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  1. Yeah, I did all the above mentioned tactics and GZDB-BF will not launch. I'm stuck with standard GZDB for now. i7 5820k GTX 1080 (latest drivers) Windows 10 pro (everything updated)
  2. I been mapping for the ZDoom/Hexen format for a little over a decade now. I been reading up on UDMF lately and wanted to know should I convert my maps over to this format, or just stick to what I been doing (If it aint broke, dont fix it approach)? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Graf for the reply. Well, there is nothing really I can do because I have a lot (around 200+) of textures all in TGA format.
  4. I have all my high resolution textures placed in the "Hires" directory and the normal low resolution textures placed in "patches" directory within the PK3. My problem is that it made the whole mod balloon up to 125mb due to having so many hires textures to replace there low res equivalents. This may sound dumb, but is this the only method in order for high res textures to work properly? Thanks.
  5. Gunrock

    Putrefier v2

    Please finish this soon....it looks amazing!!!! Big fan of your work!!!
  6. The image is 1280x1024 png....and yes its tiled instead of stretched on my 1080p widescreen monitor.
  7. I want to have different background pics for each map when a level is finished. I specified this in my map info file. However the pic is cropped wrong. My map info file looks like this using GZDoom: map map05 "Gloom Keep" sky1 sky1 0.0 music D_GLOOM exitpic ENDPIC next map06 Why isn't the pic displaying right?
  8. Just some quick info on what I been working on. Dissolution is going to be a remaster of the original mod with better architectural details, and decorate features that will take full advantage of both K8Vavoom and GZDoom engines to create a more darker sinister version than the original. This mod should be finished soon. Thanks to everyone for helping me out when I had scripting related questions.
  9. K8Vavoom is my favorite engine to use! It has really made me come back to mapping. Speaking of mapping, here are some more pics of Dissolution: Remastered Edition. Pic 1 is the Sacrificial Grounds, the rest are unnamed. This remaster should be done soon and is built for both K8Vavoom and GZDoom.
  10. Awww man...I was afraid of that.. Thanks you!
  11. Hey guys! While in the middle of mapping I decided to rename all of my custom textures starting with RTEX01 all the way to RTEX100 using Slade 3. However when I go into GZDoom Builder to continue mapping, all of the textures still show the old names and everything shows a white explanation mark everywhere? Why isn't GZDoom Builder recognizing this? Thanks
  12. Hey Ketmar! Great work as always. This might be a sound bug related question, but polydoor sounds doesn't play in the new K8Vavoom version. I tested only with Dark Wispers: Remastered. Here is a test wad: Test.zip
  13. Thanks Graf and Gez!!! This option seems close to what can be done.
  14. As you can see from the pic, the midtexture is set to impassible, and placed down by an offset. However this blooks the player even though i'm well below the 3d floor. Any suggestions?
  15. Here is another pic of the problem: