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  1. Spazman

    Let's Be Revealing

    Favourite Movie Genre: Comedy. Stuff like "The Naked Gun" / "Airplane" / "Spaceballs" (Or basically anything Mel Brooks in that case.) Favourite Food: Pizza. Of any type. Except the kind with olives on it. Fuck olives. odd-tasting little buggers. Favourite Holiday: Probably Halloween. Worst Memory: Let's not get into that one. Favourite Memory: The first time heading to a furry convention. [Yes. Another one of those here.] Incredibly fun / welcoming atmosphere. Age: 21 Favourite Outfit: Shorter-sleeve shirt and some sweatpants if I'm in the house playing games or something. Flannel button-up / bomber-jacker (or black leather coat) and jeans when going outside. Depends on the weather. Favourite Genre of Music: Heavy Metal. Most Hated Genre of Music: Rap. Country. Lefty or Righty: Righty. Worst Injury: Skateboarding and breaking my left wrist. Hurt like a MFer, and still pops every now and then for whatever reason. Favourite Hobby: I.. uh.. draw smut. Mostly for cash, and is my main income. Mechwarrior / Battletech (tabletop), Doom. Every now and then, I BS around on EVE Online. Your Definition of Success: Working a job you absolutely love and maintain a peaceful / livable lifestyle as a result, so you technically never have to 'work' a day in your life. In your opinion, are situations usually black or white: Not really. There's a lot of outcomes that can come of a situation. Likely differs from time to time, however.
  2. Spazman

    "Zion: The Nexus" Project

    Change to Map02 of Zion as of 5:37AM EST: -Fixed a place where the player couldn't pick up a medkit placed in a receptacle before gathering the Red Key. -Updating the top post to show off new versions of maps.
  3. Spazman

    "Zion: The Nexus" Project

    Thanks! I'm hoping to actually get more content made this time around! :)
  4. Spazman

    "Zion: The Nexus" Project

    Figured I might post some screenshots while I work on this. Not going for hyper-detail, mainly just regular Doom II-style mapping. There ARE some custom textures in here, but I can't for the life of me remember where they were picked up from. If help with sourcing could be given, it would be appreciated. Pictures: Map 01: Inception ---------------------------------- Map02: Water Treatment Facility
  5. Spazman

    "Zion: The Nexus" Project

    Hey, guys. Sorry to revive an old-as-hell thread, but I've been getting my creative drive back on to make fixations and further-complete this project. New Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/910qyhz12vmdeai/Zion.wad?dl=0 As far as updates go and all, I've completely removed / remodeled the old Map 2 from this version of Zion, seeing as how it was made of an assortments of tiny maps I'd thrown together over periods when I first tried to map for Doom. The replacement for Map 2 should play out a lot better, moreso resembling Doom II's "Underhalls" more than anything. As always, I'm taking criticism and suggestions on this thread as I go. Plans for a third map are already brewing, and I should begin on it later on tonight. Thanks in advance! :)
  6. Spazman

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    I'd go on a positive rant right now, if it were not for the fact I fear lawsuit.
  7. Spazman

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    My bad. Just try searching "Spazman". I should come up as a flaming head.
  8. Spazman

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    Been a long time since I'd posted in here, but I've received my Doom Alpha download and it's done on Steam. Add me on as Aggress1vePerfector if you'd want to try playing later on. I believe I'm on Doomworld's group as well. Should show up as "Spazman".
  9. Spazman

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    I guess skeleton avatars are the next DW fish avatars? Needsmoarskulls.
  10. Spazman

    "Zion: The Nexus" Project

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I've been trying to take some time off from my normal routine to fix what was wrong with the first map (and have accounted for -I believe- every problem) and have moved onto the second map, which is ALSO completable. However - needs testing. I've run through it a good few times and found no problems. Original link at the top updated, by the way! Quick Edit: Re-uploaded the main Zion.WAD file. Apparently while working in DoomBuilder, you can't build off of secret-tagged sectors without the editor thinking those areas are 'secret', too. Fixed! Quick Edit II: RE-Reuploaded the WAD somewhere else after fixing some game-breaking errors in Map02. WAD Download link updated with one that leads to a Dropbox upload.
  11. Spazman

    "Zion: The Nexus" Project

    Zion: The Nexus --------------------------------------------------------- It's a reunion with the spawn of the damned, back on their own stomping-ground... Rather than leaving forbidden-places be, the Union Aerospace Corporation -- now under new leadership -- sets their sights not on the destroyed moons of Mars, but the surface of the Red Planet itself. Rather than try to resurrect a teleportation experiment of old, a construct known as the "Zion" is placed on the planet's surface, designed to terra-form a large section of the dusty hellscape into a lush new paradise for mankind to set foot upon. Unfortunately, the ugly bastards of the netherworld have other plans for such a tool... --------------------------------------------------------- "Zion" is a project I've had in mind for a little bit now, set to revolve around the idea (to an extent) a theme of map-transformation and subtle alteration. The more you progress through the campaign, the more abstract and subverted things become. Going back through territory you once plowed right through could even become unrecognizable to a point.. Changes around (mostly) every corner. Screenshots: Map 01: "Inception" Map 02: "Treatment Facility" Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kapd6cs8nxjiawx/Zion.wad?dl=0 Contents: Map 01: "Inception" Map 02: "Treatment Facility" [No level-name graphic yet.] Map 06 [Old Map. Plan to scrap and redo.]: "Nexus" Some new textures / flats, and new level / intermission music. Recommended Engine: Though jumping isn't required, my engine-of-choice is Z/GZDoom. It SHOULD be compatible with anything that's good with Boom stuff. There ARE (some) custom textures, but those are contained inside the WAD. === Do let me know how it plays, if anything needs fixing or otherwise.
  12. Like the title says, I currently reside in a rented home with another relative of mine, whom I share bills / rent / other home payments with. Unfortunately, there are also blood-related relatives living in the same area, though they do little to pull their own weight (lightly putting it).

    The other two said relatives / occupants are on some form of disability [some sort of anger issue, I gather] , and currently rely on aforementioned relative (stepmother) of mine as their payee for said funds. However, this hasn't stopped the two of them from working before.

    As of right now;

    While I don't do it myself nor have a problem with such, they smoke pot on a daily basis, but it's at the point where a good majority of the house believes its gotten to the abusive level.

    I've learned from monitoring the ongoings in the house that there's indeed been -selling- of this going on within the home as well. Something me and the aforementioned stepmother have both tried to prevent. There are people coming in as late as 12AM - 3AM knocking on the basement windows to get their supply, basically.

    The time-span mentioned is ALSO when people think it's 'okay' to sneak alcohol into the house and have their own parties in the basement. Even on days where some younger siblings need to sleep for school.

    These two abuse myself, the stepmother, and the younger siblings in the house on a near-daily basis, mainly in the form of verbal abuse or otherwise messing with their heads. With one such occupant, this has gotten to the violent level. THIS, however, is frequent. Also results in a lot of broken items in the house.

    With that said, I can say that we have, indeed, tried to come up with several ways for them to otherwise get out on their own, however all of our efforts so far are turning up with zip.

    They refuse to find work. When pressured and DO find one, they can't hold it for longer than a month or two. This is usually by their own doing.

    They refuse to look into other places to live, and ignore any comments about cheaper properties being found nearby.

    They hold their disability check over my stepmother's head and claims she's using it for her own needs, however this is untrue as well. Their checks are being used to help them and the house, as well as going for food and home bills.

    If threatened with police being called, they tell my stepmother (their mother) that they'll plant weed in her bedroom, and tell the cops to investigate. THIS, or they claim they'll commit suicide. This, again, has happened on more than one occasion. (somehow.) Now.. They -were- on the lease for the previous year on this house, I'm not exactly sure if this accounts for anything. Some info would be GREATLY appreciated here.

    Right now, I'm completely clueless on where to go from here. The stepmother's too stubborn to actually CALL the police or anyone else worth calling / informing of the situation, so I'd figured that maybe a majority / crowd might be enough to help figure out where we need to go.

    EDIT: Pardon for the weird formatting. Not too used to making a text post on here.

    EDIT II: I really wish more of my posts could be about general forum / Doom-related stuff. But it seems like most of the decent advice I get comes from here.

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    2. Cupboard


      Sounds like you need some new roommates, ones that will pay rent and handle household responsibilities. Bring in a couple friends/random people from work and start showing them around the house while your deadbeats are at home. Start acting like you're actively looking for people to bring in new people to replace them as tenants.

      Also convince your mother-in-law to move somewhere else with you. Make it clear no other abusive family members can come with. If you said there are cheap properties around, I think you should consider taking with you everyone you care about and leave the undesirables behind.

    3. Coopersville


      Steal their dope and booze. Give it to me.

    4. Cupboard


      Also, since your deadbeats are in a position of powerlessness due to addiction and uselessness, they will threaten you and your mother-in-law if it suits them. Their lives are unmanageable so they will conjure up any excuse or threat to fuck with you, make you feel like you are the problem, or make it seem like you are in just as much trouble as they are if the police ever come sniffing at your door.
      source: I'm an addict

      I wouldn't recommend going to the police since I'm not in your shoes, but I can't recommend not going to the police either.

      Their whole thing about "planting drugs" as a way to backdoor-threaten your family is basically bullshit. If things ever get serious, pick a time of day when you, the kids, and the mother-in-law are not home and you know for a fact that the deadbeats are. From there you could make a phonecall to the police department and tell them exactly what they could find in your house and whom it belongs to, and basically give them permission to search the house and seize illegal materials without a search warrant.

      Before you ever go to the police, I would suggest going down to the local department and ask to speak to a couple cops and get their advice about how you proceed. You don't want this whole thing to build up to an emergency and you make the 911 call out of anger or lack of planning.

  13. Spazman

    Doom Tactics: Evil Unleashed (PC RPG)

    There you are!
  14. Spazman

    Doom Tactics: Evil Unleashed (PC RPG)

    Tried to finish this one before I fell asleep tonight. I'm hoping to get major areas of the game a few decent still-cutscenes, but trying not to use them too much. After all, gotta keep it Doom-y!