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  1. I'll take a slot if any remain :)
  2. Anyone else having issues downloading?
  3. Can't wait to test this out when I have the chance. I'm sorry to hear you became frustrated but I'm sure your pain was worth it lol
  4. Ugh that keeps happening! Sorry! EDIT: Discord noob learns infinite invite functionality
  5. 13 Slots left! Great to see most slots filling up. Join our discord to playtest the latest versions of our maps and request textures!
  6. I put you down for map08 but if you'd like to change thats perfectly fine. Glad to have you on board, love the idea you have btw!
  7. Don't worry, you'll be able to avenge his soul when we publish the finished product! Thanks for the interest :)
  8. Love it man! Can just see myself blasting demons in those fields lol Yes! Love the tech basey kinda vibes! Keep it up!
  9. OK - I have created a discord! Jump in everyone! Invite in the OP :)
  10. Just ask for a map slot! Choose any not taken, download the resource and get mapping! I'm blown away, this is fantastic, I can't wait to play this! Yes I love this!! The face made in the floor really reminds me of something you'd find in a Minecraft world Well while I agree with custom sprites, I think we'll stick to Doom enemies. Decorations are welcome though! The idea of the story is that the Doom enemies invaded Minecrafts universe, killing Steve and ravishing the world. Buttttt if enough people agree and are willing to sprite we could totally add some enemies, maybe have a combination of Doom and Minecraft enemies or atleast replace the SS! Also do map for this project! Your map will be welcome!
  11. Multiple maps are allowed, I'll update that rule :) This looks stunning! I lovvveee the colour man! Go for it! :) Hey, if you have an idea, go for it. I wont put you down just yet but feel free to request!
  12. @ALL I'm so sorry for vanishing for a few days, IRL got kind of hectic for a little bit but I'm back on my pc. It's currently friday night in Australia for me so I'm going to chill out and have a big working day for this project tommorow (Saturday the 12th) as I'll have the time and energy. This will include the formation of a discord server, re-stating the rules of mapping, the compatibility and pushing out some more textures and compiling the resource cohesively. I loveeee the progress you guys are all making, the maps are looking so fantastic! The progress you guys have made honestly makes me super happy, in all honesty life has been kinda rough for me so this is such a nice thing for me to have going on right now. Sorry if that got a little cheesy but its true :)
  13. Sure thing! I'll put you down! This is massive progress, I can't thank you enough. This project is really finding its feet and it makes me excited! Looks fine to me! If its 1:1 then all is good!
  14. Would be a pleasure to have you on board. I'll do my best to summarise all changes made, update the resource pack and lift this project off the ground a little as soon as I get the time to do so :)