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  1. actually i played doom in 1994 and thought of doomguy as a school bully and guided him into crushers
  2. I love ultima underworld but the game's too easy really, especially if you've already played it recently I like to hold off on using levelling mantras until I've located them in the dungeon (you can use them before that if you remember them or look them up in the original manual) and then level all weapon skills equally so that you don't become a juggernaut early into the game also drinking every potion and reciting every scroll you see as soon as you find it is mandatory I got through FF7 using only green magic materia - no attacking in any other way. but then I learnt of people doing crazy "No Equip, No Fleeing, Single Character Itemless" challenges and balked at that lol ps, i'm not a hardcore gamer in terms of twitch skill or general arcade playing at all but I'm good at games that ask you to go through hell in terms of sheer sod-you obtuseness and forced completionism
  3. i keep adding monsters on UV until it makes me laugh how many monsters there are
  4. I really like how UV feels in Doom 2, rarely frantic but never relaxing & occasionally dickish ala Barrels 'o Fun. frankly the randomized monster damage in Doom always feels way too high to me. I love Hexen, dislike saving mid-level & I wanna be able to tank fifty fireballs to the face. I know Plutonia was meant to elevate everyone's skill level but I find that shit super stressful! a prospective fifth difficulty level would put the level through a special algorithm which determined the best place to add an icon of sin
  5. er hey (Favorite Movie Genre: 70s style psychological thriller Worst Memory: losing various houses; losing various cats Favorite Genre Of Music: misfit tracker scene Most Hated Genre of Music: midi power metal Your Definition of Success: imagining yourself all the way off the planet) In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: don't try to strongarm people into being king solomon using a single insidious sentence on a website
  6. 1. doom 2-5. showing off
  7. i always start with a small idea and then start retroactively piling on epic conceits and side areas until I abandon the map and start another i could put out a megawad of giant levels with no exits tbh
  8. if Urania had ambient midis and replaced the chaingunners with nazis I would probably say it was a five star set
  9. ALT maps 4 and 15 Epic 2's middle stretch Zones of Fear also has a really wonderful castle map with some simple puzzles as well as a fairly obnoxious skill testing level with teleporter mazes and pole hopping I agree that Hexen has no puzzles, it's more of a completionist mapping thing than anything else still love the game but it's not a brainteaser as such
  10. Hey coders - any of you privy to resources or documents about learning MS Basic for DOS? or even which version was the final good version for DOS?


    (I remember typing in BASIC programs into a ZX Spectrum in the old days and sorta miss it; don't tell me to pick up a more advanced programming language instead cos it's not like I'm trying to create a career here, I just wanna get back into an old hobby!)

    1. Albertoni


      QBasic was state of the art at the time and has a beautiful debugger for more complex programs, but it cannot generate .exe files (at least the version I had couldn't, your mileage may vary). QuickBasic is a bit older, but it can.

      If you want to go all-out, the Basic PDS (Professional Development System) 7.1 is the last version, but I have no idea what extras it offers.


      This site seems to have some good tutorials: http://www.qbasic.net/

    2. yakfak


      oh, thanks! hey i forgot to reply to this


      QBasic must have been what I was thinking of - the tutorials are great!

      the PDS folder is full of helpfiles I can't actually open & am unable to locate qh.exe to use em

    3. Albertoni


      There is a qh.exe file in the binb folder, heh.


      If that doesn't work, your best bet would be to find a copy of MS-Dos and use the HELP.EXE from there. Alternatively, install Windows 98 on a virtual machine, it surely comes with that executable somewhere. Pretty sure these files are the old DOS help file format, considering the age and environment of QBasic, so modern Windows tools wouldn't be able to open them.

  11. hee thanks :) the ridged patches like the RW19 set are really great for creating your own textures with, horizontal seams are so naturally sexy in this engine anyway i'm sure the Id bunch would have noticed the same thing if they had a few more months to get the maps together, necessity probably made them rush ahead with the defined textures...
  12. back to my stupid roots i wanted to stream stuff but neither my laptop or my connection can handle a big prboom+ window so its time i made some vanilla compatible stuff, streamed in 640x400 i wish there was a machine you could throw your partially-made maps into and it mulched them up and spat out Partial Credit
  13. ah thanks, I didn't realise where the tune had originally come from at all! personally I think a good subtle midi always sets the tone of a level rather than clashing with it
  14. ok less bitterly: The entire Daggerfall soundtrack, from its barely-there dungeon dirges to its bustling town music to its enchanting, fantastic guilds and temple themes. all lovingly composed by someone who clearly embraced everything music had to offer, loved a strong melody but had time for every strange interval under the sun. my other more recent favourite MIDI is the tune from Miasma. now THAT's a moody, mystical piece of music which doesn't lean on any epic tropes, a welcome change from the power metal a lot of rock-hard level sets choose to use.
  15. that klonoa 2 midi where the chords are harmonically out of whack because of a sequencing error i also like mark klem's overused tunes #2, #5, #6 and #11