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Everything posted by yakfak

  1. no more money to big games companies from me, thanks check itch.io
  2. dryadrl_002.png.966a1aa42667252bfc461a18d0100764.png


    bout to make the crappest & furriest roguelike ever attempted

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    2. yakfak


      if i get this to a functional point i'll post on itch.io and mention it here
      im still questioning what system im gonna use for it though
      this screenshot comes from a python terminal simulator thing that aint particularly fast
      noticing that i could do it faster with 16x16 pixel tiles in pygame simply cos i know how to use it better

    3. Albertoni


      If you want terminal-based and portable, yeah, that's a big mess and you will need to drop to C to get anything remotely good


      going with tiles could be a much better choice

    4. yakfak


      C scares the hell out of me, lol, I could destroy a computer so quickly with my inaccurate code
      if only I'd have learned it when I was young
      i like drawing tiles anyway <3

  3. yakfak

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    kinda wanna do some solo packs for some of these wads. i like when community level sets get community midi packs, and love hearing new stuff, but things that are largely by one author should get music that's largely by one author. just imo
  4. yakfak

    Favorite album of 2021?

    kayo dot "moss grew on the swords and plowshares alike" doom-death gothy metal from a really great composer. also listened to little simz "point and kill" like a thousand times but havent really taken in the full album at all
  5. i dont take down the xmas decorations 'til the new year becomes browseable on rateyourmusic

  6. yakfak

    New Years Doom Resolutions

    i was gonna finish a retrospective of maps and tunes I'd made ie https://greyknurl.neocities.org/selfdoc2.html stalled out years back though tbh the community is so far beyond me at mapping and I'm busy with soundtracks for other things that making another concrete thing is unlikely to happen, and my doom skills just get worse
  7. maybe a two-week period where you can submit maps you made a while ago, and the curator throws the 20 they like best in a zip file? giggle I don't think the Master Levels REALLY were an attempt to craft a bunch of killer levels, that's just the name on the tin. their authors were early influential doomers but without style guides. I bet people'd find it hard to come up with stuff that free-spirited and weird now
  8. nice idea! plus Firebloop on ya Frinch made me cackle, probably now going to happen
  9. yakfak

    Preferred WAD difficulty style?

    I like joyfully easy maps or insanely negative stuff with the chainsaw. hard linear maps turn me off, like... there's no way through this level besides entering the obvious arena where yr gonna have to strafe and think and be accurate and timely with your weapon switches, then I'm out, I play Doom as a casual game and don't want it to stress me out
  10. cant keep up with modern tech to the point where i can play modern games, guess im retro by default. and I suppose I never ever shut up about ultima underworld n stuff lol. i know how to mod ff7, the most recent game I've played that I think at all stands up to any classics is Celeste etc
  11. discovered legend of grimrock's dungeon editor
    imagine fiddling with linedefs and sector heights when you can just put down a bunch of squares

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      I used to put squares down in rott...

  12. yakfak

    How secret should secret exits be?

    i like secret levels hidden well enough that you probably don't find them the first time you play the method you hide them by is totally up to you, nothing's too obscure or too straightforward, puzzle locks are cool, having to race to a position before the exit closes is cool, having to 100% the map is cool etc
  13. im literally disavowing all visual art sorry just refuse to share glance space with crypto dudes, catch me listening to music with my eyes closed
  14. top music of 2021 is doom midis innit

    also Kayo Dot "Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike"

    and Squid "Bright Green Field"

    and a bunch of forward thinking death metal and also frankly Little Simz, I know gnext to nothing about hip hop but Point & Kill's the song of the year somehow

  15. yakfak

    How do you personally play doom?

    anything but GZ & skip to next level when I die. not against saving but I usually forget i don't like the feeling of having fully learned a mapset, would rather dip in and out
  16. yakfak

    The 2021 Cacowards

    great write-ups & lots of picks I have to catch up on <3 thanks to Demon of the Well for the nod and rd for organizing that 21 extras section!
  17. yakfak

    What would be the perfect MegaWAD for you?

    sunlust 7, 23 neis e2m2, e3m7 epic2 28, 21 alt 22, 23 eternall 26 and... 11? that'd be a funny/ridiculous episode 1 anyway dunno, a lot of the maps I'd wanna include in a compendium megawad wouldn't be from other megawads and i find them harder to remember than solo maps single maps can be way more interesting than ones from packs, a lot of my fave sets end before map16 etc
  18. imo the graphics in the fatalities are just too gory to be looked at at any age
  19. yakfak

    Doom Burnout?

    tbh i just play my fave old stuff and whatever Ribbiks wads appear these days when I open the map editor I make stuff vanishingly related to what people like about the game, feel fairly firm in my convictions of never wanting to look at a midi sequencer again as well lol feel like a fraud cos i was always hoping something like the wadazine would appear and now it's around i have no energy for the game
  20. cant wait to uninstall discord

    1. yakfak


      top 3 backward steps in internet history

    2. Nirvana


      NFTs are truly embarrassing.

  21. yakfak

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    tentative speedmap after ages away from doom ignoring messages im meant to be replying to all the while lol when i try to play it it looks like this =P i used the same monster composition from TNT map 01 but got bored and added arch viles <3
  22. yakfak

    Your doom head-canons?

    doomguy threw a world record shotput throw without really knowing the technique but they kept him off the olympic squad cos he would say stuff about how rich people don't deserve to live in front of the IOC
  23. yakfak

    Tips for New Doomers

    - don't listen to albums which are named after their numerical position in the band's discography
  24. yay! died repeatedly at the pyrotechnic gothic hell knight rave :)))))))))))))))))))