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  1. elden4

    Playstation DOOM Trilogy - Announcement Trailer

    i suggest you to add smooth doom by default in your mod ... it would be even great!
  2. elden4

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    many years ago , I was on Holiday far from my home and I made a dream about playing doom ... it was 1996 I think ... I still remember those "dream" levels , full of cacodemons ... then another time I dreamed about playing other levels... and then no more
  3. elden4

    Gzdoom launcher ?

    thanks , I will take a look to the doomlauncher , but it would be great if someone could post a link to a more recent version of the gzdoom launcher!
  4. elden4

    Gzdoom launcher ?

    dear fellows , as the title say I am looking for launcher focused only gzdoom .... I already have one that it is quite simple to use and have all the features I need but it has several bugs ... does anyone else use or know about an updated version of this launcher called gzdoom launcher 1.0 ? I found a link to the 1.1 version but it doesn't work. I tried the zdoom launcher but I prefer this one... thanks for who can help!
  5. elden4

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    so which is the latest download for this mod? the dlc in the first post?
  6. thanks a lot but it's only the music... what about this one ? PSXDOOMTC_V235.zip is this one that I am looking for, thanks!
  7. tried to search this "ZIPEDUPPSXTCMUS" on Google , but nothing... can someone reupload?thanks!
  8. I would like to run the psx doom total conversion + smooth doom + hd texture pack . I am thinking if i can get the same maps order like doom pc doom2 pc and final doom pc version . Actually the lost level run as a separate addon from the main psx levels order
  9. but does exist anyway to run psx doom and the lost levels plus the no rest for the living expansion with the smooth doom mod added in the proper order ? I mean as a proper order, the lost levels taking their pc positions inside doom ,doom 2 and final doom ... I think it would be great... and if the hd texture pack could be added too it will make the best doom around...
  10. may I ask you a link for the 2.135 version? because the last I can find around is the 2.134 , thanks a lot!
  11. elden4

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    sorry but I have to say that there missing textures running with doom2 , at least in the first level, running with tnt it works.... the same with convilution and running with tnt doesn't fix it, any more recent download links ? thanks
  12. well , great ! as I love that psx version too I can't wait to play with a well polished and refined version , so will you cut out the lost levels and the no rest for the living maps too?
  13. Why don't you add smooth doom monster animation and the high resolution texture pack? I think that it would be great combined with the psx doom atmosphear!