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  1. Thanks for the kind words Ed_Deth and thanks for the feedback rdwpa. Your ranking of the maps are the same as mine. The first 3 maps are the oldest in the set (the third one just being a joke based on the midi). I considered touching them up, but I might as well work on new maps instead. I'm happy with 4 and 5, so I'm glad you like those. After a few months I'll probably make a final compilation wad like this for the cc4-tex maps I made towards the end of the year. Should be another 5 or so maps. And then I'll be out of maps! Oh dear.
  2. Hello again. I made a thread about my ultimate doom maps of last year a few months ago. Now here's some of the old doom 2 ones (the ones I don't consider terrible). Once more, all of my maps are made for pistol start, continuous play may mess with the balance. Tested with gzdoom and prboom. Feedback is always appreciated but above all else I hope you have fun. Known Bugs: I hope you're not allergic to slime trails. Download Link Screenshots
  3. It is. The darker lines look like writing. I'll be checking this out.
  4. Hey ennui, very fun map. Managed to beat it without dying but I got close a few times. I didn't notice ammo being tight but I would've liked a few extra rockets so I wouldn't have to shotgun/chaingun my way through the PE and archvile at the end. The stimpack secret seems a little useless.
  5. Know what would be nice? A big "all of stewboy" zip. If you happen to have something like that lying around, please throw it in my general direction.
  6. Entertaining playstyle and excellent feedback. However I don't think I'll be uploading the updated map unless I ever feel like adding that second half. I'll be taking the feedback with me to the next map though, whenever that may be. The midi is an original composition by my friend RNF, whos name I put in the map itself as credits. Edit: Haha, I don't think I'll be watching an hour long demo for this little map. Thanks for the summary. Perhaps rather than another part I could just make what I had planned into a follow up map. Implemented most of the fixes too, I added a hellknight in the archvile alcove to block any initial rockets so it won't be killed too quickly.
  7. Too predictable huh. I could use a crash course on interesting gameplay design. For the other points: -I couldn't justify to myself including the textures and increasing the file size for just a single and short map, working under the assumption enough people already have cc4-tex lying around anyway. -As for the trees, rather than just a base I had initial plans to make it look more like a colony of sorts. Ended up scrapping an entire second half of the map which would've included an indoor biodome-like nature area due to burnout. Thanks for playing and thanks for the demo Zahid. Glad you had fun.
  8. First map of the year, started in february but left untouched for nearly a month until I picked it up again a few days ago. It's a short linear space base and I would consider it of medium difficulty. Credits to my friend for the midi which got me to start this map in the first place. Tested in gzdoom and prboom, all difficulties implemented. I'm looking for feedback moreso on gameplay than anything, but everything goes. Enjoy. NOTE: It requires cc4-tex (link below) and you must load cc4-tex first. Screenshots: Downloads: cc4-tex.wad Yellowsignal.wad
  9. Haha, this thread gave me a good laugh. Anyway nice to see it finally being made. I don't even remember when I made my map. Thanks AD, means a lot.
  10. That was fun, quite the adventure. Took me a good 30 minutes to beat, not counting time spent redoing parts because of deaths (of which there were two). Impressive amount of work into detailing the environment, even if some areas felt a little cramped and clunky to move around in because of it.
  11. I looked inside the wad using slade but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. So I have reuploaded the file, thinking that something might have went wrong there. You can try redownloading. Make sure you are using the doom.wad iwad to load it.
  12. Very odd, it works just fine in prboom for me. Is there anything that would make a wad break in plus that wouldn't break it in regular prboom?
  13. I don't know if it's quite 50 hours but I started this last summer and have faced an unsightly amount of mapping blocks. It's the first time I'm making a map of this size so I hope it'll turn out as not too much of a mess.
  14. I started seriously mapping for doom in 2016, so now a year later I figured I'd actually join the forums I've been lurking since forever and upload some of my maps. Starting with the Ultimate Doom maps. I compiled them into a single boom compatible wad for convenience, but there's not even an episodes worth of them. Therefore you'll have to warp to some of the levels. All of my maps are also made for pistol start, continuous play may mess with the balance. Lastly, critique and feedback is forever welcome, but keep in mind some of the levels are from long ago and I'd like to believe I've improved since then. Download link Here's some screenshots with short level summaries: E1M1: Where's my shotgun? An E1M1 replacement for a now deceased /vr/ Episode 1 community project. Made on April 1st 2016 E1M2: 1024Quite an old attempt at a 1024 congestion map, I don't consider it very good. Made on August 13th 2015 E1M3: 5 minutesIt wasn't originally named this, but it looks like it was made in 5 minutes. Safe to skip this one IMHO. Made on February 9th 2016 E1M8: Phobos AbnormalityAn E1M8 replacement also for the aforementioned /vr/ project. Pretty high in body count for an episode 1 map. Made on June 5th 2016 E1M9: Relentless ReactorMy personal favorite of this bunch, excellent stress relief thanks to the slightly ridiculous number of enemies. It is in E1M9 solely because I feel it should be the last map played in this wad. Must be warped to as E1M3 does not have a secret exit. Made on June 15th 2016 I hope you'll enjoy these levels as much as I enjoyed making them at the time.