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  1. IMO I dint think anything can beat DOS doom. Or chocolate doom. To me its just the classic shit and there is nothing better
  2. I know theres no point, but I was just curious if people still go back to the old versions of source ports for nostalgic feels
  3. You hit the nail right on the head
  4. I was just curious, if anyone ever play the older versions of the source ports. I just found my olllllddddd computer from back in the day and it had zdoom 1.22 on it and I was taken back haha. Was just curious who else plays all of the old doom source ports
  5. - The other levels should be able to start with the SSG or chaingun and what have you. You can make a map with a pistol start if youd like, thats okay. -I like that deadline. Thats far enough out. I will update the OP with that deadline - I would like to have the same type of progression as Doom 2 but I will change it up a bit. Like i want it to have the same progression, but maybe Ill put a base level or 2 in the middle of the megawad but idk how that will all play out yet.
  6. Yes, i would like the maps to be vanilla style and game play, but you can make a doom 2 vanilla style map, with gzdoom features. so 3d floors, slopes and bridges are okay.
  7. Sorry Ive been super crazy with work. There have not been and Im looking to extend the deadline. I made some maps for this project already and im going to start making more. I would like to revive this project if still interested. Im going to re-write the OP to make it more appealing and set some ground rules.
  8. You from chicago?
  9. Ill give a prime example here. Over the summer i was out on my motorcycle, and i got pulled over while sitting at a red light. The cop turned his lights on and yelled on his radio to stay where im at and shut my bike off. So im sitting there, and he come running towards me with his gun in his hand! I look at him and he just screams at me dont move. At this point im sweating because hes pointinh his gun in my face and i had no idea why. Hes calling for like 3 backup cops. I litterally sat on my bike still as a rock whilr hes pointing his gun in my face. Everytime i would try to talk, he would jist scream shut up, and if i move i would be shot... finally his buddies come and they calmed him down a bit, but be was still on edge. After them talking their police chatter, he ran my plate and gave me a warning for a bent license plate.... them he said that i was lucky that i complied and that he didnt have to make me ve another statistic. How fucked up do you have to be to do what he did and say? I usually wear a helmet with my go pro camera but god i wish i was that night. I reported him, but he only got a day off. We have a serious problem with trigger happy police. Even here in chicago, it is really bad. Not all cops are bad, but as time goes on, it seems we have more and more. Its a very serious problem
  10. Yea I do this already in alot of my maps. I start with symetrical shapes them morph them into other shapes. But for this map, I thing this semetrical layout works. But I see what you are saying. I like that layout btw
  11. Whats wrong with symmetrical mapping? Its just a style that I like to use. I dont use it all the time, but I think it will be a good fit for this.
  12. Ignore my shitty paint writing in paint, but this is how my map is going to look. Alot of editing and detail needs to be added, but I wanted to show how I plan on making it look. There are no doors, only two hallways that lead into the last area. Im going to add a outdoor area around the last room to make it presentable and a lil more detailed.
  13. Is there anyway we can stretch the continuous area a bit? I like the idea of having no doors, but I was thinking of building rooms that lead into hallways which there will be weapon pickups and such and monsters, then that all leads into on main area where the rest of the hk's spawn. The map is a linear kinda map and is always moving forward and then you will hit the "arena" room if you will
  14. To my understanding, ambushes are allowed, just as long as the room is one continuous area