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  1. blod

    The /newstuff Chronicles #531

    It's great to see the chronicles again. Let reviews be shorter and brighter if it helps to do them often.
  2. blod

    WadAuthor is Freeware

    WadAuthor was my tool of choise for years (after some unhappy usage of DoomCAD). It possessed sleek GUI, all essential feats and great texture browser that I miss nowadays... It seems someone needs a session of retroediting.
  3. blod

    Speed of Doom

    Pretty hard but it adds to sweetness of victory.
  4. blod

    The /newstuff Chronicles #530

    whats wrong with old format of the Chronicles? get it back, immediately!
  5. blod

    New Forum

    I like the new look but I miss screenshots and download pages in newstuff Chronicles (( Firefox 50.0.2
  6. blod

    ZDoom ceases development

    Thanks Randy for fantastic years of prolonged orgasm.
  7. blod

    Hellfire: Dreams

    Great creepy adventure, but some quests are tedious.
  8. blod

    The /newstuff Chronicles #500

    Congrats to my favorite DW section! I still hope to play all wads you check.
  9. Well I'm warmed up, now give me really hot stuff please!
  10. blod

    Pirate Doom

    It is just... just... KARRRAMBAH!!!
  11. blod

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Heroes are gone, sadness remained..
  12. blod

    Eureka Editor - now available for Windows!

    Newest editor? I'll check it soon for sure. But without UDMF support I have only an academic interest in it ((
  13. blod

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    Why not? I'm in. Old horse will not spoil the furrow ))
  14. blod

    UDMF things action

    Well, I think I can do some trickery with multi-tagged monsters and multi-layered door, but obviously scripting is a lot easier in that case.
  15. blod

    UDMF things action

    Great, thanx for help! I write simple scripts for ZDoom once in a while, no problem. Anyway there are many resources and sources on the net. My question about UDMF is because of my inborn laziness and extreme excitement for the new map format ))