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  1. of Found bugs in the first link, but I think I fixed all of them. Here is the updated one..
  2. Ports tested were zdoom, gzdoom and skulltag. But I tested it again and found some texture bugs that I just had fixed. And no he didnt, but he did say he was doing another one for 2017, just hasnt released a date as of yet :/
  3. Thanks for your help man I really appreciate it
  4. of Here is the link. Let me know what you guys think :)
  5. It worked guys! Ill post a link to the wad and if you guys want, give it a shot. Im somewhat new and I made these for the joel doom mapping contest for 2017. I know I wont win but I wanted to send them in anyway. I would like to get feedback since these are my first two serious maps I dedicated alot of time on.
  6. I did that so I could change the music. Can I not do it that way?
  7. Here is the two maps together MAP 01 MAP 02
  8. Im going to make a medifire link and post the link
  9. Error loading Map 02.
  10. Doom builder 2
  11. Hey fellers. So I made two maps that I want to played together, and i saved the second map into the first one and everytime i finish the first map, it says it failed to load map 02. I tried this in ZDOOM and GZDOOM and both times it happened. Can anyone guide me in the right direction? I spent a ton of time on these maps and this is really starting to get frustrating lol
  12. Im gunna give this a try. Thanks dude!
  13. Yea he is doing another one this year. I cant find a date as of yet tho
  14. Helllo fellow Doomers! I have a couple questions for the editing community, I am making two wads for a doom map contest by a twitch streamer by the name of Joel. I want the two maps to play sequentially and i coudnt find any youtube videos on it. So if someone could guide me in the right direction to make my two maps one wad, that would be awesome!! My other question is, is that in one of my boss fights, im trying to make the monster not see you even tho he sees you. Kinda like the final doom level where it was a bunch of cyberdemons and they didnt react to you until you pushed a switch. Im somewhat new to the map making community and any help is appreciated. Thanks all!
  15. Hi all! Got another editing question. In map 04 (the focus), there were walls as soon as you walked in towards your left that were going up and down repeatedly, and I was curious on how to do that in doom builder 2. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!