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  1. Category: 1 Dead on: Map 04 Kills: 41/101 Time: 22:37 dwim_laza_SiD00mer.zip Yeah, that double pistol is very weird to aim. Maybe I could last more time if I didn't use the wrong weapon (to conserve ammo) for that room :(
  2. SilentD00mer

    difficulty/slaughter maps rant

    I guess this is the main reason for those maps to exist. Well, I'm not one of that experienced players, but I can imagine how playing some wads with a progression similar to the Iwads(maybe I can call this approach a "traditional gameplay"?) can be boring. Personally, I tried some slaughter maps and didn't enjoy them, but I tried to play them on UV, and maybe they are for more skilled players (and, yes, they are, I'm not a skilled player). If you like the architecture of the maps, for example, and wanna finish the maps you can always lower the difficulty, as people said before, but it's important to remember that every player is different.
  3. SilentD00mer

    Curiosidade na fase OCD do maximum project 2021

    Não cheguei a jogar, mas uma coisa que pode mudar o lugar dos itens no mapa é a dificuldade que você está jogando, que pode ser diferente da que está no gameplay. Caso contrário, você pode verificar se é a versão final do Maximum Project ou se está jogando com a compatibilidade certa no seu port. EDIT: I didn't get to play, but one thing that can change the place of the items on the map is the difficulty you're playing, which may be different from the one in the gameplay you watched. Otherwise, you can check if it's the final version of Maximum Project or if you're playing with the right compatibility on your port.
  4. SilentD00mer

    so like which order do u think keys should happen eh

    It depends. I like the use of colors to indicate how "dangerous" that locked area is, like, the red as the most dangerous and so on, but I don't think it should follow a rigid rule.
  5. SilentD00mer

    how old is your computer?

    My PC is 6 years old, is running with just 4GB ram and using a hard drive with 1TB, but still very usable I guess.
  6. SilentD00mer

    Favorite Food and Drink?

    Almost any food with chicken. Coffee
  7. SilentD00mer

    IronEagle Competition 51: Monument

    Category: 1 Difficulty: UV Dead on: E2M2 Kills: 136/155 Time: 19:05 IEmonument_SilentD00mer.zip First IronEagle and my main mistake in this run is using too many bullets instead of using shells for the stronger monsters.
  8. SilentD00mer

    So, how old are you ?

    Probably I answered this thread before, but my memory is very bad. I'm 35 now.
  9. SilentD00mer

    Flatpak gz doom mods

    Maybe the system is a bit old, you should try older versions of LZDoom, like Doomkid said. For linux, you have version 3.88a, have you tried to install this version instead of the flatpak? LZDoom is focused on older hardware, maybe it can run on older versions of OpenGL? Edit: Post some screenshots, if possible. Can be useful to describe the specs of the system, too.
  10. SilentD00mer

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    Yeah, makes sense. I just use the term because seems to be the term adopted by a lot of people here. But I prefer to use "complevel x" to refer to any specific wad.
  11. SilentD00mer

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    So, how do you call those wads that have Boom and MBF features but doesn't run on Dos Boom or Dos MBF? I guess they are called as "compatible" just to make easy to the players to know what set of features they can expect from that wad/map.
  12. Category 1 Died with 316/819 kills at 31:43 SilentD00mer_kneedeep.zip haha very dumb decision at the end. I hope I can get a decent performance next time.
  13. SilentD00mer

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    Only two things, I guess: blockmap bug and that sometimes you can skip some line triggers depending on your speed. The first one can be avoided more easily, but the second one feels like absolutely random and pisses me off every single time it occurs.
  14. Category 1 - Died at Map08 - 36/120 kills SilentD00mer_xmaschill.zip Haha I can't believe I died because of that revenant! Well, I spent some time of the demo in the first maps trying to get used to some new elements of the wad, so this part of the demo is specially ugly to watch :D Also, my memory is really weak these days, so I spent more time looking for some doors...
  15. Kinda weird to see this % for Terraria, I remember spending more time with platformers and metroidvania...