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  1. elden4

    just some ideas ...

    I am saying " for a possible mod / texture pack in the hope that could inspire or interest some good modder / artist´╗┐ or even Bethesda" but can be different packs too.... can be only one pack with everything..... it is different for each person/modder tastes I think... so in short terms I would really like to be usefull but more than spreading ideas or suggest gameplays I can't do !
  2. elden4

    just some ideas ...

    look , I mean something like this : https://www.moddb.com/mods/x24-sprite-pack-doom/images/demon-update#imagebox https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-hd-weapons-and-objects @Doomenator if you are the one who did the alternate hd texture pack on zandronum I really have to thank you , usually I use another pack but yours is really good so you are already doing what I am saying!
  3. elden4

    just some ideas ...

    well I don't want to compare doom to a modern game .... I am just talking about something like making a sort of "Street fighter 2 turbo hd remix" with doom ... and hd textures liquid textures are already available , maybe they can be redone in a different style ? recently I found a hd alternate texture pack , In my opinion is a masterpiece!! I just hope now that someone will work on the weapons and monsters. just think also at project warlock or ion fury graphics for example
  4. elden4

    just some ideas ...

    as i told "in my opinion " ... I should say "maybe it is the definitive mod people is waiting for ?" for sure people have different ideas ... - comic / black and white / new style - free interpretations , maybe the monsters , weapons and textures can be redone in a different style like "noir" or "dark" or "cartoon" there are lots of possibilities maybe who read this is inspired and will make the "ultimate mod ", maybe some others can just think that is something stupid ... I just share some of my ideas . I have lots of fun playing with the smooth animation mod - texture alternate hd mod and psx / n64 sound/music effects so for me it would be great to improve this kind of "gameplay" . I am very grateful to the one who did this mods so I just try to "spread" that kind of gameplay...
  5. elden4

    just some ideas ...

    You are right and in my free time i just do what I can... including sharing ideas in order to confront and receive feedback and critics from other people.
  6. elden4

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    thanks , we'll look asap!
  7. elden4

    just some ideas ...

    hello ! i would like to share some ideas for a possible mod / texture pack in the hope that could inspire or interest some good modder / artist or even Bethesda ( as they keep releasing Always the same ports over the years, if you think that the last new graphics for classic doom is the psx / n64 doom ... maybe it should be time that they consider to release something "fresh" for the classic doom). so being shortly I think a "mod" in this way : hi res smooth doom animation choice between : black and white style - classic style - new style option to select classic animation with less frames but in hd size double option for sound fx (classic /psx n64) option for soundtrack (classic - metal - psx/n64) hi res textures , choice between : comic / black and white style (hi res) - classic style (hi res) - new style (hi res) everything in a pack to use with doom , doom2 and final doom ...to use also with any other custom megawad / wad like the "the way id did " style. in my opinion this type of mod will be really the definitive doom "revamp" people is waiting for ... but it is just a dream. in short term just think about the Street fighter 2 turbo hd remix ... it could be even be done on a kickstarter , if they asked 5 dollar for another doom/doom2 buggy rerelease , why don't ask 3 $ for fundraise this project? so what do you think?
  8. elden4

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    Had a super quick look to your demo map , cool ! in case you have other addon for oblige contact me ! the more I have the better I can test or randomize maps ! thanks!
  9. elden4

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    Ok thanks a lot, downloading now and will play asap! can I make some maps and distribuite them with your modificator in some of my future release? it would be great to have different style of play sometime, let me know thanks!
  10. elden4

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    Thanks a lot , I run this page https://www.facebook.com/doomstrip and I'd like to you use obaddon to create a doom megawad , now I started testing to give just one map a month but in the future I 'd like to release a full episode , or just merging more maps created during time. I am in the community on the discord but unfortunatly I don't have much time to follow everything , however my name inside is elden4 too.
  11. elden4

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    I am going to download soon ! if you have any other configs or info about obaddon please share !
  12. elden4

    Obaddon info/feedback

    Someone use obaddon with oblige ? it would be interesting to share configurations, tips or maps Recently I made this map , https://www.mediafire.com/file/5gqrsix24d7zr6o/energy_processor.zip/file any feedback, tips or critics is much appreciated if someone have any other module similar to obaddon or oblige let me know , thanks!
  13. elden4

    Playstation DOOM Reloaded - Gameplay + Screenshots

    looks great ! but will I be able to use smooth doom ? it would be a perfect addition to gameplay!
  14. elden4

    tutorial to merge more wad in one megawad

    I think I should clarify with an example , I have e1m1.wad , e1m2.wad ecc. I want to connect them as consecutive level in one megawad so the result will be if you finish the first e1m1.wad after the usual intermission screen you move to e1m2.wad until e1m8 so I was thinking if there is a software to do this kind of "merge" easily... thanks!
  15. elden4

    "doomstrip" project progress

    At first you may ask what is "doomstrip" ? it is my personal reinterpretation of the DooM universe , I started months ago making this sort of short "comic strip/illustrations" on my personal doomstrip facebook page where I put "emphasys" on some moments from the various old games. taking inspirations from the same concepts that inspired the original games I re-invented a small universe where the "comic strip/ illustrations" are tied and connected in some way so in the future there will be a brief novel that will be added on the page . Thanks to the "obadon" addon I also found a fast way to build some "decent" quality wad in a fast way , so when ready I will add a megawad probably for the ultimate doom (as it has episode select) on the page with a list of suggested mods to add fun to the gameplay. As I am alone in doing everything it will be done some day but now every concepts and structure of the final "mod" is more clear so I have only to find time to produce what is missing. If some one is interested I ask you to make questions about it and to move critics to this project in order to see or understand something that I could miss.