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  1. Mr Masker

    Sketch Doom Mod.

    you don't need to make a second topic about something that already has a topic
  2. Mr Masker

    looking for a Giant single-level wad

    I'd reccomend making an actual post for that sort of suggestion, or looking into some wad lists yourself. I'd point to Endless' Master Guide for suggestions
  3. Mr Masker

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    you quoted a post for something that had nothing to do with that quote.
  4. Mr Masker

    DOOM 2016 Maps For D4t v2.5

    "Doom 4 main map" what does that even mean?
  5. Mr Masker

    Partner Mods?

    I suppose people just found it cool and wanted to make their own spin on it. I assume the amount of them will slow down by 2021
  6. Mr Masker

    Can someone recommend good WADs to me?

    I'd say I agree with this. Unless its something simple like Smooth Doom its best to use vanilla except for times where you've already played it or you aren't really that interested in the megawad on its own
  7. Mr Masker

    Can someone recommend good WADs to me?

    also for maps be sure to check out this impressive list of megawads and wad serieses etc https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/118178-the-ultimate-master-wad-guide/
  8. Mr Masker

    Can someone recommend good WADs to me?

    If you're looking for some nice Gameplay Mods there's stuff like: Supercharge GMOTA Treasure Tech Combined Arms DoomRL Arsenel MetaDoom Doom Delta Smooth Doom theres probably more that I'll be kicking myself about later but this is what comes up to mind first
  9. Don't expect too much quality from my map
  10. This seems like a pretty interesting idea for a map pack. Like an alternate Doom 2 dimension or timeline of sorts. Just out of curiosity how is progress getting on right now?
  11. Mr Masker

    Wolfenstein 3D and Heretic levels in Doom II?

    its still started from Doom 2. Nothing was said about gameplay
  12. Mr Masker

    Wolfenstein 3D and Heretic levels in Doom II?

    Blade of Agony looks pretty interesting
  13. Mr Masker

    Looking for newer Doom 2 wads...

    Just look through this site every once in a while and some cool wad or novice's wad will show up.
  14. This pc doesn't ussualy lag on GZDoom... this map as made the word "ussualy" a very KEY word
  15. Mr Masker


    you can quote messages btw incase you wanna respond to specific messages