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  1. The final v1.9 of the fixes doesn't contain anything that would affect brightmaps compared to the last beta version I still got from November last year, right?
  2. When I played the demo, I noticed that the maps where quite stuffed with mobs even on lower difficulties. Having a Cyberdemon in the first map was also not the best decision, unless it's really easy to defeat it (e.g. telefragging or crushing ceiling). Was this just a WIP phenomenon or are you at least trying/intending to optimize difficulty in easier modes (if you haven't done so already)?
  3. I am also a bit sad it didn't win again this year, especially after the sequel had improved compared to the first part in last pretty much every possible aspect. Guess it's still not for everyone, even though I really had a lot of fun with it and will completely support the development of a third volume. This needs to be a trilogy after all!
  4. The flesh part on the left side of the statusbar looks good but doesn't provide sufficient contrast for the ammo counter to be read properly. I also think the "Ammo" and Health" labels should be more visible, even though we all know which stats to expect there. Maybe just reduce the mud/rust effect on the left side. In general, it's a pretty nice statusbar with a cool "worn" look, though.
  5. Yeah, gold would actually also be a nice choice for the labels. Just not red since that is "reserved" for the numbers. ^^ How it could (roughly) look (just a quick mockup with
  6. Regarding the new statusbar: I support valkiri's latest approach with the darker background, it provides better contrast for the stats. However, I think the labels (Ammo, Health, Arms, Armor) should all be either red or white. Mixed colors wouldn't look good. Personally, I'd prefer if the labels didn't have the same color as the numbers, but let's see what others have to say about it. ^^
  7. Indeed, they replace map slots 21-30. I have made a small wad file (8 KB) for (G)ZDoom (since it works with mapinfo) which lets you choose to start the Doom 2 campaign or jump directly to the Hellscape levels via episode selection. Also fixes the level names (via dehacked).
  8. Well, I guess this solution for Map 6 works... I thought at first... This way, the level works a lot better since you are forced to move out of the entrance chamber. And you still have a special situation in this level after all, in spite of this change. Approved!
  9. I concur with JohnnyTheWolf regarding Map06. While it was amusing to be greeted by a huge amount of monsters right at the start of the level, having to stay in that confined space of the first room with that one percent of health left isn't what I would consider an enjoyable opening for a level. Even if you want to add something "new" that wasn't done by id, you should always be on the move. Therefore, I am glad to read you are reviewing the map again. General advice: Avoid labyrinths, forced camping, overdone backtracking and the good old "what did this switch do" guessing game - basically anything that may stall the player too much. Thankfully, you avoided most of these mistakes so far - just to make sure they won't happen later on. ^^
  10. As a fan of "retro" style maps, I was excited about Doom The Way id Did. Needless to say, I am even more excited about this one. What I like most is that you don't attempt to mimic the original levels, but try to find your own style, a juicy mix of Doom 1 and 2. The "multiple choice" paths also spice things up and increase replayability. I admit that after the first two levels, I thought this could have been a pwad for Doom 1, didn't see the requirement to run it with Doom 2. Only after I found the super shotgun and some chaingunners, it suddenly all made a whole lot more sense! ^^ I'd still like to see this getting divided into episodes which can be selected via menu like in Doom 1, it would somewhat fit the project, but it's rather a detail to consider later. Hope you will later also customize map names, edit the episode ending texts and maybe use customized music so it feels even more detached from the original, making it look like a "lost" addon id could have released back in 1994/95. You are definitely on the right track here, and I absolutely support that more of this awesomeness is made!
  11. Actually, I had posted the file preview links which indeed require prior registration. Both links have now been corrected and should work fine for unregistered users. Thanks for the hint!
  12. Great! Since you apparently did not change any sprite alignments this time, I assume my brightmap adjustments for beta 1 are still valid?
    The last third of Doom II, reimagined by Lutz. And boy, what an imagination he has! Amazing architecture, brilliant lighting and shadows. Huge levels with insane amount of detail. Clever monster usage that doesn't turn into blind slaughter, but still keeps you on the edge due to strategic ammo placement. One of my personal highlights in 2017 when it comes to Doom mapping.
  13. Knowing that the year isn't over yet and hopefully a few surprises are still about to come: - Doom II: Hellscape by Chris Lutz - Moonblood by Deadwing - Rise of the Wool Ball by MSPaintR0cks - Blade of Agony Chapter 2 by Tormentor667 - TNT: Revilution by Jaws In Space, Kyka, Eris Falling et al.
  14. If you are using GZDoom 3.2.0, you may use Rachael's Retro Shader. It will offer low-res graphics with nice jaggies just like in the good old VGA times.