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  1. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this project, Revenant100. It's a must-have for any true Doom fan and a great community contribution in general! I am glad that I was able to be part of it at least to a minor degree. May your legacy live on for all eternity! \o/
  2. I like the way you "quakified" the Doom statusbar. Great job!
  3. My Dropbox link has been temporarily disabled. Sorry, folks. Will provide an alternate link asap. *EDIT* Done. See post above.
  4. Widescreen version of NEIS statusbar (wad, 20 KB) as requested. Load it after neis.wad to make it work. Zippyshare mirror
  5. I already made one. Not near any computer right now, but I can upload it tomorrow.
  6. Whoa! With difficulty levels implemented?
  7. Has anybody checked out MiniDOOM yet? It looks quite nice, and it's just an 11 MB download. MiniDOOM 2 (based on Doom II) is announced for second week of December already - if you want more.
  8. Excellent! Thanks for the fast info. Here's the brightmaps pack for the final version of the v1.8 spritefixes, then. Spritefix-compatible brightmaps for GZDoom v1.12 (PK3, 4.4 MB)
  9. Did you change anything in the final release compared to the release candidate? I would need to know about any sprite realignment, resize or anything similar that could break the brightmaps I had provided earlier.
    It's maybe not epic, but certainly very well done. My favorite part are the maps until stage 20 since you progress nicely there and difficulty seems to be made for the average Doomer. The hell levels following after that are quite hard and turn more and more into BFG-zerging from MAP25 onwards. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I kept playing because architecture is nice and it often feels a lot like the first Quake (also due to texture choices). This is Cacoward material.
  10. If you are using ZDoom/GZDoom, maybe you could try with an edited MAPINFO file containing modified code for skill settings (this is just an example): Spoiler: code:Array DamageFactor: Damage you receive from monsters, lava or slime. Increase for higher difficulty. Monsterhealth: Monster hitpoint multiplicator. Increase for higher difficulty. DropAmmoFactor: Amount of ammo drops from monsters. Lower for increased difficulty. AmmoFactor: How much ammo you get when picking up placed items. Lower for increased difficulty. SpawnFilter: Only monsters with the specified max difficulty level will spawn. There are also ArmorFactor and HealthFactor to try, work pretty much the same as AmmoFactor. These affect armor and health pickups. There are also has some interesting setups at the bottom of the ZDoom Wiki page about MAPINFO, one for replacing actors (e.g. medikits are replaced with weaker ones, weaker monsters are replaced by stronger ones) and another for one-hit kills (player and monsters).
  11. There should be a megawad with levels like this...
  12. What exactly does it do? Screenshots alone don't really tell me much, sorry...
  13. I have updated my GZDoom brightmaps pack that I had released in January 2016 so that it works again with v1.8 of the spritefixes. [Link removed due to file update. Go here for latest version (works with spritefixes v1.8 final)] Should anything change before the final v1.8 release, please let me know exactly which sprites got changed (compared to v1.8 RC1) since I would like to avoid checking each and every sprite manually once again as I did for this update. :P *EDIT Nov 9, 2016* Updated to version 1.11. Changes: - Added brightmap for SSWVG5 (Wolfenstein SS firing/rear view) - Made spritefix versions of SKULA1 and SKULB1 (Lost Soul/front view) brighter