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  1. Use

    Where are my 90s peeps at?

    Yeah? Whaddya want?
  2. Use

    Coco’s Nightmare - A Coco Bandicoot FPS.

    That's it? A black and white sign made with MSPaint in about 12 seconds? Really puts me at the edge of my seat in anticipation.
  3. Why take your word for it, lets look at this Ruthless Beast, Breaker of Games, Destroyer of Enjoyment in action: If you get on the horn real quick I think id software are looking for Game Dervelerpers. Apply now!
  4. Beat it on PS4, Ultra Violence. Died maybe 4 times on the Dark Lord. Really not a hard boss when you break it down. Samur gave me a much tougher time with the spirits and the laser beams moving all over the arena. Dark Lord lets you focus entirely on him, it was a much more meaningful battle that way. Here's what my half-blind, controller-using ass did to beat him: Ballista - Hitting the Dark Lord when he turns green and vaporizing his dogs. Ignore the dumb tyrant. This also avoids errant shots that risk healing him. Plasma Gun - For getting zombies into glory kill. The Zombies. Endless health and armor standing there waiting for you the entire fight... Chaingun in Turret mode - For damaging the Dark Lord. Pop two grenades at his feet while dumping bullets into him. Three times and he's into his next phase. After every attack replenish your hammer with the zombies in case he summons his big gang. Run right into the middle of them and hammer-time. Done. His shield dash: Raises his shield, count one second, then double-dash left or right. Done. Equip the speed rune for glory kills, it trivializes this fight. I agree. At your age if this is how you engage with your hobby then maybe you simply don't have the temperament anymore.
  5. Use

    Vintage Doomworld from the 90s

    I agree! Despite being at a time before the entire internet was your compulsory emotional support group.
  6. Use

    Cultist Base themes?

    Hello Has anyone compiled or made any texture sets that are akin to the Cultist Base motif from Doom Eternal? This is a great theme and I think it would make some striking Doom levels. Sorry if this has been brought up or done already. Thanks guys.
  7. Use

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    omg she's beautiful.
  8. Ah, found the problem. Seriously though, @Swordofdanu has good advice. Maybe step back and focus on your own well being. Take care of yourself! We like having you around!
  9. Use

    Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

    I know this isn't Doom related or if it has been mentioned here as I don't hang around but I found this recently and was really impressed. This thing is just screaming for some Doom textures and enemies! Maybe make the full pseudo-3d Doom experience we always wanted on Saturn?? :)
  10. Use

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    I love this port. In fact I'd say it's probably the best console port of Doom. Where else can you find an official port with support from the very community itself? We're really lucky to have dedicated fans going out of their way for this game. Thanks to you all involved for this awesome version.
  11. As opposed to what, burning down their corporate offices? What other recourse does a consumer have exactly?
  12. Yeah thanks for that, but you've missed my point. I'd go on but it's clear there are aspects of the game you haven't bothered to explore or attempt to understand better like your own runes. As you've found yourself, 'fleeing' from the Marauder is ineffective yet you continue to do so. The game or design isn't at fault to any degree.
  13. I imagine fighting the Marauder would be hard without understanding the basic game systems. I don't understand the flak this guy is getting. It's like no one has played a 3rd person action game in the last 15 years. He fights like he walked right out of a *Souls game. He has both a visual cue and an audio cue to his attacks. He moves in very predictable patterns once you have him in your sights. The dog only releases when his shield takes damage, including enemy fire which can be tricky, but it is possible to go an entire fight without seeing the dog. He also can almost be stun locked by using stickybombs or grenades at his feet, the stun lasts nearly a whole second, plenty of time to ready a weapon and blast him. Also the close range triple rocket blast, which can kill him in seconds. The arena at the titan should be no problem, you've got plenty of room and vertical space to take advantage of. Use that hookshot jump on fodder to give yourself space if things get dicey. He's a great enemy, shakes up the gameplay just like Archvile did back in Doom2 before any of us knew how to confront him. I even get the same feeling of urgency when you see that red blade go flying by. Your technique isn't working, do something else. The game has a unbelievably sized toolbox.
  14. Use

    New Picard trailer just dropped

    19 producers and 5 writers. That's how you know you're getting a quality product.
  15. Use

    Playstation and Switch Doom