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  1. I hope that sprite is the recoil animation, if it's not then it becomes a problem because even if you cropped it to the fingers it would still take up too much space on the screen. But it looks great :)
  2. XD HAHAHAHA Yeah. But if it makes you feel better, Every map can be done at 100%, even all item pickups.
  3. :D That is exactly what I try to do with these maps. Teach the player some new mechanics in a relatively safer environment before pushing it to the extreme.
  4. Hmmm. I might take you up on that offer. When I finish this WAD (whenever that will be) I'll let you know. ;) There's no such thing as a wrong key. Blue door is the easiest. Yellow door is the most fun. And Red door is the most rewarding.
  5. Completely agree. I hate labyrinths and forced camping, and even though there are some backtracking, I always try to add new elements for when the player is forced to revisit areas. As for the "what did this switch do" problem, I don't know if you noticed but with the exception of switches that affect something right in front of it, I always use the face switches for communicating to the player that it always affects something that has the same face on it (ie door or bridge). So the changes I made to map06 should fix the "camping in the key room" problem. Honestly, it just never occured to me that that was what a lot of people would end up doing. If you want to see what I changed to fix this problem, just go check out the updated download link in the first post ^_^
  6. The secrets in Doom Zero can be pretty cryptic, but then again, they're secrets. I try to do a variety of secrets rather than always resorting to the usual "push wall to open". Try to think outside the box and eventually you'll get it. To get the rocket launcher and blue armor you have to be really quick to get there after you push the button that raises the platform in the lava. The floor of the rocket launcher and blue armor raises as well. The blue armor in map03 uses a mechanic where the game's doors or floors cannot change direction until they stop. ie if a floor is busy lowering, you cant trigger it to go up only until the floor stops lowering. You have to run over the "raise up" trigger while it's still lowering. pay attention to where the triggers for that secret is located. The same principle can be applied to the invisible powerup in map04 but requires more speed on the players part. The so called issue in map06 is normal. if you don't use the key to go through one of 3 locked doors in the first area then the game won't know which key you picked up. So it will just give you all 3 keys instead of just the 2 that you don't have in order to finish the map. So my question is: how did you kill all the monsters with out the aid of the items behind those locked doors in the first area? Perhaps camping in that key room makes the game too easy. That is why I have gone buck and changed map06 sygnificantly to fix these issues because you're not the first person to do this. Man, game testing is important. I really appreciate the feedback. To everyone here: Thank you all for the positive feedback. Glad that many of you are enjoying it.
  7. One obstacle I've run into: I'm not very tech-savvy. Trying to add a custom map name and editing ending texts is beyond me. I've looked at tutorials on how to do it but I can't get it to work. Sure, I could just toss a MAPINFO into the WAD but then only certain source ports would be able to read it, not vanilla Doom. Music is something I can do. But I'm not much of a composer, so I'm thinking of doing remixes, like what I did with map01
  8. Thanks galileo. The FDA is much appreciated but also enjoyable to watch because you're the first person that I've watched play through this and I've learned quite a lot from it. There will be some things I will change including your list of suggestions. - the minor texture is fixed :P (I didn't see at first there was another texture I could've used that matched the switch texture) - Nah, I'm gonna keep it as an easy secret - The floor is lava. That's the name of the game. Hence why there are many health pickups - Good idea. Again thanks for the FDA...even though I had to install Crispy Doom for the first time, learn how to launch pwads and demos, and find the right version of Doom 2, but in the end it worked :P Doom Zero is about as meaningful as you want it to be. Like how Street Fighter Zero doesn't take place prior to Street Fighter 1. Besides, how can one make a prequel to Doom if hell only breaks loose in Doom1? So, RedPass is a pseudo company I made for people to recognize who made the mod. I use it for all of my mods such as this one for Amnesia the Dark Descent: http://www.moddb.com/mods/key-to-freedom
  9. I LOVE IT! It may be a small thing but it does add extra characteristics to the monsters. I honestly didn't notice that a cacodemon's blood was blue till now because I just always assumed that the blue was just it's bile or something spilling when it dies.
  10. I made a post for my WAD, wanna check it out? I've got a link to the download:
  11. Doom Zero is exactly what the title entails. Everything is brought back to ground zero, back to the basics: no source port enhances, no unlimited visplanes, full MS-DOS compatibility, etc. Sure, there are many other WADs that do this, but the goal of Doom Zero isn't just to reuse the basic mechanics of the original Doom and Doom2 (find key, unlock door, exit level) but the goal is to create a variety of mechanics that makes traversing the levels more interesting whilst still staying within the confines of the limitations of the original Doom2. The original level designers, most notably John Romero, followed a few rules that Doom Zero tries to follow: good flow, use of landmarks for easy navigation, no padding, structured yet organic level layouts, etc. Although you can use any source port to run this, it can also run on a real MS-DOS machine, although you might find that a 486DX2 66MHz PC might be too slow and it is recommended to use a DX4 100MHz or any Pentium based PC. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S8RuolgPLSU9iPE_mHCLksJxouGYIQlS This is just a demo so there are currently only 6 levels in total. let me know what you guys think. And who knows: Maybe I'll actually find the time to finish making the rest of the levels.
  12. Spoilers for those that have not played through this WAD KevvyLava, I played through the entire wad in one sitting, and here's what I think: It's really good :) I have played many Ep1 recreations over the years and the problem I have with all of them is that they are so drastically different with too many added new areas and such that they're not recognizable anymore. You did a good job restraining yourself and keeping the maps the same whilst changing the directions and rhythms of the gameplay. That made it fresh and unpredictable. I like that monsters just appear out of nowhere when you revisit already cleared areas. I like that this WAD is made for veterans of Ep1, because what used to be considered secrets are now a necessity for beating the game. Our knowledge of these maps are really tested to the limit. I didn't mind the SS guys, but yeah, they did look a bit out of place. Maybe you should've added a secret Wolfenstien room or something. Now for the complaints: The weapon layout is a bit of a problem, I was almost near the end of the WAD before finally running into a rocket launcher. At that point, I had already picked up several Plasma rifles and maxed out my rockets before I was able to even use them. I played this on easy and it was still pretty darn hard and the Rocket Launcher would've been great in those tight situations. The double shotgun also came in pretty late, I think it was Map05 when I found one. I mean, its fine having weapons come in later...if the heavier enemies come in later as well, but if I had to face a Spider Mastermind in Map04 before getting a double barrel and rocket launcher, it does make me feel very ill-equipped. Trying to take down the heavier monsters with a chaingun and normal shotgun takes forever. Especially when one runs out of plasma cells. Which brings me to my next point: There is no difference between easy, medium and hard. You need to reduce the amount of monsters in the easier difficulties. Now don't get me wrong, I like Ultra-Violence as much as the next doom fan but even easy mode made me come close to death. Oh, and one more thing, there was one place where I did die: Near the end with the many Arch-viles in the pitch black darkness. That was literally the only room that I hated because not being able to see where there was cover, and being surrounded by enemies that only need to have you in their line of sight in order to kill you...is just plain sadistic. But really, this was still a good recreation of Knee-Deep in the Dead, in fact, the best one in my opinion. I know I spent a long time criticizing your WAD but I really mean it when I say that this was very well put together. And even though some people say that this concept has been done to death, I however think that it is worth the play. Great job, KevvyLava! ;)
  13. Contrary to popular belief, there actually was a standard for DOS capable IBM-compatible monitors: 640x400 at 70hz, Doom ran exactly half of that for performance and compatibility reasons: 320x200 at 35fps but at 70hz. Although PC games back then could run at decent framerates at 320x240 (4:3 aspect ratio) the extra 40 lines of pixels however demanded that a monitor runs at 640x480 at 70hz due to how sub-640x400 resolutions had to double the amount of vertical lines in order to reduce the intensity of scanlines. ie: running a game at 400x300 required a monitor with 800x600 capabilities. Now I want to stress that 99.8% of all VGA capable monitors could handle 640x480 at 70hz, but still, leaving out the extra 40 lines of pixels improved performance on 486DXs and most games ran at 320x200 anyways just to be safe because PCs, especially back in those days, were very inconsistent when it comes to quality and capabilities, and sticking to a predefined standard reduced any chances of any random problems
  14. No prob. By the way, love the design. played it on ZDoom and I noticed quite a bit of a framrate drop, which in this case is not a bad thing, this map is huge with lots of detail. I look forward to the final version.
  15. I can't, I just can't. Playing this on very easy is harder than Normal Doom 2 on Ultra Violence. I know that you probably only want crazy skilled people to play this WAD but I mean c'mon, us normal people would like a chance at beating this map :P