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  1. wintertowns

    Doom Rebalanced - A simple vanilla-styled rebalance mod

    It's not a mod, just the regular alternative, fullscreen hud in GZDoom, enable it from "options" > "hud options" > "alternative hud" > "enable alternative hud", and zoom out from the normal hud. I just call it an armor meter, it't the regular number in the lower left corner that indicates how much armor is left. In your mod, I only see health, no armor. Normally it doesn't show up until armor is picked up, maybe that's why you missed it? Didn't know about the special snowflake D64 PE, only played D64 a little bit. I guess it's at least an explanation. No worries, I'll just spray it to swiss cheese with the chaingun.
  2. wintertowns

    Doom Rebalanced - A simple vanilla-styled rebalance mod

    That shotgun change is the best thing. Still no armor counter though, maybe it's a sign :^)? You also have an irrational love for your pain elemental.
  3. wintertowns

    Doom Rebalanced - A simple vanilla-styled rebalance mod

    After playing a few levels of Sunlust with this, I'd say it works really well, and feels like a buffed vanilla mode. I stand by that the chaingun firerate probably should be nerfed a little, and that the damaging lost soul explosions should be removed, and the armor type change still seems unnecessary. Many wads require you to deal with close combat situations, and the exploding souls are just too punishing. This really is the ideal UV blindrun mod for me, keep it up. Will test more cause I'm exited for this. I don't know what people who are criticising the changes for being too radical imagine that a mod, that claims to introduce slight changes to gameplay, should look like? I mean, all enemies do the same stuff, the overall flow is just more streamlined, in a specific way sure, but that's kind of inevitable if an individual is making a mod that affect gameplay, no? All dodging, infighting, aiming, projectile prediction and encounters in general works the same way as in vanilla, it just turns the general balance slightly in your favor, given that you know how to play. I mean, it's not a power fantasy, If you fuck up, you probably die faster than in vanilla because of consistent monsterdamage, but it makes skillful play more powerful, which, as I understand it, is the entire point of the mod. It allows you to break the level easier without doing it for you.
  4. wintertowns

    Doom Rebalanced - A simple vanilla-styled rebalance mod

    Was actually download Sunlust and Sunder again after trying this out. This is the most interesting thing for me as an experienced, but kind of intermediate player. To be able to play more extreme wads relatively blind using instinctive tactics, without having to rehearse strategies for every fight. It might break the game just enough for that ;). This is so true. It has a charm in itself of course, but hey, if you want pure vanilla, just don't use the mod then. It could definitely be argued that such a mechanic actually hinders the core gamplay of modern Doom pwads rather than working for it. I personally cannot think of a wad that actually make use of the randomness aspect of the game specifically, and I don't know how many modern players actually feel true horror distress rather than casual annoyance when you get fucked by RNGesus. Probably a marathon run vod/stream? Then there is the dreaded 4-5 hit...
  5. wintertowns

    Doom Rebalanced - A simple vanilla-styled rebalance mod

    The armor meter in the GZDoom alternative hud does not show up in this mod for me. Otherwise I could not find any technical flaws. Stylistically I would suggest adding some smooth animations to the weapons to spice it up, as the weaponhandling feels smoother overall with these rules. I like that the chainsaw wakes up monsters when idling, and the logical switch of fists to first weapon in slot 1 because of that. It also makes it easier to flip out the berserk when needed, making gameplay faster. I'm not sure about the armor type change, type of armor affect itembalance in levels too much I think. The BFG splash change is heretical, but fun. End-of-firing delay bypasses are a godsend. The firerate of the chaingun might be a tad op. The lost soul spawn explosion might be to gamebreaking, as fighting the pain elemental with berserk is so common as a tactic. I like that it spawns two souls though, but maybe on UV-NM only? I think the spectre fade could be more extreme, so that it's only visible really close to the player. You can actually circlestrafe mastermind now, don't know if it's good or bad. I personally like it, it's kind of justified by the lowered pain chance. All the item pickup changes are just good. I don't know if it's possible to do, but a rad, fitting change would also be to be able to switch from shotguns before reloading/pumping, then reload/pump when switching back. I been looking for this in other mods, but none seem to be able to do it. At least the SG could benefit greatly from this. Nitpicking aside, very nice to have a mod that lets you play faster, without necessarily making you an invincible god-being, or adding lots of stuff that actually delays gameplay for superfluous visual drama.
  6. wintertowns

    100th Post On Doomworld

    Thanks to everyone for being a welcoming, helpful and inspiring community, this truly feels like a real home on the interwebs.
  7. wintertowns

    doom2's map01 quakestyle

    A daring synthesis.
  8. wintertowns

    Echoes Of Desolation - 2 PSX Doom inspired maps

    Very atmospheric. Good balance on UV, and I like the interconnection within the levels. This was so neat, the blank poison liquid with that nice floor.
  9. wintertowns


    Are you playing the original version? The updated 1.1.1 fixed these for me.
  10. wintertowns


    If you're not familiar with midi terminology I would suggest that you read up on that a little bit, you could start here. I use this for sequencing (I personally prefer it over Anvil's piano roll editor), then I run it into a synth. Just direct the synth to the soundfont named "gzdoom.sf2" in the GZDoom folder, then it will use the same sounds as in game. If you don't have a midi keyboard for trying out sounds, you can use a virtual keyboard which can be controlled with the computer keyboard. That's the best solution I've been able to come up with, and it's completely freeware. I use real DAW's for other audio stuff, but I find them a bit lacking when it comes to old school general midi programming. You could of course use a tracker for sequencing aswell, if you like that kind of interface better than a piano roll editor. When it comes to building tracks, use your editor/sequencer of choice to open up midis you like, and try to understand why things sound like they do. I think having a midikeyboard, and being able to play it a little bit, helps with finding your own ideas, as well as getting more familiar with the synth sounds you use. Good luck.
  11. wintertowns


    I really liked the mood and architecture in this, was inspired to write a midi: Wintertowns - Ruins.zip Your map doesn't play music because of your MAPINFO lump, so I took the freedom and edited it so that it works with the track. ataraxiatemple_WTEdit.zip I think that the map could use some more monsters, and I also think that you could switch the order in which you get the RL and SSG, make RL the secret instead. Health and armor balance felt allright, although it will of course have to be changed if you up the monster count. This arrangement doesn't really work, as the red skull sector doesn't lower all the way if you trigger the linedef before the larger, adjecent sector is completely lowered. Maybe it's intentional, but the player wont be able to reach the key. I would suggest making both one sector, or let the player trigger the key sector when crossing into the first lowered sector, but someone else here maybe has a better solution.
  12. something something git gud something Just kidding, I mean, the only way to get over your frustration is to make something of your own that adheres to your own standards. Just try to make a wad that doesn't contain the things you write about in your post. Fast pinkies will fuck you up.
  13. wintertowns

    Merry Christmas!

  14. wintertowns

    X mas mods

    Welcome to Doomworld. This might be what you are looking for. Then there is also this. This was released for Freedoom just some days ago. Good luck.
  15. wintertowns

    My first wad: Power Factory

    My blindrun.