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  1. Trying this Rush d2all uv-speed thing again https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  2. Rush d2all, goin for sub 30. https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  3. Rush D2ALL https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  4. D2ALL UV Speed in 37:04 rushall-3704.zip Tons of mistakes and safe strats, forgot yellow key and went the wrong way on map12. Other than that its all right I guess. First exit.
  5. Rush map 12 round 2 https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  6. Rush Map 12 saveless https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  7. Playing some Rush saveless https://www.twitch.tv/elmle
  8. New version of my map: madnessv2.zip Added a skill 1 to it. Rocket packs are now individual rockets in the two side rooms. Removed one cyber teleporting in to the starting room. Moved the soulsphere near the rocket launcher. There is now a teleport in the final room leading back to the first part of the map.
  9. Doing the lords work @Ancalagon.
  10. It was supposed to be 32 maps, but I lost the mapping flow and called it done. Full version coming fall 2019. Pre-order now!
  11. Small update I meant to post a while back: Most of the maps have demos now, 14-17 and 32 are missing maxes/exits. Are you a bad enough dude to beat those maps?
  12. You can make a shortcut of prboom/glboom and in the shortcut properties at the end of the target line put something like this: -iwad doom2.wad -file themouthofmadness.wad -playdemo madness-death -skipsec 650 Just copy and paste that and it should skip to the revenant room bit. Or you can make a .bat file in the boom folder and do something similar(i think just put pr/glboom.exe before the other stuff?) but I tend to stick with shortcuts.
  13. The revenant room is pretty tough but it is doable, never stop moving. Very slow and careful demo where i died on the final fight: madness-death.zip Skip to around 10:50 for the revs.
  14. The Mouth Of Madness madnessv2.zip There are no gamebreaking issues with the level as far as I know, haven't quite managed to max it yet though but maybe someone else can pull it off. As of right now there is no custom music since I'm not really sure where to look for it. Please tell me if you find anything that seems broken :)
  15. ETERNITY.WAD All maps UV-Speed in 17:43 eterall-1743.zip NUKEMINE.WAD All maps UV-Speed in 6:29 nm-629.zip Evshrine.wad All maps UV-Speed in 4:39 evs-439.zip Some cybercontrol demos: cybercontrol_demos2.zip MAP01 UV-Speed in 0:19 MAP02 UV-Speed in 0:26 MAP05 UV-Speed in 0:18 MAP06 UV-Speed in 0:54 MAP07 UV-Speed in 1:43 (almost 40 sec slower than my nightmare time) MAP31 UV-Speed in 1:52 MAP01 UV-Max in 1:41 MAP02 UV-Max in 1:54 MAP03 UV-Max in 2:14 MAP04 UV-Max in 3:42 MAP05 UV-Max in 1:58 MAP06 UV-Max in 5:32 MAP07 UV-Max in 3:54 MAP08 UV-Max in 3:35 MAP09 UV-Max in 3:25 MAP10 UV-Max in 9:51 MAP11 UV-Max in 5:54 MAP12 UV-Max in 4:13 MAP13 UV-Max in 11:53 (misses one unkillable archvile) MAP31 UV-Max in 5:35 MAP06 NM-Speed in 0:54 MAP07 NM-Speed in 1:09 MAP01 Pacifist in 0:23 MAP02 Pacifist in 0:35 MAP05 Pacifist in 0:51 I think I got all of those right...