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  1. Hello everyone, thank you all for your opinions, but what really happens here is that several people offer ideas, without thinking how new things will affect the memory of the game, we must not forget that everything is handled with an approximate 1.3MB , which first uses a part to load the PSXDOOM.WMD, then structures of the lumps SPRITES, TEXTURES and also the entire structure of the lumps, the more new things are added, it will potentially affect the maps, to the point that they do not enter and have to reduce more. However, I intend to reconstruct the executable to optimize code structures and declarations, in order to recover a little more memory for the new executable, and to be able to add more content. Of course that will not happen overnight.
  2. Then @Impboy4 will take the abandoned maps of Dragonsbrethren?, if so they are yours then, since at the end of last month I contacted Dragonsbrethren and he told me that I had no interest in continuing with the maps.
  3. Well folks, even with the errors present, everything has a solution, I was researching there and I found this: https://www.pictosee.com/p/2123375289342916958_7492403336 And that makes our work (including you guys) worthwhile ;)
  4. Hmm, we don't check the maps in advance, just like you, we discover errors with the release. Since in the previous beta version I corrected certain errors before launch, one of those are the specific errors by @ mr-around in MAP15: Mission impossible, among others, but most of them updated their own maps and did not correct their errors again . @riderr3 I agree to put the info in the OP
  5. Just for asking, did you realize the music that played in Icon of Sin? Also for the PAL version the demos are of the same levels but different playability.
  6. Exactly, you can take them, I also want the entire Cabal series to be complete as well.
  7. I will take care of updating the list now, in addition, the secret maps can be selected at the warp level due to the last time in beta 2, some would have preferred to reach the secret maps through the cheat code. but for the final exit, the secret levels will not be on the list of warp levels.
  8. Hello friends, Beta 3 has been released, I hope you enjoy. Chek out the OP, I also have to add the other names of the maps in the OP but I will do so in the next few days. =)
  9. @D88M3R Hmm, that really is fatal my friend, if you want to comment more, do it in the corresponding thread as mentioned by @riderr3, and if @CoTeCiO let me know the same thing that happens to you in older computers, those are ploblems that I must correct in the future, Another thing I should mention is that this project is unique in a modified version that I made for the Gzdoom 1.9 which is not compatible with any modern update, my goal is to try to pass everything in modern versions, but that will be in the future. Tell me if your current PC can run GL and which version is Shader?
  10. Another thing that I forget, if red letters come out, it means that the music fails and presents problems in the sound and in the worst case the CD does not run the map on the real hardware. An example is with the map Impossible Mission , which if I put the music 4 "Larva Circuits", throws me red letters which would fail
  11. Before or after it doesn't matter, although the ideal is to have a map to check. An example if you have a completed map, already inserted in the CD image, you can try the music as many times as you want without recompiling the map.