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  1. AleksB


    Was trying to get this to work on Windows 11 but says it wont work with WindowsNT. Any thoughts on how to circumvent this? Would love to experience this again since its been 20+ years since ive played Doom95
  2. Just starting this topic to see if this is something that is being planned. I’m so mad I missed out on the TNT remake and don’t wanna miss my chance if Plutonia is going to become a thing. would love to see if this comes to life!
  3. Damn, so mad I missed this. Wouldve love to contribute. Cant wait until this is released!
  4. AleksB

    Hell revealed 3???

    Alright then, I will re organize it with specific rules and get this revamped!
  5. AleksB

    Hell revealed 3???

    Hello everyone, Let me start off by saying that I do apologize again for going Dormant on this project once again. Life happens and shit had to be handled. What are you gunna do, right? I know people fell off of this thing and I understand why, I havnt been a good host to make sure this things gets its bearings in order. I would love to start to spear head this again, im making several maps that would fit into this project and also other in the community. If nobody is interested I understand. I screwed up by going away for a while twice without any updates and I apologize cause I saw some cool screenshots in this thread. Like I said, life gets in the way sometimes, Im sure you all an understand that. Maybe somebody else can take charge of this and let this project flourish into something badass. Or Ill keep on making sure that we get this all buttoned up and release a new badass megawad. You guys let me know how you feel about it. Sorry again for not seeing this through back then. But I say that we pick up where we left off and get this ball rollin. LMK!!
  6. I mean, im fine with it. Was just curious. Im doing a horror themed level 10. Thatll be my spin on the map and it will not be a direct copy of the original
  7. Also, im just curious, why are we doing this in Doom format? Seems the most common format is UDMF
  8. I can take map 10. Can we add sector lighting to rooms and such? Or is it 100% vanilla?
  9. AleksB

    Hell revealed 3???

    Sorry i went dormant everyone. Had a death in the family and had to go to europe for a while, but now im back and hoping to revitalize this project. Gunna start working on my maps again tomorrow amd hopefully have some screenahots for everyone.
  10. AleksB

    Hell revealed 3???

    Your map looks sick. Havnt played yet but will give it a playthrough. And i hope this becomes a thing, im currently working on mine right now. But damn dude your screenahots look cool.
  11. AleksB

    Hell revealed 3???

    If we do make this a thing, its will be called hell unrevealed. Not a sequel, but a homage. Started one of my maps last night, will post some pics once i progress a little more
  12. AleksB

    PrBoom Plus as main sourceport

    Just looked top make sure, I have the sourceport as prboom, Iwad is doom 2 and my external is my wad. AS for doom 1, I have prboom as sourceport and doom 1 as my iwad.
  13. AleksB

    Hell revealed 3???

    Im starting to think that making a direct sequel isnt a good idea, rather a homage or an inspiration megawad to hell revealed would be a better fit