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  1. It has been discussed quite a bit. People will usually say that it was too weak, or not challenging enough period. I think of it too "alien like", rather than demonic. But I do like it, and think it looks neat regardless. As a final boss, not so much, but I still like its usage in the game, and it is a fun fight.
  2. I mean even as far as coasting over. Quite frankly, I don't even like the thought of people like this existing. But that's just me.
  3. I'd like to see pornography taken off television, as I take no liking to it. If one wishes to look it up on the internet, that is his/her decision. But I cringe every time I come across "hot teens and milfs" on the channel guide, its simply disgusting society does condone to this stuff.
  4. It was moved here from the "Doom General" related forum.
  5. I believe the term for Christian Black Metal is "White Metal"
  6. Isn't that true for post hell, as well?
  7. Quite frankly, I think the word and usage of "meme" is more annoying.
  8. how do you make a negative post?
  9. Post count. Or admins change it based on their thoughts of you.
  10. A tower defense mod using that Master of Puppets wad. Basically, demons are placed in path around the exit, and the marine players have to march through with it, with limits on their speed, and it costs money to use certain demons or marine weapons. IE, cyberdemons would be loads of points, BFG marines aswell. Thoughts?
  11. Thats a pretty neat idea.
  12. Of course doomworld will continue on. Look how far its come now.
  13. Very well executed.
  14. I can't even say I've played through Doom 2 all the way 5 times. Maybe twice I've done it, but I have completed it. And I tend to now just skip around levels doing stuff in the 10-20 minutes of the day I play doom.
  15. I wouldnt, I can get any amount of maps free. Thinking about it, there are actually millions and millions of maps made... Wow