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  1. Alper002

    Obscure Games That Deserve More Attention?

    VIVIDLOPE is an arcade-y puzzle game. It's about coloring in tiles on a 3-dimensional shape by walking around on it, while also avoiding enemies. It's also kinda cute. It's a relatively simple game which manages to have a lot of variety in its levels. Might frustrate sometimes, but not so much that it isn't satisfying to play IMO. Just don't take it lightly, it does get quite challenging by the end. There's also a level editor that I have yet to try out, and a fair amount of custom levels (which I also have yet to try). There's a lot to do in the game even without that, though.
  2. Alper002

    Mind blowing wads

    I remember being really impressed by Three Is A Crowd when it came out. It makes use of a fair bunch of obscure vanilla tricks that make some maps feel quite impressive. Definitely helps to know what mapping in the vanilla format is like for that full effect, though. The wad also tells a coherent story throughout, which's doubly cool for vanilla I think. Should probably look into playing through it again sometime, I remember enjoying it a whole lot.
  3. I am staying past my bedtime to say
  4. This thingamajig is now on /idgames! Well, it's been on /idgames for a few days now, but I waited a little bit on announcing it because I noticed I accidentally put "difficulty settings: Not Implemented" in the text file at some point. It's fixed now though, so I'm alright with saying it's out! Bonus fun facts: "Grejsimojs" is a Swedish equivalent to words like "thingamajig" and "doohickey" The title screen music choice was originally gonna be a different midi, but due to the duration of Doom 1's title screen being way shorter than doom 2 (nearly half as long), I ended up not going for it. The dastardly George became a little bit of an in-joke among my friends, and as a result he has made a cameo appearance in a project which happened to release before this one. I've still yet to play it for myself, but from what I've seen it looks like a jolly good time! :D I am bothered by airplanes flying overhead more times per night than I'd like (a number greater than 0 and less than 1, but still!)
  5. I can definitely see it for M7 and M8. M7's difficulty is quite route-dependent, and M8 has rockets + lost souls (plus partial invis being actually useful early on). Won't change them just for that, though! Continuous is the way for a casual and relaxing playthrough!
  6. Feels weird to double-post, but... I've made an update! You can find the download back at the original post! These are the changes: - All file names are now all-caps - Text file has been revised to be a little more informative without context - Midis are messed with to prevent crashes in vanilla - E2M9 has a forced secret so the intermission displays 100% secrets - E2M9 also now includes a previously-unused texture somewhere. May throw this to /idgames soon if nothing problematic shows itself!
  7. Very happy to see people responding so positively to this! Got some time to test in the realtm vanilla doom through dosbox (patched via DeHackED, of course!), and while the maps themselves seem perfectly functional I may have bad news... The MIDI2MUS conversions automatically done by vanilla are lossy and make them sound incorrect, which'd be alright on its own, but... it appears there are memory corruption issues!? With music enabled the game may occasionally crash with errors like "Z_CheckHeap: block size does not touch the next block" on map transition, but when it's disabled these issues don't occur at all. Of course, playing this mapset without music doesn't really jive with my idea of how it's meant to be... I can't in good conscience say that vanilla really supports this if issues like this exist, and I don't exactly know what I'd do to fix them at all. I may consider it specifically chocolate-compatible if no good solution shows up. EDIT: My friends helped me out, turns out the midis were formatted in ways that MIDI2MUS weren't expecting to handle... I'll release an update sometime soon which fixes this!
  8. This is a project I started work on during NaNoWADMo 2023, and was intentionally meant to feel like an amateur home-cooked thing. This was in the hopes that it'd make the project easier to work on (seemingly less pressure and all), but it still took a while because it turns out that burn-out still exists when you have fun! It features a few pieces of photo-sourced graphics (some of which see more use than others), with all pictures being taken by yours truly (Also some other new graphics that aren't that). The music is all essentially randomly chosen from bitmidi.org based on what I was able to find and recognize, and features things like Can-Can, Gimme Gimme Gimme, and Money Money Money. There will be occasional mandatory fake walls and the like, but they've all got hints of some kind. If they still tick you off, I hope you can still find something about this that makes you smile! You can find a download here! (/idgames) A silly story is included in the text file. Not mandatory reading, but please do :) This works in Chocolate Doom, but I currently haven't tested it on DOOM.EXE (Don't have DOSBox handy, and I'll just keep finding something more to delay this thing), but it SHOULD work in vanilla if you load the dehacked. Please report if it doesn't. With the release of the second version, this project has received accommodation for the vanilla executable. It should by all accounts work as intended.
  9. I'm pretty sure I was done with both of the slots I took for the project, the thread OP just wasn't updated to match. Still not feeling up to making any additional midis, but the idea's not off the table.
  10. I am now represented by an edited photo of a mouse made of ceramic

  11. Alper002

    SPEED WEED - Happy 4/20 🌿

    Not intended at all, but I don't care enough to "fix" it. People can enjoy that skip if they want! I didn't even notice that first part! That's great! :D 69 monsters was definitely 90% intentional though! (monster count landed at 68 while making it so I added an extra one at the end) Now, I can't help but want to explain things that confuse people, so... You don't have to always go side-to-side, there's a little bit in the middle where you're safe from both arch-vile sets! It's even sort of marked on the floor! It hasn't been thoroughly tested (though I did use a fair bit of speedmapping time to test it iirc lol), but I have a decently consistent way of completing it. A lot of it revolves around realizing what areas are safe from the Arch-Viles' line of sight, (like the key platform, or the lil' powerup cubbies past the locked door) and then dealing with the Hell Knights first. "Sadistic" is probably a decently appropriate adjective though, still. It's certainly not the kindest thing I've put out, and the damaging brown water was definitely for the sake of my own laughs. Happy to hear you really enjoyed my other maps in the set, though!
  12. Alper002

    Tivauri (six maps, WIP)

    I did happen to download this at some point, when the link worked! Don't remember much about how I thought about it, but I'm happy I still have the file around: ztivWIP1.zip Though one quick and fun peek (playing each included map saveless until I died) made me a little jealous of MAP02's verticality.
  13. Alper002

    Biggest Doom WAD Turnoffs

    I don't think I've read it in any doomworld thread, but I've seen it said that stealth Arch-Viles in particular have potential due to being fully visible for their decently-long attack cycle. Resurrection probably gives away their position too. Probably still not for everyone.
  14. There's only one thing I've made where I can really feel what you're on about, maybe. Back in 2019, I made a megawad for Hexen (spurred on by NaNoWADMo) with linear levels. The maps are generally not very polished or thought-through (but perhaps still enjoyable?), and some decisions I made make me wince in hindsight. Especially egregious is an outright progression-stopping bug present in all releases, wherein a randomized sequence goes outside its intended range because of bad programming. It's obvious in hindsight, but at the time it wasn't so clear to me. While I wish I had spotted that bug, I don't really care enough to make a fixed version. It's not something I'm proud enough of to really warrant doing that. All of this isn't to say there aren't things I like about the mapset, but goodness me I wouldn't do much of this the same way again! Generally I go with an "it is what it is" attitude for my maps after I've done their last update. If they have unintended stuff, so be it, that's part of it now! Maps with skips or other oddities exist in many places, what's a few more? I can obviously see things I maybe would've liked to change sometimes, but I can let go of those things very easily. It might not be the best mindset to have, but that's where my thoughts land right now.
  15. Alper002

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    The problem you might be running into is that GZDoom (by default) makes explosions launch things vertically, which not all doom sourceports do! Assuming gzdoom, one of the compatibility options (Referred outside of menus as Compat_Explode1) prevents this, which should remove the ability to do those rocket jumps. You can force it within MAPINFO by putting in "compat_explode1 = 1".