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  1. Firedust

    Cydonia - RC1 - map32 & co-op added!

    Up to map 5 and got to say, you guys did a stellar job at emulating the Plutonia style! Great, great mapset so far <3
  2. @Salt-Man Z try going ass first
  3. Firedust

    Akeldama: A Review

    Akeldama failing to win a cacoward (didn't even get a runner-up) is one of the most head-scratching decisions made by the jury board, in my opinion. It has great replayability and map design, certainly one of the best 32-level mapsets I've ever had the pleasure of beating. I really hope VF wasn't discourage from doing another vanilla megawad project, because I'd play that in a heartbeat if it's anywhere near as good.
  4. Firedust

    Doom Island: doom2 episode now on Idgames!!!!

    There is a softlock in Map 8. You can take accidentally take the teleporter to the yellow door area (with chaingunners and archvile before picking up the yellow key), leaving yourself stuck.
  5. Thank you for the replies, Rayziik. Here are my final thoughts: The megawad was an absolute blast to play, loved the enemy replacements - although I can't help but wonder... Was the baby caco added in for the pure cuteness factor? I felt bad killing them. It's pretty funny how the knockback effect when you blast them with powerful weaponry is something very similar to kicking a bumblebee. I also wish I got to see more of THAT monster encountered in map 31 :3 I greatly enjoyed the majority of the maps but I can't help but wonder if a couple were added for the sake of making Judgment a fullfledged megawad (namely 28, 16, 21). Favourite maps: 22, 26, 15 Favourite episodes: 3, 5 Congrats on finally getting this out of the door and thank you for making this awesome mapset!
  6. Map 27: Couldn't figure out how to lower the teleporter leading to the Soulsphere secret (the one next to the minigun). Couldn't get all kills either but that may be because the map is big and I missed a pick up or something. Map 28: Two monsters failed to teleport in during the red key switch puzzle because the switches lowered too early.
  7. Apologies for the double post. It's not on top of the bookcase, but it does get raised quite high.
  8. GZDoom v4.7.1. Happened twice. Gonna try again in a sec. EDIT: Yep, same problem. Beat the fight without using the BFG, still no dice. The raised fence lowers back first, then the switches, then nothing happens. The key basically stays hovering over.
  9. The two switches on either side of the key lowered, but the key itself didn't.
  10. Sorry, mixed up the map number. The name is Mourning Palace. On map 24 (Devil's Orchard), there are two monsters that don't teleport in (elongated south-eastern closet). One just keeps riding the treadmill thing without the linedef activating and the other is stuck for whatever reason (the cyb). EDIT: It appears I'm stuck on Map 25. After moving the red key around, I survived the chaingunner/HK ambush, and now I have no idea what to do. Is there a switch to lower it?
  11. Not sure, but the other ones teleported in just fine upon opening the white marked doors and pressing the white marked switches (the ones that lower the bars). There was nothing to block the remaining two hell knights because everything else's been killed.
  12. I think the main issue with this is that the second torch in the sequence is far off so unless you're like me who's desperately trying to 100% every single map, you probably won't give it more than a couple tries before giving up the search for what the first switch actually triggered. You can't even hear the thing open unless you're VERY close to it. Moving the third switch further away is fine because then at least the player will get the general gist of examining every torch for a potential switch on a timer. I just beat map 32 and the cyb in the bottom right teleport closet never spawned in, not sure why. No idea what's supposed to trigger it or where. Killed everything else and got the 1 secret. EDIT: I think there are two broken triggers for silent-teleporting hellknights in the eastern wing on Map 18 (Mourning Palace).
  13. Yep, but I still got Doom Island to play as well! That's the next one on the list.
  14. Will play as soon as I'm done with Judgment. I was away for a couple months and this is already your second episode within such a short window. Nice going! I always look forward to playing your WADs :)
  15. Finished Episode 2. Finding the secret exit in map 8 was an absolute bitch; that first switch in the sequence had me bamboozled. Funnily enough I found E2 to be much easier compared to E1, mainly because I could blast everything away with rockets and cells without a second thought, while E1 was more reliant on SSG, which made a couple encounters more annoying than they should be. Looking forward to killing more shit in the upcoming maps :3