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  1. Community Chest 2 MAP29 in 2:38.97. Contains a glide which skips a decent amount of the map.
  2. Community Chest 2 MAP28 in 4:56.71. Long map, and a difficult one, even for nomo (relatively speaking).
  3. Community Chest 3 MAP10 in 5:16. This is more of a route demonstration for anyone else interested in making demos for this map. I can also record a nomo with 100% secrets if someone would like to see that.
  4. Community Chest (1) MAP25 in 1:16.97. Another tricky one.
  5. Community Chest (1) MAP24 in 0:52.77.
  6. Thanks! It was a bit of a challenge, but I love the map, so it wasn't very frustrating. Glad you liked it. :)
  7. Community Chest (1) MAP21 in 1:19.97. Includes a demo where I skipped a linedef that should've teleported me.
  8. Hey guys. My semester is done so I have a little more time. Decided to record a quick demo that I was a bit surprised hadn't been done by anyone (including me) before. Community Chest (1) MAP14 nomo in 0:11. More info included in textfile.
  9. Also here's the cchest2 MAP24 one since I can't attach more than one zip file per post.
  10. I've risen from the dead, still a sucky player but with a couple of demonstration runs in the nomo 100% secrets category. I have 1monster MAP19 in 4:15 and Cchest2 MAP24 in 2:37. Also I want to ask: should I refrain from posting any more 100% runs that are meant more for demonstration?
  11. Also in Fitzkrieg's demo, the SSG shot that finishes off the manc just barely does (it had 24 health at the last shot and the SSG did 25), which I think contributes to it being a little more rare.
  12. Very nice run! Are you going to try D2ALL nomo, or have you had enough of Scythe?
  13. I've done a few tyson demos recently. Mind you, not a lot of them are very good, but I like to keep up with tyson if I can because I'm a fan of the category, too.
  14. Impressive fun! Funny how MAP19 was the only bad time in your run and MAP19 was the only acceptable time (imo) in my run.
  15. Yah Looper it looks like someone else has joined you and 4shock in making great nomo runs. Competition increases. :P