant and noticable art edit. It looks better when realigned, but it doesn't mean it was meant to be that way.
  7. Hmmm... I always thought the megasphere face is supposed to look to the right a bit. However, when I see Evo's version now, it looks better. This would be a quite visible change however, so it may need to be discussed. Personally, I'd be OK with implementing this.
  8. PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    After analyzing the scripts that are loaded in the original version of the addon, only PSXHUD is actually used - all the others from LOADACS (FDHUDCHK, LIGHTING, PSTATION, PSXLOST, REVERB, WILLIAMS) either don't exist or cause console warnings during loading of each map, meaning they don't work for whatever reason. Since everything looks fine without these scripts properly loading, I assume it's save to prevent them from being loaded in the first place. Therefore, I have again reviewed the wad and updated the link above. Now all redundant instances should be gone. It still works and looks as before, as far as I can tell.
  9. PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    I took the liberty of creating a cleaned-up version of the whole addon. All duplicate sounds, music, scripts etc. should be removed. I also included the script fixes I had posted earlier (for decorate and mapinfo), plus a small fix for gameinfo which had a weapon slot definition which definitely did not belong there. Titlemap.wad has been extracted and is now loaded separately, making the intro animation finally functional. Download optimized release (PK3, 145 MB) Maybe I didn't catch 100% of everything, but I doubt that removing even more would make any significant difference. More than 110 MB have been cut. Loading times should also be a lot faster than this due to the massively reduced amount of files which are parsed during startup. Enjoy! *EDIT* Updated download with additional script optimization (only PSXHUD is used and loaded now, the rest of the scripts was non-functional)
  10. PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Your decorate code contains quite a few actors defined twice, and in mapinfo there is a "next" in the cluster definitions where it should not be. This leads to quite a bunch of warnings when loading the wad. I took the liberty of fixing all of these mistakes so the mod loads flawlessly. See files in attachment. triton_fix.zip
  11. The final v1.9 of the fixes doesn't contain anything that would affect brightmaps compared to the last beta version I still got from November last year, right?
  12. Dimension of the Boomed (BETA3 release)

    When I played the demo, I noticed that the maps where quite stuffed with mobs even on lower difficulties. Having a Cyberdemon in the first map was also not the best decision, unless it's really easy to defeat it (e.g. telefragging or crushing ceiling). Was this just a WIP phenomenon or are you at least trying/intending to optimize difficulty in easier modes (if you haven't done so already)?
  13. Rise Of The Wool Ball :3 (v1.2 now GZDoom compatible)

    I am also a bit sad it didn't win again this year, especially after the sequel had improved compared to the first part in last pretty much every possible aspect. Guess it's still not for everyone, even though I really had a lot of fun with it and will completely support the development of a third volume. This needs to be a trilogy after all!