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  1. NightFright

    are you a STRICT classic player?

    When the levels are vanilla-like, e.g. Fava Beans or DTWiD, I often play with a special GZDoom ini that has vanilla-style visuals with 640x400 res (can't do 320x200 since it's far too pixelated for my taste) and NukedOPL synth for music. It may not be Crispy Doom, but it still feels vanilla-ish and I can still use GZDoom mods with it if I want to.
  2. My boner just penetrated the ceiling after eye-raping those screenshots. A visual feast. Hard to believe it's still going to be Doom.
  3. NightFright

    weird RAZE shit

    I never understood why Monolith didn't make a proper groupfile. Blood's file system is a mess.
  4. Not redo. Fill the gaps, like here. Doom the Way Bobby Did (tm). They did a lot of song recycling in both Doom games.
  5. Considering the quality of this, I hope it's just a matter of time before people grow the balls to take on the big boys. Doom 1 and 2 are lurking in the shadows. Anyway, amazing work so far, guys!
  6. NightFright

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Will you by any chance actually provide both versions of your levels in the end? It could be really interesting to compare the 90s edition with your remaster by playing the maps side-by-side. If the original maps were playable at all, that is.
  7. Cool. Linear Doom with corners. But no worries, it all starts small at first. Baby steps.
  8. NightFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Very good. The only drawback is that this one would ALWAYS be used, regardless of the actual STBAR replacement that comes with the PWAD. I guess it's negligible though since if you are using this version, you obviously wouldn't want to see any customized background images, anyway. EDIT: I guess we will need the same thing for Freedoom, Chex and Hacx (even Harmony, if we are really thorough) at least to have a complete set.
  9. NightFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Maybe the letters could be a bit brighter to improve legibility, at least that's what I am thinking. Similar to the arms numbers (when weapon has not been collected), possibly a bit darker.
  10. NightFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    There may actually be a way to automatically use this when statusbar transparency has been set to 0. Gotta talk to 3saster. Good idea there, mate!
  11. NightFright

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    Double post alert! I have just completed it and I thought I'd share my feedback. Pros: + Everything just fits together. The sounds, the graphics, the general style - feels like a Wizardworks addon a la Duke Caribbean, if not better + Level design is amazing - I like the locations a lot! Also there is continuity between levels, which is often ignored + MAP09 in one word: mind-blowing. Never thought that linear levels can be so much fun (and bone-breaking hard)! + Modified original artwork is impressive - my favorite is the winged imp + Good item and enemy flow, you get strong weapons fast (also because you need them) + Trashmob hordes for lots of fast and satisfying gibbage Cons: - Only 10 levels (but well, it's not called "32-day vacation" for a reason) - Turns into a Revenant/Archvile festival later on in some places - Getting the BFG in MAP05 is some sort of trolling, right? (Especially when entering the next map.) :P - Old D2 clustertext at the end of the game - Items on the F1 help screen not clearly visible (suggestion: either add shadows behind them or make background image darker) - No ENTERPICs when entering a new level, therefore you don't know the name of the next level before opening the automap In the GZDoom console there are also two warnings about textures without patches (WAIT, BLODGR4), but I dunno if that's important. I guess since there are only 10 maps, the difficulty curve needs to be steeper, so I am OK with it. There's really nothing big I can criticize. Great work!
  12. NightFright

    a "deluxe edition" of the Master Levels

    The only problem I have with E4M7 and Lethe in this compilation is that they are Doom 1 maps, therefore they'll stick out (no SSG or D2 monsters). As isolated maps it's not a big deal, but embedded into a set of D2 maps it's a different story. It'd be great to have a proper D2 conversion (including texture adjustments) for these two entries.
  13. NightFright

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    Indeed I did. Already found the culprit. I was using a mod that allowed to switch weapons faster. Modifying weapons via DECORATE doesn't seem to be a smart idea for a mod that is supposed to be used with this. Anyway, problem solved!
  14. NightFright

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    Playing with GZD 4.4.2 + RC3 and getting stuck in the boxing ring. No further monsters teleport in after the Baron with the chaingun drop. Early showstopper. x.x
  15. NightFright

    a "deluxe edition" of the Master Levels

    Only yesterday I actually merged all Flynn maps together with the rest of the unused Master levels, which took me the better part of the day since I did the texture comparisons manually in order to eliminate conflicts. Now this is released and I realize I did everything pretty much for nothing. Epic facepalm moment.