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  1. doom is totally outside of my head right now sorry

    here's a video i made

  2. yakfak

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    making the health potion sprite orange and dehacking the message to You got Irn Bru
  3. I've provided a new music pack and a resource pack here: http://aanaaanaaanaaana.net/drop/zek_proj.zip There's eleven new tunes - let's make maps to go with them! (check this thread for descriptions of them) the resource pack contains many new amateur textures and flats along with new props and DEHACKED work to alter certain miscellanious behaviours. There's a text file inside which should be helpful! backstory: Doomguy gets trapped on a world where it's permenantly autumn. A civilization has risen and fallen in secret and he's the first to explore it for centuries. no techbases. let's brainstorm the specifics! rules and map styles: let's brainstorm the format we're gonna use but let's just say I don't wanna make something that excludes prboom+ and eternity users As a player and curator I wanna see maps that are experimental and atmospheric! there's an eleven map limit so don't be afraid to make some bizarro masterpiece - I want your strangest ideas to shine through. if you have off-kilter opinions about how the game should play or how maps should be drawn then I want this to be your blueprint. If you like to make medium maps where you super shotgun your way through about a hundred and thirty acceptably-placed enemies (grounds for automatic refusal!) then team up with someone who might have ideas that clash with yours and see what results. I'm not gonna put up a table that says which map slots have been taken because it ain't that sort of project. Simply choose a tune you like out of the pack and let the music's influence combine with the radical Doom ideas you've been storing up. thank you! MAPS WE HAVE: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99910-zekhmet-community-project-lets-map/?do=findComment&comment=1862827 Prickled! by Dobu (uses map04 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1869954 The world behind your chair by Benjo (uses map06 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1883435 Palace of darkness by darkmaster (uses map05 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1883770 Elefunky velvet groove by riderr3 (uses map07 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1888039 Perplexed! by Dobu (uses map01 tune? or also the 07 tune? giggle)
  4. yakfak

    Harlan Ellison Dead at 84

    :3 there's more to him than I Have No Mouth hee a prolific editor, curator and compiler and someone who wrote many brilliant short stories himself deathbird stories should be on yr shelf tbh
  5. yakfak

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    ok. you've convinced me here it's finished doom.zip
  6. complevel 9 can't remember if I released these or what music: map 01: polyba by zan-zan-zawa-veia map 02: oro vs q by aanaaanaaanaaana.net completion screen: a tune from the lands of lore soundtrack by frank klepacki xtra credits: timeofdeath's sarcastic night sky .bmp he drew probably ten years ago a few furries download i'm at that stage where i wanna either stop doing doom stuff or get rid of everything half-finished and think up a proper project
  7. yakfak

    doggy.wad - two quick zzzv maps

    hey man, thanks for playing these :)) sorry map 23 is so idiosyncratic and awkward it seems like yr using a few small mods, what are they?
  8. yeah the strong has won and now the world is total shit good job let's admire the megacorps as they assemble themselves on top of what used to be your house
  9. yakfak

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    ToD's one yeah even for a project with a professed total lack of curation it has a total lack of curation
  10. yakfak

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    added Dobu's second great map to the first post & urge everyone to play it and get delightfully discombobulated that's five maps ready catpho: im sure everyone'd love some early playtesting :)) plus I will write your name on teh credits page For Exposure tm giggle maybe I should edit the title to show the dubious outside world that the project is progressing and getting maps and stuff? also this year's Megaproject seems to be floating somewhere between "low effort" and "troll" status so I might move my map from there to here and do some big wallpapering/snail placement
  11. yakfak

    Post Apocalyptic Currencies

    unopened boosters of mtg: fallen empires
  12. yakfak

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    it took me months to make spidersilk hee i am a really slow mapper the idea of me making two maps for this project is not really all that likely :))))
  13. yakfak

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    i don't use many chaingunners because they drop ammo and i hate that stuff
  14. yakfak

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    this is incredible hee it's making me giggle i didn't think to start an FDA or anything which is a good thing cos what I mostly did was fall off the island very happy that ernie the urn gets to be such a charming NPC actually I'm amazed by the scripting... is this robust? can you break it by pressing some of the buttons twice in a row really quickly? thanks for this amazing piece of art
  15. my main promise to myself regarding modern games is that I'll only bother with games about killing people if they're by From Software otherwise it's just puzzle games and adventures for me talk about an oversaturated theme
  16. yakfak

    What are you listening to?

    too kind :)))
  17. giggle if they'd made the combat engine's dice rolls in morrowind visible they'dve saved themselves a lot of trouble the fact that you can swing the weapon at different rates tricks you into thinking it should act like real time combat but it's really just an abstraction of what's happening behind the scenes. i mean this has been the case since skyrim -3: Arena but you could say Morrowind felt modern enough that some players would expect something other than a rpg dice roll comparison battle system still, tough luck. i guess i played enough dungeon master-style games that I don't get mad when I click attack and nothing registers in particular. i don't like Skyrim's combat because it feels like a sort of naff action game where you can exploit everything, gets your opponents wedged places or make your opponents fight yr semi-invincible cohort or whatever. i'd rather it was crap but honest rpg combat giggle
  18. yakfak

    What are you listening to?

  19. "troddlers" for the amiga, a seriously good puzzle game
  20. https://www.patreon.com/posts/aanq-torture-19270654 has a nice beat im always writing music really but its not all in teh same vein
  21. yakfak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    just found that teleporter on map 11 which lowers at some point during the piece of progression where you grab the red key lol i think there's like a continuum of observativeness when it comes to stuff you really know well like the first time you play it you see nothing but the main path then you revisit it and notice secrets and quirks and then there's a cut off point where your routine for beating the map hardens so you might never discover the teleporter on map 11 which lowers at some point during the piece of progression where you grab the key
  22. yakfak

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    happy june everybody i've been reiterating that the music included can be used more than once, just as long as at least one map uses each tune! but i can sort this out easily enough by setting rider's level to use track seven and dark master's to use track five :3 lemme know if that sucks
  23. I feel like I've spent so much time thinking about card game design that I'm meta-qualified to say that Hearthstone is not a good game yet squillions of people play it and appear perfectly happy to do so, so what the heck do I know lol
  24. I like Gotcha best! it's artistic yet spare, non-linear, illogical and not afraid to dump you into damaging slime other faves are The Pit, Circle of Death, The Factory, The Chasm, Living End and Monster Condo you could say that these are the maps that unfold in the most interesting and treacherous ways I don't really think there's a good, meaty guns & corridors map in doom2.wad, it's all about the gimmicks