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  1. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Zodiac dump - You're gonna need this patch for the demos to work properly: ZodiacFix2.zip Map 12 UV-Max in 8:54 - zd12-854.zip Map 23 UV-Max in 12:21 - zd23-1221.zip Map 24 UV-Max in 13:58 - zd24-1358.zip Map 25 UV-Max in 12:47 - zd25-1247.zip Map 26 UV-Max in 11:09 - zd26-1109.zip Map 27 UV-Max in 18:23 - zd27-1823.zip Map 29 UV-Max in 28:50 - zd29-2850.zip Map 31 UV-Max in 19:48 - zd31-1948.zip Map 23 plays back fine with just the original wad, the rest do need the fix. Most effort goes to map 31 clocking in at about 11 hours and four finished runs, I was only hoping to get like a 22 minute time but luckily ended up with a sub 20. Second most effort goes to map 27 or 29 with four plus hours each, both are a bit of a doozy.
  2. A slightly overdue update, it turns out I didn't actually fix map 26 so here is a new version: ZodiacFix2.zip Wad name was kept the same because the other version shouldn't be needed anymore. I don't see any reason why this would desync any demos since only map 26 was edited.
  3. elmle

    Doom Streams

    Grinding a particularly nasty map with some tunes (no mic) https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  4. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Zodiac UV-Maxes Map 04 in 4:00 zd04-400.zip Skips a secret because the sector is too small to trigger it. Map 10 in 18:40 zd10-1840.zip The length of this one comes down to having to punch like 200 pinkies with 6 health. Map 11 in 23:13 zd11-2313.zip Skips one pain elemental because I couldn't find a way to wake it up. Demos require the fixed version to play back: ZodiacFix.zip
  5. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Zodiac Map 30 UV-Max in 23:32 Plays back with my boom friendly patch wad (you need the original wad too): ZodiacFix.zip zd30-2332.zip
  6. I didn't include the already working maps in the fixed wad so you will need to load the original wad (from the dsda link) at the same time, unless that is what you did, in which case I have no idea why it did not work.
  7. Took me a bit longer than expected to get around to fixing it but here it is: ZodiacFix.zip As long as I didn't screw anything up or miss something somewhere this should sort out almost all of the issues listed above, the only thing I didn't do anything about is map 29. I only tested it briefly so far, do let me know if you encounter something broken. Full list of changes: Fixed monsters that were unable to teleport into the level on maps 4, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30 and 31. Made the red door possible to open on MAP10. Replaced the torch you were meant to walk over with a candle on MAP11. Made the switch to open the blue door possible to reach on MAP13. Removed a texture that caused prboom to crash on MAP20 and 26. Made it so the yellow key actually teleports on MAP25. Moved some burning barrels you were meant to walk on top of out of the way on MAP27. Pillars were supposed to rise out of the ground in a room on MAP28, they didn't, but now they do. Lowered the corners of the boxing ring to account for boom archvile jump height on MAP32. Fixed BOSSBACK, TITLEPIC and INTERPIC.
  8. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    ^ Map 09 UV-Max in 5:14 zd09-514.zip Tried to get sub 5 minutes for quite a while, I think the best attempt I had was 4:57 but I somehow didn't get the secret even though I got the megasphere. Map 17 UV-Max in 17:39 zd17-1739.zip Ooh boy, this one took me a minute to survive.
  9. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Zodiac Maxes Map 01 in 1:58 zd01-158.zip Map 02 in 3:30 zd02-330.zip Map 03 in 5:39 zd03-539.zip Map 05 in 7:08 zd05-708.zip Map 06 in 4:21 zd06-421.zip Map 07 in 4:36 zd07-436.zip Map 08 in 12:04 zd08-1204.zip 05 is a first exit because the map wasn't cooperating with me and 08 is a bit of a toughie, I put some notes for it in the txt.
  10. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Tackling some of the functional Zodiac levels Map 01 UV-Speed in 0:38 zd01-38.zip Map 17 UV-Speed in 0:25 zd17-25.zip Was pretty lucky with those glides.
  11. I put together a list of the issues I know of: MAP04: Five pinkies are stuck in their spawner. MAP10: A teleport line blocks the red door from being opened making the level unbeatable. MAP11: You press use on a torch to make it go into the floor so presumably you are meant to walk over it, which clearly isn't possible in boom. MAP12: Three mancubus are stuck in their spawner. MAP13: A door closes, the switch to open it is behind a tagged wall, there is no line that uses that tag, locking you inside. MAP15: Nine mancubus are stuck in a spawner without a teleport destination. MAP18: One mastermind is stuck in a spawner. MAP19: Five archviles and five barons are stacked ontop of eachother, they are also keeping three more barons from teleporting. Two mancubus are stacked in a spawner. Another baron and a pinky are stacked in a spawner. Eight cacodemons and four pain elementals are stuck in a spawner without a destination. MAP20: Texture related crash. MAP21: Sixteen shotgunners and sixteen imps are stuck in a spawner. MAP24: Two masterminds are stuck in their spawners. MAP25: There is a key on a scrolling floor that seems to be stuck in the wall so it never teleports. MAP26: Texture related crash. If you don't leave the starting room within 30 seconds you are stuck there. When opening a certain door you will be locked inside if you don't leave before it closes. Two masterminds are stuck in a spawner. A baron and a hell knight are stuck in a room with no way for them to get out. MAP27: Some burning barrels are blocking two switches, they are below floor height so it is likely you are meant to walk on them. Four arachnotrons are stuck in their spawners because the ceiling is too low. One cyberdemon is stuck because of sound blocking lines (it would teleport if it woke up). MAP28: There are some pillars that are meant to rise out of the ground, they don't. You get trapped in the area with no escape. It is however technically possible to beat the level by doing one or two archvile jumps or alternatively doing an unguided east glide. MAP29: Uhh, there's a lot. Its possible to beat it atleast (when playing continuously). This one might be problematic since you are not given any weapons besides chaingun and there is an area that pretty much requires BFG or rocket launcher. MAP30: Two archviles are stacked in their spawner. Another archvile and twenty shotgunners are stuck in their spawners. MAP31: One mastermind is stuck in its spawner. MAP32: You need to archvile jump on to some pillars repeatedly, problem is that they are too tall for boom, if they are lowered the map "can" be maxed. Six unbeatable levels and two technically beatable levels (28 and 29), the ones that crash are functional when the texture issue is sorted so they are not included. So, in order to beat map 28 you need to get up to the red key and then either kill three cyberdemons through a 32 unit gap and then glide through it, or get to the red switch room (where the pillars that fail to rise are) and possibly archvile jump twice. Would fixing the pillars be acceptable in this case? For map 29, there is a tiny area filled with a bunch of barons and hell knights and all you have is a chaingun. There is an invulnerability you can snag with the use of a stationary wall run trick, then you have 30 seconds to somehow get through a wall of hell knights/barons and then get through another wall of revenants and archviles and THEN get through a couple of hitscanners while being bombarded by cacodemons. Unless someone can find a way to get some kind of weaponry beating this could prove troublesome, as for maxing it, I'm not sure its even possible. This might sound like a lot of problems but even with all the brokenness I found this to be a lot of fun.
  12. So there is this wad called Zodiac: http://doomedsda.us/wad2544.html It was not designed with boom in mind, but it would not require many changes to make it boom friendly (only 3 out of 32 maps require zdoom to beat, I guess 5 if you count the texture errors). It crashes on the titlescreen because of some TITLEPIC error and map 20 and 26 crash because of some texture error. Several levels are completely unbeatable due to missing tags or infinitely tall actors or other problems, map 32 for example requires the zdoom archvile jump height to make any progress whatsoever. I quite like this wad, I think it is something special even though a lot of people would probably write it off as some weird broken zdoom slaughter wad. The questions that come to mind are: Fore demo purposes, should a boom friendly version be made? Should you do more than just make sure every level is beatable? Should things like broken monster spawners or stuck monsters be fixed so that levels can be "truly" maxed? I would like some input on this before proceeding.
  13. My mapping really fell apart near the end but I think I put in a good enough effort. I will continue working on this until I have 15-20 maps and then I will release it with the name "Beautiful Nightmares". Here is a compile of 12 boom maps in no particular order: bnight.zip It runs on TNT.WAD and -complevel 9. Maps 1-7 are fully functional although not completely balanced yet, map 8 is just a message that says "incomplete maps ahead" (making the total 13) and the rest are, well, incomplete. Good show lads, I'll be checking out your wads shortly, maybe I'll even do some demos on them!
  14. Made a short map for slot #2 If I were to finish all my current WIP maps i would have a total of 14, thats almost a megawad right?
  15. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Deadzone NM-Speed in 9:23 deadalln923.zip NM100S in 11:52 deadalls1152.zip 25% is the highest secret% you can get on map 5.