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  1. DASI-I

    Custom Sky?

    Slade can do that as well.
  2. DASI-I

    Custom Sky?

    Make a png image that is the same size as the default sky. Using Slade3, drag and drop it into your WAD. Make sure the image uses the same name as the original you want to replace. Now all you need to do is convert the image from a PNG to a doom image format. You can find that option when you right click on the image, go to Graphic and select Convert To. Once in the menu, Click on the drop menu that has a list of color palettes from various games. Scroll down until you find Doom. There are many doom palettes, the first is usually the best but you can experiment with others. Hope this helps. If memory serves, Doom for what ever reason flips the image ingame. If this is a problem just horizontally flip the image.
  3. Woah, I did not expect that reaction. Dude, calm down. I never said you were stupid or your feedback has nothing of value, especially since the guy in the meme (that I'm comparing you to) is supposed to be smarter and more knowledgeable than Sandler's character. Geez! I have patched Doom Zero over a dozen times simply because I can take criticism. Version 3.0's existence is purely the result of many people pointing out flaws with versions 1.1 all the way through to 2.9. I'm sorry if I offended you but that was not the intention. And maybe that wasn't yours either. But just exactly what reaction did you expect after calling someone's passion project a "parasite"?
  4. Ok, a simple "I did not like it" would've sufficed.
  5. Ok thanks. Is this better?
  6. Or tell me what I have to do.
  7. If there was a real difference, I would've called it 3.1 but the reason why I just added a "B" is because 3.0 and 3.0B are exactly the same. Just the boss sprite is a bit different. Doesn't matter which you use, demo recordings won't desync if you switch between these two. As a result, The idgames version is actually 3.0B. But from now on it's only referred to as simply ver.3
  8. Check out this Youtuber if you're into 100% complete pistol start playthroughs of Doom maps. The reason why I'm bringing this up is because although I do think they are good videos, the real reason I'm sharing is because I don't think the quality of his videos are to scale of the current subscribers he has (and at the time of this post he has 1 subscriber). The only reason why I discovered this guy in the first place is because Doom Zero is his first 100% playthrough/walkthrough. I normally don't do searches of Doom Zero on YouTube all that often but I think this guy deserves a bit of love. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRWieUsPQPLBUYoSaGLy-iQ/videos
  9. In Sep 2021 I uploaded ver 3.0 and it is the last version. There definitely won't be any other after that. I go into more details in a video I've uploaded recently, including why I haven't yet uploaded to /idgames. I talk about this stuff about 1min into the video.
  10. It just simply didn't need them. Doom Zero's style is based on other official releases such as Final Doom and No Rest for the Living. EDIT: By the way, I forgot to add the revised boss sprites to version 3.0, it's now available as version 3.0b. The reason why I didn't call it 3.1 is because 3.0 and 3.0b are 100% compatible with each other, saves won't break, demos won't break, etc. Essentially no difference between the two.
  11. So. Im still playing it through 1 more time just to make sure there are no major problems. But I decided to release it early so that others can try it. After I've done that I will then announce it officially...and then I will finally put this on idgames. Then I'll take the time to list all the changes in a changelog
  12. DASI-I

    Key bindings for weapons

    Thought that I might as well put this here even if this thread is starting to get old, because it very much does apply here:
  13. DASI-I

    Request for new auto-aim system

    Interesting. Thanks