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  1. Hell yeah, more classic doom maps for us! Hopefully, you haven't abandoned your OG Doom megawad either KT xD
  2. I will gladly try to solo Nuggets Of Many whenever it becomes available.
  3. I got a good chuckle out of this. Btw you forgot the exit linedef xD Stepping on the exit teleporter doesn't do anything.
  4. Firedust

    MIDNIGHT - 7 maps in the gloom

    Finally played through this (damn you, backlog). This is my favourite thing you've released so far. Some of the best lightingwork I've seen in a mapset. Fantastic stuff.
  5. Completed 4! Did do simultaneous playthroughs to get both routes. This one's my favourite, such a great variety of settings. Also, easily the best assault rifle in the series so far, finally packs the punch it so deserves. Noticed one little thing while in Sunken City - if you use a second breathing talisman while underwater, you will still continue to lose health and drown.
  6. Firedust

    have you ever cried while playing doom?

    only tears of joy
  7. Firedust

    Winter's Fury - 10th Anniversary Update

    Are there still plans for more updates (like weapon changes, etc.) for this or is it done and dusted?
  8. Christmas came early today, new a2rob maps just dropped! Cannot wait to blast my way through these!
  9. I was playing on Hard (UV equivalent). The key pillars simply weren't there. Also, my rig is fairly powerful, and I'm 100% certain it wasn't a performance issue. I can run WADS like Sunder in GZDoom, which is not exactly the most well-optimised port, without experiencing any noticeable framerate drops.
  10. A community episode 3 sounds cool! Considering how high profile this project is, I am sure you'll find capable hands in no time.
  11. How many episodes are planned in total, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Hey, @alando1! Finished TOTLM 2 and 3! Have some feedback for you, which you may or may not address. 2 had no bugs (all maps maxable), but I did find it strange that the sniper rifle automatically enabled night vision when scoped in. Weird, especially considering how it doesn't do it in 3. 3 has a few things. First of all, the flashlights and flares. Disabling dynamic lights makes them stop working altogether, so you might want to specify that somewhere in the PDF. Secondly, I tried configuring my settings, but all the enemies appear black when I use the flashlight/lantern/flares. No idea why. I think it's a GZDoom thing, but I can't figure out what exactly needs to be configured right. Thirdly, map 27 is bugged. There are no pedestals in two areas - the one with the blue dragon key and the one with the yellow skull key. Because of this, the map cannot be completed without cheats. EDIT: Forgot to mention, playing in GZDoom 4.7.1. Otherwise, a fantastic facelift of the original! Looking forward to playing 4.
  13. Firedust

    What’s a theme / setting you’d like to see in PWADs?

    I'm down for anything that isn't arthouse bullshit. You gotta love Doom's enemy roster for being so versatile in use - Demons in dilapidated cities? Yes. Demons in castles? Yeah, why not? Demons in space stations? No problemo! If I had to pick one theme that I would like to see more of, that would be desert tech bases. Carnage Oasis was cool, and so was Valis's Mars episode. We need more of that shit. Strong Dune vibes too.
  14. I believe you accidentally put the soulsphere outside the secret xD