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  1. yakfak

    Rank Mapping Qualities in Order of Importance

    gimme recommendations for these preferences: Music Map Layout Atmosphere Geometry Story Texturing Item Placement Map Size/Length Difficulty Gameplay mmm I like wads to feel like art made in doom's engine rather than official add ons
  2. I respect amateur effort more than official canon everything that happens in ALT and Alfonzone are events in doomguy's life (even when the character isn't doomguy, so there)
  3. heya :3 it's been so long since I did anything for doomworld folks, I'd love to attempt the courtyard/condo MIDI if you'll have me
  4. i should get back into classic microsoft game "doom" sometime

    here i made a silly minigame, tell me yr high score


    1. Alper002


      This put a smile on my face!

      The choppiness of the forward movement took some getting used to, but I think I adapted pretty quick.

      My highest score before I decided to stop was 820.

      It probably could've been higher if I did a few things differently, for one thing I managed to accidentally touch one of the avoidable speedups.

      A few failed runs could also probably be attributed to me wanting to read the scrolling text lol

    2. yakfak


      giggle thank you for playing
      the text is distracting, you're right :3 but i was just so committed to the old school bit that it had to be there

  5. yakfak

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I like the crap mouse movement in doom and never disable it. What'd make even more fun is an "invert Z axis" option in prboom+ don't at me
  6. yakfak

    Time spent waiting for lifts

    if your lift or wall drops instantly I'm reporting you to the standards & safety office
  7. yakfak

    [MIDI Composers] What software do you use?

    i bloody wish the sweetspot would be something like openMPT view that allowed you to use IT/XM style effects and calculated what that'd translate to as midi command effects this is never gonna happen ps I use Cubasis from the mid-nineties in a win 3.1 dosbox window
  8. yakfak

    favorite game to mod outside of Doom?

    I've made levels for DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon, which is a really clever turn-based puzzle game. haven't released em though, my creations (as ever) are pretty much the opposite of what the community seems to value lol like everyone else I have messed around with Morrowind's construction kit. the main problem is that it has no extra assets; all you can *construct* is endless variations of what the game already has - npc characters and items and dungeons and whatnot. it's not like Doom where everyone who grabs a level editor can find their own niche because the game is deliberately formal and clunky and it's hard to get action gameplay out of it unless you are over-levelled beyond the typical constraints of the system. There's joy to be had in creating a fleshed-out npc character with well-written dialogue responses to in-game topics people are liable to click on but, again, people are usually not downloading mods which add single characters to the game - they want quests and expanded graphics and player houses and all that. the stuff I wanna make always puts me out of sorts with the community at large edit: i'm also sitting on hoards of self-designed cards for games like Magic: The Gathering and On the Edge, along with some solo variants with no competition involved.
  9. yakfak

    How old are you ?

    Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five Five five five five
  10. yakfak

    |Share Your Music|

    https://www.patreon.com/zzzv https://zan-zan-zawa-veia.bandcamp.com/ chiptune, midi, sample tracking. used to be a proghead, now i am more of a post-punk/goth/rivethead lol all recent output concerns game dev on the pico-8 (which has a pretty alright in-built tracker for chiptune fans) and rpg worldbuilding around the games but I have years of music already behind me. everything on the bandcamp is listenable for free and the doom stuff is set to "pay any amount" (ie you can download it for £0.00 if you like) cos i've gotten so much free cool shit from doomworld!
  11. i have been writing music on a yamaha PSS-190 lately lol it's an early 90s adlib synth keyboard the pipe and jazz organ settings are still really sweet although if you press more than eight keys at once something's getting dropped
  12. I was posting on MTGNexus which is a newish forum about magic: the gathering usually revolving around discussion of a subformat called Commander or EDH, talking about the latest cards and designing our own amateur ones for fun. there's also threads there about competitive disciplines of the game but they are always arguments and laments and nothing more. getting burnt out on it, though: - even before corona I didn't really have opponents to play against (I have a decent collection of paper Magic cards, increasingly pointlessly) so seeing people discuss game match-ups goes over my head, plus the power level of the game is rising and I prefer the game less competitive and more casual. and because of that my take on new cards is more like "Yay!" and less like "This card is not pushed enough to replace (unfair card) in my build of (unfair deck) and I see no other use for it outside of extremely casual metas" - too many cards are coming out too quickly and its a) hard to be really interested in so many and b) starting to feel repetitious; mtg has been going for 27 years, it feels like they're running out of card NAMES, never mind playable abilities - there have been a few political threads lately because of M:TG staff's massive imbalance towards white guys and so many people you think are cool just automatically morph into walking constitutions as soon as they spy an opportunity to recite the principles of rich people in 1776. its not even informed crywanking either, they still think SJWs exist and all that

    coming along gnicely

  14. yakfak

    What is a Good name for a Doom Wad?

    what if you called it something you wouldn't feel a dumbass about if you rediscovered it five years from now
  15. yakfak

    Do you like Doom platforming?

    i was hoping there'd be a Precarious-inspired scaffold-fu map by now instead of super-tough platforming between arenas A and B, have multiple, more-forgiving platforming routes during fights with arachnotrons and cyberdemons and if you fall off you lost can someone recommend a map like that?? platforming is really cool it's one of the dependable elements of doom which turns braggarts into whiners on the spot lol
  16. gd2_13.gif.9a6db7ff7bb1ad025b4aa7b305c4c0c9.gif


    really happy with my pico-8 dev progress
    this is for a game called Greyknurl Diahaze 2
    or that might be the game's secret subtitle if I come up with something catchier
    i posted the original Greyknurl Diahaze in the general topics forum last year and it basically sank lol
    hopefully this attempt at a game will stick better
    or maybe i'm one of few people who still like block pushing puzzle games?
    anyway, enjoy gif =P

  17. yakfak

    Doom Level Difficulty- How much is too much difficulty

    I tend to make levels that I can almost beat? Or rather the individual stages or encounters of the map are things I can tackle when I'm concentrating but the whole thing at once requires maintaining that concentration and also not falling into any nukage while you're travelling to the next bit so the ideal angelic version of myself can beat them and the real me can laugh about the deaths along the way 2. most players of doom are gonna save like crazy, do not worry about appealing to them via difficulty, they are absolutely gonna remix yr work with the function keys
  18. yakfak

    Brutal Doom creator speaks about past controversies

    tbh when someone's calling card in a community is being the dickhead who doesn't apologize it's ostracization time doing that devil's advocate act for the benefit of an edgy self-hyping asset thief is doing yrself dirty
  19. yakfak

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    making levels! this is a puzzle wad with, um, a lot of yellow skull keys? ok i am messing around in my own game and just thinking about how freeing tile-based mapping is =P edit: when you export it to doom it looks like this giggle
  20. my thing is interesting moods and stupid gameplay:- comatose perplexed! by dobu gabu maru aliens tc and batman doom the story maps in ALT first and third maps from talosian the mucus flow powerfully russian stuff like HFD and bloody steel suspended in dusk Epic 2 MAP21 space ship map from NEIS and the hub from deathkings where you fetch cogs
  21. yakfak

    Favorite sound chips? (poll)

    I love Amiga sound! AHX tunes aren't as popular as MOD file sampletracking stuff but I love both varieties both for the endless hiphop people made in MOD and the complicated dramatic ambient soundtracks from stuff like Lionheart i also made hours and hours of nes, dos OPL2 and pico-8 chiptunes lol
  22. Stardate 20x7 MAP02 <3 Doom E2M5 and E2M6 No End in Sight - every map in E2 and E3 lol i am seriously obsessed with this pack
  23. yakfak

    unpopular retro opinions

    people are so friggin weird dude haha
  24. kinda deleted all Impie's work from my hard drive now i know who he is

    1. Bashe




  25. yakfak

    unpopular retro opinions

    using it as shorthand to talk about games where you do not really have to engage dextrously with the controls to win like in a wizardry or early final fantasy style games the whole game is mapping and menuing in a turn-based fashion board games and turn based strategies too; they have tactical and strategic needs and an understanding of resource management, none of which can be shortcutted by reflexes so the point is that i don't buy any game as an RPG if the player's arcade skills allow them to circumvent the game's systems! no-one talks about navigating a tile dungeon or pushing a pawn forwards as gameplay so nor do I