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  1. Happy birthday, bro!

  2. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    well, actually @DeXiaZ was trying to hack it but he got no results then I dedicate myself to create some programs to hack PSXDOOM, these programs haven't been relesed yet. I think you should read the thread from the beginning to get more info about this, friend. If you are referring to make CD Images, of course they can be make but, I will keep on thrying to expand PSXDOOM.exe and it might be done with 75 levels in a unique CD Image, I hope to do that at least. If i couldn't manage to do it, certainly I will consider your request about this.
  3. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    That's your good answer and inclusive I was thinking something simililar like you, now that you just mention the famous "tag666" and according to what I have seen in the source code, it can be used in all of the maps; another thing, I did an experiment with the PSXDOOM.exe several weeks ago and I enabled map60 and inclusive I was able to extend it to map64 but the only thing is the map name would fail and the music wouldn't be played.
  4. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    I have a question to you, @DeXiaZ. What would you do about making the Icon Of Sin levels? because they're not included in the PSXDoom.exe. I've been trying to modify the PSXDOOM.exe and have no results yet, to be honest, I'd like to make a complete version of PSXDOOM and PSXFINALDOOM. The Lost Levels in their own respective game.
  5. Hello, sorry for being late but I have many things to do; do not be worried, I haven't abandoned my projects. Here you go several screenshots of all PSXDOOM, PSXFINALDOOM and DOOM64. PSXDOOM PSXFINALDOOM DOOM64
  6. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    You're right, but I was using a modified Doom Builder2 and I better used the most recent version of GZDoom Builder and it can open maps using PSXDoom format now, here's an example of editing and inserting the map again:
  7. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    Here's a new video of Hangar's map fully modified and a new map brought from the Doom PC itself! Enjoy :)
  8. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    Thanks for your search and information, but I am achiving bigger results with PSXDoom CD, I can put in new maps with more bytes without altering the game's execution; on these days I'll upload a new video to show the results! :)
  9. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    Ok exellent :)
  10. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    First, I modified the original map using a DOOM Builder modified by me, I also modified a node builder, the big problem is to input the data to the CD because the CDMAGE replaces all the original game's data but it doesn't insert new bytes, that's why I needed to get rig of several sectors to create new structures in order to not exceed cd's wad size. Notice: the map is charged without compression as I use PSXMAKE to compress in inner lumps but it doesn't compress them that well at all and it gives me an error of "inconsistences/leaft". by the way, is there any program to modify the cd data freely to tests bigger maps in terms of file size?
  11. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    You're right! here is a video of the level:
  12. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    Some little bugs when recording a video using ePSXe 1.9.25
  13. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    It has always been there! You can find it in Ballistiyx level in PSX Final DOOM. Saludos Gothic.
  14. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    Hmmm, when I always come out with something surprising almost everyone gets silenced and I wait questions and answers, well it doesn't matter. Getting back to the topic of this thread, I was editing the Hangar level and these were the results:
  15. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    In this moment the project is paused because I wanted to go inside the PSXDoom code and also started working on the reverse enginnering to see that nothing was out of its own place, but in this case i could say it has a 87% to be done. Sorry for being late but it will last a bit more.