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  1. SGS Man

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    God Hand! Finally got this masterpiece working on a PS2 emulator. Can't wait to get my teeth kicked in a dozen times over. @Grimosaur Good luck with Dark Souls. Just pay attention to your surroundings and don't rush through blindly.
  2. SGS Man

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I find Doom 2016's formula to be excellent and I'm glad it isn't trying to ape classic Doom too much. I've always thought classic Doom's core and potential was fully realized by Final Doom and the modding aspect of its legacy. Doom 2016 stands on its own core merits and is a better game for it. Doom 2016 should improve and tweak what its good at. Better use of verticality and fewer, but more challenging, arena battles; More bosses (and an Icon of Sin that isn't a joke); and Better Multiplayer.
  3. SGS Man

    Command and Conquer: Rivals

    First, the Rise of Nations team caved in and released DomiNations. Now Command & Conquer. Starcraft 3 and Age of Empires 4 are Free-to-Play-but-Pay-to-Win Mobile Strategy games confirmed!
  4. SGS Man

    Rest in peace, ALMN

    That is extremely unfortunate. Rest in Peace, fellow Doomer.
  5. SGS Man

    The big thread of what E3 announcements interest you!

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Ori: Will of the Wisps, and Doom Eternal are fascinating. And then you have Devil May Cry 5. I'll have to see how that one turns out.
  6. SGS Man

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    I'll have to go with Dark Souls, Devil May Cry 3, La-Mulana, Shadow of the Colossus, and Okami; in that order. Doom is still in my top 10 games though.
  7. SGS Man

    Random Video Thread

  8. Definitely the Beat 'em Up sub-genre of Action games. Stuff like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, God Hand, Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, etc. are often derided as button mashers but have some of the deepest combat outside of fighting games. They have excellent difficulty curves as well. In FPS, I'd say DESYNC. The game is essentially a mash-up of DMC and Quake, and is possibly one of the greatest FPS ever made but is underlooked, and even scorned, because it is portrayed as unfair or needlessly difficult. In Stealth, I'd say Mark of the Ninja. It's up there with Thief 2 and MGS3 as one of the best Stealth games ever. It features one of the best response systems ever conceived of in a Stealth game. In Metroidvanias, well we have La-Mulana, Rabi Ribi, and Environmental Station Alpha. They're the pinnacle of the genre (heck La-Mulana may be the best indie game and best 2D game I've ever played) as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Dark Souls 2 is rather scorned. There is a massive body of criticism levied against the game compared to every other title in the series. Regarding ADP, the only problem I have with it ties into the consistently bad hitboxes of the game. Having a stat that ties into invulnerability frames in one game allows for a different take on heavy builds, effectively increasing the replayability of all titles in the series. You can play Dark Souls 1 if you want to Fat Roll and Backflip your way to victory, and you can play Dark Souls 2 if you want to roll like a maniac while wearing a truck. The issue with this is that if you get hit, it's difficult to decipher whether it's your fault (mistiming a roll) or if it's the bad hitboxes. Also, multiple enemy encounters in SoulsBorne are incredibly well-crafted in every game, except for Dark Souls 2. In every other title, you can play aggressively or defensively, use fast or slow weapons, deal with enemies one at a time or all at once. But in Dark Souls 2, the only choice here is to play aggressively and deal with all enemies at once. This really hurts the options available to a player. There is some interesting enemy placement in Dark Souls 2, but it's hampered by the sheer monotony of it all. With that said, I still suggest you complete the game. Dark Souls 2 still has the most build variety in the series and has some excellent levels and bosses in the DLCs.
  10. Ooh boy here's my spicy take - Video Games that are defended as "Good for its time" were never good to begin with. There was simply no other choice at the time, and so mediocre to terrible gameplay was accepted as the norm. This is part of the reason why I consider most PS1 and N64 titles to be extremely overrated. Games like Tetris, 2D/3D Mario, 2D Zelda, Doom, Quake, Thief, etc. are about as old, if not older than those titles, and yet they still hold up incredibly well. If you want a specific game/series - every 3D Zelda. I can't find a single thing good about the series that isn't done much better in titles before, during, and after their existence. Even if we stick to 3D, Exploration is done much better in SoulsBorne and 90s FPS (Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen); Combat is done much better in SoulsBorne (+ Severance: Blade of Darkness + Nioh) and 3D Beat Em Ups (DMC, Ninja Gaiden, God Hand, Bayonetta, MGR, Wonderful 101); NPCs and Characters are done much better in isometric CRPGs (Fallout 1 & 2, Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment) and even ARPGs (Fallout: New Vegas, Vampire: The Masquerade). This is rendered far worse if we allow 2D games into the mix. Heck, Okami is a better Zelda game than any main Zelda game since it at least has a timeless artstyle and unique combat mechanics. The only 3D Zelda than I consider good is Breath of the Wild, since it at least has some interesting combat mechanics, and good exploration. It is still nowhere near Okami or any of the other titles I mentioned.
  11. SGS Man

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    Damage RNG. Either it should not exist at all or should be more controlled. RNG in games is a double-edged sword. It can increase the skill ceiling if the random effects can be reacted or responded to, but it can also curb the skill ceiling if the effects are beyond player control. Doom uses RNG in enemy movement, enemy firing, and bullet spread. All of these three components increase the skill ceiling and depth of the game, since enemy movement and firing creates a dynamic environment that tests the player, while bullet spread properties demand that the player have a good understanding of ammunition management and weapon use cases. These effectively make Doom gameplay what it is, and mappers have used these to harrowing effect. However, I see no reason why Doom couldn't use a constant high damage or a random high damage value instead of such insane variation in damage values. For instance, a Revenant could launch a missile into your face for 60 damage or 50-80 damage instead of 10-80 damage. Limiting enemy damage values wouldn't even affect Doom gameplay all that much since one of the core tenets of Doom gameplay is avoiding damage to the best of one's ability, and all primary sources of damage arise from enemy movement and firing. Heck, even a constant low damage or a random low damage value would be better than the current implementation since it would allow two playstyles - one revolving around tanking hits in exchange for dealing damage, and the other being "the air is lava". Having lower damage in general would allow for massive maps that stretch the player to the point of exhaustion and beyond (potentially even larger than the ones today). However, I'd still say having high constant/random damage would be better, since we could have lethal short maps and grand struggles simultaneously. There could be the occasional tanking of hits too, thereby increasing the toolkit of the player. Regarding random player damage, I'd suggest that it be moved to the higher end since lowering player damage values increases the grindiness of maps, which would go against the flow and pacing of Doom in general. Knowing that the player can kill a Hell Knight with 3 point-blank Super Shotgun blasts or an opponent in deathmatch with 2 point-blank Shotgun blasts would allow for more nuanced game-plans and approaches to maps in general. This could also be exploited by mappers by creating stricter ammo-starvation maps. The fact that a skilled player could still lose horribly due to a series of bad dice-rolls isn't something I'm rather pleased about. This would affect SP (and maybe MP) in a rather positive light. When a similar topic was raised in the "Things about Doom that annoy you" thread, rdwpa used the harder maps of 'Dimensions' by Killer5 as examples where Doom's monster behavior RNG becomes unmanageable after a point, effectively stonewalling both mapper and player potential. Regarding MP deathmatch, I've noticed that more modern mapsets use weapons with a lot more consistency in damage values, although I would like to be corrected in this point if I am mistaken. Regardless, I'd definitely say that minimizing the effect of damage RNG in Doom is beneficial.
  12. - Most Superhero films. I'd say the only ones that are excellent are The Dark Knight and The Watchmen. Everything else ranges from terrible to good. One other accomplishment that I can commend them for is Infinity War for the sheer scope of the damn thing. - Star Wars. Mediocre films whose only saving grace are the thematic implications behind The Force. Funnily enough, the interesting topics were explored in the Prequels and The Last Jedi (which are hated beyond belief) and not the Original Trilogy (which are better movies but are merely a Hero's Journey fantasy set in space with nothing unique about it). - Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa). This one was a rather typical romance anime film with an interesting gimmick. - A vast majority of Disney animated films. They are certainly competent affairs, but only the ones made in the 90s (and maybe Snow White) are great films. (- Sherlock. The episodes are feature-length films technically. Excellent, albeit bloated, production value aside, this series is only remotely decent because of how self-centered and contemptible Sherlock Holmes is. Judging it as its own work, it's a thoroughly mediocre crime drama. Judging it as an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, it's a travesty)
  13. SGS Man

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    I find that there is a resurgence in '90s-FPS' type games which mostly fuse the graphics and gun roster of Doom and Quake along with the gameplay loop of Serious Sam and Painkiller. Unfortunately, most of them are rather mediocre, often failing to successfully emulate the FPSes of yore and strike their own identity. With that said there are a few excellent shooters I've seen crop up recently. I'd say Devil Daggers is an excellent shmup shooter with a distinct arcadey feel to it. And then we have DESYNC which is basically a fusion of DMC and Quake. It's grown to be not only one of my favorite FPSes, but one of my favorite games outright. DESYNC deserves credit for trying to improve the '90s-FPS' and 'modern-FPS' formulas which have somehow both become stale.
  14. SGS Man

    Creepy videogame music

    All were used for the same area in the different versions of La Mulana.
  15. SGS Man

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    Killer Instinct Remake. The way the announcer screams "Ultra Combo" is exquisite.