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  1. elden4

    You would like a Official Port for Quake?

    if they make a launcher like the last one they recently did for doom and doom2 I am fine
  2. This is great !! but what about loading multiple wads? for example usually I play with vsmooth + doompsx + psxsnd can be possible to load all 3 or should I merge everything in one big wad?? usually I play smoothed_zr.wad in doomretro... could it work here? i hope that in the future bethesda will add a sort of frontend to manage everything!
  3. As the title say as anyone idea if is it possible to load custom wads like the psx music ost or even one of the smooth animation wad files in the updated DooM/DooM 2 in Steam ? until now I just see that you can download wads like btsx or sigil from their add-on menu . As I read that you can use dehacked too I was thinking if anyone tried to load anything else thanks for you answers!
  4. will you add smooth animation for monsters and weapons?
  5. elden4

    DOOM Retro v3.6.1 (updated August 16, 2020)

    I tried again this new version but the music still stops and doesn't loop , there is something I can do via console? I added the hq version of psx ost while playing , anyone else have this issue?
  6. elden4

    DOOM Retro v3.6.1 (updated August 16, 2020)

    using this last doomretro version 3.5.6 with the psx ost .wad I want let you know that the music doesn't loop anymore ... is there something I can fix on console or it's just a bug? thanks for your answer!
  7. elden4

    What are you playing now?

    the master level plus collection and some maps made with obaddon
  8. elden4

    wads like uac ultra?

    I tried uac ultra and is simply Amazing!
  9. elden4

    Doom Episode - 1 Remaster

    super awesome!! make it compatible with smooth doom!! please!!
  10. I will try to load smooth doom and see what happen , i tried with smooth doom psx version but the result is not the best
  11. cool ! but may ask to make a version compatible with smooth doom? it would be really great!
  12. elden4

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    I am following this amazing mod and I would like to know if someone play it on doomretro , does it work? or it better to look for a different engine like gzdoom or zandronum?
  13. elden4

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    you mean this one ? My mutator is standalone, so you don't need brutal doom 64 files since they are all included. mutator link: https://sharemods.com/7jzjv19wit9g/bd64gamev2_ObAddon.pk3.html´╗┐ when you say it has been updated?
  14. elden4

    Dissolution: Remastered Edition

    superb !!can't wait for the release!
  15. elden4

    just some ideas ...

    I am saying " for a possible mod / texture pack in the hope that could inspire or interest some good modder / artist´╗┐ or even Bethesda" but can be different packs too.... can be only one pack with everything..... it is different for each person/modder tastes I think... so in short terms I would really like to be usefull but more than spreading ideas or suggest gameplays I can't do !