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  1. Alper002

    Post your Doom textures!

    That one with the lost soul is flashing VERY rapidly, worried it might (alongside some other ones) be dangerous for those who can get seizures from flickering lights. Highly distracting, in any case.
  2. Alper002

    My first mapset!

    I've played through level 4 with a pistol start, and I enjoyed it. Didn't find any of the early power weapons and triggered both the megasphere and blue key traps, resulting in quite a bit of running. It was then fun to then turn the tide with the SSG and RL thereafter. One little thing that I feel like nitpicking just now is that a fair few lines that ARE walls don't look like it on the automap, which seems to stem from said walls being closed sectors. I'd prefer if the sectors that represent the pillars were deleted(resulting in an empty void), and in case some wall HAS TO be a closed sector you can put the line flag that makes it look one-sided to make the automap a little more readable. I also think the return trip secret is a little less obvious than might be ideal, as the clue is texture cutoff in a map that has been a bit messy with the textures... but it's good that it's there at all. My favourite secret was probably the two-step one with the lift, though I was briefly misled by that weird switch next to the SSG. Also, bug report: A HOM. I examined in an editor, and the reason the map doesn't run in vanilla is due to some weird lines facing the void in the staircase near the start of the map. It's one of those things Chocolate Doom doesn't give an error message for, frustratingly enough. As for future releases, given the playtime of each individual level not being that much I think releasing multiple at a time will work best.
  3. Alper002

    My first mapset!

    Pretty good for someone's first! I especially like the way the secrets were hidden! The second level is probably my favourite, due to said secret-hiding, but level 3 was fun too! I didn't mind the narrow hallways or the texturing in the slightest, because I was enjoying the sense of place in the maps. One thing that I want to make note of for the two computer/screen-pressing secrets is that there's not much in the way of feedback when you press them. Maybe a distant sound if you're lucky, but there's a trick to making it more obvious. Essentially, place a switch texture on a texture slot that cannot usually be seen (i.e. upper/lower texture on a one-sided line, which usually exclusively shows the middle texture). This way it'll make the switch noise, making it clear that your "use"-press did something! Also, bugs. They always come around, so here's the ones I found: One of the computer screens has its sector accidentally marked as secret, making 100% secrets impossible. This tree occasionally looks weird due to a so-called slime trail, jiggle around the vertices and it might fix itself.
  4. Title. Would you be found ready to ambush inside a monster closet, would you stand prominently atop a platform and attack from afar, or are you perhaps one among a threatening many out in the open? ...or maybe you'd fit in somewhere else? I myself would be found within a closet, which itself is hidden inside another closet. I'd be ready to ambush, but... it'll take a while.
  5. Well, while it is actually 75 health bonuses stacked ontop of each other (I thought a soulsphere was too much at some point), I see what you mean. It's not exactly a rewarding trap if you can't help but take damage from it. If I had thought of this I probably would've swapped the placement of it and the plasma rifle(among other changes), as in my opinion it's more valuable than additional health for the 4 barons you're locked into near the end.
  6. I always mess up with a release somehow! Fixed it now.
  7. This simple map makes you travel over a lot of nukage in order to reach the exit, but you don't get enough radiation suits not to take damage. That said, I did try and make the map be on the more lenient side. I think it is at its most exciting when you don't straferun over the damaging floors. I've tossed it to /idgames already because I'm not planning on making further changes, but I'm still curious about what people think of it. The necessary play information, among other things, is over there. Link to doomworld /idgames page
  8. Alper002

    Request your doom mod and i will make it (closed)

    I want you to make a map that is at least slightly inspired by something you care about, made for whichever sourceport you think will work best for the idea that comes about from that. Make it as "good" or "bad" as you want. If you can't do that, I want you to make something that you can enjoy making. Ideally I'd hope you enjoy making the request either way, but I know enjoyment of the making process is unpredictable. If you're gonna keep at this requests thing you'll need more rules for sure, but I'm not so sure making stuff based entirely on requests is a good idea anyway. Expressing yourself in your own way is good.
  9. Alper002

    Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Was fun replaying AV on ITYTD to listen to the midis! I particularly liked the ones for MAP06, MAP10, MAP19, MAP30 and MAP31. Didn't play the old MAP25, but the track for it was also one I quite liked. One thing that bothers me a little by the current release candidate is that the midis don't feature the names of their composer in the filename. It's a lot less convenient compared to the plutmidi or tvr!midi compilations, cause with those you don't have to search for a thread to find the credits. Other than that, no complaints.
  10. Alper002

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Source code isn't much of an issue, I believe the reverse engineering that's been done is pretty good. I think the biggest issue is just that Strife didn't bother with proper demo support at all. As far as I'm aware, dialogue breaks when trying to play back any recorded demo. As a result, there's probably very few (if any) demos to claim the game support compatible with, other than the single short one found in the title screen loop of the game. And if dialogues don't work anyway it's worthless for the kind of demos people actually want to record.
  11. Alper002

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    I had one idea, but I took too long to make it and couldn't be bothered to continue it. Then I got another, more possible idea. Here's my submission: a small-ish normal limit-removing map, featuring plenty of hitscan. Comes complete with difficulty settings! (HMP designed first.) The one custom texture is a sky by Chainie, and is implemented via sky transfer. This does technically mean particular limit-removing ports will just show the vanilla sky, but the map still looks fine with that one. I also composed a midi for this map, mostly because I was unaware of anything already made that gave off the right feeling. Screenies: DL: MaxP21-Alper002.zip The map's name is "Not in good shape".
  12. Alper002

    The Library - UDMF Atmospheric Map

    The title on the titlepic is cut off if you play in a 4:3 resolution. Aside from that, no bugs :P I happened to like the vibe a lot! As you say, there isn't much "playing", but trying to figure out how to get everywhere is something I found some fun in on its own. On top of that, there was a bit of me that wished there were secret places to find beyond the actual playable area, but that could just be me wanting more.
  13. So... when I realized the initial idea I had for nanowadmo this year wasn't gonna work, I tried to use the month for something regardless. I thought it'd be a really stupid idea to make several maps every day. The idea made me laugh, and then made me actually consider it. When the month started, I began making maps. I documented my progress on the nanoawdmo discord server. The end result? 100 maps. All made within the same month. They're all quite short and small, and there's at least one which is a straight shot to the exit from the start, but I tried to make them all decent at least! They were all made in 15 minutes, plus some extra time to make sure they were possible to complete. The play time for the average map tended to be between 30 seconds to 1 minute. I didn't want to say anything about it anywhere aside from the nanowadmo discord for whatever reason... but screw it, I did this, I should put it all somewhere where people can see it! Note that these maps were all made as separate wad files, with default sky and music. Turn off the game's default music if you're intending to play these and not get annoyed by D_RUNNIN. Compatibility is intended to be vanilla, but without static limits. Below is the link to a zip file with the maps, organized via folders by the date they were made. Also included are several text files that give context and describe maps. Micromaps all.zip If I were to go further with this massive pile of maps I'd try and put them all in one big wad (or several full megawads). The end result would be a mapset of many maps that doesn't take a lot of time due to each individual map's runtime being quite short. Thing is, if I do compile them I kinda want to give them some proper flair rather than just using default music... and maybe mix the map order up as well. Not sure if I'm going to actually do that quite yet, but it is a possibility.
  14. I've changed my mind about participating, the ideas I have right now aren't motivating me enough at all. Good luck to everyone else on their projects!
  15. Yeah it's just "make maps", and the other rules (as far as I know) are allowed to be bent, so long as you're making stuff during the month! If you feel like there's too few rules, then you can impose some of your own rules on yourself to make it more fun :P Also, just wanna say I'm participating. This time, my project is a single map! Hopefully it'll be an interesting one, too. Just like all of the other times I've participated in nanowadmo, the thing I'm making will be for Hexen.