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  1. AtticTelephone

    The Backyard

    Dario stood around in the backyard, bored and waiting for another person to come by. He found a fold-out chair and placed it on the grass. He sat there for an unknown amount of time.
  2. AtticTelephone

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    I'm fine with either lost souls or pain elementals, unless placed in excess.
  3. AtticTelephone

    The Orcus: Liberate tutemet ex inferis. (In-Progress Mapset)

    Finally working on MAP03: The Oxygen Control. Also, does anyone know how to extract a DEH file from Slade? I need to modify some things.
  4. AtticTelephone

    The Backyard

    Dario grabs the cane and hits him over the head with it.
  5. AtticTelephone

    The Backyard

    "Shut up old man, I go where I want." The man stands up and looks down at the old man.
  6. AtticTelephone


    @Fairen's review below is probably bait, but is still utterly wrong. Anyways, amazing wad. Great visuals that are absolute eye candy and give amazing atmosphere to the maps, challenging gameplay that is incredibly creative and very fun, and great choice in music as well.
  7. AtticTelephone

    The Backyard

    (Hey, I'm new to this stuff but I did participate in the Doomworld Forrest for a short time, already set up a character thing in the character sheet.) A random man jumps into the backyard, looking around to see if anyone's there. He sits down on the grass and waits for somebody to talk to him.
  8. AtticTelephone

    The Army of Insanity

    Alright. turns out I can't work on the project due to the fact I won't be able to finish it in time. I'll be taking the stuff I was working on and use them somewhere else.
  9. AtticTelephone

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    What if I play mouse only?
  10. AtticTelephone

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    The Healer D_STALKS.
  11. good news!

    now you can set "Everybody, Everybody!" as your custom title for free xD

  12. AtticTelephone

    The Army of Insanity

    Doom II compatibility right?
  13. AtticTelephone

    The Army of Insanity

    Can I make a map? I haven't worked on a community project in a while.
  14. AtticTelephone

    Share your map/WAD titles!

    Hellbound Heart The Father, the Son, and the Holy Hell Urban Harvest We're Gonna Be Talking About The UMPH The Inmost Dens 4 Zombi Humanitarians and Vegetarians Twice as Fast as Your Ass Holy Hell Revealed II Subhuman Filth Mass Genocide of the Mortally Challenged Braindead Dead Alive Dead Simpleton Fun with the Big Gun Dethtrap Apocalypse Now Hearts of Darkness
  15. AtticTelephone

    How to resize a bunch of 128 sized textures to 64 fast?

    What if I don't want to extract all the image files from the wad?