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Mr Masker

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    More like DUMBworld! HAHAHAHA

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  1. Mr Masker

    Come up with the most clever troll design decisions

    Now THIS is what I'm talking about!
  2. Mr Masker

    Come up with the most clever troll design decisions

    Remove or add 1 or 2 pixels to every Doom texture, in somewhat noticeable places, but don't acknowledge it. Make the Medkit crosses Pink, but the Stimpack crosses Red still. Change the weapon damages, but don't mention it anywhere. Just make the game itself look and play slightly off, without saying anything. Maybe, eventually, someone will be really pissed off by it.
  3. Mr Masker

    Is this real?

    Guys, is this video real? Why can't I buy this game on Xbox Live Store? But really though, kinda wholesome seeing some kid try the whole Internet Analogue stuff with Doom, even if it ends up just being nothing and a crash screen. It's not perfect, but I'm rooting for it. Keep going strong, be creative with what you love, even if it ends up being meh.
  4. Mr Masker

    Brutal Doom Platinum recommendations

    Combine all the Brutal Dooms at once and see what happens! Live life to the EXTREME, DUDE!
  5. As Christmas is only just a week away (for real this time), I just want to thank you all and Doomworld for all the cool times I've had here over the years.


    I made my account in 2018, but I only really went out of lurking in 2020, to post my first ever Doom Builder map. Overtime, I formed a bit of an identity on here, making jokes, discussing with other users and playing some of the works made on here. It's been great talking to people who I'd never have ever met otherwise, it's surreal to think of it like that...


    Occasionally, I've got things wrong, or made jokes that could've been a bit funnier (I'm very critical of myself), but hey, I was comfortable enough to make those mistakes and still come back, and that's why I enjoy this forum so much.


    If I'm going to do anything different next year, I'd probably want to actually get back into playing Doom more. I've been fairly burnt out for a while now, my interest just hasn't been the same, but I'm willing to play the game a bit more. I'd love to be able to give feedback on Doom Maps on this forum about Doom. I'd say that I might make a map again too, but that'd be lying.


    Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and hopefully a good 2024 too. I could've posted this in some Christmas thread, but I thought a post on my profile would be more appropriate. This is the part where I make a funny joke, or some sort of sarcastic remark, but I got nothing... bye.





  6. Mr Masker

    grungo want file copyright lawsuit!

    We'd all be striking flint and hunting for meat, if it weren't for that pesky "Industrial Revolution". Truly a disaster for humanity, I do hope Cave Life makes a comeback...
  7. Mr Masker

    do you use cheats in doom?

    If I die and realize I forgot to save for a lot of the level, I'm totally resurrecting myself. Beating levels in one go is cool and all, but I also like having... fun.
  8. Mr Masker

    Would you?

    Tf are you supposed to have a phone call about? "OK, thanks for paying $99.95, what would you like to talk about?" "uhhhh, the weather's nice out here, how's it over there?"
  9. Mr Masker

    RIP E3 1995-2023 :(

    I like how E3 has been declared dead like 3–4 times now. It's a bit surreal, I'll be honest. E3 was just a thing that... existed, the thought of it going away never crossed my mind 5–10 years ago. Really, I only ever watched the presentations, but it was still a big deal for a time. The separate conferences are basically the same thing, but it's sad to not see them all have some sort of unifier. The Cringe comps were pretty funny too, but Minecon was my favourite for that. Most of this post is probably just nostalgia and sentimental-ness, but either way, RIP E3.
  10. Because it wasn't made on Earth, it was made on the Doomworld Mars Base™.
  11. Google Earth VR: This "Earth" place looks miserable and boring as shit, why would anyone want to live there?
  12. Mr Masker

    2023 Cacowards

    If John.WAD comes out this year, Doom modding will finally be complete. There's just nothing that will top it. It'll have 16 playable characters, rogue like mechanics, realistic gun physics, a rich narrative and groundbreaking political commentary.
  13. Mr Masker

    2023 Cacowards

    YAY CACOAWARDS! I've been burnt out on Doom for a while now, but I'm hoping the Cacoawards can bring me back to the reason I joined DW in the first place. Congrats to all the winners! I haven't read it yet so I don't know who they are, but I assure you they are congratulated.
  14. Mr Masker

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Congrats on playing 5 whole levels in 11 minutes. (jk)