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  1. Kinsie

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    Widescreen version of the title/intermission pic I did for Assault on Nukeway Enterprises by InTraining
  2. A big improvement from your first release. Still a little unrefined but you've got a good eye for fun encounters and set-pieces within the vanilla 90s-style feature set, and I'm looking forward to seeing future projects as your skills and ambitions grow further!
  3. Kinsie

    can hideous destructor be played on lzdoom

    If you're using LZDoom due to a weak GPU, it might be worth trying the OpenGL ES renderer in recent versions of GZDoom.
  4. There are about as many histories of DNF's development as there were people who worked on it, so if this manages to reach public hands without getting crash-tackled by a dozen lawyer/linebackers from Embracer and/or Epic, than it'll be great to witness an actual objective, factual piece of the game's development instead of another ten years of Rashomon-ass he-said/he-said nonsense. And if it doesn't? Well, at least these new screenshots and clips provide a bit of fresh insight, and I'd love to see someone take some cues from them and build something new from their inspiration.
  5. Kinsie

    What happen to the Doom project Brutal strife

    It hasn't been updated since then and the creator has since moved onto other projects, so I think it's a fairly safe assumption that it's no longer in development. Maybe someone else is working on their own Strife mod in a similar vein? I haven't heard of any, but I'm not exactly the Eye of Sauron - a surprising amount escapes my gaze nowadays...
  6. Kinsie

    Comparison of Source Port Compatibility

    Are you sure? I could have swore there were a few things that were changed to be calculated automatically instead of using COLORMAP even in the Carmack renderer. The custom invuln colour scheme in NUTS.WAD doesn't seem to work, but admittedly I don't know/have any other test cases on hand.
  7. Kinsie

    Comparison of Source Port Compatibility

    Regardless of whether this is a compatibility list of "Vanilla Features" or "Weird Techy Esoterica" (both are equally valuable for different reasons), it might be worth putting this on a wiki userpage or a Google Doc for a more collaborative process than just shouting corrections at a PNG screenshot.
  8. Kinsie

    Any Plans to turning ZDaemon GPL?

    I'm politely asking you to consider this impossible and to just use Odamex instead. There are a lot of reasons that ZDaemon will never open their doors, and few of them are technical.
  9. Kinsie

    Memento Mori Resurrected CP.

    I mean, if you want a cool latin name, you could probably go worse than Dulce et Decorum Morte. You could probably go better, too, but I don't get many chances to loosely reference Wilfred Owen on a videogame forum.
  10. Kinsie

    Memento Mori Resurrected CP.

    I appreciate the enthusiasm, truly, but I feel like a community project by a first-time organizer with a contributor base of newcomers attempting to adopt the legacy and emotional baggage associated with two of the most-loved megawads ever made is a bit of a recipe for disaster. Take inspiration from the two MMs, definitely, but I'd recommend finding your project's own identity and carving out your own path.
  11. Kinsie

    Make your own difficulty!

    oh okay
  12. Kinsie

    Heretic Heroes[Doom,Heretic,LZD/GZD]

    It doesn't even take that much extra time to type "Oh, my bad dogg, I'll add credit now. Sorry about that!" into a forum reply first. The Doom mod scene is generally pretty forgiving of honest mistakes, and we're typically not Elder Scrolls Community levels of weird about permissions and such. This defense is just kind of bizarre. Outside of the few standalone GZDoom games, every mod is a just-for-fun hobby project. We're not all living off of Patreons or whatever, every amazing mod you see was poked out in the free time between assignments, shifts, families and probably prison sentences. It's all for fun, and you can bet we all at least try and cite our sources. It's not just polite, it's common sense! You use these words, but I do not think you know what they mean.
  13. Kinsie

    Void Bastards

    Void Bastards is enjoyable to start off with and I love the comic book aesthetic, but it attempts to stretch out a limited amount of content for much longer than it can realistically last.