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  1. In this moment the project is paused because I wanted to go inside the PSXDoom code and also started working on the reverse enginnering to see that nothing was out of its own place, but in this case i could say it has a 87% to be done. Sorry for being late but it will last a bit more.
  2. I don't know if you have seen my project's videos, but try to compare this with the PSXDoom TC
  3. I don't care about the PSXDoom TC because I'm working on the PSXDOOM [GEC] Master Edition for GZDOOM, besides I'm also working on the reverse engineering of PSXDoom.
  4. Is perhaps Nightdive Studios planning to make a PSXDoom project on PC??
  5. who said that this project ended?, that I remember I have not said anything yet
  6. Yes, this is a demo loop, besides this is customizable, you can also create diverse PSX Doom/Final Doom, and Doom 64 demo style sequences This is the image taken from Doom 64 EX because it is a conversion of Doom 64 EX to Doom 64 M.E. for a modified GZDoom. this was just to respect the Doom 64 EX credits, maybe it will be modified later, though. Thanks for posting, Quasar. By the way, what do you think about the PSX DOOM status black bar? Greetings to Gez and Quasar. :)
  7. Sure you might be right that this is not gonna be 100% accurate but, it wasn't me the one who was worried about the status bar and its famous black bar but I like how it looks using both ways anyway, besides I was waiting for Blastfrog's reply which he hasn't replied yet because he came with the idea about the "fixing" of the status bar.. anyway, I thank him for worrying about this. Well, I'm still working on in my projects which have taken me many efford, here I show you a video of Doom 64 [GEC] Master Edition's intro with new funtions for the engine! Hope you like it! :)
  8. This is a simple screenshot taken from different emulators, the no$psx v1.9 and ePSXe 1.9.25 As you can notice, it uses the same resolution but getting rid 8 pixels off top and botton from the screen. On the Tv, it looks similar to no$psx but regarding to that I can make the extracting program can choose the screen resolution you wish to play with. Although if you take the status bar off, the sky will adjust itself and can be seen completed.
  9. Waiting is wisdow, that is the reason I'm trying to check that there are no bugs when I release it! :)
  10. This is for those who think that a compatibility from GZDoom 1.9.1 [GEC] Master Editon can't exist, but let me introduce you the GZDoom 3.0.1 [GEC] Master Edition, the GZDoom 3.0.1 tested!!
  11. Sorry for not replying before, I've been very busy about something special but I'm gonna answer some posts here :) Well, I have never compiled on Linux but if you could do it when I release the source code, I hope it works for you, friend! :) These games will keep the orginal esthetic but if you want to make a mod or a patch with these stuff, you can do it yourself, there's no problem! :)
  12. I actually don't know why you think your peojects are going to be obsolete, the only thing I want is that my projects look the best posible, @ScottGray I hope you can manage with the aspect ratio because I was hoping @Blastfrog to create the patch for this project "PSX Doom/Final Doom TC" which he hasn't referred to my post in my thread upon uploading this image which I was waiting for his reponse: Nobody is obliged to reply, of course.
  13. That graphic is present in PSXDOOM.WAD from FINALDOOM CD. Here some new videos about the intros and custom demos, hope you like them :D DOOM FINAL DOOM
  14. You are mistaken friend Impboy, that texture is shown in PSX Doom played in the console itself even in emulators, besides, only a LOCKBLU1 graphic exists in the whole PSXDOOM.WAD. I edited the map's line in the original game and I put it a 64 yoffset which it is unknown to me because it scaled smaller but you can see the proof that the black line is in the right side of the texture. Another way to correct this would be using TEXTURES.txt and reducing the width of the graphic to 8x128 and it would only show the bar without the "bug"
  15. I think this is the wished perspecttive: Here's a video of this level with the status bar: