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  1. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm cycling between all 4 original Devil May Cry games. There's something to like about each of them (yes, even 2), but replaying them has cemented DMC3 as one of my favorite games outright. I honestly think 1 holds up pretty well, while 4 is a disappointment as a game. 1 has great atmosphere, level design, bosses and paces itself remarkably well. It still is one of the best introductions to the Character Action genre. 2 exists. It does a great job reminding you of how the other games are far superior. 3 is a masterpiece of gameplay depth. It has the best level design in the series, the best story (although that's not saying much), the most weapon and style variety, and the best bosses by far (although Credo from DMC4 and Vergil / Hollow Vergil from DmC:DMC are comparable in terms of overall quality). I would recommend this game to anyone, even non-fans of Character Action. 4's Dante is arguably the deepest character in the Character Action genre, but every other aspect of 4 disappoints. Nero is good but is relatively easy to master. The Special Edition messes gameplay balance to an outright comical level. Seriously, DMC4SE's balance is so broken it makes DmC:DMC's Style meter look well-crafted by comparison. Vergil, Trish, and Lady obliterate the already paper-thin enemies due to their sheer damage output. 4's Vergil is a flashy combination of DMC3SE Vergil and DmC:DMC Vergil without an understanding of the design choices in the respective games. Trish and Lady have no originality in their move-set whatsoever as they are merely combinations of the move-sets of Dante, Nero, and Vergil. The icing on the cake is that you can play through the campaign 3 times to use all characters, but the campaign involves repeating the same levels twice, and the same bosses (with no changes) thrice. Yeah, I'd rank the games as :- 3 >= 1 > 4 > 2 With the reboot :- 3 >= 1 > Reboot > 4 > 2 Anyway, I've been considering 'Ori and the Blind Forest' and 'Wings of Vi' recently. Both seem pretty fun.
  2. Share a random fact about yourself

    I do caffeine. Usually in the form of coffee or carbonated drinks.
  3. Random Image Thread

    More DMC: BONUS: My reactions when information of DMC5 was leaked
  4. Random Image Thread

    Undertale is one of the most unique games I've played in a while. By sheer virtue of concept and execution, I wouldn't hesitate calling it one of the best games I've played. However, I don't find earnest and legitimate criticism of the game as much as I want to. Good analysis of Undertale has been replaced with a counter-culture that "hates" the game to act cool, or with people who distance themselves from the awful fanbase. This really places a negative mark on Undertale, when its ideas can grow into newer things. I found this rather unfortunate since I want to see more games like Undertale in the future (Lisa doesn't count; that stuff's messed up). I'd recommend everyone play the game if you haven't by now, and judge it on its own merits, rather than on the fanbase or the expectations set by them.
  5. Stephen Hawking Has Died At Age 76

    It's pretty painful when an idol of yours passes away. Reading "A Brief History of Time" all those years ago was probably the push I needed to pursue research in Mathematics and Science. His greatest contribution was not his research, but his mere existence. He represents success against all odds. Even when he was condemned with a disease that placed a limit on his life, he still survived for decades after his predicted demise. Furthermore, he managed to make notable contributions to modern physics, something several researchers never accomplish. His prominence in science publicity definitely affected his work, but he still used his fame to inspire people to pursue research. He was a fantastic individual and world is lesser without him. Truly the Carl Sagan of modern times. However, due to the time-consuming nature of scientific publicity, he will only go down as a footnote in the annals of scientific history. Research ultimately cares about the progress made and not popularity. This is why I choose to remember him as an inspirational person rather than an inspirational scientist.
  6. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just got the DMC HD Collection on Steam. I've played some of the missions of DMC 1 and DMC 3: SE, and while they were enjoyable, I feel as if this port is almost a cashgrab. Very few QoL changes have been made, although the games are still really fun. Regardless, it's great to finally have a competent port of DMC 1, 2, and 3 on the PC.
  7. E3M8 is fun from a pistol start. On continuous, it turns into a joke if you have a few cells on you. E4M8 has an enjoyable build up. Although by then, people realized that the SMM is extremely weak without ammo starvation or back-up. So you get a showdown with a bunch of other demons thrown in for good measure. MAP30 is a cool concept poorly executed. That's all it is...
  8. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've spent some time revisiting DmC: Devil May Cry and comparing it to DMC4 Special Edition and DMC3 Special Edition in terms of combo potential and gameplay depth. Looking at Dante, it is easy to see that DMC4 SE's Dante is leagues above the DmC: DMC counterpart. There are more weapons, more moves with each weapon, and more styles (5 > 0) in DMC4 SE. While DMC3 SE has more weapons, moves, and styles compared to DMC4 SE, it still lags behind in terms of combo potential because styles cannot be switched mid-combat. There is a rather finicky style-switcher mod for DMC3 SE, and mastery of that mod will boost the depth of DMC3 SE to unmatched levels in action games surpassing even Godhand, but in terms of vanilla games, DMC4 SE's Dante is the pinnacle of combo potential (Combos are still discovered to this day, a decade after DMC4's initial release). So, for Dante : DMC3 SE (Style-Switcher Mod) > DMC4 SE > DMC3 SE > DmC: DMC Vergil however, is a very interesting case. In DMC3 SE and DMC4 SE, he has only 3 weapons but he has more moves in DMC4 SE. This really increases the depth and combo potential of DMC4 SE Vergil. However, both cases have no styles. Also, there are several weird design decisions made in DMC4 SE that curb some of Vergil's depth such as spammable animation cancels, awkward inertia, and horribly high damage. Like seriously, DMC4 SE already had enemies made of paper. These mobs have so little health, that the only way to make them challenging is to play on the higher non-gimmick difficulties (Dante Must Die / Gods Must Die / Legendary Dark Knight). But even on these difficulties, Vergil shreds through enemies like butter. Interestingly enough, DmC: DMC's Vergil has 1 style (kinda), and 3 weapons to use and there aren't as many design decisions that weaken combo potential thankfully. So, for Vergil : DmC: DMC > DMC4 SE > DMC3 SE For all the vitriol poured on DmC: DMC, it is quite remarkable that DMC4 SE ripped moves straight out of it and somehow messed up. In terms of depth and combo potential, DmC: DMC boasts a decent Dante and a remarkable Vergil. It is extremely unfortunate that we'll probably never get a sequel to this game, even though it had so much potential to grow.
  9. What makes doom multiplayer good?

    Enjoyment is quite subjective. A person could just easily find modern SP in Doom to be masochistic or cheap or unfair, but find Doom's MP to be fantastic. However, both modern SP and MP in Doom are extremely well-designed. Community and/or sub-community standards are remarkably high and the best players in the specific sub-communities of Doom often end up mapping for said sub-communities. Consider deathmatch. Doom deathmatch maps are made by players who love the mode. They simply create maps that cater to a specific taste. It's a taste you either acquire or not. Similar things apply to slaughtermaps, GZDoom mods, and other forms of Doom SP and MP. Almost every aspect of modern Doom has a sub-community forming around it, and these sub-communities cater to their own interests. The best part about all of this is that the high standards of Doom map-making and modding ensure that an inquisitive player can end up finding a well-realized aspect of Doom they absolutely enjoy.
  10. Random Image Thread

    More DMC is always good!
  11. Random Image Thread

    Where is he? I can't seem to find him. I'll see myself out...
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  13. Share a random fact about yourself