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  1. Thanks SMG!!! You are amazing!!!
  2. I'm using Zdoom/ Hexen format in Ultimate Doom builder. How can I make a scenario in which I kill a single monster, then about 60 seconds later the player gets teleported to a new location on map?
  3. Thanks DarkPulse for your reply! Any feedback is always appreciated!
  4. Cherno from ZDoom forums posted this earlier: You can use a static ZScript function which can be called from ACS via ScriptCall and in turn can enable or disable the shader." ACS: //make sure the player is the script's activator. script "ToggleShader" (bool on) { ScriptCall("MyActor", "ToggleShader", on); } ZScript: class MyActor: Actor { static void ToggleShader(Actor a, bool on) { if(a && a.player) { Shader.SetEnabled(a.player,"MyShader",on); } } } I can't even begin to know were to put all that as I'm not great when it comes to using zscript or any other complicated ACS functions. How and were do I put this in the old video shader pk3 structure or map?
  5. I downloaded the Old video shader from the ZDoom forums and thought it would fit nicely in an upcoming horror style mod. However, Is it possible to use ACS scripting to activate this shader when the player enters a room like he is entering a nightmare scene and the old video shader activates only in that room then deactivates when leaving that same room? I dont want the old video shader to play out all through the map. Think of Silent Hill 3, when some parts of the game uses the film grain effect in some scenes to make it more eerie.
  6. I sent the test map to your message box Ketmar.
  7. Hey Ketmar. just discovered something when I tested the new K8Vavoom with my upcoming mod, 'Project Slipgate: Remastered Edition'. Something odd is happening when using the 'sector_setfade' function along with 'SetFogDensity' in ACS. K8vavoom's rendering of this effect is very subtle or incorrect. However in GZDoom it renders correctly. Dont know if this is just how K8Vavoom works with this effect or not? Also one last thing. When using 'sector set 3D floors' and checking any of the specials in the flag options (use lower texture, use upper texture, etc.) K8Vavoom doesn't show the texture on the 3D floor render. It just shows a blank texture. GZDoom does show the correct applied texture. K8Vavoom: GZDoom: Testing.zip
  8. Thanks ketmar for all your hard work! Keep it up!
  9. Gunrock

    Doom 3 Teleporting Bloody Tunnel effect?

    Thanks Dexiaz. You know, oddly enough, a lot of ideas just popped in my head just now.
  10. Gunrock

    Doom 3 Teleporting Bloody Tunnel effect?

    GZDoom. I was thinking maybe silently teleporting the player into a fake dark room with some warping, scrolling, fast moving textures. Primitive compared to the effect of Doom 3, but similar.
  11. I know I'm asking a lot when it comes to pushing this engine to unreasonable levels. Just wondering is it possible to somewhat create a Doom 3 style bloody tunnel effect similar to the hell portion of Doom 3. Just not to the level of Doom 3 obviously, but something similar, maybe a warping effect during teleportation process? Doom 3 style teleporting effect.
  12. Not trying to rush you Ketmar...but any hints on a new build soon? ;)
  13. Thanks as always Aurelius and Gez. Gradient transparency isn't my strongest attributes when it comes to editing.
  14. I been struggling to combine these two images in order to make it one big picture to no end. When I combine it you can see the area in which its cut off. Also there is a blank red space on the upper picture that makes it even more odd to align properly.
  15. Gunrock

    Animated flag blowing in wind?

    Pretty good jello...i will use that too ;)