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  1. wintertowns

    Ready to exit UV-max...

    ...1 monster left...
  2. wintertowns

    Doom girl HUD

    She has a very deep voice... Looks cool though.
  3. wintertowns

    New project: Evolved - first map for testing

    Here is my fda, I died to the last three skellies. cs01.zip I thought it could do as a map placed later on in the wad, with some more monsters. Feels a little bit too long and complex to be an introductory start of a mapset, and the large outdoor ares felt a bit underused. I liked the custom textures in combination with the classic stuff, it felt like they improved the scenery and interiors without standing out too much. The lowering platforms connected to the water dungeon was hard to see, I actually missed one and wandered around aimlessly for a good while before even realizing what it was. Maybe elevate the platforms a little bit above floor height, so it's easy to spot when they lower. Especially the one in the dungeon. I personally like maps with little health, but I can see how some people would think that healthbalance is on the lower side. I think the ammobalance has to be spot on like it is though. Armorplacement felt logical. Good luck with the other maps.
  4. wintertowns

    Dad Wad: Single level for Doom 2

    Here is an UV-max in prboom+, first exit: dw01-310.zip Enjoy it together with a fresh, ice-cold dadMIDI: dadMIDI.zip
  5. wintertowns

    Bloody Boots - Now Released!

    My blindrun demo in prboom+ Wintertowns fda.zip I thought it was pretty fun to play. Nice flow and all. I personally like the lack of health, felt exciting. Actually did not find the rumored SSG though... Bailed out on the last viles because I felt a lack of bigger artillery, so I agree that it probably needs a more obvious spot. I also felt it was a little bit too easy to just flee from traps and cover down monsters from behind a corner. Maybe somehow limit areas during the bigger fights? Have you thought of maybe skipping the plasma completely and just add some more rockets? The map is really interesting to maneuver, that't fun with rockets. I feel like the plasma easily can become an easy way out of bad positioning when you don't have cybers or an excess of skeletons to take care of.
  6. wintertowns


    Thank you. I didn't know about this mod before this. It melts my computer now during the summer, but it will be fun to play when it gets cooler...
  7. wintertowns


    Maybe you have found it by now, but I looked into it anyway. 1) Find the curved hallway that can be accessed via the room with the yellow door. Climb into the vents. 2) Continue straight through the vents until you reach the other side. When you have passed the corresponding curved corridor on that side (this part of the map seems to be symmetrical), and reach the straight corridor with the same type of vegetation as the curved one, you will find this hidden passage in the far end corner. From here you just continue on until you reach the generator room where the airlock can be activated. Hope that helps, cheers!
  8. wintertowns

    Neat Mods?

    I almost never use GZDoom without Smooth Doom. If you don't want to replace custom monsters, there is also Smooth Weapon Animations.
  9. wintertowns

    DOOM wads that use custom made monsters

    Welcome to Doomworld. I really like the lovecraftian theme of the monsters in the wad Strange Aeons. Also be sure to check out the gameplay mod Aeons of Death. It uses monsters and weapons from many FPS's and mixes them randomly in Doom. There is also Freedoom that has variants inspired of the vanilla monsters. That's a start, good luck!
  10. Fun stuff, you guys are killing it. Really liked this and Circle of Caina. However, there seem to be some issue with prboom+ in map 3, as the player noclips and doesn't affect enemies, projectiles or pickups. One can still take damage from melee attacks, and it's not possible to clip trough walls. It seems to work normally in gzdoom 3.3.1 though...
  11. wintertowns

    The philosophy of level design

    Sounds like nice map/wad. No screenshots?
  12. wintertowns

    Feedback for my map

    Played the map, I agree with most of the previous posters. Thought it was pretty fun to play so I wrote a MIDI to replace D_RUNNIN aswell: Wintertowns - RefineryMIDI.zip
  13. wintertowns

    Wetworks.wad, a first map - criticism welcome !

    If you don't write music yourself, there are https://www.vgmusic.com and http://www.midishrine.com. Lots of cool stuff. It's barely about editing, you just add a MIDI file to your wad with the same name as the musiclump from the level in Doom II that you are replacing (see https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_II_music for a levelmatching list of lumps). If you open up the wad in Slade 3, it's just drag and drop, then rename. If you make maps in ZDoom format, you can easily add wav/ogg/mp3 files and different kinds of module files aswell.
  14. wintertowns

    Wetworks.wad, a first map - criticism welcome !

    Nice. Here is a first exit UV-max in GZDoom 3.3.1, and I always get a little bit triggered by standard D_RUNNIN, so I threw together a custom MIDI for this one =). Wetworks - Wintertowns MIDI & Demo.zip Thanks for the wad, keep it up.
  15. wintertowns

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    Cool map and all, but I don't understand how to play around the infinitely tall hanging corpses in the map? I had the same problem in "Prickled", but engine wasn't specified in that case, so I assume that I was supposed to have played in ZDoom instead of PrBoom+. Is the final wad supposed to be Boom-compatible or is it ZDoom only? I think the clipping of infinitely tall actors can only be done in ZDoom? Looking forward to the finished project though, really interesting levels and music so far.