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  1. if it was made in europe there'd be more bubbletext, the enemies would all have big friendly smiles and the secret map would contain balloons and flowers you pick up for points sent from my amiga 600
  2. almost nothing is easier than Doom2.wad, maybe try dipping into some early naive mapping off shovelware CDs? also check TVR.wad which is comparable to Doom 2 in some ways
  3. felt bad about ignoring doomworld for so long so i made the worst map of all time 666 linedef limit so I couldn't spend days detailing a tiny house or something, I went in the other direction and sandymapped something tall and strange
  4. stuff bouncing around in my head I'd wanna see: articles on Doom approached from an artistic perspective, or from an arcade gamer's perspective, or from an FPS hater's perspective or from the perspective of someone who develops entirely different types of game; reviews of lesser-known Doom maps by people who already know them from top to bottom; reviews, recommendations and rankings of speedruns; competitions you just thought up; a checklist of twitch streamers who play Doom and whether they're primarily a skilled on-sight player or a deathmatcher or a speedrunner or a casual player or a mapper what have you; an alternate set of Cacowards according to a checklist more to your liking; a run-down of the health and tendencies of the multiplayer scene; email interviews with mappers or port developers or random weirdoes from the active Doom scene; a shrine to TimeofDeath's mapping career
  5. a fandom of imps a reservation of single pixel floor height variations
  6. this looks like my sort of thing, thanks for uploading :3
  7. i'm talking about set-pieces where a series of logic-leap progressions happen, or a series of lifts each triggered by stepping on the previous lift, secrets leading to secrets, levels which take place basically in a single room which transforms in stages etc, etc, etc. lots of modern levels seem to be too logical for their own good and take up a lot of space where, compared to the cute moon logic doom 2 demonstrates, nothing happens.
  8. the community still doesn't make many maps that are as mechanically interesting as the gimmicky ones from doom 2. it's incredible how many beautiful arenas and corridors we put out but it seems like few people are studying the type of activity doom2.wad was interested in
  9. if yer looking for a more authentic Doom port, check out PRBoom-plus, which maintains *most* of the feel of the original game while still being able to load many modern extended levels, or Chocolate Doom, which concentrates on the vanilla experience
  10. Ultima Underworld came out before any of this stuff and it had textured walls which could be diagonal, floor ramps, 3D bridges and doors, real-time combat and movement not constrained to a grid (although admittedly the map format itself was grid-based). without id's presence it'd take longer to surface, but someone would necessarily make something very similar to Doom sooner than later. the impetus was there and so was the influence ps if these games had stuck to their RPG roots instead of paring down the simulationism in favor of arcade action I'd probably be much happier with the genre :P
  11. ^ good call the difference between the programs is that I know how to use FMC whereas eliciting sound out of adtrack2 seems like a herculean feat to me :))))
  12. if you need features more complicated than D1 Open Door you should probably look into modding Half Life 2 🏖️
  13. thanks :D it's called Faust Music Creator! my friend made a tutorial for this one which is why I prefer it. The main drawback is that it only opens eight channels (adlib gold really supported nine) but I can't say I'm missing the extra note.
  14. totally lost track of DOOM for a while but it occurred to me the music I was thinking about right now might appeal to a few Doomers. thinking a lot about the ambient-ish RPG soundtracks that were knocking around at the beginning of the nineties and my own game based on them I've been recording videos on my own showing how I track them so this might double as a crude introduce to tracking and ADSR patching and blah bah. here are two videos which will probably vanish from twitch in a few days cos I have no followers whatsoever :)) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/200910103 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/188092433 the sound you hear in the background is an old YAMAHA keyboard with its own OPL presets. I'm committed to teh nascent PC music era I guess. apologies for their annoyingly slow nature, I'm both thinking and wrestling with an old interface :))
  15. are you saying "telekinetic activation" isn't catchy enough