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  1. @Tango, did you keep the same spread for the AR tho?
  2. Firedust

    DUSK vs Prodeus, which one to get

    Dusk! The gameplay is so, so good.
  3. That's the spirit by bmth is legit the worst "rock" album I've ever heard. If we're talking metal - PII by Periphery. Hip-hop - take any of them mumble rappers and you got yourself a winner. Electronic - kinda hard to namedrop one, "bad" electronic is mostly average, but never offensively bad. Having said that, I'm sure there's a sea of poopy artists somewhere on bandcamp out there for your sailing pleasure.
  4. Looks beautiful and utterly t h i c c. Cannot wait to give it a whirl!
  5. Thanks :3 Wanted to get the same level of quality as in your screenies, because they look breathtaking.
  6. Recommended settings for best visuals?
  7. Firedust

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Highly recommend you try it without cheats first, the balancing here is well thought out. I haven't beaten all the levels, mind.
  8. Firedust

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Yep, that's exactly what I meant! Much obliged :3
  9. Firedust

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Will this work with Wayfarer?
  10. Firedust

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    Not sure. But I always play with infinite height disabled.
  11. Firedust

    DBP29: Morbid Autumn

    Why yes, I am going to play this :3
  12. Firedust

    unpopular retro opinions

    Diablo 1 and 2 are crap :p
  13. Firedust

    What is most annoying doom mappers do?

    Nothing. You get doom levels for free. If you don't like a project, don't play it. There's plenty of variety and quantity to go about to satiate pretty much any niche taste out there.
  14. Firedust

    Best albums of 2020?

    I've been so out of touch this year with bm. Cheers for sharing! Last year was amazing for bm, and it will be interesting to see if 2020 is just as good!
  15. Firedust

    Best albums of 2020?

    I think there's a fine line to walk when it comes to production. Raw production can enhance your listening experience as well as be detrimental to it, depending on the genre of the music and intended direction. Having said that, I don't think I've ever heard a record that was so uncleanly produced that I couldn't listen to it at all. On the other hand, I do hate the sterile production jobs found on modern prog metal releases, especially on everything produced by fking Misha Mansoor or someone else from the djent crowd, who seem to have the ability to suck the last fragments of soul out of everything they touch.