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  1. Hi all! I downloaded the mod, and I cannot get it to work. It only plays the pc's version with graphics and sounds and what not. I dont know what Im doing wrong, I have all the maps and necessary additions to make it work, but it wont load up. Any suggestions?
  2. I didnt know what you meant for some reason, i feel kinda dumb for something that was so simple
  3. Thank you for fixing it sir :)
  4. The one that is broken does tho. The sector tag matches and it has the Door_Generic action applied
  5. BASE.wad I included the link to the wad, Im not quite sure what you meant. I have other doors made the same way and they arent doing it. What other sectors?
  6. Hi guys, I dont know why this is happening but I made a door and it doesnt seem to open, rather just sinks in the ground like an inch then goes back to normal while making a closing door sound. That is the best I can explain it. This hasnt happened to me in my other wads so any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Well I fixed it now. Man that was a pain in the ass lol. Thanks everyone for all of your help!
  8. So the ceiling height can only be at 128 for gates and fences to work?
  9. And also, I did try the lower unpegged but that only did it for the backside which makes no sense to me since I selected it from the front side
  10. Here is the map so far, I know there are prolly bugs nd what not, but ive only been working on this for like 3 hours, but hopefully this will help Devils
  11. What Im trying to do is have the gates touch the ceiling and floor with no gap at all. In the pictures here, I didnt have to do any of that, I just applied the mid textures and they clipped to the ceiling and floor without me having to change anything before. So I guess my question is why wont it do it in my other room? And how Do I fix it ofcourse lol
  12. And yes, it Is in Hexen format
  13. Sorry Im not sure if I understand correctly. How would you do that?
  14. I ran into that issue before also and I just restarted my computer and it went away. Maybe try that?
  15. Im trying to do gates in my hell map, but they stop at a certain height and idk how to change the height. I included a picture of what I mean. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks all! BTW, source port is ZDOOM and i am using doombuilder 2