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  1. einstuerzende neubauten - redukt ^ really strong lament that builds up and up magma - de futura ^ progressive groove that goes on forever talking heads - once in a lifetime ^ world's best pop song henry cow - living in the heart of the beast ^ creative and progressive epic that blasts capitalism apart radiohead - like spinning plates ^ reversed wurbling sounds and hopelessness the tune meshuggah - catch 33 (does this count giggle) ^ very slowly building prog-thrash yellathon parliament - sir nose d'voidoffunk ^ dark abstract and playful funk by teh masters kayo dot - on limpid form ^ err, drone jazz? melvins - with teeth ^ teh prettiest little sludge tune this heat - cenotaph ^ fierce indie rock template no-one ever really used right afterwards bjork - unison ^ gorgeous little sanctuary of slow pop music king crimson - fracture ^ prog instrumental full of vicious chords and incidentals carter usm - the only living boy in new cross ^ the world's other best pop song solange - don't touch my hair ^ best tune I heard upon doing an immense dive into the major releases of 2016
  2. it's just people piling on maps from '94/'95 and making the site depressing to look at. Who gives a shit if a first-timer's WadEd-constructed chain of METAL1-wallpapered boxes had too much ammo in them? get some perspective you tedious bastards what if in that space was instead a diary of recent releases
  3. yakfak

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    what time period are you going for hee i could see WOOD12 as a naff wooden carriage texture or DOORSTOP as a corrugated iron replacement
  4. yakfak

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    song for map 09 "non-responses" - weird ambient crinkly thing song for map 07 "loan lizards" - short bit of proggy metal if you have created more than six maps/things for yr month's project then take heart that you are further ahead than me lol more zzzv midis.zip
  5. yakfak

    Best Single Map WADs

    adding The Warlock's Hearth and Altitude you should also check all the single maps that got Cacowards giggle giggle
  6. yakfak

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    ^ last three levels of vanguard.wad
  7. yakfak

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    I love slaughter levels cos you get to see a totally different skill set in action in the demos people record for them. i'm terrible at them myself but the levels are often beautiful and mysterious and often closer to my doom-y aesthetic than traditional maps are. i don't bother tackling them with saves or anything either, I feel like the bestest way to play them is to save sparingly and not in the middle of an encounter
  8. yakfak

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    NNMM_10.zip "glow in the dark" NNMM_27.zip "toby young is a piece of shit" i'm so behind lol. sorry everyone these MIDIs are fairly quiet so I will release a pack of amplified versions after November's done
  9. (i like anything that's got unclear direction, deeply suspicious balance and is covered from tip to toe in the stockest of original textures or, if new textures are included, they clash like hell with the old ones) you can create new ideas in old archetypes or you can joyously create nostalgia Knee-deep in the Dead maps and that's cool by me check this level https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/npowh
  10. i often think about, uh... what's the most modern console that doesn't have an OS you need to log in to... PS2? going back to that shit, no updates, no access to money, no forced online content, just booting up a game offline and having full access to everything sweep all this stuff off my table im setting up the sega megadrive again
  11. yakfak

    What's your favourite band?

    i listen to a load of music but im gonna follow the rules and simply say: Magma
  12. yakfak

    Diablo Immortal

    a game announcement that doesn't appeal to me at all no longer elicits disappointment in me i'm free. i don't care! thank teh goddess im finally not a gamer anymore
  13. yakfak

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    jimmy's idea of doing a bunch of layouts together is really cool i know that i'd sit there detailing one room for three hours and then restarting lol, your method seems much better current progress on tunes: map 03 "grosstown traffic" map 01 "ansata"
  14. yakfak

    community top 5s

    come up with a list of anything or follow my lead :)) TOP 5 FAVE MAPPERS: NaturalTvventy Lainos Ribbiks Xaser didy (with apologies to many others including tourniquet, Time of Death, Eternal, dobu gabu maru, BPRD, btsx team, Azamael, danne, the rekkr team, Shadowman, benjogami, BigMemka and so forth) TOP 5 FAVE UNSUNG COMMUNITY FOLKS: j4rio and vdgg my fave speedrunners ella guro for great articles about the game nevanos and mrzzul for such enjoyable streams (honorable mentions to kmx for his wad blog!) now you
  15. yakfak

    community top 5s

    this died immediately hee I'll try again TOP 5 FAVE UNDERAPPRECIATED MAP SETS hellfire: dreams zones of fear base ganymede end2 nefertiti
  16. im fairly avid a 1994 level player and resource collector hee so I recognised some of the maps in wadpak2 and most of the ones in 3. really nostalgic and cute plus I knew how to beat the levels :B but no sign of that duracell bunny, right?
  17. yakfak

    Orange Is True Love [3 halloween speedmaps]

    giggling at several things in this post and wad :)))) good work both of you
  18. yakfak

    community top 5s

    ps no putting Romero or Bobby Prince in yr list im talking hobbyists like you and me >:)
  19. yakfak

    How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

    doom's got a few suspicious levels, cacodemons are boring, half the props are tacky gore and the plasma sound is too loud rating: A+++++ edit: the fact that something can be improved upon doesnt take its towering pioneer status away. it kinda reinforces it - look how close Doom was to perfection that years of first person games were so close to identical to its template
  20. having lurked zdoom forums on and off i just wanna see one of those furry mods get finished hee let me play as something fluffy i'll even use gzdoom for teh privilege
  21. noticed that when I mess around with a quick map I create something relatively fluent and doom-like, maybe not the best map ever but just a fun map with a keycard and a few encounters and etc, while when I try to do something new I spend like four months constantly adding shadow sectors to a totally unnavigable map and then sabotage it with a joke encounter. no moral
  22. https://iiiypad.bandcamp.com/album/abolish-roads

    yakfak and friends giggle
    this album is really crazy it's not gonna work for anyone thinks musical maturity is a positive trait

  23. I've provided a new music pack and a resource pack here: http://aanaaanaaanaaana.net/drop/zek_proj.zip There's eleven new tunes - let's make maps to go with them! (check this thread for descriptions of them) the resource pack contains many new amateur textures and flats along with new props and DEHACKED work to alter certain miscellanious behaviours. There's a text file inside which should be helpful! backstory: Doomguy gets trapped on a world where it's permenantly autumn. A civilization has risen and fallen in secret and he's the first to explore it for centuries. no techbases. let's brainstorm the specifics! rules and map styles: let's brainstorm the format we're gonna use but let's just say I don't wanna make something that excludes prboom+ and eternity users As a player and curator I wanna see maps that are experimental and atmospheric! there's an eleven map limit so don't be afraid to make some bizarro masterpiece - I want your strangest ideas to shine through. if you have off-kilter opinions about how the game should play or how maps should be drawn then I want this to be your blueprint. If you like to make medium maps where you super shotgun your way through about a hundred and thirty acceptably-placed enemies (grounds for automatic refusal!) then team up with someone who might have ideas that clash with yours and see what results. I'm not gonna put up a table that says which map slots have been taken because it ain't that sort of project. Simply choose a tune you like out of the pack and let the music's influence combine with the radical Doom ideas you've been storing up. thank you! MAPS WE HAVE: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99910-zekhmet-community-project-lets-map/?do=findComment&comment=1862827 Prickled! by Dobu (uses map04 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1869954 The world behind your chair by Benjo (uses map06 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1883435 Palace of darkness by darkmaster (uses map05 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1883770 Elefunky velvet groove by riderr3 (uses map07 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1888039 Perplexed! by Dobu (uses map01 tune? or also the 07 tune? giggle) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1921599 Enabler of final darkness by Benjo (uses map09 tune!)
  24. gawd bless anyone who rips and uploads this :3 it might just be a compendium of other people's stuff but as a european release there might be less familiar things lurking within