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  1. Instead of using a polyobject door action, use one of the normal polyobject movement actions. That'll make it do what you want it to.
  2. It does! It's also a step in the right direction towards the goal of mimicking Hexen's soundtrack! While it is closer, there's still a few things that make it fit less than it could. For example, a lot of bits feel like they repeat themselves a bit more than they should. Particularly the choir seems like it's just doing the same thing for most of the runtime. It would in my opinion be well off with more variation as well as more bits where it's not present. The first four bars of drums also don't make a whole lot of sense. Still, the midi is good. It just needs some changes to become even better! I also realized this video with Kevin Schilder hasn't been linked on the thread yet, but it probably should be. I think it provides useful insight for mimicking the style. (Edit: Nevermind, I was just horribly unobservant) Also, Jimmy, the list in the OP doesn't say so, but I consider my midi for Transit complete.
  3. I don't feel it gels with Hexen's style all that much. It's very much it's own thing, which doesn't really try sounding as dissonant or evil as the tracks in the original soundtrack. Part of me wants to say that it doesn't feel like it has anything to do with the map, but that might just be because it's a bit too calm for a map with wendigoes, death traps, and occasional earthquakes. Otherwise it is a pretty neat midi though!
  4. Alper002

    What tips would you give to a first time WAD maker?

    I've noticed multiple cases of "don't compare yourself to others" but it's not always a bad thing to do that IMO. However, it needs to be done in an analytical way, more "what are they doing differently?" rather than the depressing and demotivating "omg they're so much better than me I should just give up" One thing I'd recommend would be getting familiar with what you have at your disposal. Sprite decorations for example aren't everyone's first thought, but they can really add a lot to an otherwise simple map! Just seeing certain resources and thinking of what you can do with them can give inspiration sometimes! Also want to say that what you make is ultimately up to you. If you you don't wanna obey a particular "design rule" that someone's made up, feel free to break it!
  5. I barely even remember what I made before my first release. I have made quite a few spontaneous doodles that don't go anywhere that look kinda neat over my time as mapper. Kinda fun to just make those. So, here's what all of what I've completed and submitted/released so far, in vaguely chronological order...(with exception to explicit numbered speedmapping sessions) ...Which counts up to about 14 released Doom maps. If you count collaborations as half-maps. 15 if you don't. Then there's all of the speedmaps I've made for the Hellforge and Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions... I've made 2 speedmaps per session on each ASS since session 49, and since I've mapped for 5 sessions, there are 10 maps of mine from that. (#54 might not be out yet but it sure has happened!) The Hellforge speedmapping sessions have a few contributions of mine too, 9 of them, but the ones I'm most fond of are in sessions which haven't been properly released. It's made me consider the thought of maybe making a wad compiling my favourites and a few other things into one neat package... Anyhow, That totals up to about 34 submitted Doom maps, and 34 released Hexen maps. If we count maps that people can actually play there's definitely more for Hexen than for Doom, but otherwise it's completely even! Neat!
  6. Alper002

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I'd say probably yes. I could potentially be initially deceived by earlier usages of similar-looking switches, if those aren't the type you shoot, but I'd think to try shooting it one way or another.
  7. I wanna mention that the review for my Hexen hub, Lost Luxury, has quite a few numbers wrong, including the number on my name! Nice of you to decide to spotlight and review it anyway! ...But make sure you get the details right next time :)
  8. Alper002

    MAYhem 2021...or should I say MAYhem X!

    I've got a thing I wanna submit for this! Yes really, this early on in the month! My submission is called "Sea Trash" The music is a midi conversion of the music from the second level of Pop'n Twinbee for the SNES. Credit goes to Zenkusa from vgmusic.com! Difficulties are supported, all player starts are there, and I made sure there was as little possibility of softlocks in co-op as possible! SeaTrash.zip It takes place under a sea where some sort of technologically advanced building has sunk or been flooded. Contains incredibly little usage of the actual custom textures provided, to unexpectedly interesting results! Also featuring a "boss fight" against "S.S. Man"! ;) I will not be surprised when this lands outside of the standard map rotation, the only mega man texture I used was for the boss doors lol That doesn't mean I didn't attempt to make it feel like some sort of megaman level though, otherwise I wouldn't feel as good about submitting for this!
  9. Alper002

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Meanwhile, the MAYhem X map I'm working on also happens to be close to completion..... But, uh... ...I may or may not be using the resources wrong :P Fun fact: The seaweed is made out of DOORTRAK! (I will not be surprised when this lands in MAP33 lol)
  10. Alper002

    The DWheretic Club plays: Heretic

    I've been catching up.... slowly. Since there's so much ground to cover and the month's almost over, I have my thoughts on the maps be point lists rather than anything more written out. Don't read them unless you're actually interested. Thoughts on the remaining E2 maps: Needless statistics on episode 2: Amount of keys: 22 Key-to-map-ratio: 2.4444444444444 Pits that lead to secrets: 4 Secret Iron liches:2 Thoughts on the remaining E3 maps: Needless statistics on Episode 3: Amount of keys:21 Key-to-map-ratio:2.3333333333333 Needless statistics on the first three episodes: Amount of keys:62 Key-to-map-ratio:2.296296296296296 I enjoyed the original Heretic, but I probably won't play it on black plague again. There's some fun to be had from the monsters attacking more frequently but at certain points I just can't enjoy it as much. The levels I remember most from Heretic itself were from episode 4 and 5. In comparison to the first three episodes, the levels in those episodes often felt much more interesting and varied. That said, playing through this again did help me appreciate those original episodes a little more. Not sure if I'll participate in the club again any time soon, but I do know I want to vote for this even if I don't end up doing so: + + + Hexen:Beyond Heretic
  11. This was a lot of fun to play through! There was a cute feeling throughout thanks to the faces, and the sound effect choices were nice as well. (The sounds for punching and dying even got some laughs from me!) There was definitely some evil platforming in here, and while I happen to have a tolerance for the kinda trial-and-error that it results in I think it was also helped by the personality throughout the map. For some reason I decided to play without freelook but aside from a few parts I didn't have much trouble because of that. (and the parts I did have trouble with could at least be resolved via automap) (btw to anyone playing without freelook be sure to check what your swim/fly keys are!) I think my favorite part was the 9th area. Even if I don't know the context for most (if not all) of the jokes, It still got a good amount of laughs out of me! I did find some bugs on my way through, but they weren't that common: Aside from the bugs, good stuff!
  12. Alper002

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I see, I'll probably be "just" doing a run going for the secret exit then, if/when I get around to it... But before I even start thinking about doing THAT I should probably hit that exit on a non-demo playthrough :P
  13. Alper002

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    ...aaaand I noticed an entire area I wasn't aware of, with an exit to boot. I should've known better tbh... I may have a new map to play then, with how huge that place looks lol I think I even got to the portal that'd lead to that area when I first played it, but missed the switch that opened it up, and since I could get back to the teleport exit I went for that... I'm feeling a lil awkward cause of this right now, guess I should be going for a max demo? Either way It'll be a little while before I start making attempts now, I might wanna get to grips with this new area and probably the map as a whole. I feel bad for making a kinda-sorta promise on something I didn't actually know well, but that'll just have to be my lesson from this lol
  14. Alper002

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Hmmm... I do remember beating that map... it was probably on ITYTD though, and very likely with some minor foul play on my part beyond saves. You've made me curious, I might wanna have a go at trying to beat it myself on UV now lol I'm usually not the sort of person to do demos, let alone beat maps in one take, so I doubt I'll get very far... but I want to try!
  15. I know it's sad to hear after a month of no news, but I feel like I've been unable to really get going on making my midi for ice hold. Either it's writer's block or it's me feeling like what I'm making is too derivative, or something else. I'm pulling out my claim for the map, I'm sure the slot will be filled faster than never if someone else gets the chance to make something for it! Will still probably be following the project and giving feedback though.