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  1. Oh yeah, I've checked that ROM a while ago, inside the game there are some "printf" lines during development indicating that the project was called DoomN64. That version lacks a main wad for it to run on, it doesn't have any sound code programmed, there's a lot of exact PSXDoom code, but it does have macro script code and cloud sky and sprite lumps are the same as PSX Doom.
  2. Hello people. Here I bring you a video that will interest you about Doom Master Edition and what we are working on it. It's a YouTube video made by @Chris194 and I hope you enjoy it. Here is the link:https://youtu.be/6fP1RgLfmxI
  3. Erick194

    PsyDoom 1.0.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Great job @intacowetrust, glad to see support for beta 3, now get ready for beta 4, this one is coming soon, it's almost done.
  4. Erick194

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    Great, I've been checking the structures and found that the header is missing a couple of bytes. typedef struct { uint8_t name[16]; color_t floorColor; color_t ceilingColor; uint16_t unknown; uint8_t unused[3]; uint8_t levelId; uint16_t playerPosition; uint8_t playerAngle; } bspheaderex_t; // Modified typedef struct { uint8_t name[16]; color_t floorColor; color_t ceilingColor; uint8_t floorTex; uint8_t ceilingTex; color_t introColor; uint8_t loadMapID; uint16_t mapSpawnIndex; uint8_t mapSpawnDir; uint16_t mapCameraSpawnIndex; } bspheaderex_t; That completes the unknown names
  5. @Eussora It looks like a very weird error but I would like you can let me know what happens exactly (if that happens after you press OK at the stats scren after finishing Sector 1, or after Sector 1 you move to Sector 2 from Juntion map and it crash there when you open the door). The problem here is in the World file that contains the data of Juntion and not those of Sector 2, try to run the program as administrator because it seems it is not writting the Sector 2 data in the World file. Also try to see if that happens with the other maps from the game, you can press ESC 3666 in your keyboard to open the Cheat Menu, select cheats > change map
  6. Hey everyone, check the OP now for the DoomRPG v0.2 update! :) Thanks for letting me know about some bugs from the game. I've been reading several pósts hereand this is very probably that the other id's RPG games will be done as well and published when ready, all in its due time. The game will not be available in other platforms yet as I'm not familiarized in programming for other platforms yet.
  7. As we promised, the Doom RPG port for PC is finally here. created using SDL2 and BREW version doomrpg.mod original file reverse engineering. This is my first port made for PC and I hope this works for you too. Special thanks goes to @Anarkavre as thanks to him we got the original Brew game files. You need to get the original files to be converted into a friendly format for the port, you can get them from Archive.org, you can search "Doom RPG BREW" on SOFTWARE menu. Run the BarToZip program to convert the file doomrpg.bar into a DoomRPG.zip, then you run the DoomRPG.exe Hope you enjoy it, best regards. Bugfixes: * Accuracy upgrade (+1 Accuracy) purchase is correctly added to both player and stats. * Game prologue messages are displayed correctly with the corresponding text. Español Como lo prometimos el port de Doom RPG para pc esta aquí, este port está creado con SDL2 y se utilizó ingenieria inversa del archivo doomrpg.mod del juego original de la version BREW. Este es mi primer port que he creado para pc, espero que sea funcional para ustedes también. Agradecimientos especiales a Anarkavre ya que gracias a el obtuvimos los archivos originales del juego de la version BREW. Es necesario tener los archivos originales para ser convertidos en un formato más amigable para el port, puedes consegir los archivos alojados en Archive.org, lo pueden buscar en el apartado de SOFTWARE con el nombre de "Doom RPG BREW" Ejecutan el programa BarToZip para convertir el archivo doomrpg.bar a DoomRPG.zip, luego ejecutan el port DoomRPG.exe Espero que lo disfruten, saludos. Correcciones: * La compra de mejoras de precisión (+1 Accuracy) se agrega correctamente al jugador y a las estadísticas. * Los mensajes del prólogo del juego se muestran correctamente con el texto correspondiente. DoomRPG_Port.zip DoomRPG_Port - v 0.2.zip
  8. Erick194

    Trying to port gzdoom-me-gec-maint1.9 to Android.

    Hello, I really do not understand what happens here, I do not see the need to port this in android, but it is your decision, certainly when I started with this I was not and I am not yet an expert in programming, but it surprises me that at this point They cannot understand the code, they see it so difficult, I did not see it like that in the past when I read the code of Doom 64 EX and started experimenting with it and I did not complain about it, I only did what you see in the port. At least you see a readable code that can be understood, but I would like you to reverse engineer some program or game, where there is nothing to start with and that is really difficult until you get something to start working with.
  9. Erick194

    PsyDoom 1.0.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Hello @Chris0neilson, download a newer version of Doom Builder Psx, it already has some new features of PsyDoom incorporated. https://github.com/Erick194/DoomBuilderPSX/releases/tag/DoomBuilderPsxV1
  10. Erick194

    Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

    Hello, as far as I have seen in reverse engineering Hexen PSX uses the same rendering routines of Psx Doom, practically the same, the only thing that differs is in the rendering of the walls which draws the pictures to the size of the texture and puts it one on top of the other to avoid the infamous stretch of textures that PsxDoom suffered, another interesting fact is that the native PSYQ function "Drawprim" is a little slower than the "Drawprim" that Williams developed in PsxDoom causing it to drop a little frame rate in Hexen Psx.
  11. I just have to say that you can't say it's going to be done or not, I know you don't like the idea of adding the trading tiers, but in the end the things on the project are decided by me. And it will be the most correct and convenient decision for the project.
  12. Hello @Terraformer9x, my goal from the beginning is to incorporate the commercial levels, but certainly there are people who do not like the idea too much, but do not worry once the master edition is finished, there will be an extra version after the final version of the master edition that will include everything that We worked here and the commercial maps, who would not like to play the original levels with mouse support and analog control ?, I would like to 😉.
  13. Erick194

    PsyDoom 1.0.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    It works for me like that.