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  1. Woody101

    How would you describe your mapping philosophy?

    The Woody World Episodes/Maps (search Woody) have evolved a lot since I started mapping and learned a lot. Now, as I make larger and more advanced maps, typically I 1 - Think of a concept (like climbing a mountain, stuck in a city, going down a river, etc.) 2 - Maps out the area/full map on paper with container placeholders for building/sections etc. Also place weapons and keys. 3 - Put the start and exit on the map. I like the player to be able to see the exit from the start if possible so they have an idea where they will finish 4 - Plan out a general sequence for the player to go (i.e. has to get Red key from this area or throw that switch before they can go to area B, etc. (although there are multiple paths to finish) 4 - Take each area/section and flush that out on it's own paper (i.e. with door, floors, hallways, secrets, etc.) often monsters as well 5 - Select textures for that area and build that area 6 - Populate that area with monsters and items/ammo 7 - Test that area 8 - Once 4-7 done for all areas, do a pass to ensure uniformity/texture alignment and sequence works 9 - Playtest entire map, take many notes on problems 10 - fix problems and/or monsters/ammo balance, step 9 repeat until perfect 11 - Once Episode is complete, release to beta testers 12 - fix reported problems 13 - release on DoomWorld! In general, I avoid UAC tech base (too many out there) and hell/gruesome/corpses scenes/themes (yuk). I like more open spaces to run and explore multiple paths Woody
  2. Love the profile pics! I'm a big DM fan

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    2. Woody101


      If you like them then you will love my Doom Episodes :-)


      Search for Woody World 

    3. Dweller Dark

      Dweller Dark

      Alright, I'll check them out!

    4. Woody101


      I'm not sure how to message you, it seems to be disabled, maybe message me? 


      In any case, this will make it easier:


  3. Working on Woody World Episode 6, level 31

  4. Woody101

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Woody World Episode 6, about 40% done... follow me for more updates! In the meantime, you can try the other episodes: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/woodyworlde1
  5. Loading external files is not my preference either but I experienced problems merging them in and had to abandon
  6. Woody101

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on Woody World Episode 6...... 1 map down, 3 to go Episodes 1-5 for your amusement can be found here:
  7. Woody101

    Getting around Impassible

    I used line action 55 and it worked great! Will be coming in Woody World Episode 6... :-)
  8. Woody101

    Getting around Impassible

    I never knew how to lower a 3D floor ! This is going to help me so much and I will look into line action 55, never used it Thanks Rita!
  9. Woody101

    Getting around Impassible

    Yes, I never got it working either not really understand the other MID related flags...
  10. Woody101

    Getting around Impassible

    Hello all, a situation I run into often is that I have a MID (like a railing, cage) that I want to make impassible but it ends up causing me problems such as: 1 - I have a floor above it (3D) that I don't want the impassible to apply to 2 - I want to lower that floor (i.e. open a cage) but don't want it to be impassible any longer I always work around it - I figure scripting can solve something but is there a non scripting solution? Anyone have this problem?
  11. Is there no way to make this happen in GZDoom/UDMF without scripting? Not sure why it has the linedef action then....
  12. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/woodyworlde5 Woody's 5th Episode is here! A 4 level episode (levels 25-28). A varied set of maps, puzzles and challenges! Ride to the Bottom in "Descent into the Round"! Explore the City's recreation complex and Hockey Rinks in "The Civic Centre"! Can you complete all the loops and get to the top of the Mountain in "Loops"? and plan an evening to complete the enormous "Fortress"! Each level is pistol start. Generally HMP difficulty. Basic gameplay maps (not slaughter, etc.). Love feedback or videos, share with your friends and/or write a review (reply to this post)! I'd also like to know which was your favorite map out of the collection (answer the Poll on this post please). Info: Doom2 (GZDoom UDMF) Single Player Jumping and Crouching disabled Free look not required/discouraged No difficulty levels (about HMP) Mapslot: 25-28 Resources: see txt file for required additions IWAD: Doom II Thanks to the many Beta testers! Emily W, Johnr60, firewarden1000, LadyMistDragon, Aeddes666 Oxyde, Yousuf Anik, RataUnderground, Matt Eldrydge, insanoflex312 and Bri0che! Woody
  13. Woody101

    Why do people hate TNT Evilution so much?

    I thought both TNT and Plutonia were great
  14. Hi all, Yes I have reviewed the testing post/list and it's out of date :-) Woody World Episode 5 is now complete! I'm looking for some early testers to put it through it's paces so I can make any fixes/improvement before official release. Please let me know if you would be willing to give it a go in the next few weeks. GZDoom platform, 4 levels. Ideally the tester can make a YouTube video of the playthrough but comments with screenshots is also ok. For those of you who have not played the other episodes - this will give you some idea of the quality and type of maps: Please respond or DM me asap if interested! Thanks, Woody101
  15. Mine: Woody World Episode 1 by@Woody101 Woody World Episode 2 by@Woody101 Woody World Episode 3 by@Woody101 Woody World Episode 4 by@Woody101