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  1. Scythe 2 MAP21 nomo in 37.83. Fun map, difficult for me to get 37.
  2. Cchest 2 MAP19 nomo in 1:00.97. This is a demo I recorded 6 months ago but didn't release it then.
  3. AV MAP26 nomo in 1:34.83. Ok guys, I need your help. This demo features a useful trick for nomo where I'm able to close the weird waterfall doors that trap you in the BSK room before the BSK platform actually lowers. I was very confused the first time I saw it happen (which was in the 1:36.06 demo I included), but I knew it could save 2-3 seconds if I could replicate it. I watched other demos on DSDA for av26, but I didn't find any featuring this trick. If someone has already discovered this is possible, please let me know. I can't imagine I'm the first one to see it, maybe just to utilize it. I was wondering how exactly it works, since the linedefs that trigger the waterfall doors closing are extremely close (4 units away or less) to the BSK platform, so normally you can't trigger the doors that early. In the instances I got it, I was running along the southern vertex of the BSK platform, where the linedefs are max 4 units away from the platform. My best guess is that I'm barely grazing the southern vertex of the BSK platform without it actually detecting collision and causing me to slow down, and that allows the linedefs to be triggered somehow? Either way, like I said, I wasn't able to get it really consistently or anything, but it was definitely a cool trick to use. I also realize that it should be possible to do a faster but much harder trick altogether: 2 "squeeze"/guideless glides, one into BSK room, one out of BSK room. However, that involves an east glide *shudders*, and when I find even west guideless glides tricky.... no way I'm trying that in a demo.
  4. AV MAP08 nomo in 58.26. Thanks @GrumpyCat for letting me know about the trick. I know this is a low 58, but I just got burned out trying for 57.
  5. Alien Vendetta (2nd release) MAP08 nomo in 1:00.74.
  6. Awesome demo, @SAV88! :) Never thought it could go under 4.
  7. I downloaded Cchest from DSDA again, so I should have the up-to-date version. Hopefully whatever the problem was is solved. Would someone be kind enough to tell me if this desyncs? Cchest (1) MAP12 nomo in 4:23.
  8. Scythe 2 MAP27 nomo in 1:22.74. New route shaves some time; credits to FC19 for ideas.
  9. I guess I'm the only one here who actually likes The Chasm, lol. My least favorite Doom 2 map is The Pit.
  10. Not sure what "mandatory secret" you're referring to, but I agree that this is a bad map. Probably the only thing I actively dislike about tnt, an otherwise amazing WAD.
  11. This is quite subjective, but I really like the Tyson demos on maps that were obviously never meant to be played Tyson-style. Even though I've seen authors of such demos say in the text file: "There are some slow moments," I can still get joy out of watching those parts along with the more action-filled parts because of the amount of skill needed to pull off some difficult fights (or even strategic setups). I think the amount of work and creativity needed to come up with a good route/strategy for tackling the map, as well as needing luck to survive, makes it a rough journey for the speedrunner, and it's something to be congratulated for once the demo is made, for sure. Also, I think it's amazing when new tricks are discovered, and/or tricks are applied to maps where their use has gone unnoticed for a long time.
  12. Scythe (1) MAP08 nomo 100 in 22.69.
  13. Ah, good to know. Thanks, Grazza. It's still shocking to see how uneducated I was about speedrunning in early 2011.
  14. There is a really old demo of mine for Doom 2 MAP20, a TAS pacifist in 0:53 that I just discovered is not truly a pacifist (I telefrag a pain elemental in the demo). It could either be moved to UV-Speed, or perhaps a better alternative is to remove the atrocity that that demo is. Thanks!
  15. Scythe (1) MAP15 nomo 100 in 31.77.