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  1. Scythe (1) MAP08 nomo 100 in 22.69.
  2. Ah, good to know. Thanks, Grazza. It's still shocking to see how uneducated I was about speedrunning in early 2011.
  3. There is a really old demo of mine for Doom 2 MAP20, a TAS pacifist in 0:53 that I just discovered is not truly a pacifist (I telefrag a pain elemental in the demo). It could either be moved to UV-Speed, or perhaps a better alternative is to remove the atrocity that that demo is. Thanks!
  4. Scythe (1) MAP15 nomo 100 in 31.77.
  5. Couple of regular nomo runs for Scythe 2, improvements over old runs: MAP20 in 1:32.94 MAP22 in 54.94
  6. Scythe 2 MAP08 nomo 100 in 1:08.23.
  7. Pistol/fist/chainsaw can be cool if you're specifically trying to play a map Tyson style. My personal least favorite is the single barrel shotgun. Not always a bad weapon, but it seems to be one of the most likely to give you crap RNG with the damage it deals, at least in my experience. (Imps will sometimes take 2 shots, even up close, Demons 3, etc.) The double-barreled shotgun, on the flip side, is a lot more powerful and one of my favorites.
  8. Scythe 2 MAP18 nomo 100 in 34.89. I was able to shave a second off my previous time.
  9. Hey, not sure how new you are to this, so I apologize if some of the info I give here is too basic. Trust me when I say I'm not a great speedrunner by any means, so if anyone else comments with stuff that conflicts any of what I say, I'd advise to trust them. Recording a demo: I personally like to use the source port prboom-plus. A quick Google search will turn up what you need for pretty much any major downloadable source port. If you use prboom-plus to record a demo, first open your command prompt and prboom-plus folder, then click on the prboom-plus launcher icon (dying marine) and drag it into the command prompt. Hit space. Next, type: -iwad [one of the 4 IWADs].wad -skill [1-5, ranging from I'm Too Young to Die through Nighmare!] -warp [map number you want to play] -complevel [# (use -complevel 2 for Doom 2 based WADs like Alien Vendetta, -complevel 3 for Ultimate Doom based WADs, -complevel 4 for Final Doom based WADs, or -complevel 9 for WADs that use specific Boom-compatible features like SODfinal or Scythe 2)] -file [the PWAD name you want to play].wad (optional -fast if you want to play with fast monsters, -respawn for respawn monsters, -nomonsters for nomo demos) -record [demo name - standard conventions can be looked up for WADs, and it is customary to keep demo names short and sweet, usually 8 characters or less]. You don't have to use this specific order for entering all the commands, but it's the order I personally use. Example command lines for recording a demo: -iwad doom2.wad -skill 4 -warp 17 -complevel 9 -file scythe2.wad -respawn -record s217r The s2 stands for "Scythe 2," the "17" for MAP17, and the "r" for a UV-Respawn demo. After you record a demo you like, you can go to C:/Users/[you] and find s217r (or whatever you named your demo) and drag it to your desktop if you prefer. After the demo is recorded, the time is usually added to the end of the demo name. (For example, say you got a time of 5:42 on your UV-Respawn. You could then change the demo name to s217r542. And there you have it, a demo name that is 8 characters, short and sweet.) I also recommend watching your demo at least once before releasing it to make sure you didn't accidentally record over it or find that you only got 99% kills or something like that. Now that you have a completed demo, it's a good idea to write a text file (Notepad document) with some basic information about the WAD you played, map(s) you played, run category, time, complevel, etc. You can include comments about the run if you'd like. When you have both the demo and the text file ready, put them in a folder, zip it up, and submit wherever is appropriate on Doomworld. Andy Olivera (who maintains DSDA) should see it, and DSDA gets updated every Monday or so. If you didn't know any of that previously, I know that's a lot of information. If you have any clarification questions or want to know about other stuff, feel free to reply or PM me and I'll see if I can provide answers. :) Happy speedrunning!
  10. Here are some more nomo 100% secrets demos for Scythe 2 maps: MAP11 in 57.86 MAP14 in 1:23.97 MAP17 in 42.97 MAP20 in 1:45.97
  11. 2 demos for Scythe 2 MAP27: 1.) nomonsters in 1:28.83. 2.) nomo 100% secrets in 1:43.83.
  12. Scythe 2 MAP18 nomo 100% secrets in 35.66. I like this map quite a bit, too.
  13. Scythe 2 MAP19 nomo 100% secrets in 1:10.69. Nothing special, just wanted a nomo that showed off the entire map.
  14. Haha no worries! We posted our demos in different threads and it's happened to me before when I've had multiple demos for any of the Cchests in one week.
  15. One of my nomonsters demos in this week's update is for Community Chest 2 MAP28, but it got uploaded under the first Cchest instead. Thanks!