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  1. I don't have the technical know-how on doing this, but I'm marking it as the solution anyway since this is the most likely way to solve the problem. I'll try to do something that's "good enough" and then recommend the software renderers.
  2. While the software renderers work perfectly fine way I'm intending to use Hexen's FOGMAP colormap, I'm not succeeding in making the hardware renderer show the map in quite the way I want it to. Examples: What do I need to do within the options, ZMAPINFO, etc. to get the result I want?
  3. Alper002

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    MAPINFO but (hopefully in the future) compatible with most sourceports instead of just specific ones.
  4. Doubt it'd be good for E1 actually. There's like, 1 or 2 teleporters in the whole thing, right? Doesn't sound like a prime candidate for teleport scrambling to me. I got through a run of e2_full randomized, had to noclip though... The teleporter to E2M8 was in the secret exit of E2M5, but to get there you had to go through the corridor you can teleport to in E2M1. How do you get there, you ask? By going through the teleporter at the start of E2M8! So, in order to get to E2M8, I had to be at E2M8 already. The only thing that I feel the randomizer itself lacks right now is a method of setting a specific, user-chosen seed. Other than that it is very interesting, albeit very volatile mod to play. I'd imagine it'd be very difficult to minimize softlocks in the randomizer itself, so any softlock prevention would probably have to be through gameplay additions/changes. Something like a noclip-providing partial invisibility is an idea that pops into my head, but it'd probably have to be something less ridiculous.
  5. I have a bug to report on e2_full: The flats are misaligned, at least in E2M2. What little I've played so far has been... interesting. Warping to and from the different maps of E2 in the way only a randomizer could provide is something I haven't really experienced before.
  6. Alper002

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    Something's up with the switch before the green key in MAP04... where it seems like it should be, there's a void you can't press on. Behind it, however(in unplayable void space!!!) there's a pressable switch. Found this out when checking in an editor to find progression. Screenshots for in-game consequences(UMAPINFO prboom+): While I'm at it, found a slime trail (I think?) in MAP03: Not finished the mapset yet, but it's been a huge amount of fun rushing through these maps to desperately find the exit! And dying a lot, too!
  7. Alper002

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    Can confirm that UMAPINFO is not supported by ZDoom 2.8.1. However, it would be possible to make it work in a version of zdoom like that if a standard MAPINFO was used in conjunction with UMAPINFO. Looking in the wad file however, I can see that only UMAPINFO is present.
  8. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    I feel I wasn't fair to MAP29:The Armoury, playing it in a sort of bad mood. Thanks to alternative saves I could play it with the continuous arsenal I had up to that point. It's still a pretty standard map, but I had an easier time appreciating the combat. While being on the easier side, it's no pushover either. Though, the northern route to the back of the red door is an infinitely worse path to choose compared to the southern one. Compare going to a switch and back (while on a damaging floor!) with shooting a shotgunner and getting into his hiding place. On my initial playthrough I looked in builder to find the secret, but that was probably due to the mood. I do think it could use a more noticable audio cue, but it doesn't have to. Overall a fine map, I suppose.... ...but nothing compared to MAP30:Final Test! Really enjoyed how the floor raised as you progressed in the early stage, and demolishing the icon in the late stage. It was very exciting for me, fighting the hordes as the map escalated both the combat and it's physical location. They end up not being too tough to deal with, but it's the sense of finality that counts! Around when the cyberdemons come into play, if you're one to be more campy, the cacodemons can potentially attack you from the back. I like that because it's an example of how Doom's monster movement can create interesting events. Speaking of interesting happenings, One of the cyberdemons somehow got stuck with an angered revenant punching it. Needless to say, that one didn't pose much threat :P The final section was a bit awkward to fight the masterminds with, but the placements work for what they are. Overall, a great end to the megawad! Map ratings:
  9. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    @Phobus I have another potential suggestion for a crusher fix. Self-referencing sectors can cause crushers to be more damaging. This means you could stack a load of self-referencing sectors ontop of each other, and then also have dummy sectors for them so they lower properly to the ground with the floor lowering switch. This'll make both forms of crusher extra damaging, but the floor crusher won't have to get stuck anymore. Helps that the source ports where this trick doesn't work is where it's not causing softlocks anyway! Whoa! a rock tune I have a greater than vague familiarity with!! Had I not read the thread I would've gone through MAP29:The Armoury without a BFG in hand. Good on you for providing some imps to use said BFG at once you get it, cause otherwise it would've been pretty boring to just get it. The map itself is fine, but nothing particularly special, at least to me. There's technically some forced damage with the damaging floors(from what I can tell), but it's such a mild case that it's not really a problem. I may have gone in with slightly higher expectations than I suppose I should've had. Map ratings:
  10. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP28:Broundry 3 starts off in a very dangerous manner. It's hitscanners all around with awkward revenant rockets from far away, with health amounts that always feel too low. Once you get past that part the rest is much more managable, but still decently spicy. Had I taken that secret megasphere from last map I probably wouldn't have had as tough of a time with the map, and I'd probably have enjoyed it less as a result. Sure, it's pretty nice visually, but the early threat of death is about the only thing special going for it gameplay-wise compared to the other maps. Map ratings:
  11. Alper002

    How often do you post on Doomworld?

    A few weeks ago I could've said daily, but now it's not exactly so, since I've decided to not really write daily for the doomworld megawad club. Sometimes I decide to respond to other threads which I want to say something in, but sometimes I write something up and then never end up posting it for whatever reason. My posting pace will go further downhill in the future, I can sense it.
  12. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    I experienced this in prboom+, but it seems my save was not using the right complevel? That's my hypothesis for the issue at least, since when I tested just warping to the map regularly it worked flawlessly. When loading my save, the crushing floor didn't stop to make sure the barons took as much damage they needed to in order to die. Instead, it just raised, dealing damage as it went, and then made the sector stuck, unable to be moved. Other than that weird mishap I found MAP27:Press Gang quite an interesting map to play. There's a horde of barons to contain, lest you get overwhelmed and die. That's not to say the map itself isn't tough without them, but it's essentially impossible if you let them flood the map. It's quite satisfying to then crush them at the end, even if it behaved a bit more oddly than intended. Overall enjoyed it a lot! Map ratings:
  13. can I use this as my profile picture? image.png.464b2cb1fb57ca6206507f26dbbf4e80.png

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      I would absolutely not mind!

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      This should be made into a custom monster

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      @magicsofa I made a crappy one a while back in the share your sprites thread!

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    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I can see a face.
  15. 1) Thank you. 2) Nope, I don't use autorun, even if I tend to run a lot. Probably not the best way to have it set up, but it feels better to me to hold a button to go faster than holding a button to go slower.