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  1. Updated tools, more information in the OP. Thanks to @riderr3 for the recommendation of the new action in Map Analysis Mode. They know that it really cost me to do it, the texture error system is 98% similar to the real game.
  2. I have executed the game on my ps1, with respect to the black screen, after selecting the game, it is devido at the speed of recording, it happened to me when I burned the CD with my modern reading unit, which could burn at a speed of 14x to 16x as minimum, and the error happened, so I burned the CD with an old reading unit and I could record at a speed of 8x to 10x, the error disappeared and the game finally started.
  3. As @riderr3 said, it is a mistake that happens in the UV difficulty, in others it does not happen, but I have it repaired for the next beta, also in an error in cyberden, when leaving the level it will not guide you to the next level, since that has the action "124: W1 Exit Level (goes to secret level)" with the tag 0.
  4. Before I used a generic pc control which is already damaged, now I use my ps4 control. But the emulators are not very good at reading the buttons, so download this DS4Windows, programmed the ps4 buttons, as if they were PC keys and in the emulator I program it with the keys that are programmed in the control. as if I were programming the emulator with the keyboard, but the ps4 control will make the function of those buttons.
  5. It's strange, I've tested it on ePSXe, pcsxr and xebra and it loads correctly. Remember that the emulators (ePSXe, pcsxr), you have to load the .cue file in the "RUN ISO" tab. and if you use xebra you use the "Open-> CD-ROM Image" tab to load the game but this time select the .bin file
  6. By the way, did you manage to find invulnerability in the New Hangar? Besides, what did you think of Wolfenstein and Grosse in all their difficulties?
  7. I tried these two errors in the real console, and there are no changes in the texture, only the texture "CSLIME04 and CSLIME02" without animation is shown. I also tried Fear on the real console, rebooted the level and did not show the screen with the error (Z Malloc). Apologies with the error of Cyberden, the lines that end the map, have as special action "124: W1 Exit Level (goes to secret level)", with the tag "0", which does not send to any map and what is loading is the file PSXFINAL.WAD. Thanks for the reported errors, from what I see there are several things to correct, in addition to continuing to convert maps.
  8. Hello friends. sorry for being late releasing our very first Master Edition Doom Beta. It actually wasn't that easy as I thought inserting all of the maps to the game. I think I have to improve my GEC tools for future beta testings. This beta contains the levels that have been sent to me to date. the maps go in numeric order as they appear in the list. Doom has only two hidden levels. Wolfestein and Grosse and you can imagine where to reach them. The only map that wasn't included was. Icon Of Sin, as that map we will leave it to the final release... Final Doom has 21 levels. At this moment as I'm typing this, the maps are being tested in the actual console, PlayStation and so far, we haven't seen any problems when running the CD. No more to say, I hope some beta testers can join the party and those who want to play it can enjoy it as my brothers and I are enjoying it too! I also want to thank all the mappers involved because their maps look ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! Notice: the maps use the current soundtrack from the actual PSX DOOM/Final DOOM CDs. No more to say, the files to be downloaded are in the OP. I'm looking forward to see some screenies or even better, watch gameplay videos.
  9. Ok, @Eris Falling, the maps you chose (Pharaoh, Neurosphere), will still be available to you, in case you decide to do them, otherwise I will take them then, this will be decided after the first beta of this project, which will be in the middle of this next week, or at the end. Thanks for the support. =)
  10. With respect to the scrolling textures, that can be avoided by putting some of the different offeset (x or y), and has a useful reason, since there are limits in scrolling textures. Still I can include it as a special flag "Link Scroll" maybe ?? I'm afraid that is already a limit of the psx, according to wikipedia in Spanish, the SPU can process up to 512 KB of waveforms samples. Preloaded to the RAM memory of the console. I imagine, that affects only the revenant, because the sounds of it are almost at the end of the list, before reaching the sounds of midi music. By the way they look great those screenshots. :)
  11. I do not see any problem with the VRAM Viewer, but if I found that the map is corrupt in the format, with damages in the sectors, download this (TTRAP.rar) that is corrected and try to try again.
  12. Erick194

    New locations - concept art discussion

    I just thought the same thing, when I saw it.
  13. I do not mean the gzdoom builder, I mean Tools and Projects
  14. If that happened to me with an Industrial Zone and I had to reduce a little more. Have you downloaded the current tools? That allows you to compress the wad and build everything without too many detours.