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  1. That reminds me of the first photos I showed on the zdoom forums in 2013, showing what I had achieved, fortunately I still have them on my old Nokia C2 cellphone. The goal of these projects is to be as close to the original game as possible. As @Gerardo194 said, a classic version and a deluxe version, with animations in the textures and sprites, with special effects. I recommend visiting the following thread, so you can see images of the projects, with the 3d maps displayed in gzdoom. Here I show you some images of the Doom Rpg.
  2. I consider that psxdoom must be executed well in versions of older consoles, since psxdoom was compiled with the libraries of "psyq version 3.5" or earlier, since the higher libraries eliminated several functions of the console that remain in the PSXDOOM.EXE .
  3. Of course, we have PlayStaion 1 and PlayStaion 2, which can read PlayStaion 1 games. I have to get CDs to start testing. The last one I had was using the New Hangar map, and it really worked.
  4. I do not see any problem, but anyway update the file, try downloading it again. Regarding Orcs & Elves DS, the models are still missing, I'm still working on it.
  5. Hello folks, it's good to see your progress, we almost have Ultimate Doom done, here's a pic of a possible menu for the final game. Besides, here are screenies of the map Fear:
  6. Het everybody, more that one of you already know me for the big things I've managed to do; well, as the thread topic says, at last I've decided to release of all the resources of my work, not at all of course, why this must be? some of you know that somebody else managed to decode the graphic system for Doom RPG a year ago roughly and I guessed this could make all of my efforts in vein which I do not want that to happen. But giving these resources to you is also a GREAT input for the Doom Community. This does not mean that I'm gonna abandon my RPG projects for GZDoom, I am going to contunue working on them as I know many thing and more to be known. You can use this for your Mods or whatever you want, always that you give credit to us because this was a TREMENDOUS effort done by me many years ago. Remember you can not use this to be sold or make money with this. Regarding how I did this, well I'm not good explaining things. maybe I'm gonna be making a GitHub account and I will upload my source codes of my tools for those curious who wish to know about this, but I'm still considering this. No more to say, enjoy and give a good use to this. By the way, Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon are guarding the files...beware =) Extractores ID RPGs Thank you all, I'm glad you liked it. Now the source codes are already available in my Github. = D Beware the VIOS is alert! Github: Source Codes
  7. According to the source code of psxdoom, it is executed after loading the MAP, MAPSPR and MAPTEX; This is the code and the limit value. int memory = Z_FreeMemory(mainzone); if(49151 >= memory) { I_Error("P_SetupLevel: not enough free memory %d", memory); } From what I see, you also need to have space in your memory, for special effects during the game. Around about 292 Kb.
  8. What does the MAPSPR01.IMG contain, if only the player is there? It's simple, in fact, it contains the sprites of all weapons, projectiles, teleportation, blood and the player's sprites, of course. Not necessarily so, I would say that the remaining malloc of the previous loads, such as PSXDOOM.WAD, is used. In Doom there is a remainder of (1.229 KB) -> (1258240 B) and in Final Doom -> (1.212 KB) -> (1240412 B), within this remaining one you have to enter the files: Map01, MAPSPR01 and MAPTEX01. this is very varied, for example if you have a large map in bytes, it will take up space for MAPSPR01 and MAPTEX01. If the map is too small, eg a square map, with a flat and a texture, the MAPSPR01 still has enough space left over.
  9. If you can change or assign the music number, for the level, but this version of PSXDOOM.EXE, it is subject to a single level, to itself as a single music, but you can think what music you want for your level and you will tell me then ;) With respect to adding new music, if possible, but it is not possible, since the spaces for music are already defined in the PSXDOOM.EXE.
  10. Now you can cut graphics using the line flag Clip Mid-Texture. If you need to make Nightmare Monsters, you'll need to activate all of the flags (BlendMaks1 + BlendMaks3), as it is shown in the next image: GZDoom Builder Custom Updated in the OP