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  1. BahdKo


    K, was there anything to those replies or what was that.
  2. BahdKo


    I've been looking to reach Xenos for a number of years. I heard he was sort-of around, like somewhere, something about hosting some zdaemon servers? Does anyone know how to reach him?
  3. BahdKo

    So, how old are you ?

    I was 25 when I first started playing Doom, and decided that I liked it better than what I had been doing before, and decided to stay. The year was 1995 tho ... so I'm not really that different, right?
  4. BahdKo

    The recent gross thing that has happened to you.

    Every month. Every. Single. Month. You can fill in the blanks.
  5. Wow, Hi Spinal! Thx to Dewww on IRC Quakenet #nightmare for pointing this post out. Prvmsg sent CLAN QS FOREVER. Yes I remember you being in Clan QS and pretty sure you had something up on it's little web site. Members generally wrote essays for it, at least.
  6. Me and Sseht go back. It's like, he always understood right where I was coming from, and I understood right where he was coming from. We could talk about the same shit and everything made perfect sense to both of us. It was like two people of the same mind. How often do you find someone that you relate to that well?
  7. Sseht!!!! Wow so there you are. :) Some ppl hang out in quakenet #nightmare (usually idle tho) if you are up for checking IRC these days. Someone in there pointed me to your post here. Great to see you peeking around. And, hell, it's been quite some time, yeah. Oh and on Clan QS: It lives on in our hearts, of course. Because quake will never not suck. It's perma suck. I mean.. core characteristic. Bahd^QS forever yep
  8. haha 100k hits or w/e. Good that he cut the video before I lost too bad I guess =p I get/got fatigued after the 50 frag mark and generally preferred 50 frag games. Galiu preferred these marathon 100 frag games. I didn't play as well in the last half of these 100 frag map1 games. I wonder what the score was when one of us reached 50.
  9. Ahhhh oh btw. Not something that anyone could have realized but, I just checked the notes in the .lmp documentation text file, and I can see that with this particular LAN at Adoctors, it was the one where Duke was there. This means that I must have drove up from the Boston area with him riding shotgun, not from Maryland. Many of the other Doom-related trips started from Maryland/DC though, so that was a fair assumption. There were several LANs up there in Montreal and I think Duke came for just one of them, and we would have definitely came from the Boston area in that case. Adoctor had something like, 3 LANs that I went to over the years or something like that. The LAN that produced this demo was held at his "old" apartment, it was kinda in an older building. The last one I went to was in his "new" apartment, literally a new construction. The pictures of me, galiu etc. at Adoctors are from that last LAN.
  10. There is also colmp.exe which performs an edit to the .lmp file that causes it to wholly swap perspective. You can see the scores and hear the sounds, etc, of the newly-selected player. It's a complete swap of pov. Linked on http://www.doom2.net/doom2/utils.html as colmp1a.zip ( http://www.doom2.net/doom2/colmp10a.zip ).
  11. haha wow, commentary is really neat, I can see that some points are understood about map1 but some things are being missed. I'll PM you (atroche).
  12. Map1 to 100 frags is sorta fatiguing.. 40 or 50 is all one really wants to do. Anders is a terror when it comes to fast map1. If he can rape you without camping, he becomes like a whirlwind and does exactly that.
  13. haha aw, ppl watching the old videos :) . I should port the link over to my windows machine and watch/listen. Galiu stated to me that his personal preference was not to camp super hard, as he didn't enjoy that style of play. He could do it, and did in games with Sslasher, but with a player like me he didn't care to bother with it. The reason I perceive that we focused on pistol shots in respawn situations on map 1 was because in hard games, a little damage could translate into a possible completed frag later, and a completed frag on map1 has extra value than something like D5-1 because it puts you in a position to be the one controlling the map for the other person's respawn. Frags can be hard to come by in Map1 in particular. These games had no respawning health powerups, of course. Skilled pistol on someone who was already partway gone could certainly yield a frag, too. btw there are some amazing map1 demos of ocelot at one of his last LANs in Finland that I don't believe were released. I think those would be worthwhile to get and propagate. The files may still exist. hmmmm.
  14. BahdKo

    Traveling faster than light

    Ahhhh, we certainly can travel faster than the speed of light. We wouldn't do it by achieving a velocity that fast. That's not sensible. What we'd do is, we skip out of this universe briefly, then skip back in, re-entering this universe at the desired location. It's a little bit like skipping a rock on top of water. The water isn't able to let your rock just rocket fast through it, but when you skip the rock on top, it flies through the air and re-enters the water at a different spot. The difference tho is that the physical location in the other universe isn't related to the location in this one. So you just skip out and just re-enter in this universe whereever you wanted. :D
  15. BahdKo

    Some of you met my sister -

    Sure - and there's a whole internet of pr0n out there. "The internet is for porn". He didn't NEED to stalk all those kids and lie to them and coerce and threaten them.