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  1. finally ! congratulations ! is an awesome mapset!
  2. elden4

    Psx Doom Uniques Revamped

    Is the marshes redone in this collection ?
  3. elden4

    PSX DooM: The Forgotten Chapter

    I mean , how many secret level are there ? I could find only the first one with doom64 graphics , are there any more ? let me know thanks!
  4. elden4

    PSX DooM: The Forgotten Chapter

    I could find only one of them , How many are there ?
  5. elden4

    PSX DooM: The Forgotten Chapter

    Just finished this awesome mod ! maybe @molecicco or someone else should convert it for doom ce ! Thanks for everything!
  6. wow thanks ! is there a way to play the second episode too?
  7. it means that is available on the last doom 64 port made by bethesda too?
  8. do you have a download link for doom gec ? actually I am playing the conversion for doom ce
  9. Hallo , this work is really awesome and I am really enjoying it also I am playing using the doom 3 for doom texture mod to give to it an extra touch .Where did you upload the v2 ? in the first post ? thanks!
  10. awesome , can't wait to play!
  11. just check for the new version 2.02 https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-ce/downloads