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  1. what I meant to say, instead of the cat thing, was that I don't just play maps once if I like them; there's a select set of maps which are sort of doom canon to me and I'd love to some day make videos about why I find them important. I'd rather chisel away at a really great map and slowly find more each time than save my way through it! so completionism as a term doesn't tell the whole story
  2. yes! advanced completionism is explaining why Proving Grounds is the best Doom 1 map ever to my cat and then going to sleep and dreaming about Proving Grounds
  3. i'm an E1 enjoyer. i don't really miss the presence of caco cos the whole episode is about running forwards while firing the chaingun. also it's the most transformative episode to play without going in any of the secrets cos it NEVER gives you the rocket launcher, really strictly about shooting low tier enemies with low tier guns and that's fun. E2 and E3 suffer because they add big boys but withhold the good ammo and the maps which'd most benefit from chainsaws (the M1s) do not have them E4 is second fave cos it brings the challenge level up to the power of the weapons. that cave in e4m2 is just the zone of random death though, classic funny romero balancing in action i'm a slough of despair fan and don't think it's an E3 weak point at all... i always like rooms packed full of enemies and adhering to weirdly shaped columns. the fact that it's mostly one texture doesn't bother me as much as it could. actually feeling inspired to make a tribute map
  4. hmm I am properly back into this. just stared at a map for 90 minutes, then moved a radsuit a short distance and then saved the map

  5. yakfak

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    chaos chaos aah
  6. is doomguy no longer a yiffy dog boy?

    1. yakfak


      he 100% is, albeit while realizing that part of the internet is still cruel and early 2000s internet enough to punish people for saying furry stuff

  7. has anyone tested it? It claims to be standard Ultimate Doom v1.9 as executed through DosBox but I'm wondering if it doesn't secretly raise the seg limit and ignore VPOs... I've been testing some fairly open maps where you can see for quite a distance and haven't seen it crash yet, which leads me to wonder if its legit. is there a quick way to tell? thanks
  8. yakfak

    Thoughts on Witchaven?

    witchaven owns in a sword and sorcery fashion. I don't really think its fun to play (and I think not a lot of game tweaking really took place, its just a stack of unrefined ideas and D&D dungeon layouts which is kinda what I'm in to!) but its wonderful to be inside and the game can be... ahem... vanquished!!! reminds me of a more FPS Might and Magic 6 with its hostility, its haphazard command of 3d and its general uncanniness.
  9. despite being on a gamer arc rn with replaying celeste and trying to learn the mechanics better, none of that game awareness really transfers over to doom for me. i just can't seem to play doom as anything other than a casual game - it might be that there's too many variables to control, from in-game factors like monster movement, dodging things you can't be looking at right now and kill order to out-of-game factors like comfort and game equipment, that stops me zoning in and becoming teh doomguy. my flailing has just gotten slightly more systematic over the years and even that I kinda resent. lol


    with celeste, uh, a lot of people here have probably played that game so they understand when I say 7C... a challenge with (almost? there's subpixel stuff i don't understand) no rng and no need to be looking anywhere except directly in front and which requires you to input a strict series of commands, probably a whole minute where all you can do is tackle the thing as intended or die and I get such a rush from that! i get madeline eagle vision and press the buttons more precisely than I normally would and I know regretably  I will never experience that in any 3d action game, and that's a me thing rather than a limit on any particular game genre


    things like plutonia which I've always softly criticized for being "do the intended thing or die" maps still don't put me in that zone of concentration and I can't really work out why

    1. wallabra


      i mean having a good "doom flow" means something different for everyone, and it isnt even for everyone anyway, don't worry too much about it!

    2. Naarok0fkor


      Always remember that Doom isn't about fragging, only participation counts (just like booze contests) and in the end, everybody in the world will realize that...


      ...shotguns are stupid...

  10. yakfak

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    things I love about Sigil 2: - every level having that fireblue secret and a roaming cybie, it's fun to have an activities checklist like that - barons in tight corridors that you have to back out of in a hurry - the set pieciness that avoids turning every map segment into an arena - the absolute texture chaos - the joy of throwing random moving parts around like up down floors and crushers, avoids being too static - the jim flynn-style ledge secrets you end up crossing more than once, lol. map 2 is basically an ENIGMA level - its general air of cruelty (the gibbering fiend decision of giving the mastermind MORE health) - the jimmy midis!!! I could say that some of the levels just END though... you inevitably traverse the landmarky parts of each map thinking "this'd be a good ending" but the conclusion is always actually in a random sub basement. some of the eye secrets were a bit repetitive but I appreciate the commitment to the gimmick
  11. yakfak

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    ramps in doom are like ramps in celeste uhhhhh the games are so iconically blocky
  12. the serious sam-style exploding zombieman (i feel like we should avoid calling them s****** bomber or whatever) is in a lot of popular wads, I'd have to say that was #1. it usually signifies a WAD with a lot of effort put into it that is completely the opposite of what I like about doom :))))))))
  13. yakfak

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    my toxic trait is forgetting to use saves and then skipping to the next map when I die
  14. yakfak

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    i really wanted to make a normal doom 1 sewer/ "toxic refinery" themed map it doesn't work in doom.exe though, there's a bit where the floor should recede and turn to nukage and it forgets to transform and im agog
  15. yakfak

    Why people delete their good works?

    unfinished projects can weigh on yr mind. free up memory with this one simple trick! tbh there are several wads I should've deleted instead of linking to dw, not to mention hundreds of posts. attention is often not worth it