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  1. SilentD00mer

    What frontend loader do you prefer?

    ZDL because it's multiplatform and it runs many source ports
  2. SilentD00mer

    Trouble test-running maps in Eureka

    Have you tried to find the folder '/home/<your-user>/.eureka'? In this case, what are the permissions of the file 'misc.cfg'? You can edit this file to get GZDoom to work with Eureka, just find the line which begins with 'port_path' and change it to the path to GZDoom on your system. A screenshot of (a part of) my file (The highlighted line is just an example):
  3. SilentD00mer

    What are you listening to?

    Maybe not my favorite style now, but I'm so nostalgic these days...
  4. SilentD00mer

    The DWIronman League dies to: Absolute Dishonor

    Category 1 Dead on: Map 02 Time: 13:57 Kills: 55/121 DWIM_Silent_ABSDIS.zip Most of this run is just me lost (again) in a map, in this case map 02. Well, I need to pay attention to revenant's fireballs next time:P
  5. SilentD00mer

    Your personal list of the top 20 games

    No particular order. But it's really hard to make this list Doom Castlevania Curse of Darkness Shadow of the Colossus Heretic Super Metroid Sonic 2 Blasphemous Super Castlevania IV Castlevania Symphony of the Night Metroid Zero Mission Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Castle of Illusion (SMS) Counter Strike 1.6 Undertale The King of Fighters '98 Axiom Verge Streets of Rage 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Mega Man X3 The Ninja Warriors
  6. SilentD00mer

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    CEMENT textures are very cool IMO and I find them very useful for outdoor areas. I like to use it for closets. I see it as a panel or something like that, so I use it as internal wall for closets. On the topic, maybe any texture of the "Wolfenstein levels" because of its (very) limited use and because the theme doesn't fit.
  7. Some NoMo: Return to Hadron - E1M4 - NoMo in 0:44.86 r1h4o04486.zip Return to Hadron - E1M7 - NoMo in 0:10.74 r1h7o01074.zip
  8. SilentD00mer

    Source Ports personal deal breakers (Feb 26, 2024)

    For me: - if the port requires a very powerful computer to run - if the port doesn't have demo support
  9. SilentD00mer

    DOSBox integraded into a source port?

    Maybe you want a launcher that can launch Doxbox? Ig Rocket Launcher 2 can do that but it doesn't put dos commands on menus like your description.
  10. SilentD00mer

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    Dead on: Map04 Time: 8:43 Kills: 17/34 nmlite-scythe2-SilentD00mer.zip Not very used to play with -fast parameter, but I like the challenge. Well, I don't remember details of the maps so I waste some time trying to remember the right way to progress. Maybe I can perform better next time?
  11. I'm back to DW  :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Classic SSG Enjoyer

      Classic SSG Enjoyer

      Good to see you guys back on DW :)

    3. SilentD00mer


      Good to see you guys here on DW :)

      I guess Classic has been more active on DW though

    4. Classic SSG Enjoyer

      Classic SSG Enjoyer

      Yes, I have been more active here on DW.

  12. Oh count me in for this year :)
  13. Oh ok. So I'd like to be in the next one, how can I be more informed about the contest?
  14. What is the deadline to submit a demo? And about the ports allowed, do you accept Woof or Crispy?