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  1. yakfak

    The Joy of Mapping 6: JOY ETERNAL

    this problem made me imagine a demo format for doom builder hee a tiny movement macro log file which recreates a map as you watch if speedruns can have them so should we all
  2. yakfak

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    great article. bunch of outstanding work here; ALT and Sacrament are my faves to play and explore; Sunder, ESP and Toilet of the Gods are my faves to watch top players play and explore <3
  3. i feel like they have enough money if yr feeling munificent donate some cash to yr favourite mappers, modders, coders, runners and site maintainers
  4. yakfak

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    great write-ups, a lot of my fave maps appear map #74 is very suspicious though giggle
  5. yakfak

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    hell yes I have been waiting for a fifth Daikatana episode
  6. yakfak

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    good work on these spidersilk demos hee :3 im tickled pink you chose to play this too, thank you
  7. yakfak

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    blackbird :3 she has some good lines
  8. good work everyone :3 i'll have a twelve midi pack coming out sometime in december from my work on this not as many tunes as I imagined but I'm fairly happy with them all (then maybe I'll map for zekhmet or start a doom 1 episode to go with the new songs)
  9. maybe i really will try and shake off that "I'm a rubbish and obtuse mapper" funk
    i'll have twelve new midis by november and am tempted to try and map an episode for them
    even in Doom 1 you can get good gameplay based on berserking imps/barons/baldies and BFGing cybies/cacos
    and then use the spiderdemon, lost soul, zombieman, demon monster slots for custom enemies (and I think I'm becoming a fairly good DeHacked animator :))))))

    realizing my aesthetic is definitely Original textures, new props and enemies, new music with very long notes, hand-to-hand combat rules, cave complexes disturbed by industrial outposts that have unclear purposes. i hope to force it to be a viable theme which means something cos it is not an easy "pretty map" archetype lol


    also worrying about putting up another EP on bandcamp for money so soon. i need money though even though it makes me feel wretched and ungrateful

  10. GSOT.zip music for map 06 "grand scheme of things" or listen here:
  11. yakfak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    when teh Mucus Flow midi shows up in mrzuul's playlist i throw the horns
  12. einstuerzende neubauten - redukt ^ really strong lament that builds up and up magma - de futura ^ progressive groove that goes on forever talking heads - once in a lifetime ^ world's best pop song henry cow - living in the heart of the beast ^ creative and progressive epic that blasts capitalism apart radiohead - like spinning plates ^ reversed wurbling sounds and hopelessness the tune meshuggah - catch 33 (does this count giggle) ^ very slowly building prog-thrash yellathon parliament - sir nose d'voidoffunk ^ dark abstract and playful funk by teh masters kayo dot - on limpid form ^ err, drone jazz? melvins - with teeth ^ teh prettiest little sludge tune this heat - cenotaph ^ fierce indie rock template no-one ever really used right afterwards bjork - unison ^ gorgeous little sanctuary of slow pop music king crimson - fracture ^ prog instrumental full of vicious chords and incidentals carter usm - the only living boy in new cross ^ the world's other best pop song solange - don't touch my hair ^ best tune I heard upon doing an immense dive into the major releases of 2016
  13. what time period are you going for hee i could see WOOD12 as a naff wooden carriage texture or DOORSTOP as a corrugated iron replacement
  14. song for map 09 "non-responses" - weird ambient crinkly thing song for map 07 "loan lizards" - short bit of proggy metal if you have created more than six maps/things for yr month's project then take heart that you are further ahead than me lol more zzzv midis.zip