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  1. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    I've been kind of slow on playing NIHILITY recently... I dunno why. I think the atmosphere is starting to wear off. I'm gonna try to catch up on the maps that I've missed tomorrow. E2M5 was okay. It was a little strange to navigate, but nothing really felt impactful. Finding the secret exit was kind of umb, honestly. The one switch I missed was the one in the don't room. I had to look at the map in an editor, and I felt really dumb when I saw that there was a switch there. I also did get that bfg without setting off the trap, so haha. Other than that, this map didn't feel very interesting.
  2. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    E2M4 is... okay. I don't know E2 well, but I recognize a lot of these areas from E2. The layout isn't too confusing, and the combat, except maybe the spawning vats references, is kind of dull. The robotic imps didn't spice anything up in the slightest, and the majority of the combat didn't even involve them! I also felt there were a bit many times where I could wait at a door to kill the monsters in the room. The lack of music still doesn't bother me. It lets me think on my own. It also makes me ask questions like "Why are those skulls not bloody, but the rest of them are?". I will still not listen to any music while playing this mapset, so that I get the intended experience.
  3. Alper002

    How do I make my MIDIs sound like DOOM music?

    You should extract the IWAD's MIDIs and see what they do. You'll see the instrument choices and maybe figure out a variety of things. You could also try to look up about composing and tips when doing so. Also, the standard windows soundfont is how most people hear doom MIDIs, and it's what people associate with classic Doom most often. If you're referring to Doom 2016, well you're out of luck, cause MIDIs can only play notes with (a large variety of) specific instruments and nothing else. Try making music with tools for general digital music if so.
  4. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    E2M3 was indeed, linear. The map was pretty fun. I didn't use the plasma rifle in the map much, though. It doesn't have anything to do with that I don't think the sounds have enough "oomph", but more that I didn't think to use it in the situations that came after. The new enemy's notified sound is a jumpscare and a half. I didn't expect it, and the group of them overwhelmed me on the first try of that room. The second try it was pretty easy, actually.
  5. Alper002

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    My first ever finished map. Very focused on switches that are shot at, as the name implies.
  6. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    I was a little late to the punch, oh well... I'm playing on Hurt me plenty, because that's the difficulty I am used to. Anyhow, the first thing that really schocked me was the silence. The atmosphere surprised me, but I loved it! E2M1 was somewhat hard to navigate, but was otherwise pretty easy. I even 100%ed it first try. I'm not used to how these lots souls work, but I think I'll be fine. E2M2 was slightly harder to navigate, but mostly because I was silly and didn't think of using a lift. The secret in the secret that leads to the soulsphere was surpisingly tight, but damn was it satisfying to collect. Other than that, I finally got the chaingun and rocket launcher replacements. The rifle you start with instead of a pistol was pretty useful, but with the chaingun replacement I don't think I'll need it anymore. The new baron of hell-like enemy seems to be a weaker version of the baron? I haven't really been keeping track of what the new monsters are called, so eh. There was one, but it wasn't really that threatening on this map.
  7. Alper002

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    I think adding idclev support for names specified by UMAPINFO would be a very good idea. I think it could be called something like a "level number", because the -warp parameter uses the numbers of maps and not the mapname itself. Idclev is probably a more immediately useful use-case, though.
  8. Alper002

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    UMAPINFO is a bare-bones version of MAPINFO that is designed so that as many ports as possible can potentially be compatible with it. The goal with this is to have a "modding standard" that all limit-removing source ports are compatible with. Normally, if you want to change the order of maps, you have to go instantly to GZDoom or Eternity compatibility, even if you just want to make boom-format maps. With UMAPINFO(If developers support it), you could just make a UMAPINFO and you don't have to go overkill with sourceports.
  9. Alper002

    Good Extensive Gameplay Mods?

    When you say reskin, you imply that it doesn't change gameplay. These mods do, and are thus are called "Gameplay mods". Unless they also change maps ontop of that, then they're total conversions. You can find a lot of such mods on the ZDoom forums. It's categorized pretty well, so you can relatively easily find some good mods of the kind you're looking for. There's also tons of mods posted here, but it's usually maps or more vanilla-esque mods.
  10. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    E5M8 is an easy map. Simple as that. The lost souls are barely a threat, and even the tougher monsters aren't placed in a very threatening way. The final part is probably the easiest, especially if you got the BFG from the last map. I even ran past the cyberdemon because I didn't feel like fighting it. Also, just gotta say this... Sigil_compat's version of the ending is way better than the normal one. The ending has far more "punch" to it, even if it is just E3's ending with different pictures. Normally it's just one picture with no special music, and that's kind of boring. As a whole, I personally think SIGIL is a fun, challenging set of maps whith an atmosphere that gives it a pretty unique identity. There were a few small issues here and there, but nothing really ever felt annoying. This is how I see it on HMP, and I probably won't try UV for a while. UV, as I've said before, looks to not be my cup of tea.
  11. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    E5M7 is probably my favourite map of SIGIL. I don't know why exactly, but I think @Urthar had a good guess. Anyhow, I found it really fun, as well as challenging. There's a BFG in a little corner somewhere, very useful to pick up. Despite that, I always find myself with low health near the end of the map. The last room is definitively the hardest. Cramped, a few shotgunners and cacos, not mention the imps which all can be threatening at low health. On top of that, there's a baron of hell(Or two on UV) right in front of you as you open the yellow door. If you got the BFG, this would be fine, but otherwise, you've got a tough encounter to deal with. I's probably my favourite room of them all, though. The lost soul maze was the part I liked least, because it was a bit dull IMO. Otherwise, the map was a lot of challenging fun!
  12. Alper002

    If this has been asked before bump me or delete it.

    You can just open a wad in an editor of choice if you want to look at or edit someone else's work. Releasing said edited work on the other hand... I dunno. That'd be up to the one who made the mod you made an edit of. From what I can tell it's pretty frowned upon though.
  13. Alper002

    Shoot-Switch Hell

    @Suitepee hasn't finished streaming yet, but I have made an update that fixes a bug he encountered during the stream. It also makes a few small changes in some places. Nothing major though. Here it is!
  14. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    E5M9's cyberdemon is present on HMP. Nothing can replace that cyberdemon though, it's kind of necessary for the intended challenge there. A baron can't threaten an elevator, but a cybie can. Other than that, there wasn't much that was interesting with this map. The toxic area is a little easier on HMP because of the radsuit being in the toxic floor and in the monster closet. I personally think HMP should've just had one radsuit but on the toxic floor. Would've made it easier without making it too easy.
  15. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    E5M6's maze isn't as interesting on Hurt me plenty... No cyberdemon. The baron as a turret and the shotgunners are challenge enough for someone less skilled, though. The rest of the map seems somewhat uncompromised. The barons in a cage in the first part are interesting, what with teleporting to the path you take later if you don't take them out immediately. The darkness in the area however, was obnoxius enough for me to, again, need the use of the automap to navigate. At least the room past the red key bars was a fun and challenging fight. This map leads to the secret exit, and since I'm new to this, I'm wondering... Will we talk about the secret map next, or will we talk about it after E5M8?