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  1. Wow! Your route is so unexpected.
  2. Map 19 UV-Max in 3:23 sc19-323.zip
  3. Map 16 UV-Max in 1:32 sc16-132.zip
  4. Nice tweaking from my route! Breaking barrels from the gray sea is especially a great idea. Map 18 UV-Max in 0:47 sc18-047.zip
  5. Map 18 UV-Max in 0:53 sc18-053.zip
  6. Finished! I didn't expect a slaughter-type map. I don't have enough experience of such maps, but it's very fun. I am glad that I managed to finish it without death.
  7. Wow! I will join in it.
  8. Map 23 UV-Max in 1:31 sc23-131.zip
  9. I checked all maps on skill levels on PrBoom+(-cl2), ZDoom, and GZDoom before final version release. There must be no fatal compatibility issue. Map 27 UV-Max in 4:51 jp27-451.zip
  10. I checked JPCP was updated. Now, map 07 is not broken in Zdoom-type ports. Japanese community project finally finished. I think that JPCP had some good opportunities. JPCP was selected at ZDeamon Thursday Night Survial and Doomworld Magawad Club. The wad quality was substantially improved for eveyone's feedback. Really thank you!
  11. Thank you for the report. It's MAPINFO error. I incleded MAPINFO for no jump and no crouch before uploading it. I just didn't know "map07special" command. Really sorry. I will update it soon, and I also will ask idgames maintainer why JPCP isn't in doom2/ports/megawad...
  12. >>>JPCP RC download<<< JPCP is updated. JPCP was much improved for many useful feedbacks on DWMC. Everyone, thank you. We will test the new version carefully on a few weeks, then the final version will be released. All maps were more or less improved. If you are interested in this version, check above a link. If you find any issue, please report it! By the way, death exit was added in map 20 from a propose on DWMC. The way of entering a secret exit in map 31 was changed. You have to pick up some weapons in secrets for going to map 32. You don't have to avoid weapons now.
  13. There will be perhaps no opportunity again to talk about the origin of JPCP map3, so I write about it now. 8 or 9 years ago, masayan sent me a wad which had 4 maps and invited me to a project. The project's title is "Armageddon". I would take part in the project and I thought some ideas for maps, but this project had been abandoned before I started to make a map. After that, we started another project but it has stagnated a long time. There are very few skilled mappers in Japan. As a result, it was a serious problem. I gave up making a megawad in Japan and stopped mapping, then I was enthusiastic in speedrunnning and making videos for youtube at the moment. About 5 years later, I had enough experience of mapping through some DW's community project and many Japanese doomers known me by my speedrunnning videos. I had not started any megawad project myself yet but I noticed I was a suitable person to gather Japanese Doomers. I started a project with low-threshold rule for inexperience mappers or beginners. I thought Japanese megawad would not have appeared again if I would do not the success of this project. I poured my effort to the project with such enthusiasm. Japanese community project is it. When masayan joined in JPCP, he proposed me that I can freely use maps in Armageddom, then I prepared them for spare maps. Map4 in Armageddom is especially my favorite, so I wanted to just release it. As a result, one map slot was only leftover. I inserted map4 with adding map2's elements to the slot instead of my 5th map. The map's title was "Armageddom" at first, but it seemed to be exaggerated for elary episode. This map's title is "The sign of Armageddom". Armageddom here (4 maps), if you are interested in it. Ammo blance is too tight. You must use a berserk punch, a chain saw, and monster-infighting very well. If you are not good at them, I recommend to select lower skill level.
  14. I see. Thanks!
  15. Well... how should I solve this problem?