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  1. ketmar

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    …you just described most of "known and established things" in life…
  2. oh. i feel that there is some misunderstanding there. try to think of it like this: "on the first map load, vavoom runs light.exe for it automatically". this is the only major difference — that hypotetical "light.exe" is automatically executed for you by the engine, you don't have to do it manually. that "light.exe" actually built into the engine, exactly like a BSP nodes builder, but it doesn't change the big picture. in GZDoom, for example, you don't need to build nodes for you maps: if there are no nodes, or no GL nodes, GZDoom will use its internal node builder at map loading. Vavoom does the same with lightmaps: it is using its internal lightmap builder (that "light.exe") to build lightmaps. so the only difference is WHEN the builder is called, not what it does, or how it is done. k8vavoom then may decide to cache lighting results, so next time it won't need to run "internal light.exe" again. so we have best of both worlds: you don't have to manually run Yet Another Tool, and for complex lighting the engine will save automatically calculated lightmaps. ahem… not that i fully understand the question. i mean, it is always was like this: you place the light entity in the map, the tool calculates lighting from it. so does Vavoom: it attaches dynamic lights to some decorations and things, and then "runs light.exe internally". and then k8vavoom keep updating (recalculating) lightmaps when either some lightsource was moved, or some lighted geometry was changed. again, by calling internal "light.exe" for it. i.e. nothing special, again. just put the usual dynamic light on your map, and the engine will do the rest.
  3. ketmar

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    DoomGuy travelling to another dimension, meeting Doom Slayer, becomes disgusted and lead demon army to wipe that dimension clean of any living soul.
  4. sorry all, i couldn't resist the temptation to add more features to "maintenance build". among them is promoting Gore Mod to built-in feature, so it is now possible to turn it on/off during gameplay, and without invalidating saves. it can really help with slaughterwads where a lot of infights happening, because gore mod spawns hundreds of new actors on each hit. so i decided to delay this build a little (if you haven't noticed yet ;-). the usual idea is to release it at the end of this week. i hope. at least in 2021. maybe. ;-)
  5. at least not until you put a $60 tag on it. because only AAA releases are allowed to be… well, released in such state. by the way, can i preorder it?
  6. thank you, i'll take a look! looks like driver or vram problems. the engine is actually quite demanding with everything turned on, and default settings are tweaked to get some "eye candy" (because most of the time people will simply start a new game, and may never know that we have some facny gfx effects ;-). i am mostly testing k8vavoom on NVidia GPU (quite old GT720, tho), so there may be problems with AMD and Intel (they are known for faulty OpenGL drivers). and shaders are only tested on NVidia too, so some shaders may work wrong (NVidia GLSL compiler is quite forgiving). not that i really can do anything with that, but thank you for the report anyway — it's always better to know about such problems. and your solution may help other people with similar problems, of course! ah, and thank you for trying k8vavoom! ;-)
  7. @Mr.Rocket thank you! the problem is that… the player is REALLY stuck in geometry. here, look at the top-right corner of the player box: it is slightly inside the alcove. that's one of the reasons why i don't want to implement automatic unstucking. thank you! i will add a hotfix for this.
  8. link to wad, please? as for other ports… vanilla BSP walker is slightly different, and ZDoom-based ports have some hacks to "unstuck" the player. i'm not going to implement unstucking code, but i may add map hotfix, as i already did for some other maps with similar problems.
  9. sadly, Boom conveyors are almost impossible to implement right in a freestep engine. at least i didn't found a way to do that, so voodoo scripting is more often broken than not. sometimes it works, but it's highly sensitive even to framerate (because converyors expects that friction will work exactly as in vanilla, and in Vavoom/k8vavoom it isn't). there are some other complications too, but the final effect is "it doesn't work reliable". alas. i'm really sorry, but if you want some scripting, the only reliable way is to use ACS. conveyors may be fixed someday, but i don't know when. i mean, i don't even know how yet. ;-)
  10. ketmar

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    now with shotguns? i will take two!
  11. ketmar

    SLADE 3 Issues

    are you creating a WAD or a PK3? if SLIDE doesn't map that back to backslash when writing WAD format, this is a bug in SLIDE. for PK3 it is ok to have "^", tho, sourceports will change it to backslash automatically. try to switch to PK3 format, if you can, it may help.
  12. watch out for Revenants. i cannot say anything definite, but i heard some rumors… p.s.: oh. what a great necroposter i am! but wait… does it mean… I AM THE REVENANTS?!
  13. hi! so, you finally decided to register here… ;-)
  14. ketmar

    New Source port: Introducing EDGE-Classic

    please, consider fixing this! this in unfair competition from your side!
  15. ketmar

    New Source port: Introducing EDGE-Classic

    can it finally use all my CPU cores?