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  1. All of the shit above is accepted. I don't even know anymore. I'm not going to be asking for people to reserve slots anymore.
  2. MAP16 for you. Have a good mapping session.
  3. Aight, that's cool. V3 it is then.
  4. midi.zip Is this a fine midi to use?
  5. Alright that's reasonable, I'll keep your midi and also make sure you get a spot on MAP30.
  6. I'd prefer if you did MAP29 and a section for 30, as I think I'll design the hub. Let me make sure the 29 slot is reserved for you.
  7. uhhhh the Mr. Green Genes midi doesn't have a bassline, but I respect the fact that you were dedicated to having a Zappa midi. Do you mind if I replace that midi with one of my Zappa midis like Peaches in Regalia or maybe the Black Page?