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  1. Dopaminecloud

    Top 10 videos games of all time (your personal list)

    Since someone mentioned BTSX I simply can't in good faith include the actual original doom games in this list over design masterworks like that. So to compromise: Doom fan content, Gothic 1 and 2, Thief 1, The Witness, Nier Automata, Mushihimesama, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Warcraft 3, Zeroranger, Northern Journey (not a great game by any stretch of the imagination but for me specifically it's like reliving a dream version of my childhood, was absolutely enchanted by it) Honorable mention to Klonoa and Hyperlight Drifter, both purely for the music that I still revisit which no other game even in this list can claim.
  2. Second shout out to zeroranger. I do believe this game might have exactly everything you're looking for that you mentioned in your post.
  3. Dopaminecloud

    Aquaduct - 2 limit-removing maps for Plutonia

    Thanks for the clear instructions Doomkid! It should be fixed now. How essential are those TXT files for one and done mini releases? I suppose I could set up a filled out template for myself for the future. I'll quietly update the download link with the change when I get around to it.
  4. Dopaminecloud

    Aquaduct - 2 limit-removing maps for Plutonia

    Difficulties below UV were not playtested. Would probably need someone to playtest for me to get those ironed out. For now my approach is to try not lower the monster count too much and instead compensate in extra resources. The idea being that people that play lower would still enjoy feeling like the level wasn't emptied for them. Maybe that only works for HMP and I need to change it up for HNTR.
  5. Dopaminecloud

    Aquaduct - 2 limit-removing maps for Plutonia

    Thank you very much! I will admit however that all enemy placement is first draft and I ended up feeling like it needs no editing, don't know how common that is. Knew I forgot something. I tested only in Crispy Doom, edited OP.
  6. Do you like caves, ruins and waterfalls? Because that's all I make. Here's two decently harsh, medium-sized maps for you! Tested in Crispy Doom. Download Map 1: Aquaduct Map 2: Outdoors
  7. Now that my UVmax playthrough is completed I can give my final thoughts, so spoilers ahead I guess. I really, really like this. You could call it gimmick-y, but if the gimmicks are never painful (not more so than any difficult fight would be at least), that just means there's a ton of variety. The difficulty and visual interest dipped a little in the middle of the wad, but even there there's a couple of memorable levels (obviously the light switch one for example). The general design is always super tight, there's only one or two moments where the intended progression isn't immediately obvious, but it's never obscure. The story works well too. I don't really care for story with my doom, but getting to play the first lad again after all the self sacrifice gives strong motivation. Favorite gameplay: Maps 2, 11, 16, 29 and 30 for sure. Plenty of other more standard ones that were fun too, but these ones I'll remember. Favorite visuals: Maps 8 (lol), 18, 20 and 25. 25 being my absolute favorite. Last shout out to some straight up fun nonsense design like including shops, treasure hunting and an imp friend.
  8. I beat the first episode. Really enjoying it so far. The texture-less section is definitely a little disorienting but because I got through it without dying on the first try it's probably fine. People ought to play this.
  9. Dopaminecloud

    Best custom music in a Doom wad?

    Oh baby. Not the usual doom sound but this is one of the few maps I replay mostly for the music.
  10. Dopaminecloud

    Mountain Base - My first release

    Lovely. I'd play an episode or two of maps like this. I liked the over and under progression at the start of map two, as well as its moody outdoors area. Perhaps too many teleporting monsters towards the end? I always prefer it if they're introduced to the area more organically (things like the arachnotron in the outdoors area is always fine as you don't see them teleport in). Not every room needs to be trapped either. Although I do like me some traps.
  11. Dopaminecloud

    DOPADOOM2.WAD (5 Boom Maps)

    Thanks for the kind words Ed_Deth and thanks for the feedback rdwpa. Your ranking of the maps are the same as mine. The first 3 maps are the oldest in the set (the third one just being a joke based on the midi). I considered touching them up, but I might as well work on new maps instead. I'm happy with 4 and 5, so I'm glad you like those. After a few months I'll probably make a final compilation wad like this for the cc4-tex maps I made towards the end of the year. Should be another 5 or so maps. And then I'll be out of maps! Oh dear.
  12. Dopaminecloud

    DOPADOOM2.WAD (5 Boom Maps)

    Hello again. I made a thread about my ultimate doom maps of last year a few months ago. Now here's some of the old doom 2 ones (the ones I don't consider terrible). Once more, all of my maps are made for pistol start, continuous play may mess with the balance. Tested with gzdoom and prboom. Feedback is always appreciated but above all else I hope you have fun. Known Bugs: I hope you're not allergic to slime trails. Download Link Screenshots
  13. Dopaminecloud

    [REL] Withering Graves (Final Release)

    It is. The darker lines look like writing. I'll be checking this out.
  14. Dopaminecloud

    ennui (Pre-Release) Another Map Appears

    Hey ennui, very fun map. Managed to beat it without dying but I got close a few times. I didn't notice ammo being tight but I would've liked a few extra rockets so I wouldn't have to shotgun/chaingun my way through the PE and archvile at the end. The stimpack secret seems a little useless.
  15. Know what would be nice? A big "all of stewboy" zip. If you happen to have something like that lying around, please throw it in my general direction.