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  1. Ultimate Doom E3M5 UV-Max in 2:58 e3m5-258.zip
  2. Ultimate Doom E1M9 UV-Max in 2:11 e1m9-211.zip
  3. tatsurd-cacocaco

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    That's really unfortunate, but I can't deny the laggy. It happens rarely but it annoyed me.
  4. tatsurd-cacocaco

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice MAXs, Looper. By the way, don’t you use vanilla exe for compet-N any more?
  5. Ultimate Doom E1M6 UV-Max in 3:05 e1m6-305.zip
  6. tatsurd-cacocaco

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    Wow! A polished run with an optimized route. It’s undoubtedly great one. Congratulations! Long before, I tried av29 with referring to your failed av29 in which your target had been below 4:50. As a result, I managed to get only under 5 min. Under 5 min itself was very hard target for me, so I didn’t think more improvements. I didn’t doubt doom legends, like you, could get below 5:30 or 5:20, but I had no idea at that time, though it does not change so much even now.
  7. tatsurd-cacocaco

    Notable 2018 demos.

    Really sorry, I came back this forum recently, so I am not familiar with remarkable achievement in 2018. In recent demos, AV Map27 NM-Speed in 3:56 by SAV88. It was not only finishing an undone nightmare but also doing it with a fast time. Also, Doom2 map15 true 100% secrets by Zero Master, though it was very famous one. It became a hot topic between Japanese doomers.
  8. Ultimate Doom E1M6 UV-Max in 3:12 e1m6-312.zip
  9. Ultimate Doom E1M5 UV-Max in 2:22 e1m5-222.zip
  10. Ultimate Doom Episode 1 UV-Fast Movie in 21:42 e1fa2142.zip
  11. tatsurd-cacocaco

    First-try Demo Contest #17 (September 2, 14:00 UTC)

    Finished! I didn't expect a slaughter-type map. I don't have enough experience of such maps, but it's very fun. I am glad that I managed to finish it without death.
  12. tatsurd-cacocaco

    First-try Demo Contest #17 (September 2, 14:00 UTC)

    Wow! I will join in it.
  13. tatsurd-cacocaco

    Japanese Community Project demos [-complevel 2]

    I checked all maps on skill levels on PrBoom+(-cl2), ZDoom, and GZDoom before final version release. There must be no fatal compatibility issue. Map 27 UV-Max in 4:51 jp27-451.zip
  14. tatsurd-cacocaco

    Japanese Community Project [Final Version released on idgames]

    I checked JPCP was updated. Now, map 07 is not broken in Zdoom-type ports. Japanese community project finally finished. I think that JPCP had some good opportunities. JPCP was selected at ZDeamon Thursday Night Survial and Doomworld Magawad Club. The wad quality was substantially improved for eveyone's feedback. Really thank you!
  15. tatsurd-cacocaco

    Japanese Community Project [Final Version released on idgames]

    Thank you for the report. It's MAPINFO error. I incleded MAPINFO for no jump and no crouch before uploading it. I just didn't know "map07special" command. Really sorry. I will update it soon, and I also will ask idgames maintainer why JPCP isn't in doom2/ports/megawad...