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  1. yakfak


    ribbiks! these are now my favourite maps
  2. yakfak

    your favourite game, with a twist

    guess I will answer my own questions no lead protagonist: X-Com, the original. a squad-based tactics and base expansion game with replaceable units where you don't have to be successful in every mission. low bloodshed: Troddlers. a puzzle-platformer with the best elements of Solomon's Key and Lemmings. there are some obstacles to dodge including cannons which is why it's not zero violence no humans: Klonoa 2, another puzzle-platformer full of fuzzy mascot people and beautiful music money & shop system: Chaos Engine, a top-down shooter with level designs about as logical as those in doom2.wad. the money system is interesting because your AI partner can pick it up - do you try to stop them grabbing coins where possible or do you allow them some so that you can improve their stats in the shop screen? vehicle you don't get to play with: Albion; an RPG based around discovering the inhabitants of a new world and protecting them from an invasive mining mission. The game's story is centred around a spaceship called the Toronto, but despite your character being a pilot you never get to move it around :))) game you wouldn't max: Earthbound, a sweet little RPG with some end-game items locked behind one-in-256 chance drop rates. i'll never find the motivation to acquire any of them non-electronic game: Shadowrun, my favourite RPG setting. a cyperpunk dystopia setting with goblinized demihumans and slums for people not well-connected enough to be allowed ID. every video game ever made from its source material has posed you as the good guy trying to correct some injustice but the soul of the game is making a satirical suit character who acts like as much of a dickhead as possible, whose team eventually gets betrayed by an even bigger dickhead \o/ I love reading the expansion books too cos the creators clearly had a handle on positive anarchism and were socially aware of how bad big business can be

    1. Fonze


      I thought that smiling mushroom was a cow face at first, 10/10


      Also I think my subliminal mental conditioning is finally complete and I'm ready to go out and make the world wacky.

    2. Catpho


      A literal mushroom trip

  4. - What's your favourite game that has no lead protagonist? - What's your favourite game that has only a limited amount of bloodshed, or no violence at all? - What's your favourite game with no human characters in it? - What's your favourite game with a currency stat? - What's your favourite game that contains a cool as hell vehicle that you don't get to control? - What's your favourite game that you don't feel compelled to max or collect all the points items? - What's your favourite game that you can play without a computer, phone or console? try to answer each question with a different game :) I know it's easy to blurt out X-COM for #1 and #4
  5. yakfak

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    I hope they don't mess with Doom's rich back story (a guy running around with a gun)
  6. yakfak

    Commissioning mods?

    if yer a creator don't let yourself be underpaid. it sucks cos money is terrible and taboo to a lot of people but if yr base level of pay doesn't get taken seriously, it'll be eroded until you're at the level of a pub musician who moves all their own stuff in their own van, performs for three hours and then gets paid a pint of bitter and another gig folks who don't respect the creative process will assume what you do is easy and replaceable
  7. yakfak

    Any (Mega)wads that contains weird Secret maps?

    some really weird map 32s that come to mind: d2reload, avj, batman doom
  8. https://www.patreon.com/posts/take-bow-2018-18827568 muse fans will love this >:) giggle
  9. just wanna say that I don't play Doom for the challenge *at all* but I think a lot of the most interesting mapmakers right now are slaughtermappers, and that I think that's cool. if your problem with the maps is that you have to change the way you play in order to beat them, try practising! there's lots of gameplay on DSDA or Twitch from which you could work out some monster flow manipulating patterns to move along. by watching good slaughter players I have found that I can beat some entry-level stuff like PL32, Scythe 26 and my fave Zones of Fear maps; before I got into watching demos I assumed levels like these were simply too much for me I agree with the guy who said Doom could use a bunch of mazes and platforming, but at the same time, Doom needs creative people coming at it from every angle possible, and for everyone involved in the scene to have a live-and-let-live attitude concerning content that falls outside their gameplay sphere. it's sad to dismiss people's creations because they played out differently than you hoped they would!
  10. I don't do well with the military-type shooters cos all the guns looks so similar to each other and I'm obviously missing some military history knowledge which makes me care which one is which. like if your game has ten guns and they all look like gunmetal horizontal pipes with small cosmetic differences when you see them in the field then I'm going to think they're poorly designed even if they're perfectly realistic i want one of the guns to have a drawstring and one of the guns to a bright neon colour and one of them to have an unnecessary spinning barrel and one of them to have a miniature nuclear fission reactor strapped to it. as for sound design I think I'm in a weak position to criticize because my fave FPS has the bfg-9000 in it
  11. yakfak

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    EA crashed the Ultima series so hard the fanbase acts like the ones under their banner don't even exist... they messed up Ultima IX's lore, plus the avatar of britannia forget his previous adventures and is thrown into a new format with none of the previous games' mechcanics. and it's really really dull lol. Ultima 8 is pretty maligned too cos of its single character party and real-time elements, but it still has some good features and really great music so I can partially forgive it. actually it's kind of a welcome change after Ultima VII's tendency to have all its NPCs say "hail avatar the hero let me take your jacket" and generally make the whole game feel like one big victory lap right from the start ahem I don't follow game dev drama because it's boring and painful but this I know
  12. yakfak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    i haven't played rage and haven't seen more than half an hour of footage but in my soul I know it's a slow mission based shooter where you get to shoot six people and then you have to Learn About the Setting from an npc with irritating voice acting
  13. yakfak

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    ^i always appreciate it when people put out new level sets that don't replace the texture table so you can use new packs with it that's part of why I used the original texture names! also i'm really proud of that dense bstone light lol it makes me laugh i guess a lot of the pack was made a) at random while laughing and b) with the idea that decorative textures would be pushed and material textures would be less important scatterbrained high-activity stuff that wears your eyes out in twenty minutes yknow :)))
  14. yakfak

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    strictly ITYTD then if I like a map I revisit it on UV-respawn and cackle about how badly I'm doing
  15. yakfak

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    heyo looking back through Northern Powerhouse in the editor I've noticed a teleporter ambush has become unattached from the map in terms of sound - there's no way of triggering it. without edits the map is impossible to max. WITH edits the map is only mostly impossible to max :))) (joining sectors 1247 and 795 would fix it) i'm not petitioning against the "no edits" rule cos I realize this is solely my fault, but I'm wondering if the maps will receive a final pass before being released?