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  1. Daemon Doomer

    miku doom 2 yes thats right

    Mou shippai, mou shippai!
  2. Daemon Doomer

    miku doom 2 yes thats right

    That's so cool. I also love leeks.
  3. Daemon Doomer

    Whats your favorite animes

    Akira Mirai Nikki Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
  4. Daemon Doomer

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    It's coming. If you guys have played the two custom maps made by Romero and like it, then you guys would love Sigil. It's my hype and it's free. A free megawad by John Romero with music by Buckethead. The special editions are optional. If you are willing to put money away for them, then it's totally fine.
  5. These sounds took me months and some of them took me almost a year because of my lack of sound design knowledge and experience. I didn't steal sounds from other creators. I made these with ripped sounds from YouTube gun videos and some gun tail sounds from free gun sound packs. If you guys want to make a mod for any shooting game, feel free to use these sounds but don't forget to give credit. NOTE: These sounds are used for my personal CS 1.6 mod, so the names of the files are like these. HAVE A NICE DAY! Just a T-800 holding a Longslide. DOWNLOAD: Godon's gun sounds.zip (my nickname for other account thingies - Godon Gurando)
  6. Soldier of Fortune has powerful gun sounds but the MG sound is weird.
  7. Daemon Doomer

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    You have never even tried playing the game and looking at its history of development. These devs are old-school FPS guys, not those Strafe devs.
  8. Daemon Doomer

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    You have never played the game. It's the gameplay and the retro feel. You need more understanding than just graphic.
  9. Daemon Doomer

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    It's not a crap. You have never played the game. You should play all 3 episodes. The game is worth the price. Episode 3 is coming SOON. And $19.99 comes with wallpapers and soundtrack, and will come with comics and the DAWN SDK in the future. This price is for supporting the indie devs, and the review is still "Overwhelmingly positive" at the moment of this writing.
  10. Daemon Doomer

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    When I first heard of DUSK, I started to ignore. I thought it was a crap that was being developed by the bad devs. After hearing good stuff from people about DUSK, I got curious, and I tried to have a look. Boys, this game is top-notch! It's cool and the dev is also cool and the publishers are also cool and the soundtrack composer, he is the one who did one for Brutal Doom, is also very cool. "Cool" in my dictionary means "awesome". The dev and the publishing team really have old-school shooter blood, which makes me feel excited to be with. Try it! This game is like Doom + Quake + Redneck Rampage (Hexen? Really!?). Also, you guy should check AMID EVIL (Heretic-like FPS with gorgeous pixel textures on low-poly models and extremely fun gameplay) and Ion Maiden (Duke-Nukem-3D-like FPS running on modified Build Engine with limited color palette visual). WHEN T-800 MEETS JOHN WOO...
  11. Daemon Doomer

    Level Progress Diagrams – E T E R N A L D O O M

    I still I have a "non-linear" feeling in Doom maps. They are different from COD maps, which are really "corridor-like".
  12. Daemon Doomer


    Yeah, I was really into those kinds of styles.
  13. Daemon Doomer

    I need help drawing up a custom weapon

    First, you need inspiration. Second, you need some picture resources. Third, you need to self-learn how to draw stuff and practice them. I have been practicing drawing since I was 6 without any help from teacher (because they sucks). Hey, maybe you should try MediBang Paint Pro. It is a free software for illustration and manga stuff but there is a brush tool that allows you to make pixel artworks. Like this:
  14. Daemon Doomer


    Another joke wad?