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  1. yakfak

    What are you listening to?

    going crazy about this weird synth stuff with bizarre compositional choices, beautiful ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^
  2. can I sell a CD copy of Doom II as if it was my own work, if I wrote "by Zan-zan-zawa-veia" on the CD in permanent marker?

    1. heliumlamb


      selling a 5cm^3 piece of concrete, encased within is a 64gb micro sdxc with the contents of my entire Dooms folder. (this is art)

    2. Jizzwardo


      aw sweet a signed copy of doom ii :D

  3. yakfak

    Make your own difficulty!

    rocket launchers replaced with chainsaws ssgs replaced with chainsaws plasma guns replaced with chainsaws BFGs replaced with berserk packs rocket boxes and big plasma boxes replaced with green armor metal midis replaced with dirgy funk midis doomguy's face replaced with omaha the cat dancer's face when you die you just go onto the next level lol
  4. 1) sketching characters - been actually paying attention to comic art and coming to love it, picking up a pen more and more. just the ability to pay attention to stuff i normally glaze over. never had an art background beyond high school and it feels weird 2) as a creator, my "working out which projects to discontinue" skill has gone from "Amateur" to "Novice"!!!! yesterday I convinced myself not to learn another programming tool just cos it could export to html, reminding myself I'm only barely a passable coder anyway, and that anything I program should be a prototype which i then approach a team with so that a real programmer can roll their eyes at my shit and code it in 15% of the lines i used my mapping and my playing of games only got worse!!!!!!!!!!! my music composition has slowed down like hell too, I'm so sick of being a musician rofl i'm way more interested in writing settings. sounds are really annoying
  5. i wish i'd bought the complete iron devil in 2007
  6. yakfak

    What are you listening to?

    and I told him "that's crazy!"
  7. yakfak

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    ^ world's most often-repeated unpopular opinion (my current unpopular Doom opinion is that it's exhausting and that 32 levels is too much)
  8. giggle i love Dark Souls but I don't think gaming is self-improvement. also you can play through Dark Souls as a wizard and stand just out of many enemy ranges, get the first hit with some kinda soul arrow then kill the enemy as they're running towards you, it's not some sort of cast iron Gamer Challenge Gauntlet that you can only approach with adrenaline. but if it had skill levels it'd be better! I struggled with Celeste, and with a 360 analog stick which sticks in the down position sometimes lol, and in that case I think I beat everything in the game in the intended manner (or one of the intended manners, i mean!), got several golden strawberries and worked out all the secrets, and I think the assist mode is beautiful and that the main game requires you to be too precise lol. having "gotten good" i know i would have enjoyed it more if it was easier
  9. trinity college was amazing. question the imagination of anyone who thought it "looked like ass" lol i just think those pabst blue ribbon textures are for an entirely different audience. it's not entirely about resolution cos I've played mods with sprites which were 2x magnified and enjoyed them. I've played lots of pseudo-realistic wads too but they end up with this scrapbook feeling, high-art enthusiasm that wouldn't benefit from Texture Depthiness or zdoom-enabled underhangs and light dynamics. it's just a matter of what Doom means to you, what you'll indulge and what you think ruins the atmosphere. but you should definitely go ahead and make a pack with cutting edge textures!
  10. keys are definitely an underrated thing you can mod to be something else. two frames of pixel art and a few minutes of dehacked work in the string section and it can be a data disk or a coffee cup or a teddy bear or whatever unholy quake-esque sigil you like <3
  11. doom guy portrait modified to look like popular youtube guys
  12. (my stuff's too much of a rant for me to think of any of it as a dialogue, I always have a topic rather than a scenario, I'm a monologuer but I don't care if the theme captures anyone and I vaguely distrust "immersiveness" and consistency in general) the latter. lol. I feel like ALT especially champions the presence of the player, the mapper AND the editor and you get this improv feel the whole time
  13. pretending the concept of crop rotating for Cabal Coffers doesn't exist so I can build my Erinis + Halaster deck in a way where it's not quite as boring to look at, play, play against, etc. chase cards ruin everything, I wanna play against people who like crappy uncommons as much as I do

  14. (thinking about tracking triplets onto an imperfectly-swung beat) (cuts my sandwich into three pieces)

  15. (over-prepares for a boss fight by assembling a team that directly attack its weaknesses) wow they made this game too easy

  16. yakfak

    What's your new years resolution for 2023?

    the plan is to sit perfectly still for 365 days and not improve in any way
  17. https://roxyunderscore.bandcamp.com/album/roxy-vs-zan-zan

    check this, tracker music split
    don't pretend you can't take this kind of music cos i already know you like midi lol

  18. facebook christmas's like *impact font* MERRY CHRISTMSA TO THE TROOPS

  19. yakfak

    Your favorite Christmass movies?

    dunno, it's gotta be a movie everyone present has totally memorized x3 the worst thing is watching new disney stuff when everyone remembers the well voice-acted animated versions and then have to face the live-action versions with no gravity to them. light adventure comedy stuff or light horror comedy stuff is teh recommended. dunno, I wish the first Wallace and Gromit was 72 hours long so no-one had to think about this. i mean if I scheduled tv over xmas I would put on Blue Collar and Felix the Cat and The Assassination of Richard Nixon but that's cos happy people on tv make me anxious, gathering around the tv is kinda torture unless it's curated.
  20. i think dogs are cool but they hate me, they see the inherent low-class criminally-prone part of me and alert teh guards giggle
  21. ummm check Garrulismo tbh most mappers shy away from using the wolfenstein soldiers unless it's on-theme, not a common wandering monster you find. usually the first monster that gets edited out and replaced with something custom
  22. yakfak

    unpopular retro opinions

    with the exception that you can't play strange journey or soul hackers on the nes giggle
  23. trying to stop my tastes just being "Old stuff is good" and its a hard trend to kick

    and it makes you like auto-problematic to say yr fave games are late 80s early 90s, yr fave music and films are late 70s early 80s cos um
    that's the painful trigger-y silver era

    and you have to spend like an hour reframing and justifying that to make it not seem suspicious lol

    i checked out so much music this year but I noticed that all my faves from it were either by ancient bands or in revival-mode ancient styles (post-punk and goth rock is magically big this year ++++ Gospel going prog?) and I feel like Napalm Death are literally as good as they've ever been... bands and artists big with music sites right now are doing singer-songwriter stuff I can't sit through or else very eclectic hip-hop I can't get a handle on (I like Solange, Little Simz, Danny Brown? but I will never be a true head in this field the way someone who grew up with the music would be)... when bands like Spoon and PUP and Big Thief get so much attention it makes me wonder what I'm missing, I will never get into that. also I feel like a lot of the relatively successful extreme metal right now is not crusty enough? it feels even more nerdy than I am??? like the last 1% of punk influence drained out and got replaced by 18 minute long Clean Harmonic Picking Tips vids????? UK post-metal sounds glossier than a Take That album now???????? that said, Cloud Rat have an excellent album


    kinda fascinated with The Garden who seem like they're brewing something exciting. would like Death Grips to release something again. i'm such an old prog and goth and industrial head but I wanna get optimistic about new music again but it has to be like... NEW music, by people younger than I am who don't wanna retread anything or pay respects to older generations or whatever... I like punk but the last pathetic bastion of punkness is in genre categorization aka "we're technically punk because we're where RYM puts us but we can't surprise you or fuck anything up because we already spent too long learning how to do this particular style"... i was pretty excited about IDLES's song "Samaritans" and then uh all that energy went in the wrong direction. there's some bands you wish hadn't heard death grips. giggle


    same with DOOM imo. I don't wanna play stuff that pays reverence due to scythe.wad etc. the old classics rule but if they anchor you they are hard one star wads not recommended for anyone

    1. Thelokk


      "I don't wanna play stuff that pays reverence due to scythe.wad"


      I feel this but, realistically, it's what it takes for 99% of people to play your stuff. They want to play it safe, they want to make sure their time won't be 'wasted' and, to them, the best indicator of this is a clear reference to something they already enjoyed. I liked the old stuff, I'll most likely enjoy this 'new' stuff. Hoi polloi love anchors.

      It's a sad game but you have to play it if you don't want to drown. My two cents. 

  24. I've provided a new music pack and a resource pack here: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=82599 There's eleven new tunes - let's make maps to go with them! (check this thread for descriptions of them) the resource pack contains many new amateur textures and flats along with new props and DEHACKED work to alter certain miscellanious behaviours. There's a text file inside which should be helpful! backstory: Doomguy gets trapped on a world where it's permenantly autumn. A civilization has risen and fallen in secret and he's the first to explore it for centuries. no techbases. let's brainstorm the specifics! rules and map styles: let's brainstorm the format we're gonna use but let's just say I don't wanna make something that excludes prboom+ and eternity users As a player and curator I wanna see maps that are experimental and atmospheric! there's an eleven map limit so don't be afraid to make some bizarro masterpiece - I want your strangest ideas to shine through. if you have off-kilter opinions about how the game should play or how maps should be drawn then I want this to be your blueprint. If you like to make medium maps where you super shotgun your way through about a hundred and thirty acceptably-placed enemies (grounds for automatic refusal!) then team up with someone who might have ideas that clash with yours and see what results. I'm not gonna put up a table that says which map slots have been taken because it ain't that sort of project. Simply choose a tune you like out of the pack and let the music's influence combine with the radical Doom ideas you've been storing up. thank you! MAPS WE HAVE: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99910-zekhmet-community-project-lets-map/?do=findComment&comment=1862827 Prickled! by Dobu (uses map04 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1869954 The world behind your chair by Benjo (uses map06 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1883435 Palace of darkness by darkmaster (uses map05 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1883770 Elefunky velvet groove by riderr3 (uses map07 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1888039 Perplexed! by Dobu (uses map01 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1921599 Enabler of final darkness by Benjo (uses map09 tune!) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1946260 Sacrificial Odyssey by NoReason (uses map11 tune) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2011979 Portrait of Moire's Sister by obake (uses map07's music... or map04's music? giggle) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2020760 Zekhmet's Gardens by finnthemapmaker (uses map05 tune???) if yer not a mapper but you fancy a sneak preview then spontaneous FDAs and playtests are very welcome!
  25. looks incredible <3 and happy to see this thread pop up