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  1. yakfak

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    whenever i trigger a new trap i like to watch it kill me
  2. yakfak

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    blew 90 minutes of october making a shady new statbar
  3. started this map a week ago saying "i'll just make a quick cave map to bolster the set" lol it is still growing i think it wants to be the final map got three smaller finished maps and a new MIDI to show too, hope to give you all something weird before November
  4. trying to guess what I voted for last time :3 rate my efforts 10 pts - ALT 9 pts - No End in Sight 8 pts - Batman Doom 7 pts - Comatose 6 pts - Stardate 20x7 5 pts - Sacrament 4 pts - Aliens TC 3 pts - Sunlust 2 pts - Epic 2 1 pts - Unaligned 0 pts honorable mentions giggle: Eternal Doom Bloody Steel Nefertiti Bury My Heart Knee Deep DTWID BTSX E2 Sunder Vanguard Base Ganymede Saturnine Chapel Hell Revealed Whitemare 2 Redline tree3.wad
  5. yakfak

    What wads do you prefer?

    kdizd is the most annoying prestige doom project ever <3 all the gimmicks just made it feel like other games and the detail bragging was unreal. it was a big deal around the time I got back into doom so I sought it out and received massive culture shock; it sophisticates the elements of Doom that I think should stay simple. even the intermissions had an attitude problem. giggle. apologies to anyone who was involved in its release it's a shame cos other, saner players complain about its endless tunnels, switches, puzzles and dead ends which are things I love and I think the Satyr is cute as heck but I still can't play it
  6. yakfak

    Doom Eternal release posponed to March 2020

    i still can't process how they got popular off Oblivion lol the game's an inexplicable mess they made magic boring, centred on an overly traditional setting, made levelling up undesirable etc. glitches are the least of their problems; some of the bugs and mis-set data even has really charming results they owe Patrick Stewart big time luckily everything they do is impeachable because Daggerfall is the coolest game ever
  7. yakfak

    What do you think is next for Doom after Doom Eternal?

    next up is a kart racer featuring all the heroes and villains from id bethware properties doomguy rageguy vaultguy lord woodborne all the best characters
  8. yep! the wad file comprises all the graphical, ui, audio and level data in Doom so it'll have to be there :))
  9. yakfak

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    i get online FPSes and tank sims cos frustration is addictive even if most gamers (including me lol) are not really interested in efficiently practising an action game, plus there's always crowds of people playing. i understand DOTA stuff and Smash for the same reason - high playerbase, lots of tutorials out there, you tend to feel like you couldve won and there's a million conditional things you can blame to save yr ego. i understand WOW and things like Path of Exile cos pursuit of the most optimal way of accruing resources is basically some robotic real life shit already and plenty of people are psychopaths. i understand Pokemon and Stardew Valley cos lots of work has gone into making them adorable, I get Undertale cos it's a clever send-up and its dialogue feels like it was written by a person and very unarchetypical in general. Undertale is a good game! but i don't understand people who speedrun Final Fantasy X - the run is ten hours of agony and dialogue skipping and no-one'll respect the record because all it represents is a series of favourable coin-flips. possibly the most pointless diversion among pointless diversions
  10. the prince of persia sands of time movie is lovely and sexy even if its not great literature or whatever frankly I've seen Aliens four or five times and I can't imagine needing another space marines vs monsters movie in my life >:) I will never watch this
  11. yakfak

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    there might be worse FPSes gameplay-wise than Redneck Rampage but it is still the worst in my heart it's just so stupid and painful. no-one's indie DarkBASIC FPS can compare to how much RR makes ya groan. it's seedier than DNF
  12. yakfak

    What's the best Doom WAD of them all?

    For a more serious answer, CARWARZ.WAD
  13. yakfak

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    i had a shovelware disc too and it had Trinity College and INVADE1 and some of the cooler efforts at mapping at the time, I still remember how to beat XENO11 and stuff. then years later I got online and someone showed me Alien Vendetta and i thought the difficulty was completely unacceptable lol i never really got good at the game, I still think in trinity college terms
  14. https://www.patreon.com/posts/30339508


    very bobby prince-sounding orthodox doom tune for a level entitled "district depot"

  15. yakfak

    Do you prefer Doom 1 or Doom 2?

    I prefer Doom 2 because Doom 1's levels are abstract and incoherent