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  1. Brigandine UV-Max in 21:08.
  2. Sure, here it is.
  3. Dark Tide UV-Max in 32:49
  4. Nice map, I really enjoyed playing. Here is a custom MIDI of mine that I used as replacement for D_RUNNIN. Also, possible bug in spoiler. Wintertowns - Dark
  5. It was lagging for me too with GZDoom, and a little bit with PrBoom+ aswell. GLBoom+ did the trick and seem to work smoothly so far.
  6. Shameless self-promotion: Like velvet for the ears :).
  7. Did you read the post before downloading? My intention was to make a difference between the original, 8-bit doom format and the replacement files, which are (mostly) 16-bit audio. That's the only big difference really, some of the new sounds are still 11025 Hz sampling rate.
  8. Hello, Sharing a wad I created for my own GZdooming/smoothdooming containing sfx-replacements gathered from various ID-games. Tested with ZDoom and GZDoom. Enjoy!
  9. That MIDI you posted is pretty damn cool man, I especially like the second half with the solo. My only criticism would be that some of the nots seem too sustain for too long on the opening chords for the first 40 seconds or so. I really liked it though!

    1. wintertowns


      Thanks man, glad you liked it. I discovered the problem with the sustaining notes when I tested it with the microsoft wavetable synth, but I don't know whats causing it. However, I now learned how to replace the D_runnin file in Doom, and it seems to work properly with Fluidsynth.

  10. Hi, I'm not much of a mapper, but I got inspired to write som MIDI while I was playing through your wad. Sure, d_runnin is a great track, but if you want to mix it up, you can use this ;). Thanks for the wad, keep ut the good work! Edit: The MIDI does not work properly with Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. All other options for MIDI playback in GZDoom 3.1.0 works properly on my system. Wintertowns - Spoiled