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  1. If you allow me to be a bit polemic, you make it sound like there is a trans-center somewhere that has a Doomworld-section, but I think I get your message. I feel immesurable respect and awe for the individual contributions people make to this site, and game modding in general, but for me it doesn't need it to be attached to their, race, gender, or political beliefs. I won't like it more or less if it is, it's just more difficult for me to see the actual interesting subject matter. Internet art can be so crystal clear in itself because of relative anonymity. In that respect I think it's different from realworld art, where the social-cultural origin of a work matters, and can be very interesting. Has there been recent problems in this particular community with transphobia? I can imagine that it has in the past, due to internet lack of accountability. Has it been dealt with, or is it still a problem? I don't claim to be able to understand a transpersons experience, but I love that there can exist communities where our written opinion around a specific topic almost is the only thing that matters, and IRL physical existence is less important. Real world issues exist, but Doomworld is probably somewhere as far from the real world as we get, If we still want to be able to communicate of course.
  2. Do you do intend to do this as an official Doomworld statement, or are you organizing as indiviual members of the community? I would suspect that some members, no matter their opinion on this, feel uncomfortable with the thought of the community taking an official stance in regards to a question (which I personally think is a non-question, we're all equal), that is being frequently used in all kinds of acceptable and unacceptable ways in the current american, as well as international, political discourse. I have nothing against a political project if it's organized by members, but I think that the official stance of this kind of forum should remain non-political. If there is a problem with transphobia on these forums, there has to be some kind of investigation made, and there has to be a statement with an official stance, but if there's not a problem here, I don't see why Doomworld officially should engage in battles fought elsewhere. State you business as a regular member, and make a project if your mapping ideas are good, and people can rally around a cause on discord or private messaging if they so choose to. Even if we like Romero here, and owe much to him and the other guys from old iD, we're not his personal army, and what he chooses to beleive in political matters must stand for him, and not necessarily the community.
  3. wintertowns

    My latest doom wad

    Welcome to Doomworld. You will probably get more playtesters for your levels if you follow this guide.
  4. wintertowns

    Concrete Rage (Single Map For Doom 2)

    Played this in PrBoom+ and encountered minor HOM, so I don't know if it's ZDoom only. Here's a fda anyway. rageWTfda.zip
  5. That would be great. As long as one can track his stats without spamming tab while demonbanging, I'm okay with it. *Edit* Solved it! It's possible to use Simple UI Add-ons by Tekish to get the info in the regular fullscreen HUD.
  6. Having a lot of fun with this brother. It's still a bit annoying not to be able to see kills and secrets in the HUD with this mod though. I've tried two different custom HUD's that replaces the regular fullscreen HUD, and the armor-problem persists. I don't know enough about scripting to be able to understand why, but maybe you could look into it if you have opportunity? If so, I've tried this with NC HUD and Peter's Sexy HUD. Anyway, can confirm that it seems to be compatible with Ketchup v. 5. It's also great to have a settings menu to streamline the game even further, keep up the good work.
  7. wintertowns

    Outbreak of Evil

    Nice work, very nice techbase. Here are pistolstart fda's for all the maps. I could not finish e1m2 cause the first button did not work in either PrBoom+ or GZDoom. WTfdaOUTBREAK.zip
  8. wintertowns

    Video game/movie crossovers you would like to see in Doom

    Yea, that's a nice one, genius even, but I was thinking of something based on the more recent installments with the more futuristic aesthetic, like The New Order. Nazis on the moon, lasercutters, laserguns and robotdogs. Stuff like that.
  9. wintertowns

    Video game/movie crossovers you would like to see in Doom

    Has someone done modern Wolfenstein yet? Could be a sweet brutal doom crossover with the "retrofuturistic" weapons from The New Order.
  10. It's not a mod, just the regular alternative, fullscreen hud in GZDoom, enable it from "options" > "hud options" > "alternative hud" > "enable alternative hud", and zoom out from the normal hud. I just call it an armor meter, it't the regular number in the lower left corner that indicates how much armor is left. In your mod, I only see health, no armor. Normally it doesn't show up until armor is picked up, maybe that's why you missed it? Didn't know about the special snowflake D64 PE, only played D64 a little bit. I guess it's at least an explanation. No worries, I'll just spray it to swiss cheese with the chaingun.
  11. That shotgun change is the best thing. Still no armor counter though, maybe it's a sign :^)? You also have an irrational love for your pain elemental.
  12. After playing a few levels of Sunlust with this, I'd say it works really well, and feels like a buffed vanilla mode. I stand by that the chaingun firerate probably should be nerfed a little, and that the damaging lost soul explosions should be removed, and the armor type change still seems unnecessary. Many wads require you to deal with close combat situations, and the exploding souls are just too punishing. This really is the ideal UV blindrun mod for me, keep it up. Will test more cause I'm exited for this. I don't know what people who are criticising the changes for being too radical imagine that a mod, that claims to introduce slight changes to gameplay, should look like? I mean, all enemies do the same stuff, the overall flow is just more streamlined, in a specific way sure, but that's kind of inevitable if an individual is making a mod that affect gameplay, no? All dodging, infighting, aiming, projectile prediction and encounters in general works the same way as in vanilla, it just turns the general balance slightly in your favor, given that you know how to play. I mean, it's not a power fantasy, If you fuck up, you probably die faster than in vanilla because of consistent monsterdamage, but it makes skillful play more powerful, which, as I understand it, is the entire point of the mod. It allows you to break the level easier without doing it for you.
  13. Was actually download Sunlust and Sunder again after trying this out. This is the most interesting thing for me as an experienced, but kind of intermediate player. To be able to play more extreme wads relatively blind using instinctive tactics, without having to rehearse strategies for every fight. It might break the game just enough for that ;). This is so true. It has a charm in itself of course, but hey, if you want pure vanilla, just don't use the mod then. It could definitely be argued that such a mechanic actually hinders the core gamplay of modern Doom pwads rather than working for it. I personally cannot think of a wad that actually make use of the randomness aspect of the game specifically, and I don't know how many modern players actually feel true horror distress rather than casual annoyance when you get fucked by RNGesus. Probably a marathon run vod/stream? Then there is the dreaded 4-5 hit...
  14. The armor meter in the GZDoom alternative hud does not show up in this mod for me. Otherwise I could not find any technical flaws. Stylistically I would suggest adding some smooth animations to the weapons to spice it up, as the weaponhandling feels smoother overall with these rules. I like that the chainsaw wakes up monsters when idling, and the logical switch of fists to first weapon in slot 1 because of that. It also makes it easier to flip out the berserk when needed, making gameplay faster. I'm not sure about the armor type change, type of armor affect itembalance in levels too much I think. The BFG splash change is heretical, but fun. End-of-firing delay bypasses are a godsend. The firerate of the chaingun might be a tad op. The lost soul spawn explosion might be to gamebreaking, as fighting the pain elemental with berserk is so common as a tactic. I like that it spawns two souls though, but maybe on UV-NM only? I think the spectre fade could be more extreme, so that it's only visible really close to the player. You can actually circlestrafe mastermind now, don't know if it's good or bad. I personally like it, it's kind of justified by the lowered pain chance. All the item pickup changes are just good. I don't know if it's possible to do, but a rad, fitting change would also be to be able to switch from shotguns before reloading/pumping, then reload/pump when switching back. I been looking for this in other mods, but none seem to be able to do it. At least the SG could benefit greatly from this. Nitpicking aside, very nice to have a mod that lets you play faster, without necessarily making you an invincible god-being, or adding lots of stuff that actually delays gameplay for superfluous visual drama.