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  1. schwerpunk

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm getting a real Duke Nukem vibe (in a good way) from this one. Nice work!
  2. schwerpunk

    Your Top 5 Horror Movies

    5. The Babadook 4. It Follows 3. Last Days on Mars, The 2. ... 1. ... Could only think of three.
  3. First Gen by age alone. Played a lot more Quakes, Unreals, and Build engine games than Doom in my formative years. Though I did play the hell out of SNES Doom (rented that cart from Blockbuster like five times). I didn't really, truly get into Doom until my twenties, when I was sucked back in by the smooth visuals of the [url="http://dengine.net/"]Doomsday Engine[/url]. Through that, I began to dimly appreciate the excellent gameplay beneath the beautiful graphics. I continued to source-port hop over the years, playing on and off. Finally, it was Brutal Doom dragged me back for good. That's when I started exploring gameplay mods, custom maps, etc. I couldn't get enough Doom. I had no idea this community was so vibrant. My first attempts at mapping were all for ZDoom, and the reason I'm a programmer today is because I got the bug from ACS. But over the years, and mostly thanks to this community, I developed a taste for the "classic" Doom experience (Chocolate Doom is my fav port to this day), even though that wasn't my entryway (heh) to this game. Great idea for a thread, by the way - some good reads in here.
  4. schwerpunk

    The 13th Doctor is a woman.

    At the risk of sidetracking the conversation, I'll begrudgingly agree with you here. I would like to see more complex characters (across the gender spectrum) in mainstream media; however, when it comes to "minority" characters like women (51% minority, lol), writers seem to struggle between writing them straight up, with either no reference to this identity differentiater, or with many overt references to the impact of this one identifier on the narrative. When you're dealing with the "default" type of protagonist for your genre (male, straight, white (in that order)), no one really bats an eye. Introduce anything other than this, and it becomes un/intentionally political. It's kind of like discussing evolution with deniers around: There are plenty of nuanced topics and debates within the field, but if anyone takes issue with the core premise, then it turns into this dumb good/bad, true/false, black/white political bullshit binary discussion. --- Re the new doctor. I have no strong opinions yet. I haven't been happy with the intro of some of the other doctors in the past, but grew to like most of them. So I've learned to wait and see. More interested about the new staff in charge of creative direction than anything (as @fraggle pointed out above).
  5. schwerpunk

    What would have made Doom 3 perfect to you?

    In the game(play)'s defence, Doom 3 took place in unusually (for Doom) cramped quarters, so anything longer range would have made this weapon dominate at all ranges for most of the game. Which wouldn't necessarily have been a problem in my eyes, but it's pretty clear they had different "roles" in mind for each weapon. Shotgun in Doom 3 (sans expansion) is p much akin to SSG in Doom 2 - a melee range weapon that requires you to juke around while waiting for the reload.
  6. schwerpunk

    You MUST play this Quake map pack.

    Is that Ogre... fishing?
  7. Consider the source, haha. But honestly, I have never considered the SM easy, unless placed in an area that obviously undermines its strengths.
  8. Hear hear. Although I like the idea of "door made of HP" for certain situations. I'd split the baron into two more specialised mobs: 1) Magic baron, like you said. 2) Slothy blob. Just a big sack of HP with short range melee attack and super, super slow movement speed. Like a pinkie, but much less mobile. Maybe give it an AOE attack.
  9. schwerpunk

    What do you hate the most about mapping?

    Some great suggestions to get the juices flowing. Further to these, I would suggest a philosophical twist in your approach to mapping: Rather than creating a starting area first, or even at all, start by creating the ending area and mapping backwards from it. Or start by creating the most interesting area, the middle (or "hub"-like area), first, then mapping outward from it. Stop mapping when it starts getting boring! That's a good instinct to have. Too often I ignore this instinct and end up with a boring, sprawling map, that should've ended a long time ago. When to comes to starting areas, unless you've got something specific in mind, I'd say just don't make one. Instead, start the player off somewhere a little quieter (using the techniques described by @rdwpa). As long as the player isn't too far from a weapon, and your map is fairly interconnected, then your options are almost limitless!
  10. schwerpunk

    How did you guys learn how to map?

    It's funny you should mention that. I actually did include a small section on Doom tinkering on my CV, back when I was just starting out as a software dev. I think it helped quite a bit, as most interviewers were at least somewhat familiar with the material.
  11. schwerpunk

    What do you hate the most about mapping?

    Definitely this. Since I haven't owned a Windows PC for at least a year, my attempts at mapping haven't even been worth sharing. I had such a good workflow going with GZDB. Maybe I should just buy a Windows key and run it in a virtual machine.
  12. schwerpunk

    I finished my first Doom map

    Good variety of visuals.
  13. schwerpunk

    Doom editing & UX design

    Seems there are various categories for an archetypal Doom map emerging in this discussion. Two interesting categories as I see them: 1) Jump-in maps - rely on previous Doom experience, tropes mentioned above (teleporters, elevators, etc). 2) Experiential maps - maps that train the "user" in how to successfully interact with them. These would typically involve a novel or non-traditional element. Although they can also train users about traditional Doom mapping tropes. Example of 1) you spawn, and there's a shotgun and an imp. Shooting the imp triggers more monsters to pour in. Proceeding, your knowledge of Doom's weapon and monster mechanics helps you complete the level successfully. Example of 2) you spawn, and there's a wide dark pool in front of you. Crossing over it, you take some damage, but it's okay because there's a small health pack on the other side. Proceeding, you'll have to navigate the map, using health as a resource to pass over similar pools until you complete the level successfully. I admit there is some bleed-over between these two. I think the core difference is that the former expects you to intuit certain rules, whereas the latter will attempt to "train" you via an example of new rules, before presenting them to you in a dangerous situation.
  14. schwerpunk

    How do you aim at Icon of Sin?

  15. schwerpunk

    Favourite automap colour

    I like the classic look, but I'm not a huge fan of bright yellow for sectors what hang down.