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  1. @Voltcom9 Alright, I played the map last night. It plays a lot better now. Now for more suggestion time! 1. The ammo balance on the top floor seems to be a slight problem. If you have a PG or a BFG when you reach the top, the monsters there stand no chance. I think this is mainly because of the top floor having the highest density of energy packs. Perhaps replacing them with energy cells, rocket packs or shell boxes would better balance the floor out? The ammo type would also indicate the weapon the player is intended to use. 2. This is more of an idea. How about placing most, if not all, of the powerups (especially copies of the same powerup) in the starting room and replacing the rest with health packs of varying strength? While Maxing this map across both versions, I noticed that a small army of HKs always moves into the starting room eventually. This could create a greater need to get a BFG or RL since all of the goodies are trapped by a wall of meat. Speaking of ... 3. I think the RL can only be accessed with jumping, although correct me if I'm wrong on this one. Perhaps decreasing the breadth of the platform it's on?
  2. @Voltcom9 The map was short and fun. Some of my thoughts - + The map was really enjoyable to speedrun. Both Max and Speed are fairly straightforward to do. So kudos for that! + The bottom floor is quite fun to handle given the sheer number of projectiles flying about from different heights. I enjoyed that section while playing blind. = Also, the bottom floor doesn't have to be accessed in order to complete the level (except for the stairs to the exit, which can just be jumped onto). I'm not sure if this is intentional, although it's something I noticed. - Half the map infights itself to death as soon as you leave the first room. Given that you can grab a megasphere and an invulnerability sphere as soon as the map starts, you can basically clean up with little to no risk. - The top floor is too easy. I could just rush up there and clear it out as the monsters ripped each other apart on the lower floors. - There are too many powerups and weapons available at the start. Now for some suggestions - 1. Add more Revenants to the top floor and shift most of the Troopers up there. That makes the top floor harder to access while retaining some risk on the lower floors. Also, you could add Arachnotrons to some of the ledges on the sides as snipers. 2. The Mancubi are way too close to the Troopers in a lot of places. The Mancubi tear through most of the Troopers with relative ease. You could place them as snipers or anywhere far away from the Troopers. 3. You could start the player off with an SSG, and keep the RL and BFG on the bottom floor to create some weapon progression. Also, some item progression would help, especially fewer invulnerability spheres. 4. Mass Archvile Teleport at end pls All in all, it's a really fun map that could afford to be slightly harder...
  3. I'll make an Industrial Map if that's a valid theme... I'll take MAP 29.
  4. Alright, I've made some minor edits to my map... Tomb of the False God V3 The map should take around 10+ minutes to complete according to my tests.
  5. I'll try making a moon map as well.
  6. Here's an updated version of my map. Some traps have been improved and inconsistent monster teleportation has been fixed. Also, no surprise exit now :) Download: Tomb of the False God
  7. @rdwpa Goddamit, can't believe I missed that. I've updated the link in my earlier post with a newer version.
  8. Alright then, my map is done. Title: Tomb of the False God Download Latest Version Edgy name, I know. Anyway, this is a 2048x2048 map featuring cramped encounters at first, followed by more open encounters later on. UV is fairly difficult, although HMP and HNTR are implemented. Some of the crazier battles are optional though. It's fairly linear, but has a few nifty shortcuts. Hope you like lots of Cyberdemons and Archviles! - Music: "Suspense (Redux)" by SilentZorah - Boom Compatible (-complevel 9) - Playtested (Although I may have missed something) - Requires cc4-tex.wad
  9. Oh boy, where do I start? I'll recommend some that I haven't seen on this thread yet. Monster - A long and slow exploration of nihilism and its effects on human society. Plus great plot, characters, and one of the best antagonists in fiction. Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Space opera and Military drama at its finest. Arguably the largest cast of characters in a TV show with fantastic development for almost all of them. The Tatami Galaxy - An analysis of choice. It has a pretty unique art-style and a ridiculously fast pace. The director has made other great shows like Kaiba and Ping Pong. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Great Shonen. Pretty solid cast of characters and a fun plot. Haibane Renmei - A brilliant show by the director of Serial Experiments Lain. Some of the best world-building I've seen in anime. Princess Tutu - Hands down the best Magical Girl show I've seen. Kaiji - A fantastic thriller like Death Note! It's a lot more consistent in terms of quality though. Koi Kaze - Umm ... Incest. Although it's handled really well and doesn't boil over into incessant fan-service. Rose of Versailles - Old but gold. Great Historical drama, a genre that has faded out over time. Ghost in the Shell - A classic science fiction show dealing with concepts like identity. A similar show is Planetes.
  10. @cyan0s1s Oh yeah didn't notice the "no fan-service" requirement. Lemme fix that...
  11. Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon and (Kill la Kill) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure are pretty fun to watch if you like action. Monster, Welcome to the NHK, Tatami Galaxy and Kaiba are great if you like more serious stuff (I'd recommend Neon Genesis Evangelion, but that show is convolution incarnate). In comedy, there's Detroit Metal City, Great Teacher Onizuka and Inferno Cop. Although the fact that you've heard of LOTGH probably means you've heard of most good anime already :P
  12. Here is my progress so far. I've gone for a demonic tech-base vibe. And yeah, no-monster screenies...
  13. I'd like to contribute if it isn't already too late. I'll see if I can come up with anything in the remaining time though...
  14. Seems I’m a little late to the proceedings… MAP13 – “Slaughter Zone” by Paul Corfiatis This map is quick bout much like the previous map. It gives you a Super Shotgun at the start and follows it up with some fairly intense action. You are surrounded by Sergeants, Imps, Demon, Cacodemons, Revenants and Arachnotrons as you try to find your way through the map. The blood here is damaging in contrast with some previous maps, although there are plenty of Radiation shielding suits. You make your way to the Rocket Launcher and face a Baron of Hell and a Mancubus ambush. This is followed by another ambush by Revenants. You now pick the red-key up and unleash a swarm of Cacodemons and Pain Elementals. After cleaning the mess up, you proceed to the red door. This section is fairly mild at the start, employing a few monster closets, but picks up when several monsters teleport in. This section, just before the blue-key, employs a better teleportation trap than the Hell Knight trap in MAP10. You are surrounded and not given an easy way out. However, the cramped area does result in a fair bit of infighting, weakening the trap slightly. You rush to get the blue-key and deal with another swarm of teleporting enemies. The next section is quite fun, with the Baron of Hell, Demons and Revenant ambush. However, if you cleared most of the enemies before this, it is far too easy to rush to the exit, even with the two Arch-viles resurrecting everything that used to move. Regardless, this is a short and enjoyable closure to the map. The map has some fun architecture and is intense throughout. It feels like MAP05 and MAP10 in terms of filler but isn’t dragged down as much because of its intensity. Also, Demon-punching makes a return here, although not as extreme as MAP02. The secrets here are fairly useful, especially the Plasma Rifle and Megaarmor, which pretty much trivializes the rest of the map. As a whole, the map is short and fun. MAP14 – “Undertaker” by Phobus This map is quite the rush after the fairly mellow prior maps! The opening is rather tricky as it’s really easy to get caught and get punched or chowed down to death. The map throws almost every weapon at you and expects you to survive a barrage of Revenants and Demons. There’s a Rocket Launcher available to speed things up, but the cramped opening area modifies the challenge a bit. There are some Arch-viles and Chaingunners here that facilitate constant movement. Also, there are some clever monster closets with Spectres and Revenants here. The next area requires some careful movement to handle the Revenants, Arachnotrons, Cacodemons and Pain Elementals. It opens up to an interesting teleporter setup. There is a bridge to the other side of this area but two teleporters across it. You take the first teleporter to a giant chamber packed with monsters and rush to the other side to get to another teleporter that takes you to the other side of the bridge. The only problem I have with this setup is that it’s far too easy to run past everything! Since the chamber has a low monster-to-area ratio, it isn’t lethal enough to prevent rushing. Anyway, you get to the other side and can enter two doors. Both use ambushes in cramped areas giving some interesting moments. The Megasphere here is rather excessive though. You return to the to the chamber, where all hell must have broken loose, and it is still not lethal enough. You open the yellow door to a few monsters that are easy to dispatch given your supplies by this point. You can now proceed to the exit, which has a rather poor Chaingunner and Arch-vile ambush setup. I actually entered the exit just before the Arch-vile showed up. A noticeable problem this map suffers from is the ease of rushing past everything combined with the lack of incentive to not do so. Without this issue, it could have been a pretty strong map. The secrets are pretty useful. I found the Computer Area Map to be quite enjoyable to see. Not many maps use that. All in all, the map starts off strong but is dragged down by the general non-lethality of the following encounters. Now onto MAP15…