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  1. Can confirm this, as I am a slaughternewb interested in learning about the noble art of monsterpewning en masse, who found this wad very informative.
  2. wintertowns

    Replacing weapons with Realm667 ones

    I searched the Doom editing forums and found this in a thread almost immediately. It specifically addresses monsters/weapons/items from Realm667. I suggest asking in the editing forums for editing questions in the future.
  3. wintertowns

    Best Single Map WADs

    Dark Tide
  4. wintertowns

    Mapset: MedEvil

    I gave each map a try, and managed to finish map 2 on UV fda in PrBoom+. Did not finished the other maps, as I died close to the end of both and don't have time to play any more now, but I enjoyed what I've seen so far. Fairly easy to play on UV overall, but the engagements are thought about and there where no wasted space or obvious texture errors in the levels as far as I could tell. Especially the PE encounters were challenging due to good placement, and no unnecessary excess of ammo and health in the maps, I really liked that. Wintertownsme02fda.zip
  5. wintertowns

    IronEagle Competition 2: Vanguard

    Died in map 4 during blindrun on UV using PRBoom+. GG's. WintertownsIEvang.zip
  6. I think it's fascinating that you're actually spending hundreds of dollars for debugging projects people here probably would test for free. I don't like to ruin the fun for guys like Ancalagon and Memfis, but I think your behaviour is legit worrying. I mean, it's obvious that you put some effort into what you do, you really don't have to meme around and put on some kind of elaborate show just to communicate your Doombased content. I think that it's obvious that most people here are interested in Doom and wads, just show your stuff and work on it, that makes everybody happy in the end. It's like you are ashamed or something, just stop.
  7. I'm sorry, but I think you've shown clearly that you don't seem to realize much at all...
  8. Imagine if everyone was very lazy until seven days from now... I don't think that anyone is upset, most people is actually trying to help you. You just don't give any sign of actually listening, so what's the point of posting on a forum for feedback and discussion? If you continue to fight reality in this way, you really should get banned for your own good. Take some time off behemoth Doom mapping and rethink your life.
  9. wintertowns

    The Oasis - A single ZDoom map (RELEASED)

    Very nice visuals and geometrical design overall. Texturework is top notch. I guess mouselook should be a thing, as there are some potential underwater play. Gameplaywise, I think that it felt a little bit like setpieces from 4-5 different levels stitched together. I could imagine a multilevel wad that use these ideas, but develop the gameplay of each area further. As a result, the pacing felt very uneven as of now, but what was there was still polished in its parts.
  10. wintertowns

    Eternal Damnation [UDoom Vanilla Mapset] (new update)

    My blind playthrough of the entire thing. I really liked the ambush encounters that changed the room in such a way that natural cover was provided inside the ambush itself.
  11. wintertowns

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (Release Candidate 2!!)

    That actually makes a lot of sense. I think I probably could have completed the whole thing without opening any stashes, especially if I had gotten chainsaw/berserk early. I did not really get to use berserk, and I only found a chainsaw maybe three quarters in. I'm a bit of an infighting enthusiast, so that probably factored in, especially in areas with an open layout, but I don't tend to fight meele without berserk/chainsaw. You can watch how I play some UV-max here.
  12. wintertowns

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
  13. wintertowns

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (Release Candidate 2!!)

    Just finished this on UV, picking up all the keys. Man, probably among the most intelligent maps I've played designwise. It wasn't necessarily that difficult, but the scope of the thing makes it really important that it's enjoyable the first time through, and that was definitely accomplished. My only critique would probably be that even if it was fun, there probably were to many resources on UV, but I think that about almost every map I play, so maybe I'm just crazy. I just felt that on UV it would have been nice if it was more of a survival map aswell as an orgie in exporation. Maybe force the player to open more of the "locked" stashes, or else you will run out of juice. Then you can play on HMP if you want the nice cruise. That's really nitpicky though, the balance was really good overall. Anyway, thanks for the good times, cheers.
  14. wintertowns

    The Howling Void

    Nah, it's not Boom-compatible, you need ZDoom/Zandronum to run this. To add stuff and still make it Boom-compatible you need to use a thing called dehacked, a tutorial can be found here. I understand now what you mean with the level names, I just thought it was an unusual setup. My only real confusion was that the -warp command didn't work as usual. Everything else was fine.
  15. wintertowns

    The Howling Void

    This skybox is so good though...