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  1. Use

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    I love this port. In fact I'd say it's probably the best console port of Doom. Where else can you find an official port with support from the very community itself? We're really lucky to have dedicated fans going out of their way for this game. Thanks to you all involved for this awesome version.
  2. As opposed to what, burning down their corporate offices? What other recourse does a consumer have exactly?
  3. Yeah thanks for that, but you've missed my point. I'd go on but it's clear there are aspects of the game you haven't bothered to explore or attempt to understand better like your own runes. As you've found yourself, 'fleeing' from the Marauder is ineffective yet you continue to do so. The game or design isn't at fault to any degree.
  4. I imagine fighting the Marauder would be hard without understanding the basic game systems. I don't understand the flak this guy is getting. It's like no one has played a 3rd person action game in the last 15 years. He fights like he walked right out of a *Souls game. He has both a visual cue and an audio cue to his attacks. He moves in very predictable patterns once you have him in your sights. The dog only releases when his shield takes damage, including enemy fire which can be tricky, but it is possible to go an entire fight without seeing the dog. He also can almost be stun locked by using stickybombs or grenades at his feet, the stun lasts nearly a whole second, plenty of time to ready a weapon and blast him. Also the close range triple rocket blast, which can kill him in seconds. The arena at the titan should be no problem, you've got plenty of room and vertical space to take advantage of. Use that hookshot jump on fodder to give yourself space if things get dicey. He's a great enemy, shakes up the gameplay just like Archvile did back in Doom2 before any of us knew how to confront him. I even get the same feeling of urgency when you see that red blade go flying by. Your technique isn't working, do something else. The game has a unbelievably sized toolbox.
  5. Use

    New Picard trailer just dropped

    19 producers and 5 writers. That's how you know you're getting a quality product.
  6. I try and check in every once in a while. There's so many people missing from those days.
  7. Use

    The Roots of Doom Mapping

    Truly a fantastic piece, I enjoyed this the most so far. Thanks to all who worked hard on this event year after year. <3
  8. Use

    New Forum

    Yeah, there's bound to be a few things that are not working right. I think I tried to reply to a status update within the content feed window and nothing happened. It will probably be a few months before all the little things are ironed out. Also, if you're interested I think Xaser is still working on a new theme for the forum that will make it look a little more like the vb us old timers are used to.
  9. Use

    New Forum

    If you had read Linguica's post you'd know that there wasn't really anywhere else for the forum to go. The old software was so hacked together upgrading it to anything was a monumental task, and to leave it as it was would inevitably invite disaster (I'm actually surprised to site hadn't been jacked up years ago). This wasn't something he did because he was bored one day. Though I'm still getting used to it, I feel like the new design will bring the community closer together and foster a better, more cohesive group. Also LOL @ RAM usage in 2017. Get real dude.
  10. Use

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    I take you don't play anything made after 1998? Modern games don't really have cheats anymore, they have unlockables, but that usually entails having to put up with playing the game the way the evil developers designed it! What a chore!!
  11. I don't necessarily agree with Memfis. Most old farts aren't going to be impressed by lifts and crushing ceilings anymore, we just want a fun map that looks nice. If those things are part of your original vision then fine, by all means. But to throw them in as some effort to make others think you've fully grasped the concepts of mapping is misguided and goes against the spirit of mapping which is to just enjoy yourself and make something you'd like to play.
  12. Use

    In the /idgames archive, what is a "Port"?

    Typically it's because the wad goes outside the limitations of the original vanilla engine. Or they uses port-specific features from zdoom and boom or others. Port features encompass a fairly large gamut of changes and can be huge to something as minor as a decorate entry.
  13. Use

    The "My new username" thread

    Just shortened mine to it's original form. I should still be easily recognizable. :P
  14. Use

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Weird, but also kinda adorable. :>