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  1. Ooooh I wish I had a GUS.🤤
  2. I will probably make a "castrated" version for those that want it, but like what maxmanium said, Doom Zero will remain a fully vanilla compatible mod. I must say: I'm diapointed that nobody so far has tried to run this on a real DOS machine 😋
  3. You should test it first before uploading, then you would've noticed that you deleted the boss sprites. I would appreciate it if you would just let it go. Many of the sprites aren't just there for compatibility reasons. I've also fixed many of them by fixing their alignment and other minor graphical problems. And there will be more visual fixes in ver.1.5. coming out tomorrow. Think of it as another Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project.
  4. Wait a minute, I remember now that you are running Beautiful Doom. Doom Zero is not just a mappack but is a full blown mod, Beautiful Doom is probably clashing with Doom Zero's custom dehacked code and other content which is causing the crash.
  5. Can you be more specific? I just now tested it with DOS, PRBOOM+, Chocolate, ZDoom and GZDoom and it doesn't crash on map04. Are you using an old save?
  6. NICE! I'm gonna watch all of it. If you want you can download the latest version (ver.1.4. its just to fix some bugs and potential softlocks). You can just continue from where you left off.
  7. Yes, it is possible to get all 3 keys in one swoop, even though you only need 1 to finish the level. BTW I love your YouTube channel, been watching ever since you did your ports of Prince of Persia, which has sent me spiraling down the rabbit hole of trying out most of these ports myself. Obviously, I also enjoy your Doom critique videos. Way more interesting than just a 'let's play'.
  8. Yep. It was pretty quick to implement the new sprites. I've released it as ver.1.3 a few hours ago. Yeah I know, I wasn't planning on doing a 1.3, and yet, here we are.
  9. One of the annoying aspects of striving for vanilla compatibility. The hitscan lost soul (or souldroid as I call it) is using the WolfensteinSS slot (or ID) in the roster. The SS doesn't have frames of animation for firing in different directions EDIT: Whoah! Hold on! I did some testing and apparently I can just add the rotation sprites and it just works in vanilla doom 0_o. OK then I will be updating this. Thanks Firedust.
  10. That is correct. The big 5. W>D>D2>Q>Q2. The only 90s FPSs from id software that were actual single-player experiences
  11. Well then, at your own discretion I guess. some texture flats have also been changed.
  12. This is awesome dude, but a word of warning: Doom Zero is not compatible with other mods. The custom content in the later levels will not show up properly (new boss, new enemy, new sound effects, etc). Sorry, this is vanilla only. You're gonna have to put up with "old graphics".
  13. Sweet! DoomZero's first 100% speedrun ^_^
  14. So I was fixing some minor bug in map22 and then I was like "Well, I'm here now, I might as well "fix" the map01 issue, even though...aaaaugh I'll do it!". ... (15min later) ... It's now fixed! Happy? Good. Since I was fixing map01 I also did the same for other maps that could potentially have this issue.