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  1. Hey Ketmar. Can you take a look at my updated Mapinfo file. Is this correct? Mapinfo.zip
  2. Thanks!!! I updated the Mapinfo file as well as the script. If anyone finds any glitches, bugs, or suggestions that I missed, please let me know so I can finally upload Silent to the idgames.
  3. Silent Steel: Remastered Edition v1.3 -fixed and updated a few scripting lines. -Updated and changed some architectural and lighting details here and there. -Added a few more decorate effects. -Updated and added some sounds. -Reworked some files in the pk3 file structure. Unfortunately, however, With the latest K8Vavoom build, it will randomly crash Map5 "Hold Out" complaining about "script 12 took too long to execute" Also, I dont know if this also is a bug, but right after Map3 "Storage Facility", the game will cut to a ending text screen even though I stated in the mapinfo file not to do so. Thanks as always Ketmar for all your hard work and dedication;)
  4. Thanks as always guys!!!
  5. What script scenario would I create if I wanted say.... some group of monsters to fall into a pit and as soon as they hit the ground they disappear instead of just lying dead. I know its a weird scenario but I'm doing something in my upcoming map.
  6. Gunrock

    Changing a decorate's spawn direction?

    Thanks Gez
  7. I have a simple decorate particle spawner that I want to be able to spawn the particle's direction either north, south, east, and west. How can I achieve this? Here is what I currently have: actor WhitefallParticleA1 { Height 16 Radius 8 Mass 0 Scale 0.05 Gravity 0.3 RenderStyle Add Alpha 0.4 +MISSILE +WINDTHRUST +FORCEXYBILLBOARD +DONTSPLASH States { Spawn: WFL1 A 1 A_SetScale(scaleX + 0.05) loop } } actor WhitefallParticleA2 : WhitefallParticleA1 { States { Spawn: WFL2 A 1 A_SetScale(scaleX + 0.05) loop } } actor WhitefallParticleA3 : WhitefallParticleA1 { States { Spawn: WFL3 A 1 A_SetScale(scaleX + 0.05) loop } } actor WhitefallParticleA4 : WhitefallParticleA1 { States { Spawn: WFL4 A 1 A_SetScale(scaleX + 0.05) loop } } Actor Whitesplashspawner : SwitchableDecoration 20121 { Height 2 Radius 1 Mass 0 +NoBlockMap +NoGravity +NoInteraction +ClientSideOnly States { Spawn: Active: TNT1 A 1 A_SpawnItemEx("WhitefallParticleA1", 0, 0, 1, Random(0, 3), 0, (0.1)*Random(35, 40), Random(0, 360), 128) TNT1 A 1 A_SpawnItemEx("WhitefallParticleA2", 0, 0, 1, Random(0, 3), 0, (0.1)*Random(35, 40), Random(0, 360), 128) TNT1 A 1 A_SpawnItemEx("WhitefallParticleA3", 0, 0, 1, Random(0, 3), 0, (0.1)*Random(35, 40), Random(0, 360), 128) TNT1 A 1 A_SpawnItemEx("WhitefallParticleA4", 0, 0, 1, Random(0, 3), 0, (0.1)*Random(35, 40), Random(0, 360), 128) Loop Inactive: TNT1 A 1 Loop } }
  8. Hey guys....the issue was that the area the tree was scrolling at was too low and the tree was stuck so I just raised the ceiling height by 64 units. Sorry about my poor simple mistakes:(
  9. I have this decorate snow tree that I took from Realm667 web site. I have a moving floor tagged accordingly and set up to move the tree along the floor: Scroll_Floor(2,-384,0,SCROLL_AND_CARRY); Decorate for the tree: actor wintertreespawner : RandomSpawner 20073 { DropItem "winterA" ACTOR winterA { Game Doom Radius 20 Height 115 +SOLID States { Spawn: WINT A -1 Stop } } The trees just sits there not moving.
  10. I have 2 custom decorate monsters and 2 custom decorate items. When I open Ultimate Doom Builder all my custom items and monsters are all listed in the same folder directory called "user-defined". How can I separate them and put them into their own folder called "monsters" and "items" for a more cleaner navigational look?
  11. Ohhhh good time to be alive!!!! Ketmar's back:)
  12. How can I make the Yellow keycard have its own pickup sound thats not the same as the other item pickup sounds?
  13. Thank you again Kappes and also boris!!! This is the first I have known that you can use UDB to create OBJ models. I'm currently using GZDoom Builder-bugfix ;)