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  1. Beating all the classic dooms (1,2,PL,TNT) https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  2. I am now a dirty table filler. D2ALL UV-Speed in 1:04:55 Requires a patch wad for the icon of sin on the final level to actually be killable, gonna improve this and shave off like 10 minutes since i forgot the switch combination on map 30. Patch: helinhel30.zip Demos: helinhel_demos.zip Some of these are better than others: Map 13 UV-Max in 8:30 Map 14 UV-Max in 6:55 Map 15 UV-Max in 4:33 Map 18 UV-Max in 3:37 Map 19 UV-Max in 4:57 Map 25 UV-Max in 3:25 Map 28 UV-Max in 6:59 Map 29 UV-Max in 8:20 Map 30 UV-Max in 6:47 (also requires the patch) Map 18 UV-Speed in 0:11 Map 23 UV-Speed in 1:22 Map 23 is the one map that cannot be maxed, but a fix should not be necessary since the map can actually be completed(there are in fact two exits).
  3. Played through this wad and noticed the final level can't be completed, made a fix for it: helinhel30.zip
  4. Yes, its one of them silly meme difficulties I added a while back.
  5. Added HMP difficulty to my map, I checked if the demo would desync and it seems good. Around 500 monsters removed, some were replaced, didn't touch ammo or health though. Final room is a lot more chill on this one. madnessv4.zip
  6. Possibly wrapping up BTSX Episode 1 https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  7. The Mouth of Madness Midi: A remix of the Shinra Company theme from FF7 called Son of Chaos.
  8. Back to Saturn X https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  9. The Darkening D2ALL UV-Speed in 12:39 dkall-1239.zip Could still save a chunk of time throughout the maps so I think sub 12 is doable. If only map 1 wasn't so annoying...
  10. The Darkening D2ALL UV-Speed in 13:30 dkall-1330.zip I might push this one below 13 minutes.
  11. @Nine Inch Heels Thank you for the assistance, it sounds more in line with other midis now. Here is the fixed map: madnessv3.5.zip Don't think my demo will desync since the only difference is the midi.
  12. The main problem is when using the SDL midi player it can barely be heard as soon as there is any kind of action going on in the map. I suppose that could be solved by not using SDL but hey, give it another bass boost and we'll see.
  13. @Nine Inch Heels That midi is a little bit better volume wise, unless you have any other ideas I'd say it will work.
  14. Checking out The Darkening https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  15. @Nine Inch Heels Thanks for trying but I'm not sure anything actually changed in the version you posted, my experience with midis is very limited so feel free to mess with it.