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  1. yakfak

    Sally (Boom map)

    is it a tribute to Revolution "R'N'R"? really gnice map :)))
  2. z18tam01.zip


    titled "Some Consider Zan-zan-zawa-veia the Goddess of Gameplay"

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    2. NoisyVelvet


      Played this earlier, got romped.  Glance at front page of Wads and Mods; only one map there that plays in my favorite port.  Remember that this map exists, give it a second try (saveless for some reason).  Somehow I won: noisy_z18tam01_2ndDA.zip


      Really good map. (edit: 30 min demo and one a few deaths)

    3. yakfak


      thank you both for playing! will check teh demo while eating cereal <3


      imo there is a lack of classic doom content rn but that's because the new dsda boom cl specs are really exciting

    4. yakfak


      giggle it was so funny that you obsessed on trying to get over the exit bars and when they were finally open you skipped the exit linedef in relief! the remaining secret has the last monster, i saw you trying to bump that wall but there's a hidden switch opposite it <3 hope getting lost here wasn't too frustrating

      its weird to think about, some rooms you design to be hubs, other rooms you design to be visited once, but people playing the map for the first time visit all of them a bunch of times

  3. yakfak

    What are you listening to?

    sticking to the good stuff tbh
  4. soft spot for how the master levels look (ie, like doom2.wad looks but with some support delineation and lots more brown brick) i love my bricky rusty levels. weak point is that you can see the sky in every single one of them (i think?)


    edit: i generally like how they play, too... slightly more robust than iwad levels and with higher tendency to drop midranged enemies in, but there's always either lots of space or enough dividing walls to make them less urgent, and the health's always generous so you can just get shot in the face like doomguy lives for. could use more gimmicky combat? but i love bloodsea's start. really maligned set of maps for no real reason


    edit 2: master levels are Autumnwadding

    1. Thelokk


      Feeling this one. Master Levels are far better than most shovelware from that time, and certainly no worse than most Romero / Petersen maps. 

      They are also easy on the plastic-looking metal techbase aesthetic, which is always good.

  5. yakfak

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    absolutely vanilla garbage shades nice though
  6. yakfak

    Have the past few years been the best ever for WADS?

    messy personal and unsignposted
  7. yakfak

    Have the past few years been the best ever for WADS?

    i think there's an astounding amount of good doom stuff hitting monthly! although im having trouble finding things that really resonate with me, feeling down on doom because of it. was more into it a decade ago; currently doom is generically exciting to me but i need a profile of someone who's doing specifically exciting-to-me things x3
  8. yakfak

    What's your favorite source port?

    chocorenderlimits unlocks a secret game mode where you can always teleport back to the most complicated scene on the map and looks 100% like doom with no authorial decisions in particular <3 best port by a mile. no. 2 = DSDADoom for supporting stuff I care about
  9. "fave doom port" threads need to be completely off-limits to port devs lol

  10. yakfak

    Gravity of Phobos and Deimos

    aaagh how are they fighting sephiroth when they're just floating in the sky, wouldn't they fall
  11. playing that Pathfinder: Kingmaker game and uh

    there is literally nothing satisfying about modelling rpg combat so stuffily. being able to miss with greek fire is a further groaner... if you want to use the characters archetypically then you are probably only getting two worthwhile attacks off a round and if they miss you feel like an idiot.

    and all the character voice acting converges towards disney as a completely unavoidable consequence of all the biggest voice acting opportunities being disney

    i dont understand how you can make simple fantasy roleplaying so unappealing

    1. yakfak


      its my fault though hee
      i love dungeon crawlers where none of this stuff matters and I love FFXII where combat rounds are incredible fast and one miss is usually meaningless

      missing an attack is also depressing in tabletop... at least in systems like Over the Edge you can talk about what the result'd be with your DM instead of just saying "oh thats the end of my pointless turn"

  12. i'd stop playing doom and i see no substance in any of the optimistic takes
  13. yakfak

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    ^ if you survive the east india company you are allowed to remember a few "old gripes" lol the british empire was merciless, she'll be its final credible figurehead and enjoyed decades of almost peerless privilege in post, everyone should hate britain, i know i do and i live here
  14. yakfak

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    never understood the need to make these totally false eulogies of people who were praised their whole lives for doing bad. still at least i got a burst of manic energy from hearing the good news <3
  15. yakfak

    Community Project Idea/Request

    city levels own <3 check out D2INO and Hellbound too, good stuff in those