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  1. Ok I will update the programs, and put options to the program "PSXHAKING" to change the music, with respect to eliminate enemies, the only thing that occurs to me is to put another option to "PSXHAKING", to deactivate the flags of the enemies, that way they will not appear on the map but their graphics will be loaded without altering the memory.
  2. I think it says that you use the colorful image and not grayscale, anyway excellent work for the two =)
  3. Erick194

    PS1 DooM music converted to MIDI grab here.

    Excellent work, it really is very similar to the work I did with the midis of PsxDoom in the Gzdoom [GEC] Master Edition.
  4. The GEC Logo without color reduction and in 320x240. =) Or the high resolution version.
  5. Erick194

    How DOOM fire was done (PSX)

    It is interesting, the simplified mode of Fabien, but the sequence code is not correct.
  6. Sorry, but I've never played multiplayer, so I could not check the statscreen. But, i can fix several aspects that you mentioned. By the way, the next version has support for the psx maps in its original format. I will use the skins package provided by you. Thanks @CoTeCiO.
  7. @Impboy4 with all due respect, one thing is to believe and another is to know from the original format, the midis of Psx Doom / Final and Doom 64 are the same format, and it is not a mistake of the console, this system was created by Williams, for these games and there are really parameters in the midis that have a start and end mark, so that it plays in a loop, if the midis lack these pararaters the midis will only occur once, as happens in the map 07 of original Doom64 and @Kaiser you can confirm it also, besides not only Doom uses this format, I also use it, MK3 psx MKT n64, Quake n64 and possibly other games developed by (Williams / Midway).
  8. I converted a map of the Community Chest 64 to see how it worked in master edition, the map is MAP07 of @GoatLord, and here are some screenshots.
  9. The time has come. we have just released this project, check the OP.
  10. Fixed the download link, now the file is in zip. Thanks @Chris0neilson for notifying. @riderr3 Regarding the first point, I think that is the fixes of SW1SKUL1. I will try to find a solution. The second point, you are correct is the selection of music and not the maps themselves, i tried it on the real console, before updating beta 2, "Abattoire and TEETH" were locked and not loaded, in Xebra if they loaded it but before loading it sounded like an overflow of sound, like a "psssss", then I changed the music to Abattoire and TEETH did not do it, I went back to try real console and Abattoire charge without problem and TEETH did not charge, so the music also influences the loading of the map.
  11. Of course, more programs will be released, to create complete CDs and also something similar to dehacked, to modify the exes. Beta 2 includes all the levels of the first beta, they are only updated. Mill is one of the maps that have not had problems in psx console. By the way, they have tested with PAL versions, I only have NTSC console.
  12. Ok, I'll take into account the "Reverb Off", and the PSX DoomBuilder.
  13. you have downloaded the beta 2? update, in that correcting the GLOW texture in "Spirit World" and "Industrial Zone".
  14. Exactly, and I have been working on this, but I have continued, but the possibility exists.