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  1. Use

    Some new Doom2 maps

    Thanks for taking the time to play these. Perfect timing as I have started doing updates to this wad. I'm eager to upload it and onto the next project! :)
  2. Use

    Some new Doom2 maps

    Nice demo, thanks! Thing definitely get more devious the longer the maps go on.
  3. Use

    Some new Doom2 maps

    Hello everyone, I've made some small Doom2 levels for fun. These are my spin on classic Doom2 levels like Entryway, Underhalls and more. This started as a simple distraction to make levels from memory (from an old Doomworld thread..no not that one, even older) but that got boring and quickly and I went off-script as the project went on. After several months I finished up these levels and may make more like these if interest is there. This is a beta version, so please comment here if you find any glaring issues. This supports limit-removing (complevel 2), and has a little MAPINFO for zdoom related ports. Was only tested by me first in Zdoom 2.7.1. Alternative ports are helpful. Pistol starts are encouraged! The following issues are known on some source ports: -Stuck monsters and displaced decorations in Map3 -A few Monster closets are non-functional in Map5 -Some teleporter shortcuts left in Map5. A few teleporters take you to different areas depending on entry side. This can result in missing progression if not careful. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/VT4b757 Download: (Beta is closed for now. Look for idgames version soon)
  4. Use

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    Hmm, well since the two problem children are approaching and there's a new generation of Doomers around, I'll briefly talk about the background of these levels, maybe someone is interested? At this point I had been only mapping for my personal megawad. My old 90s editor began to be a problem, with the size and complexity of maps exceeding it's capability. I had also started trying source ports, and was noticing problems left behind by my junky editor. Community Chest presented a good opportunity to not only show people some maps (which I had not done at this point) but maybe learn a new editor. I knew I was dealing with old, crusty Doomers and I wanted to make something difficult, memorable, something that would leave an impression, even a bad map gets noticed. Honestly I assumed they would be ignored. When the game was released and @Erik commented in the main thread on how much he liked Map12 it was a big shock. Map12 was made mostly with WadAuthor. If I recall, the creator of the program had recently resurfaced and did a small update to it. Then he vanished again. I took to this editor quickly as it was very much like the old one in function. I also appreciated the black/dark UI colors. But it was slow, and had little in the way of ease of use. The map came along fast but I would make some changes to it. My megawad has a strict texture limitation of theme, as such I kinda went nuts using crazy Doom 2 textures. Map13 was made with Deepsea. This editor was confusing at first with a dense, redundant pile of windows and menus, but once I got used to the main drawing aspect and the shortcuts it was a much nicer method than WadAuthor. This map was very fun to make as I came up with the main idea quickly. I wanted to make a level that threatened the players movement, his greatest asset. When going the 'ideal' route, it's fairly linear. After making this map I liked the editor so much I decided to keep it to this day. I went back and made some detailing and portions of Map12 with Deepsea as well. Here are some hints for players encountering these monstrosities for the first time: Map12 Map13
  5. Use

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    I was friends with @Black Void during creation of CC1 on AOL instant messenger back then. This was his first community submission if I recall, much like my own two maps, so I think that's why we hit it off. He was very nervous and not confident in his mapping abilities, but Community Chest encouraged new mappers to participate. I still have a few beta versions of this and other CC1 maps somewhere. It took a lot of cajoling to even get him to finish this map, he almost tossed it at least twice. He came back several years later after CC2 and CC3 with new material but then disappeared again. Hard to think of how much time has gone. Really nice guy.
  6. Use

    Truck Docks wad

    Hmm, I played your level. You see I too am a student of barrels. Gameplay here is rather flat in the beginning but I was happy when it picked up after getting the red key. I saved the barrels and it made for a better, more intense fight in that room. Overall you've put effort into the combat and it shows. You are already experimenting with different room shapes and configurations so that's good, keep doing that. The lighting is not consistent, and there are too many floor lamp things hindering movement. Consider making more of the lighting part of the architecture. The only other visual nitpick are texture offsets and variation, but that comes naturally with practice. You're doing everything right, keep going. Thanks for sharing this, and welcome.
  7. Use

    Where are my 90s peeps at?

    Yeah? Whaddya want?
  8. Use

    Coco’s Nightmare - A Coco Bandicoot FPS.

    That's it? A black and white sign made with MSPaint in about 12 seconds? Really puts me at the edge of my seat in anticipation.
  9. Why take your word for it, lets look at this Ruthless Beast, Breaker of Games, Destroyer of Enjoyment in action: If you get on the horn real quick I think id software are looking for Game Dervelerpers. Apply now!
  10. Beat it on PS4, Ultra Violence. Died maybe 4 times on the Dark Lord. Really not a hard boss when you break it down. Samur gave me a much tougher time with the spirits and the laser beams moving all over the arena. Dark Lord lets you focus entirely on him, it was a much more meaningful battle that way. Here's what my half-blind, controller-using ass did to beat him: Ballista - Hitting the Dark Lord when he turns green and vaporizing his dogs. Ignore the dumb tyrant. This also avoids errant shots that risk healing him. Plasma Gun - For getting zombies into glory kill. The Zombies. Endless health and armor standing there waiting for you the entire fight... Chaingun in Turret mode - For damaging the Dark Lord. Pop two grenades at his feet while dumping bullets into him. Three times and he's into his next phase. After every attack replenish your hammer with the zombies in case he summons his big gang. Run right into the middle of them and hammer-time. Done. His shield dash: Raises his shield, count one second, then double-dash left or right. Done. Equip the speed rune for glory kills, it trivializes this fight. I agree. At your age if this is how you engage with your hobby then maybe you simply don't have the temperament anymore.
  11. Use

    Vintage Doomworld from the 90s

    I agree! Despite being at a time before the entire internet was your compulsory emotional support group.
  12. Use

    Cultist Base themes?

    Hello Has anyone compiled or made any texture sets that are akin to the Cultist Base motif from Doom Eternal? This is a great theme and I think it would make some striking Doom levels. Sorry if this has been brought up or done already. Thanks guys.