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  1. I hate them all and thats why I kill them! Probably hate pain elemental the most, but on the other hand, they kind of have the coolest sounds in the game, so it kind of evens it out for me. Lost souls even make an annoying sound, they suck.
  2. Breach UV-max in 12:53
  3. But... but... from Doom Wiki "UV max is a Compet-n speedrunning category. The objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible on Ultra-Violence, killing every monster at least once, except lost souls, and with 100% secrets." "...killing every monster at least once"?
  4. Hey, I did not know about revived monsters!? I indeed heard the last monster, but thought I was okay anyways... Ok, I'll redo it later. Thanks for taking the time to review it!
  5. Bloody Rust, all maps UV-max. A bloody mess of a demo collection. Map 01-04 in Crispy Doom, map 05 in PrBoom and map 06 in GlBoom. Map 01 with keyboard and the rest with keyboard and mouse.
  6. Really cool use of the fx programs in "T'pol or Not t'pol", and I really dig the layered piano/synths/stuff in "Don't Call Me Catedetic". Was the layers recorded in improv with pedals, split keyboard and shit or did you orchestrate in sequencer?
  7. Cool. Thanks!
  8. What's the total number of WADs on idgames? Does anyone know? Was googling around but could not find a stat...
  9. Nice, I really like these maps =).
  10. Mountain Base Map01 UV-Max in 5.28 Map02 UV-Max in 7.58
  11. UV-Max demos of both maps: Wintertowns Mountain Really enjoyed the vanilla feel, and was strangely reminded of HALO: Combat Evolved and Dark Forces II mapdesign for some reason. I think the last big encounters of both maps could have used some blocked exits though, as they were kind of easy to exploit at the moment. Cheers and congrats on the release!
  12. Breach UV-Max in 18:00
  13. Brigandine UV-Max in 21:08.
  14. Sure, here it is.