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  1. are you saying "telekinetic activation" isn't catchy enough
  2. having a job
  3. I've beaten most of Plutonia from pistol start, even having crept around Go 2 It at a glacial pace, BFG sniping Viles one at a time, getting to the exit in around 25 minutes lol. ok some people can beat it in under 5 but I am not a good player, just one very familiar with the original level sets I have a lot of fun picking apart "arcade" sets but actually I love Well of Souls and Bunker as levels
  4. every option ZDoom provides for flattening, contrasting & raising the light levels alters the gameplay in a way that makes me map for prboom-plus instead. think about how you play E1M5 in software and then imagine that exit room not really being dark at all and that's half the appeal of the game vanishing with one keystroke
  5. maaaybe that new Ultima Underworld game coming out and miraculously being good and then blossoming a level editor which can create expansive ideas (rather than just variations on the game's original content) and community for such I'm always tempted by the idea of fairly specifically targeted games with their own editing environments; DROD seems exciting to me as an editable puzzle game that can present logic problems, casual exploration with lots of NPC chatter, some weird abstract thing (which I'm already tempted to create solo, formulating some odd ideas) or huge combat-based campaigns where each room can feel like an entire battle with all the iterative and precise back-n-forth fighting you have to do... it's odd, ten thousand games are available but there are only really a handful of games... really... when you think about it :P
  6. My ideal mapping partner would be a dozy grey cat who sits on my lap and goes purr the whole time sorry that was lazy, I'll write a real response later
  7. small-to-medium linear techbase or hell levels balanced for on-sight play are the worst - the Doom-ing world perfected maps you can progress automatically through from one end to the other with the only obstacles being enemies in the first few years of activity and I can't believe they're still coming out >:) bonus points for some MIDI soft metal to further dull your senses
  8. there's an area in Stardate 20X7 which warns you a trap is coming if you don't type IDDQD there I think that actually makes you a bad player
  9. Zan-zan's hideous amateur texture world tour rolls through sunny Aberystwyth
  10. an attempt to not bore myself by bringing five albums in the same genre: einstuerzende neubauten "silence is sexy" mike oldfield "tubular bells" this heat "deceit" bjork "selmasongs" my favourite of hers even though it's a small EP sized thing magma "kohntarkosz" but really it would probably be five compilation tapes of my own making :))) i make my own editions of everything and don't particularly respect the album format anymore frankly I can sing along with a lot of music I've memorized over the years anyway, I contain the entire radiohead, manic street preachers and super furry animals songbook and more besides i wouldn't take any metal because there's all sorts of music that's more powerful than metal, which in itself is a highly regimented and predictable genre with a knack for robbing itself of impact through its context killing traditionalism and music technology arms race which literally creates a need in producers to shear away the heaviness between the notes. if I had to pick a metal album to bring I'd be choosing between Meshuggah "Destroy. Erase. Improve", Napalm Death "From Enslavement to Obliteration" and Boris "Amplifier Worship"
  11. I end up watching this every few weeks: so nicely spacey-indie-gaze and radioheadly without trying to impress a soul here's an unknown chiptune hypergenius for good measure >:)
  12. if you made an online card-based casual Doom clicker game i would probably play it 24 hours a day and die

    1. Marnetstapler


      I saw Doom clicker and pictured a cacodemon version of Cookie Clicker.


      Someone make it happen, pls.

    2. Jimmy


      Caco Clicker

    3. Albertoni
  13. hee that'd be the goal, you know you've made it when people attribute curiosities to "oh, that's their style" instead of "oh my god this map is so badly made" hee if you aren't a name mapper you aren't getting away with any labyinthine bullshit, overlong levels, spontaneously impossible encounters, or the polar opposites of those, but once you're established people'll cede their stupid preferences to your perceived experience
  14. check Oblige, human mapping was not designed with you in mind