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  1. Use

    New Forum

    Yeah, there's bound to be a few things that are not working right. I think I tried to reply to a status update within the content feed window and nothing happened. It will probably be a few months before all the little things are ironed out. Also, if you're interested I think Xaser is still working on a new theme for the forum that will make it look a little more like the vb us old timers are used to.
  2. Use

    New Forum

    If you had read Linguica's post you'd know that there wasn't really anywhere else for the forum to go. The old software was so hacked together upgrading it to anything was a monumental task, and to leave it as it was would inevitably invite disaster (I'm actually surprised to site hadn't been jacked up years ago). This wasn't something he did because he was bored one day. Though I'm still getting used to it, I feel like the new design will bring the community closer together and foster a better, more cohesive group. Also LOL @ RAM usage in 2017. Get real dude.
  3. Use

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    I take you don't play anything made after 1998? Modern games don't really have cheats anymore, they have unlockables, but that usually entails having to put up with playing the game the way the evil developers designed it! What a chore!!
  4. I don't necessarily agree with Memfis. Most old farts aren't going to be impressed by lifts and crushing ceilings anymore, we just want a fun map that looks nice. If those things are part of your original vision then fine, by all means. But to throw them in as some effort to make others think you've fully grasped the concepts of mapping is misguided and goes against the spirit of mapping which is to just enjoy yourself and make something you'd like to play.
  5. Use

    In the /idgames archive, what is a "Port"?

    Typically it's because the wad goes outside the limitations of the original vanilla engine. Or they uses port-specific features from zdoom and boom or others. Port features encompass a fairly large gamut of changes and can be huge to something as minor as a decorate entry.
  6. Use

    The "My new username" thread

    Just shortened mine to it's original form. I should still be easily recognizable. :P
  7. Use

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Weird, but also kinda adorable. :>
  8. Use

    Most recent movie you saw

    Doctor Strange. Was incredibly boring, but I like Benedryl Cumberbindle so I waived my strict 'no stupid superhero movies' rule to see this when it hit Amazon video. It's well produced and acted I suppose, but devoid of any originality, suspense or interesting characters. Not too surprising. I would not recommend this film to any grown adult.
  9. They are fairly competent, I'm glad they are around since I like to practice the stages and weapons with bots. I'm a little too damn old to be much of a threat against real players, despite being lured into a false sense of ability when the MP beta hit the ps4 and I was ruling everyone. Ah well fun while it lasted!
  10. Use

    New Forum

    Hey I got in! Looking forward to trying out the new features. Thanks for the hard work, Ling.
  11. Use

    Ducktales 2017

    If you're old enough to have seen the original show, then maybe this isn't supposed to appeal to you any longer. And that's ok. It's ok to let some things go now that you're probably approaching 30. You're not the target audience anymore so let the kids have their dumb cartoon. It's also unfair to call shit like Teen Titans Go a reboot, since aside from characters is has no elements of the original material, as it's goal is to be disposable and irreverent.
  12. I've been following this one for a while, but something about it is just..off. It lacks any strong visual style and is unbearably lifeless and bland. I'm far more excited about Doombringer than this game. You can tell even in it's very early stage Doombringer has so much more artistic flair.
  13. It was damn fun. I would play that over Goldeneye any day of the week.
  14. Fascinating. However the point of what Wild Dog was asking is if it could play any OpenGL games at present, at all. So did you bother to download and run the Quake 3 demo or not?
  15. Use

    ZDoom Flat Glitch/Bug

    How is this fence constructed? If it's a self-referencing or normal sector, as the lift rises the ceiling flat will fill the transparent areas of the texture until it moves below the player's viewpoint. I'm not sure what you mean with the rest of your post. Modded internals? You mean as a stand-alone level the fence is fine but once you place it into your larger wad it breaks?