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  1. AtticTelephone

    New Picnic Time WIP Thread

    V2 added, with MAP02, along with some screenshots.
  2. What's up my man! Long time no see!

  3. AtticTelephone

    your bad mapping habits

    Not mapping.
  4. AtticTelephone

    Maps with minimalist yet hard combat?

    I'm interested in seeing if there's any good wads out there that use small amounts of monsters and approach combat in a minimal straightforward way but are still hard. Maybe with Tyson and infighting-focused gameplay, and ammo scarcity. I'm asking because I'm working on a mapset that is basically that, and I'd like to see other people's approaches to this "combat minimalism" style.
  5. magma fans rise up

    1. 97th Century Fox

      97th Century Fox

      Are you kidding me lmao

  6. A note on Radio Free Gehenna: I apologize to everyone involved in that project, but I'd like to officially say that I'm not working on it anymore for personal reasons. Feel free to post your submissions elsewhere. New Picnic Time is a work-in-progress mapset in development for Doom 2, with Boom compatibility and tested in DSDA-Doom. It is designed to be minimal, methodical and slightly punishing, and if there were any influences from other mappers, I'd only say maybe Ribbiks aesthetically. My advice for playing this wad is that you should try to conserve all your resources, and save when you think you should. Maplist: Screenshots (With NBOMe-Zappacut-Visualization): Downloads (with notes): Have fun.
  7. amerikana xanax ambien operator terminator androgynous apocalypse opioid albemuth

  8. All of the shit above is accepted. I don't even know anymore. I'm not going to be asking for people to reserve slots anymore.