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  1. If you are using GZDoom 3.2.0, you may use Rachael's Retro Shader. It will offer low-res graphics with nice jaggies just like in the good old VGA times.
  2. Brightmaps for spritefixes v1.9 have been updated and can be downloaded here: GZDoom brightmaps v1.4 for spritefixes v1.9 (PK3 / 4.4 MB) Refresh download link for spritefixes v1.8 (since it seems that previous link didn't work any more): GZDoom brightmaps v1.3 for spritefixes v1.8 (PK3 / 4.4 MB)
  3. Will the new update change any sprite dimensions? Asking in case any edits to my brightmaps pack should be required (hopefully not).
  4. Just wow. No idea how often I have replaced my local copies of tntr.wad by now, but it's an all-time record for a pwad for sure! xD Glad you guys don't give up on delivering a smooth gaming experience. If we are lucky, that's actually it!
  5. (This is not available as a pwad, but anyway...) In my opinion, Per Kristian's Doom 1+2 soundtracks are the best ever created. This is the product of an absolute Doom fan and talented musician. He has a feeling for the right instrumentation and makes the result sound as if it couldn't have ever been any other way. Example: Sign of Evil (Per's version is the only one I can name which sounds fantastic even without using choir - his inserted strings are spot on!). Unfortunately, Per never finished the soundtracks. 7 tracks are missing for Doom 1, 11 for Doom 2. Considering how long it is taking already, I doubt the we'll ever live to see the day this is completed. However, I just don't want to give up on it.
  6. Make a statusbar with measures of 486x32. Add your standard-size (320x32) statusbar exactly in the center. That means on each side, you have additional 83 pixels (320+83+83=486). The trick is to give the statusbar an offset of x=83 in SLADE or XWE and save it like that. The real challenge is "only" to add the missing graphics. :) Actually, the image doesn't even have to be inside a wad if you just save the image offset and export it like that. This way it would also work e.g. inside of a zip or pk3 file (if placed in a "graphics" subdir).
  7. With Bloom effects from GZDoom, this must look absolutely neat. Please let this be the beginning of a Tron-style episode...!
  8. With latest GZDoom snapshots, you can even run this as an iwad. Doom2.wad won't be required any more.
  9. I wonder how this would look with cel shading...
  10. This project has the most confusing/frequent post-release update activity I have seen for a while, that's for sure... xD I just hope that a super mega ultra hyper final version is eventually happening. :P
  11. But then it also consumes more screen space. :P Anyway, it's not wrong. Widescreen statusbars are not really necessary any more.
  12. Here is a widescreen statusbar for Moonblood (WAD, 10 KB). Thanks a lot to Deadwing for assisting with finding the right texture to use for this one! Preview It's now also available in my collection of widescreen statusbars for Doom PWADs.
  13. Does anybody know if GZDoom will properly support this again in the near future?
  14. The thing is that by now, several more or less "inofficial" edits/releases have been made (which is a bit confusing). Maybe the project leader(s) should take some time to work on the pwad again until it's 100% approved to run with tnt.wad. We have waited for so many years, a few more days or even weeks for polishing shouldn't be an issue for anybody.
  15. Here is a widescreen statusbar for TNTR (WAD, 2 KB). Preview It will later be added to my collection of widescreen statusbars for Doom PWADs.