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    "I Hate Video Games lol" - Ghandi 2018

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  1. Mr Masker

    Question about crossover WADs

    I'm gonna guess that Commander Keen is part of your criteria? Doom 2 The Way Id Did has 2 secret levels, one based off of Comander Keen and the second one relating to that Dopefish thing. Maybe that'll interest you.
  2. Mr Masker

    Doom 64 is flawed

    Did you want a modern remake or something? if people want to play Doom 64 then this remaster's objective is to give them a working, usable doom 64, any modern enhancements are optional.
  3. Mr Masker

    BTSX1 issue

    try highlighting both and then dragging them to the GZDoom exe
  4. Mr Masker

    Doom tower defense?

    I remember a tower defense thing in one of the DUMP map compilations, 3 i think. It wasn't much but it was interesting to play.
  5. Mr Masker

    Help a noob!

    don't necro threads, if you plan on posting a wad be sure to look at the guides pinned to the top of the wads and more section, be a nice person, etc etc
  6. Mr Masker

    Doom 2 Project Rebuild

    You just took maps from an archive and mushed them together? If your not gonna bother making maps then at the very least credit the original authours but even then, just make your own things.
  7. Mr Masker

    Doom 2: The Way We Remember It (Release v8)

    Sorry if this was intentional, but the secret where you fall down that hole in Map02 isn't marked as a secret, even though it ussually is in Doom 2.
  8. Mr Masker

    16 Rotations

    I assume you're talking about the mapping advice thread? Because that one I can tell is semi humourous, while still giving advice. If that is what this guy was going for then that's fine.
  9. Mr Masker

    16 Rotations

    I don't mean to be rude but do you ussualy type like this?
  10. Mr Masker

    New Years Doom Resolutions

    I'd ussually say, "Actually release a doom map for the first time in like over a year!" But honestly I can't trust myself enough to keep to that.
  11. yeah lemme rephrase that, "Granted, they might just ignore it and do everything people have said not to do, but showing them a path to quality, doesn't hurt anyone."
  12. This thread really should be pinned, I can think of many new or just really flawed mappers who need to see this. Granted, they might just ignore it and post their not so great map anyway, but showing them a path to quality, doesn't hurt anyone.
  13. Mr Masker

    Literally EVERYTHING vanilla since July 2021

    You probably already saw this one but this came out after July so I might as well mention it
  14. Mr Masker

    Mario 64 music mod

    I highly doubt Nintendo's lawyers frequent a doom forum
  15. Mr Masker

    The 2021 Cacowards

    missed it? You can just read it whenever you feel like it, it isn't a limited time event.