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  1. Hey, glad to see you in this thread :)) thanks for your thoughts on these! the helicopter sound effect is really useful in a lot of ways, probably easier to manipulate in this format than .MID i've been changing envelopes and using automatic arpeggiating and so forth to wring a little extra spice out of the sounds very happy you like sheba.it, it took some work! there'll soon be a pack with twelve tunes uploaded, the thread is more up to date than the download right now
  2. I just stared at the Entryway exit switch for over five minutes because I'd beaten teh level while testing my music pak and the first tune is almost 7 minutes long lol there's a broken pitch bend I probably won't fix
  3. i like it in daggerfall and morrowind where it loads harder monsters from a list to suit your level, based on the area you're in, and those monsters are archetypes rather than dummy monsters with their levels, eq and stats boosted. then came oblivion and messed all that up lol ideally rpg worlds would be concetrated enough that all the important encounters are hand placed by someone who has tested the game but yknow
  4. not taking shots at anyone's videos here but the hard sell repels me absolutely. I like to hear someone slowly and thoughtfully talk about what they've attempted to do with their mod, or what they think someone else's mod does well... a press conference rather than an advertisement as it were. i find it really easy to mistake footage designed to catch the attention of the senses for footage that is really loud and annoying!
  5. developing a simple style in a gfx editor i made the best bit is that once i've drawn a patch i can repalettize it or change the noise distribution over and over just by pressing cursor keys
  6. i would pick 123 because although it seems wrong in terms of interval it's the only number where each digit is different!
  7. was messing around with sci2.wad, a level set i had downloaded years and years ago on an older laptop: a cool atmospheric set with lots of sector sculpture and weird location-based progression it's from way earlier than a lot of the map sets I love has a lovingly dark average light level for extra credibility with me the graphics and sound replacements are way worse than default... also for extra credibility with me the difficulty swings from trivial to miserable from map to map, pistol starting some of the middle maps would be an ordeal 20 maps plus some deathmatch iterations in all slowly gathering a stable of level sets like these which the average doomer isn't interested in but which i find totally indispensible alt, sacrament and aliens tc are a bit of a holy trinity
  8. just found a nerve.wad that runs properly in prboom+, plays the right music & plays the end sequence when you beat map08 all perfectly swimmingly (don't look at me like that, i bought it on xbox 360 already) :P if prboom+ has a pseudo-IWAD def for running nrftl why isn't there also a way of making your own pseudo-IWAD def? (if you haven't played it, NRFTL is NOT an IWAD - it contains nine maps and some graphical map names, that's all) i hate to stoke the fires of MAPINFO once more but if we can basically already do it surely making this existing feature transparent would be a work of moments by anyone who cares to fork boom
  9. i adore NRFTL :)) all teh secrets including entire alternate routes round teh levels and two?? secret levels to find (I just looked it up and there's only one, so one of the levels must have a huge amount of secret content that tricked me into thinking there was another entire level), all the outdoor bits, all the naive but huge ambushes that feel untuned and a little nostalgic... it's better than Final Doom to me although they had decades of experience to work with though I could say that Vivisection is really miserable and grindy compared to the open stuff
  10. I think boom actually automates that to some degree giving a normally tag-less action 1 linedef a tag has some light levle interpolating effect on teh similarly tagged sectors
  11. - getting frustrated at my own tastes and quitting out of conventionally good maps because I can't find what's interesting about them beyond the craftmanship - and uh being very reluctant to switch away from berserk
  12. six out of seven now :P its my project thread and i'll cry if i want to this is the tenth tune, pack not updated again until i have twelve
  13. I finished it without shooting once 10/5 best new wad. :P
  14. updated with two soundcloud uploads - click em to get an idea of what i'm doing
  15. it's hard to get this place to care about music, doubly hard when it involves weird music

    at some level people must think music is easy and mapping is the real effort

    1. yakfak


      guess i'm gonna revamp that thread with some soundcloud links people could click to listen instead of just despairing

    2. Catpho


      Well,to be fair,most people here are modders and gamers .Still,your music is pretty cool!

    3. 40oz


      It's not really a matter of whether people care or not. I know people do. People talk about how important music is in Doom all the time. If most people here are anything like me, they don't really know how to comment on music very well. I either like it or I don't and I don't really know how to continue a conversation about it from there. Even when I find music I don't like, it's not impossible for me to think of a map where it could be used very effectively in. People are definitely listening to what you make, and they're probably coming up with all sorts map ideas that they likely wouldn't have thought of without it. People tend to respond mostly to the stuff they find controversial anyway (if my threads are any indication) so I wouldn't measure the community's apathy towards your work based on how much direct feedback you get for it.