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  1. Firedust

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Urania was a masterpiece for me, dude. Shame it didn't win a cacoward. Glad you are making a sequel.
  2. I really like the longer levels, too. I'm no speedrunner and I do honestly believe that the whole notion that "if you don't to beat the level in 15-20 mins on your first try, then it's crap" is stupid. I felt like the techbases were varied enough to make me feel I'm on a real adventure (and again, loved the interconnectivity), and the third episode levels had rather distinguishable encounters, so I didn't get bored for a second. If you stick to that kind of variety, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of level length :)
  3. Firedust

    What do you listen to when you're playing Doom?

    Black metal.
  4. Firedust

    New project: Evolved - first map for testing

    Good to have you back! Love your stuff, as usual. You always manage to capture this kind of old-school vibe, so every time I play through your maps, I feel like I'm going on this massive nostalgia trip. Looking forward to the rest. Your Favillesco episodes are the best.
  5. Struggle by Antares. Amazing megawad.
  6. So I finally beat this. 10/10 wad. I was literally smiling during my whole playthrough of this beauty. This is easily up there with stuff like Ancient Aliens in terms of quality. The visuals are gorgeous, and the gameplay is phenomenal. Also love the interconnectivity in the maps. And don't mind the people hating on the enemy replacements. I think they are awesome. And so are the weapon replacements. All in all, thanks a lot for this masterpiece, dude! I hope that one day you'll make more doom-related stuff :)
  7. This is absolutely incredible. So glad to see this finally released!
  8. I personally love everything he's made so far. Every time I play his wads, I remember what made me love the OGs so much—layout, monster placement, secrets. Except his levels are a tad more challenging and take longer to complete.
  9. Firedust

    Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    Hey, guys. Really sorry to bump this. This is my first time playing through this mapset (yes, I actually waited till the final version for this was released). The maps so far are nothing short of amazing. There is, however, a bug I came across in map 20. I found the secret teleporter that takes you to the soulsphere first and carried on playing through the level normally. But once I discovered that I didn't kill all the monsters, I decided to teleport back to the starting area and got stuck in the teleporter which was not lowered for some reason. No idea why. Was playing in the latest zdoom version at the time of this writing.
  10. Damn, I was getting really excited here, and now the download link doesn't work...
  11. Firedust

    UAC Dragon Sector

    Yay, it worked! Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Firedust

    Counterattack - Now on /idgames!

    Beat this once again, didn't feel THAT much harder than the previous beta. Some fights did catch me off guard though (mainly because I was expecting something else). Really cool maps these. I still hope you finish Vela Pax in the next year or so, if that's at all possible. Even though I am probs not gonna play it till all the maps are done, I am 100% sure that those maps aren't worse than the ones in Counterattack. I've played most of your maps, and I am yet to come across something I don't like.
  13. Firedust

    UAC Dragon Sector

    Okay, this is my first time using Risen 3d. Installed all the textures and patches just in case. But for some reason, it's not letting me run the wad, saying that I need to install my monitor correctly. :/
  14. Dang, and here I thought insane_gazebo was going to finish this thing. Would've been best mapset ever.