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  1. shadowrun's setting i think, small chance of becoming a cool elf in a leather jacket vs none in the actual dystopia i live in
  2. yakfak

    Worst looking texture

    textures are beautiful the worst ones in stock doom/doom 2 are the safest ones that you can monotexture with, cos that sucks
  3. yakfak

    The meme of "Movies are getting worse"

    Logan's a good film, Marvel or otherwise, and GOTG 1 was funny beyond the usual That Just Happened stuff and you don't need to watch the other films to get into them. imo I guess the general problem is that the world's full of interesting art movies but half the people posting on DW are from the generation who'll say "cowboys eating pudding" and move on without ever dipping their toes in
  4. yakfak

    Favourite video games

    bbbbbbbbest art: Quest for Glory 2
  5. yakfak

    Favorite band?

    trying to listen to more new stuff and give my old faves a break. Einstuerzende Neubauten, whatever. 2021 very into Squid's album "Bright Green Field" so far
  6. yakfak

    Absurdly well known videogame trivia

    giggle on the subject of duke nukem, the second duke nukem dos platformer steals graphics from Turrican's tileset
  7. I kinda play whatever's on xbox games with gold lol my taste for Doom comes and goes deeper this time cos I realized I don't like watching my stuff get played on stream, just get so nervous and frustrated about it my real gaming energy goes into making my own little games in pico-8, designing card game rules n stuff
  8. wonder if any oldies see themselves here


    i was playing doom since doom 2 came out but I didn't get online til college and was more fascinated by MTG stuff at that point

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      More people should make olde style websites for their doom projects

  9. writing software to organize my collections of various discontinued card games
    On the Edge being my fave

    send me your collections of curious card games that no-one plays please lol
    might also buy a high quality guided scanner to replace the 20 year old flatbed with obvious grain I'm using

  10. yakfak

    Why are so many indie games retro-styled?

    pixel art's beautiful, 3d game art has been failing to catch up to it for an incredibly long time. I prefer it when people making 3d games strike out in weird directions, stylize their artwork or make it horrible to behold. trying to climb up to cutting edge 3d professionalism is fairly impossible without incredible amounts of money behind you (fuck off with the "indie games are low effort" trash, all the devs I know work like crazy and actually have imaginations)
  11. navigate climate change by arranging these terms in order of your desire to continue going to work while they're occuring :


    worst case scenario

    major concern


    mass extinction

    huge wealth transfer leading to millions not having the resources to escape predicaments inflicted on them by the rich

    1. yakfak


      kinda worried lol

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I'd go with "major concern", "wildfire" and "catastrophe" first... the order of the rest seems rather arbitrary to me...

  12. in stuff like wizardry or most rtwp games, rolling powerful characters (and having an idea of where yr gonna take them) lets you avoid a lot of pain and frustration; gaming the system is part of the gameplay, being as prepared as possible to survive the crawl without having to spend time going back to town to be raised (in the former case) or reloading. this is sort of why i'm more and more getting into single character rpgs where you can just klutz yr way through, roleplay more, spend less time perusing skill charts and reqs and all that. in final fantasy games which are relatively easy, i like to set up the characters in more expressive ways and do what I think suits them, and often that involves wearing less optimal gear... in ff7 it's fun to give yrself mini challenges like cloud only using pink materia, yuffie only using enemy skill, vincent on the front row with fury to reduce yr agency in protecting him and the game's fluent and forgiving enough to let you mess around. i dunno; even though I'm not a big optimizer I still spend hours looking at gamefaqs or whatever to find interesting ways to play so I'm just as bad :)))) the worst games for this are diablo 2 and path of exile. you just end up following someone else's guide if you wanna understand the single sane way to play the game
  13. don't worry! im not attacking the idea, just teh necessity