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  1. SGS Man

    Is the 8th Generation of gaming terrible?

    While I wouldn't claim the 8th generation is terrible or even mediocre, I definitely feel the 8th generation is uninspired. People have been more observant and critical of industry practices and the games themselves, effectively demanding higher average quality. As a result, 2017 was a notable year. We had a lot of games that range from good to great, but none truly stood out. This generation does have a few more years to become impressive though, and I'm hopeful for 2019's lineup of games. Regardless, I'm quite satisfied with this generation. Some of the best games I've ever played come from this gen, which is something I can't say for most console generations before the 6th one (PS2/XBox/Gamecube). Fighting games are quite strong (if not stronger than ever), indie games are booming, and AAA games are absolutely trying their damndest to improve. I'm on the fence whether the 6th or 7th gen is my favorite. The sheer quality of the best 6th gen releases is unmatched, while the sheer number of quality releases from the 7th gen is impressive. Both are definitely better than the current gen, but I'd take these three generations (and the 4th) over any other.
  2. SGS Man

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    As an overall package, TNT is extremely boring for me. Stronghold, Pharoah, Caribbean, and Heck are the most memorable maps. Mt. Pain and Habitat come to mind for being terrible maps.
  3. SGS Man

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    @Master O Yep. It's comparable to any feat or challenge in a game that pushes the systems at work to their limits.
  4. SGS Man

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Okay, impressions of Doom Eternal's gameplay reveal. There are clear inspirations from Classic Doom. Enemies seem like revamped versions of their classic counterparts and maintain their design. Some weapons like the Plasma Rifle are like the classic versions as well. This game is almost definitely more inspired by Doom 2: Hell of Earth, the same way Doom 2016 was inspired by Doom (not Ultimate). There are more open sandboxy maps this time around, like Doom 2's city maps. The occasional gimmicky concept or two would be great as well. The movement mechanics are legit as heck. Double jumps, dash, double dash, air dash, double airdash, hangbars, wall climbs, and of course, the grappling hook. They'd fit like a glove and make traversal through the open maps much better. Grappling hooks also seem to use enemies as grapple points which will make the movement more dynamic. The double shot using different weapons (and ammo) a la DESYNC is also hype. Want to see how far iD can push this stuff. Maybe using enemies as giant projectiles? There are charged weapons, scopes, and multi-ammo weapons which is pretty cool as well. The Invasion mechanic seems interesting. Could be a good duel mid-game or a gang war. Co-op could balance this out rather nicely. The effects of life-up will have to be seen in time. Regardless, I'm pretty stoked after the gameplay reveal. Doom 2016's core was pretty great and a solid departure from the Classics (which are still alive and kicking). If they limit the excessive Painkiller-esque arena battles, improve the upgrade system, and balance resource management, we'd have arguably the best AAA FPS in a while. ARCH-VILE HYPE!!!
  5. Chasm as a secret map would be beautiful. In the same way watching a train crash is beautiful
  6. SGS Man

    Can modern FPS titles be considered as Doom clones?

    Genres are for classification (duh). Doom and Call of Duty are considered to be First-Person Shooters, and that's nearly the full extent of their similarity. They both have a first-person perspective whose gameplay loop involves a lot of shooting. So Call of Duty shouldn't be considered a Doom-clone at all. The terms 'military shooter' or 'cover shooter' are more apt, even if they have their issues. Doom-clones (if re-introduced now) should be a sub-genre of FPS and should strictly refer to games that are 'clones' of Doom. These games should have significant overlap with the mechanics of Doom. The term could be useful for people who enjoy Doom and want more games like it. This is the same reason why Souls-likes and Character Action are decent ideas for sub-genres of Action games. The name needs desperate fixing though, as it places Doom on an unreachable pedestal that could be surpassed in the future. Regardless of how we categorize games, elements of both generality and clarity should be used. A person who hasn't played Doom wouldn't get what a Doom-clone would stand for, and a potential sub-genre of FPS is sealed away from them. This hurts excellent games like Heretic, Hexen, Blood, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and Strife, as well as any future games based on them.
  7. SGS Man

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'd say slaughter is the genre of Doom maps that wrenches out every ounce of mechanical depth the game has to offer. It's comparable to perfect runs of challenge platformers, or combo mads of character action games. It is definitely not meant for everyone and that's fine since there are thousands of other Doom maps and mods on offer. Also, inb4 "Artificial Difficulty"
  8. SGS Man

    Exomoon megawad released! [+1.6 released!]

    Looks pretty great! Congratulations on the release! Moonblood was a dang good map-set and I can't wait to try this one out...
  9. SGS Man

    Best Megawad ever (In Your Opinion)

    Tie between Valiant and Sunlust
  10. Play in the way that maximizes your enjoyment. If you enjoy playing on Nightmare! difficulty and want to restart every time you take damage, then do that. Or if you enjoy using save-loads to get through on ITYTD, then do that instead. Both are valid playstyles, cater to different tastes, and explore different sections of the game-state. However, Doom maps enjoy the benefit of having the author's intention written in the text file. That provides additional information and context that enables the player to better decide how they should play. You can ignore this completely but at your own peril. Personally, I think it's a bad idea to complain about things the author specifically warned you about. This doesn't imply that the word of the author is holy writ. Only rarely do authors know the full extent of their creation. This very thread suggests that the folks at iD recommended saving in the IWAD maps, a prospect that would be considered dated in the 1990s. It just means that the author of a map-set would know the most about it upon release and therefore, would be able to provide the best advice.
  11. SGS Man

    The Umbroteca (enigma website)

    I guess the answer is Nihilanth?
  12. SGS Man

    Best games?

    My order would be Plutonia >= E1 > E3 > Doom 2 >= E4 > E2 >(>>>>) TNT. But all are pretty good. Plutonia and E1 are consistently great and reach the top of my list because of that. E3, Doom 2, and E4 are also good but their quality does vary quite a bit. E2 is alright, since it's mostly just decent with a few standouts. TNT is at the bottom since some maps are downright terrible. Haven't played Freedoom enough to have an opinion on it.
  13. SGS Man

    Favorite Games Besides Doom?

    Oof where do I start? Shooters (apart from Doom) Quake 1/3/Live Unreal Tournament Blood Heretic/HeXen Half-Life 1/2 DESYNC F.E.A.R Resident Evil 4/6 Vanquish Action Dark Souls 1/2/3 Demon's Souls Bloodborne Devil May Cry 1/3 Ninja Gaiden Black/Sigma/2/Sigma 2 Bayonetta God Hand Ys Origins Nioh Strategy Rise of Nations Starcraft 1/2 Warcraft 3 Age of Empires 2 Age of Mythology Civilization 4/5 Europa Universalis 4 Aurora 4X Platformers La-Mulana Rabi-Ribi Environmental Station Alpha Ori and the Blind Forest Salt & Sanctuary AM2R Castlevania 1/3/Order of Ecclesia Terraria Wings of Vi Celeste 1001 Spikes N++ I Wanna Be the Boshy Gimmick! Umihara Kawase That about wraps up my favorite genres. I do have a few in Stealth (Mark of the Ninja, Thief Gold/2, Metal Gear Solid 3), RPGs (Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Fallout: New Vegas), and Horror (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA, REmake, Silent Hill 1/2/3) as well. Then there's Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, and Skullgirls that don't really fit in any of the above categories.
  14. SGS Man

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    Doom 1's levels are more consistently good despite slouching occasionally in the gameplay department due in part to the lacking bestiary and weapons. Doom 2's levels are gimmicky and varied with few pockets of excellent, albeit inconsistent, gameplay. They form the basis for earlier WADs but feel like variety for variety's sake. Also, Doom 2's levels aren't mazelike. Doom 2's levels are mostly open and directionless, with haphazard gimmicks strewn about that sometimes shoot down the actual gameplay. Doom 1 has mazelike levels where you figure a route to the end rather than picking a random direction and hoping for the best.
  15. SGS Man

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    Playing E1M5 for the first time. Probably the map that sealed my love for the game. There was something special about the progression and interconnectedness of the map compared to the previous ones. The music and unsettling atmosphere probably helped as well. The only other map in the IWADs that I found memorable for similar reasons was E1M8. Surviving E4M1 and E4M2. Boy were they tough back then. Despite the inconsistent difficulty of E4 as a whole, these maps were extremely memorable for how jarring they were coming off E3. Replaying Plutonia. Wasn't really fond of Plutonia the first time I tried it. But I really began appreciating its intricacies after replaying it a bunch of times. It slowly grew to become my favorite IWAD outright; to the point that I consider it the best official release by ID to date. Those were just from the IWADs. The PWADs have a whole host of interesting stories to tell, but getting into them was also a fascinating experience.