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  1. UglyStru

    SlaughterMAX. Now on /idgames!

    What source port is that?
  2. UglyStru

    Invincible Revenant?

    That whole WAD looks like a buggy mess of ass.
  3. I'd be a Lost Soul. Tanky as shit and I can fly around aimlessly screaming at people. What are you gonna do, shoot me? Better have mouselook enabled.
  4. Baron of Hell. One word: HDoom.
  5. UglyStru

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I actually enjoyed playing Drown in Blood with eweps mod in the Skulltag days. I'm also very very bad at DM/any PvP.
  6. UglyStru

    GZDoom preventing PUBG from starting up?

    This would make the most sense. Have all of the floors slowly lower and eventually disappear and leave players on damaging floor if they're caught outside in the "storm".
  7. UglyStru

    What are you listening to?

    Gucci never fails to entertain me. Peepin Out The Blinds was the best track on this mixtape
  8. UglyStru

    What are you listening to?

    Reminds me of Big Sur Moon by Buckethead. This song is really good, but it sounds too much like all of their other songs
  9. UglyStru

    What are you listening to?

    100 Pages, oh shit! What is the thread limit? Also, here's a track I'm looking to recreate in MIDI format and publish. This has some potential to be a great Doom track.
  10. I'm not actually looking to get anybody into the game, but I just want to hear your opinions of some must-play WADs that anyone who likes FPS games should play before they die.
  11. UglyStru

    GZDoom preventing PUBG from starting up?

    Zandronum BR would be fucking insane, but games would also last about 3 minutes. Also, good luck finding 100 people to play. Zandronum doesn't even have 100 people actively playing :( Doesn't necessarily need 100 people though. Also, how would one program a lethal zone that closes in over time? We'd have a better chance of cloning prop hunt.
  12. UglyStru

    GZDoom preventing PUBG from starting up?

    It's a sign to not play such a shit game.
  13. UglyStru

    Post your alternate universes/settings.

    Looks like a killer map layout. Stardate 20X8 lookin pretty good
  14. UglyStru

    Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    Anything from Epic/Epic2, especially the Egypt-themed maps. Fucking incredible, and probably my favorite WAD(s) ever created. I wish Eternal would come back from the dead and create another project.