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  1. Counterpoint: fucking look at it It's a pile of half-preheated leftovers from Gears 1 development superglued together in a weekend to fulfil contractual obligations with a dying publisher.
  2. A rare mercy in that the new, more fortunate generation will be spared the horror and anguish of accidentally playing Unreal Tournament 3.
  3. Kinsie

    Did Marathon use similar BSP tech to DOOM?

    I remember hearing that they removed the limit on active monsters, then reimplemented it at some point for some stupid reason or other, breaking numerous mods. But then, what do you expect from a port that's just that religiously opposed to in-game menus?
  4. Kinsie

    What is your favorite rapper/Hip Hop artist

    Aes. Aes Aes Aes.
  5. Kinsie

    Fun fact about Doom's age

    They won't let me have the fun buttons so I have to use the passive-aggressive ones instead.
  6. Kinsie

    Fun fact about Doom's age

    Thread Starting Guide
  7. Kinsie

    Doom ESRGAN AI-upscale models

    It also looks a lot better on account of combining multiple different models and cleaning up the results manually, as opposed to... this. For comparison, the hidfan version and the original texture: This isn't the kind of thing you can just set-and-forget a batch job for, no matter whether it's pixel upscalers, photoshop filters, AI models or whatever buzzword pops up next. Trust me, I've tried. Actual cleanup and post-processing has to be done manually to get a usable result that doesn't remove more than it adds.
  8. Processor architecture is not the thing keeping those games in the past.
  9. Pretty sure most real-world legacy software for this sort of thing has either been ported to modern solutions like cloud hosting, stuffed inside some future-proof shell like a VM or emulator, or is so incredibly legacy that it's using uncommented COBALT from the 1970s where it's literally cheaper and safer to hurl a swarm of retirees at keeping it alive than to rewrite it to modern standards. Windows already handles all the 32-bit app compatibility in such a way that this change wouldn't effect it. Intel isn't completely stupid! Just merely decently stupid.
  10. Kinsie

    Microsoft Showcase leaked? Quake Reboot?

    Also: The Cyberpunk 2077 DLC has a publicly-revealed name: Phantom Liberty. The whole list being a blend of public names and rumored codenames, coupled with one game's developer being outright listed as "TBA", just torpedoes this whole thing from three different angles.
  11. Kinsie

    Microsoft Showcase leaked? Quake Reboot?

    I can definitely confirm that this is 100% real based on my past experience with my uncle who works at Nintendo and his incredible track record of taking photos of computer monitors at oblique angles giving me the scoops ASAP:
  12. Kinsie

    Is this subforum new?

    Tag system is great, and extending it to the mainline WAD Releases & Development subforum with additional tags for different source ports, map genres (community project, slaughter etc.) only makes sense.
  13. The Wolf3D sprites were all done by hand, which is precisely why clay and latex models were created for the Doom games - it was such a pain in the ass to do that they needed all the shortcuts they could get! Duke3D's monster and player sprites were 3D models rendered in some primitive, NURBS-based modelling software that I forget the name of. Many textures were photo-sourced. Some of the weapon sprites were based on photos (the shotgun was a real shotgun bought second-hand from a gun fair and heavily drawn over), and a lot of the incidental props were simply drawn by hand in Deluxe Paint.
  14. We experimented in this in GZDoom with Reelism 2, but it’s a pretty massive hack that doesn’t quite work right (the lists are only loaded once, IIRC, so the unlock may not appear until the engine restarts under certain circumstances), that we’ve since replaced for the next version with an even bigger, scarier hack.