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  1. NightFright

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    OK, that must be the first XG MIDI track I have learned about in any Doom mod. Interesting!
  2. Great! Maybe this also explains why I never had MIDI issues in EDuke32 or Rednukem. Those ports probably are doing these SysEx resets already. Side note: Even when I had a physical SC-55 unit, I had to do manual resets occasionally.
  3. Will the Roland VSC 1.6 resets also work for the newer (and more accurate) SCVA?
  4. It depends. If game code was changed, entering from previous map won't help. If only the map itself was modified, then changes would be applied.
  5. It's the Falcosoft player indeed. I really don't remember a specific project right now where this occurred, I'm afraid. I am playing too many, I guess. Should it happen again for some reason anywhere, I'll let you know. I actually switched from the Roland SCVA back to the S-YXG50 (which I used before buying the Roland VSTi), hoping that the issue would go away, but it kept happening, so I suspected already it was port-related. Often I had to do the SysEx reset on my own through FSMP before, which required quitting the game. A rather annoying procedure, but again, it happened rarely enough. From the top of my head, I wouldn't know any PWADs using XG MIDI. Of those still composing MIDI tracks on their own these days, nobody is using anything else than the regular GM standard, though, so I would be really surprised to encounter anything else in a Doom wad. Only if someone included random external MIDIs, but often they use some tracks from other games, and then it's 100% GM, too.
  6. I see on Github there are new snapshots which seem to change/improve MIDI playback. With some pwads I kept having occasional, even though rare cases when either notes or the entire song got stuck. It was hard to reproduce, which is why I never reported it. Apparently you used the S-YXG50 synth for testing, which is exactly the same MIDI playback solution as mine. I assume this change was intended particularly for people like me who are using FSMP/loopMIDI? In that case: Fingers crossed that this changes things to the better. And if it does, may it also find its way into Crispy, PrBoom+ etc.
  7. NightFright

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Widescreen statusbar: atone_wide.zip
  8. Brightmaps for Sprite Fixing Project v1.92 have been released. Thanks to Revenant100 for pointing out the relevant changes. Saved me a lot of time! (I was wondering at first why only the Hell Knight frames were adjusted and not the Baron ones as well, but it's actually explained a few posts above.)
  9. The usual question: I assume none of the changes require updated brightmaps, right? It didn't seem to be the case in the betas already.
  10. Just finished the whole thing. Most remarkable ending sequence of any wad since ages, that's for sure! The final fight against those Super Barons was surprisingly tough. Tbh I am not sure how this is supposed to be done without kicking the bucket. Basically, stop moving and you can admire the floor textures from close range. If that was the idea, then well done. For my taste it was still kinda hard, especially when playing on ITYTD (which I always do in my first playthroughs). But well, with a lot of persevereance it's managable. Anyway, the whole thing is just fantastic. First time I have ever seen transparent liquids or (pseudo) reflective floors in a vanilla wad. Also the way some ZDoom moments that couldn't be realized are referenced is simply ingenious. Was it worth almost a decade of waiting for this? Most certainly!
  11. Does anybody else having blinking "slime inflow" wall textures (original Doom textures WALL57_2-4)? Happens to me when using Woof.
  12. NightFright

    VALIS (32-Map Singleplayer Megawad) [beta]

    Well, that can be kinda fixed by converting those graphics with SLADE, I believe. Need to see if I get it running like that.
  13. NightFright

    VALIS (32-Map Singleplayer Megawad) [beta]

    Is there anything in this wad that would cause any bigger problems when not using GZDoom, e.g. a more vanilla-ish port like Woof?
  14. Right, so nothing special, actually. (/sarkasm off)
  15. I have just reached the secret level and so far there were already quite a few scenes I never expected to see in a vanilla pwad, or at least haven't seen for a really long time. Like when you push objects around or blow up walls with explosives (not to speak of the security monitors). Extrordinary achievement for a project with vanilla limitations. The levels themselves are still as complex and (sometimes) confusing as I remember them from playing the original, but it's part of the throwback experience. Finding all the keycards in the third level is definitely something, for example! Oh, and shouldn't forget to mention that the MIDIs absolutely kick ass here. I dunno why, but the S-YXG50 VSTi seems to produce especially remarkable renditions of these tracks. Had to check whether digitized music is used, it sounded THAT good.