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  1. elmle

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 12 Tyson in 31:20 sl12t3120.zip
  2. elmle

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 06 Tyson in 44:27 sl06t4427.zip My practice run took less than 20 minutes to finish and somehow this took more than 40.
  3. elmle

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 05 Tyson in 29:15 sl05t2915.zip Made a grave error not killing the vile at the exit before lowering the last pillar, so much wasted time.
  4. elmle

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 03 Tyson in 24:00 sl03t2400.zip Messed up the blue key lock-in skip and still survived somehow...
  5. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    ILLUSORY.WAD Episode 3 UV-Speed in 7:47 il3-747.zip Beats my old run by over two minutes by using the secret exit on map 2 and ending up on map 7 after beating the secret level. Requires this patch I've posted before for map 7 to work: ILLUSFIX.zip
  6. elmle

    Failed demo attempts

    This is what happens when you try to tyson a map and you don't practice the final room. sunlust03tysonfail.zip It was a bad run overall that somehow made it further than I had gotten before. The most noteworthy thing is probably around 14:30 where I avoid the blue key lock in, someone might have done the trick before but I'm not sure.
  7. elmle

    ngmvmt2 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 14 UV-Max in 12:00 ng214-1200.zip
  8. elmle

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    How about some 100i-Speed? entryway-100i-09.zip First run I could get under 10 seconds, looks like a 9.74 on the prboom timer.
  9. elmle

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Here's what I believe to be the final version of Place of Torment: infernelm3.zip All the changes I can remember: Increased ammo near the start. Reduced ammo near the end. Added a couple enemies that spawn when you raise the bridge to the exit. Replaced a certain megasphere with a blue armor.
  10. elmle

    Coffee Break demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 11 UV-Max in 9:48 cb11-948.zip
  11. elmle

    ngmvmt2 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 13 UV-Speed in 1:40 UV-Max in 15:12 ng213-140.zip ng213-1512.zip
  12. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Alright, had to make sure. It was a rare scenario where you don't have access to the normal exit when you get the last secret. Anyway bcsmw speed/pacifist dump: Map 05 UV-Speed in 0:35 Map 06 UV-Speed in 1:34 Map 07 UV-Speed in 1:04 Map 10 UV-Speed in 1:18 Map 11 UV-Speed in 0:27 Map 14 UV-Speed in 2:01 Map 15s UV-Speed in 2:37 Map 18 UV-Speed in 1:40 Map 22 UV-Speed in 1:11 Map 23 UV-Speed in 0:52 Map 26 UV-Speed in 1:47 Map 27 UV-Speed in 2:50 speed.zip Map 01 Pacifist in 0:18 Map 02 Pacifist in 0:27 Map 03 Pacifist in 0:04 Map 04 Pacifist in 1:00 Map 08 Pacifist in 1:40 Map 09 Pacifist in 0:43 Map 12 Pacifist in 0:29 Map 13 Pacifist in 0:41 Map 15 Pacifist in 0:09 Map 16 Pacifist in 0:19 Map 17 Pacifist in 1:07 Map 19 Pacifist in 0:21 Map 20 Pacifist in 1:07 Map 21 Pacifist in 1:56 Map 24 Pacifist in 1:04 Map 25 Pacifist in 0:37 Map 28 Pacifist in 0:08 Map 29 Pacifist in 0:51 Map 31 Pacifist in 0:04 Map 32 Pacifist in 0:07 pacifist.zip No map 30 since its identical to UV-max and pacifist seems impossible, I only did UV-Speed on the ones I couldn't pacifist even though some pacifists would be faster to UV-Speed.
  13. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    You could probably pick any one of them and have an accurate representation of the quality involved. I suppose map 2, 22 and 25 stick out from memory a little more than the others. The maps are all nonsensical and look like they were made with a 1-unit grid size, most of the weapons are also multiplayer only. Allow me to give a brief description of the levels: The final batch of maxes. Map 01 UV-Max in 0:57 bcs01-57.zip Map 02 UV-Max in 2:26 bcs02-226.zip Map 03 UV-Max in 1:46 bcs03-146.zip Map 04 UV-Max in 1:54 bcs04-154.zip Map 05 UV-Max in 2:35 bcs05-235.zip Map 06 UV-Max in 3:30 bcs06-330.zip Map 12 UV-Max in 5:16 bcs12-516.zip Map 20 UV-Max in 2:54 bcs20-254.zip Went ahead and rerecorded map 25 because it looked like I was drunk in the demo, probably because I was kinda tired when I made some of these. Map 25 UV-Max in 3:54 bcs25-354.zip My map 15 max used the secret exit to finish the level and I'm not entirely sure if that is allowed, its the only way to exit with all the secrets though.
  14. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Another batch of big crappy shit. Map 07 UV-Max in 2:29 bcs07-229.zip Map 08 UV-Max in 2:38 bcs08-238.zip Map 09 UV-Max in 4:32 bcs09-432.zip Map 10 UV-Max in 2:01 bcs10-201.zip Map 11 UV-Max in 1:41 bcs11-141.zip Map 14 UV-Max in 3:05 bcs14-305.zip Map 15 UV-Max in 3:08 bcs15-308.zip Map 16 UV-Max in 1:54 bcs16-154.zip Map 17 UV-Max in 2:31 bcs17-231.zip Map 19 UV-Max in 1:23 bcs19-123.zip Map 21 UV-Max in 3:28 bcs21-328.zip I skipped map 12 and 20 for now, I'll have demos for them in the next batch. Map 13 is impossible to max. Maxing map 18 requires berserking a cyber which I'm not nearly practiced enough to do, if someone else wants to do it that would be great.
  15. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Important tablefilling huh. Big Crappy Shit Megawad Map 22 UV-Max in 2:49 bcs22-249.zip Map 23 UV-Max in 1:46 bcs23-146.zip Map 24 UV-Max in 6:29 bcs24-629.zip Map 25 UV-Max in 4:16 Skips a secret where you would need to lineskip a north teleport line. bcs25-416.zip Map 26 UV-Max in 2:59 bcs26-259.zip Map 27 UV-Max in 3:18 bcs27-318.zip Map 28 UV-Max in 1:24 bcs28-124.zip Map 29 UV-Max in 1:27 Plays back with bcsmw29.wad bcs29-127.zip Map 30 UV-Max in 0:22 bcs30-22.zip Map 31 UV-Max in 0:17 bcs31-17.zip Map 32 UV-Max in 2:45 Also tyson. bcs32-245.zip If a max is a tyson is it a tyson or a max? :thinking: