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  1. Spoilers for those that have not played through this WAD KevvyLava, I played through the entire wad in one sitting, and here's what I think: It's really good :) I have played many Ep1 recreations over the years and the problem I have with all of them is that they are so drastically different with too many added new areas and such that they're not recognizable anymore. You did a good job restraining yourself and keeping the maps the same whilst changing the directions and rhythms of the gameplay. That made it fresh and unpredictable. I like that monsters just appear out of nowhere when you revisit already cleared areas. I like that this WAD is made for veterans of Ep1, because what used to be considered secrets are now a necessity for beating the game. Our knowledge of these maps are really tested to the limit. I didn't mind the SS guys, but yeah, they did look a bit out of place. Maybe you should've added a secret Wolfenstien room or something. Now for the complaints: The weapon layout is a bit of a problem, I was almost near the end of the WAD before finally running into a rocket launcher. At that point, I had already picked up several Plasma rifles and maxed out my rockets before I was able to even use them. I played this on easy and it was still pretty darn hard and the Rocket Launcher would've been great in those tight situations. The double shotgun also came in pretty late, I think it was Map05 when I found one. I mean, its fine having weapons come in later...if the heavier enemies come in later as well, but if I had to face a Spider Mastermind in Map04 before getting a double barrel and rocket launcher, it does make me feel very ill-equipped. Trying to take down the heavier monsters with a chaingun and normal shotgun takes forever. Especially when one runs out of plasma cells. Which brings me to my next point: There is no difference between easy, medium and hard. You need to reduce the amount of monsters in the easier difficulties. Now don't get me wrong, I like Ultra-Violence as much as the next doom fan but even easy mode made me come close to death. Oh, and one more thing, there was one place where I did die: Near the end with the many Arch-viles in the pitch black darkness. That was literally the only room that I hated because not being able to see where there was cover, and being surrounded by enemies that only need to have you in their line of sight in order to kill you...is just plain sadistic. But really, this was still a good recreation of Knee-Deep in the Dead, in fact, the best one in my opinion. I know I spent a long time criticizing your WAD but I really mean it when I say that this was very well put together. And even though some people say that this concept has been done to death, I however think that it is worth the play. Great job, KevvyLava! ;)
  2. Contrary to popular belief, there actually was a standard for DOS capable IBM-compatible monitors: 640x400 at 70hz, Doom ran exactly half of that for performance and compatibility reasons: 320x200 at 35fps but at 70hz. Although PC games back then could run at decent framerates at 320x240 (4:3 aspect ratio) the extra 40 lines of pixels however demanded that a monitor runs at 640x480 at 70hz due to how sub-640x400 resolutions had to double the amount of vertical lines in order to reduce the intensity of scanlines. ie: running a game at 400x300 required a monitor with 800x600 capabilities. Now I want to stress that 99.8% of all VGA capable monitors could handle 640x480 at 70hz, but still, leaving out the extra 40 lines of pixels improved performance on 486DXs and most games ran at 320x200 anyways just to be safe because PCs, especially back in those days, were very inconsistent when it comes to quality and capabilities, and sticking to a predefined standard reduced any chances of any random problems
  3. No prob. By the way, love the design. played it on ZDoom and I noticed quite a bit of a framrate drop, which in this case is not a bad thing, this map is huge with lots of detail. I look forward to the final version.
  4. I can't, I just can't. Playing this on very easy is harder than Normal Doom 2 on Ultra Violence. I know that you probably only want crazy skilled people to play this WAD but I mean c'mon, us normal people would like a chance at beating this map :P
  5. post deleted
  6. Well then, 6 years ago I started this thread. Wow, a lot of people submitted their thoughts on what the 4th installment of Doom should be. And it looks like for the most part, the majority of us got what we wanted in Doom 2016 (I refuse to just call it Doom). I wonder, did id Software read this thread during development? We'll never know.
  7. I still think run'n gun is still fun just so long as the game has more to offer than just it's core gameplay.
  8. You misunderstand: I'm saying id should take the level design philosophies of doom 1 but not all it's ideas, I don't want a rehash of doom 1. Of course the levels can be bigger and have more interesting obstacles, just so long as the levels don't have a boring layout and structure. But as for difficulty: I've always felt that the difficulty should be in the monsters themselves not the levels. The last thing I want are levels that are confusing and tedious to navigate, like the Hexen games were.
  9. 3D. In this day and age we'll never go back to the 2.5D. But having said that: the levels in the original Doom, especially episode 1, were fantastic. they weren't too realistic but not too random either. id would do themselves a favor by learning from these levels.
  10. Hit the nail on the head. I'm sick of all these so called gritty and mature games that don't have any color. DmC had color, Amnesia had color, and those games were very gritty and mature. Doom needs color! People should stop assuming that color is for little kids.
  11. Wait, what? I'm one of those three? No, I didn't read your comment. :P I was only agreeing with what DooM_RO said about how Serious Sam and Painkiller are not the same as Doom.
  12. I never said Heretic ran on a different engine to Doom. Anywho, So you played Duke3D at age 4? My perants would never let me play something like that when I was a little kid. :D
  13. When it comes to gameplay, yes. But not when it comes to tone and style. From a mechanics standpoint, Duke3d is like Heretic, meaning, it's basically a clone of doom even though it was using a different engine. But other than that, Duke was it's own thing. It was more of a Tongue-in-cheek, Dirty, but slightly more realistic type of game.
  14. (THUMBS UP)
  15. There are too many games competing to dethrone Call of Duty by releasing Call of Duty clones. While this happens, there is an untapped market that can not be filled with COD clones. Doom 4 better not try to be yet another COD clone with doom stuff shoehorned in just so that they can call it a Doom game. There are things that id mustn't incorporate into Doom that are a standard feature in COD and COD clones alike: i.e: Future weapons MUST NOT function exactly like modern weapons. Like in Mass Effect 2 and 3. What is so special about the standard assault rifle, shotgun, or pistol that modern weapons can't do? They need ammo, they need to be reloaded, and some weapons like the sniper rifle requires manual reloading after only one shot. What is so special and futuristic about these weapons in the later MassEffect games? It's just their design and sound effects that stand out. I liked the early doom games because although you used very believable weapons that used real ammo, they however were more advanced than modern weapons. They were faster and didn't need reloading.