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  1. I used ikspq2 and ikspq3 as basis for the map I'm making.
  2. I'm sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I am starting to make a map for Quake.
  3. Just either heavily edit it, or remake it and add your edits to it.
  4. Well, I want to experiment with the textures so i could probably make a map.
  5. Watching that trailer reminds me of those cheesy Quake 1 mods with those custom models.
  6. Are you going to release a demo, or do I PM you?
  7. Just get the console ports, the PC Version sucks balls right now. If you're triggered, here's a review on Steam.
  8. Heh, TNT Evilution reference
  9. Generic name. Generic map. Details: Uses Doom Alpha maps as basis It's map E1M1.
  11. Yes. This Mod still exists, and have updated the main.
  12. ok downloading odamex for this only
  13. obsoleted (I realised I posted here.)
  14. This means winter for me.