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  1. Bushpig2dope

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Loving the D64 love in this thread. The true Doom 3 ;) Oh and @Hyde I thought of a question, were there any scrapped demons in Doom 64? If so what was their design like and what place did they have in the game?
  2. See, its not exactly a casual laid back sesh of Duke if you're doing strats like this. The average player wouldn't know this
  3. Bushpig2dope


    I found doomseeker easy as pie to install and fairly easy to explain to others too, though since you are local you wont need to. Watch a tutorial on setting up doomseeker and a LAN server should be pretty easy to figure out
  4. I don't care, maybe I love getting around with the shotgun and not having to worry about throwing pipebombs at already dispatched enemies. Like I said, don't worry so much about how others play a video game
  5. People will simply play what they want to play. IMO playing with re spawning enemies changes the game play 100% and there is no denying that. Don't worry so much about it
  6. Bushpig2dope

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    @94's the best style I don't think that spreadsheet has my map listed
  7. Bushpig2dope

    My W.I.P mega wad project

    Agreed with Juza. You should really try and focus on mastering a basic tech base with great lighting and texture use before you attempt to tackle a megawad, because yeah, the maps seem super rushed and kinda ugly. I don't mean to stomp on your dreams or discourage you but yeah And yeah @Juza the blue key was hidden in a secret area for some reason. Don't make a necessary key in a secret area
  8. Bushpig2dope

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    The problem with the secret difficulty is monster placements. I have Cacodemons hidden behind lava high on a wall which fly out once the player shoots. I have a feeling Hellknights will just be awkwardly stuck up there and 100% kills would be impossible EDIT: Also yes my map is finished, I have confirmed that previously but it got buried a bit
  9. Bushpig2dope

    Epicentre.wad (My first attempt at a making a Doom map)

    Had a play through, nice quick snappy map. It was a nice hell themed level, I didn't think the themes changed too drastically apart from the slime corridor (Slime with no damage is always weird to me). I could access the armour without finding the button as well, I just wall humped it and it lowered somehow, it was on the corner of it. Some areas just seemed a bit weird to me aesthetically, it was either really busy or a bit bland. I know this sounds harsh and its pretty vague but I cant put my finger on it. If this is you're first attempt at a Doom map you did pretty well, you understand monster placement pretty decently and the map had some nice traps. Keep at it and you'll be making sick maps in no times.
  10. Bushpig2dope

    Eagle Mapping Project - RC2

    I'd like to have mine appear but I don't really have the knowledge of recording it (Though I'm sure a quick google search would inform me)
  11. Bushpig2dope

    My First map named Projecy

    This map was actually enjoyable and had some fun encounters and ideas. Obviously if theres one major thing that needs to improve its the texturing and aesthetics of the map. Small wall details and varying floor heights can make the world of difference in your maps. Keep at it, you seem like you have great potential. And a shorter map like this is fine for a level IMO, don't bite of more than you can chew like I did when I first started mapping. Perfecting a basic tech map like this will vastly improve your knowledge, skills and ideas EDIT: I hope this isn't against any rules or you aren't annoyed but I had some free-time and decided to edit the starting area of your map a little bit just to show you what I meant. It's not perfect but I think its an alright example. Let me know if you want me to delete this link incase you feel like I'm stepping on your toes a bit, that's perfectly fine! Download - https://www.mediafire.com/file/spr68w66ngo15nl/projecy+re-design.rar
  12. Bushpig2dope

    Looking for scary maps, help!

    Though its not Doom, I highly recommend the game Dusk. It only just came out and its awesome and spooky
  13. Bushpig2dope

    My third wad, but this time it's not a meme wad

    Doors drag the textures down and I couldn't figure out how to finish the level. Too big for what it is, whats making up the bulk??
  14. Bushpig2dope

    Jaws , the remake

    It shot me up and out of the boat. I see what you were going for, some effort was made
  15. Bushpig2dope

    Eagle Mapping Project - RC2

    Yeah I also played the first three maps and came across the same issue as @galileo31dos01 on the second map regarding the Baron. I just left him alive and saved the hassle of the Cyberdemon. I also testing it with killing the Baron and poor Cyberdemon got stuck. Maybe make the lines block monster? Also @galileo31dos01 it's interesting you say the third map has too little ammo. I've had people say its an easy map. I myself did not regard it as easy and sat on the more tight on ammo stress just like you, but I've watched a demo and received written feedback and they finished it fairly easily for lack of better words, so I just think its down to the player and how they choose to use ammo and infighting tech EDIT: Third not second map, sorry