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  1. New episode of Speed Mapping! :D



    1. Phade102


      Do you do any of these in english? No offense intended, just wanting to find some more mapping videos!

  2. Working hard in my megawad speed mapping series :D https://www.dropbox.com/s/hw9ivp740vefm50/ElderFMSemana06.wad?dl=0
  3. Finally, new episode! Now we have 6 complete maps! This time, I didn't change anything in the last maps. I have changed the photos to show de improvements :)
  4. The first Episode is really fantastic and unique. It it almost impossible to make Doom 2 feels similar to UD because (as other comments said) of the new monsters, that change the game balance completly.
  5. New episode in english for TNT Revilution!

    @GarrettChan I make this episode before your tip about the FX Sound.


    1. GarrettChan


      Haven't watched the whole thing yet, but I found out that you play even more conservative than me, haha.

  6. I think I don't express myself correctly, my bad. I don't want less vanilla players, but more nonvanilla ones.
  7. So lets the biggest becomes bigger. :) I am reading the comments and is always nice to see and learning how a community feels or acts when provoked. I've started this topic, because I like Doom, and we have a good community here to test and make maps inside, but outside, if we take Youtube/Twitch/etc, we're just too small to be noticed, and sometimes that impose some quality limitations. I agree with the part, more members = more possibility of toxic ones. But with more visibility you get more mappers, more testers, and less vanilla players (lol, for that last one). Any change will have PROs and CONs.
  8. When I return from my trip, I will download GZDoom Builder to study it.
  9. New level for the Speedmapping Wad Series!
  10. New episode of speedmapping! The episodes of this serie is in portuguese-BR, but if you just want to download the WAD, the link is here:





    1. elderdragonbrasil


      * This serie are in (lol, bad english!)

  11. I am enjoying doing this playthrough. Now I am training Map 04 and that is a complicated one. Third map was filmed too and I really liked how it was designed :D
  12. Finally! Episode 2 of the playthrough of TNT: Revilution on air!



    1. GarrettChan


      This time SE is a little bit too loud in my opinion. I usually test this by talking while firing the Plasma Rifle. If you can hear yourself clearly, the sound level of everything should be good.

    2. elderdragonbrasil


      I have made episode 03 with the same config, so episode 4 I'll put the sfx a bit lower to :)

  13. Oh, in my second video that I'll be posting tomorrow, happened a thing very funny with the first Revenant in the Map 02 - Geothermal. I don't know if it is a bug map or a eventual problem of GZDoom 2.8, but well, it was not that serious, in fact, it was a bit hilarious, lol
  14. I think the goal is to achieve new audience for the work done here. More people watching and enjoying old Doom and customized Wads would bring more data base for us.
  15. Hi, people! I love how much time the Doom Community still doing their great job and I think would be interesting if we cativate bigger channels on Youtube to play not only old Doom/Doom2, but also, the custom wads done by the community. One channel with a excelent audience in Youtube is Kikoskia. Kikoskia has almost 50.000 subscribers and has a solid work there. He is replaying Ultimate Doom and would be really good for the community if someone like him starts to play the community wads. What do you think? I already suggested him, but if more people ask about this, we increase our chances. :)