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  1. Bushpig2dope

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup)

    Any plans for coloured blood @Sergeant_Mark_IV?
  2. Bushpig2dope

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup)

    Good stuff, this coupled with Smooth Doom offers a fun non-gameplay altering experience. Keep it up!
  3. In terms of aesthetics I think the map is quite ugly, to put it simply. The use of cameras is pretty cool but the map has very little game play. Its obvious this is a meme WAD. I'm sure you could create a nice looking level if you tried, you seem capable
  4. Bushpig2dope

    [GZDoom] 11Novembre

    You should have just said what the WAD really was instead of baiting people into the "hardest level ever!!1!". I actually think its a kinda cool WAD for what it is, if these numbers are real it really makes ya think, you know?
  5. Bushpig2dope

    my heaven invasion wad has 5 maps demo

    You obviously weren't trying to make nice looking maps, and if you were, I'm sorry but you failed. The gameplay on the first and second was okish, the Archvile sewer was just stupid. Did you test on UV? I want a video if so. I skipped that level and quit at the "Not a slaughter cos red vox midi" because it was simply horrendous. Sorry if this is harsh but yeah, study some nice looking maps and put some effort in, but who am I to tell you what to do.
  6. Bushpig2dope

    Eagle Mapping Project

    Hey I'm pretty keen to give this a go. I'm a fairly amateur map maker so I'll give it a shot and upload it here once its done. It wont be a huge, complicated map because I simply wouldn't have the time and skill to do that for a community project but I'll make a small, condensed experience and hopefully you'll like it, if not its understandable, my map making skills may not be up to par for this project, but I'll give it a crack!
  7. Bushpig2dope

    Single map: Powerplant.wad

    Not a bad map, I didn't beat it but it was cool. Really not a fan of those stairs that have the guard rails in your first screenshot, just doesn't look right to me. A diagonal custom texture would look much better. Do you or did you happen to play Killing Floor 1? That room in which the first archvile teleports in is really reminiscent of a map in that game. (This room is also WAY too dark IMO) Also missing textures in that room with 2 chaingunner monster closets and the revenant closet.
  8. Yeah I'm happy with my map as it stands. I was hoping a project leader would play it and give feedback if it fit the rule set perfectly but I don't think anyone at all has played it yet
  9. Bushpig2dope

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    Nice! Looking forward to it
  10. Yeah waste of time was probably too extreme, I like it. Onya mate
  11. Bushpig2dope

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    Hey any rough release window for this? Will it be coop supported?
  12. I agree, this difficulty thing seems like a waste of time to me. Heres the final copy of my map - http://www.mediafire.com/file/x7ywlh28d0ef8si/HellKnightCraft.wad/file Let me know if anything needs fixing/editing @94's the best style @DeXiaZ @therektafire
  13. Yeah I really don't mind if mines a secret or not, I thought I may have been causing issues with an odd amount of maps and thought of making it secret again at work today.
  14. If you don't want 19 maps @DeXiaZ we could go to the original plan of mine being a secret map?