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  1. Fixed the download link, now the file is in zip. Thanks @Chris0neilson for notifying. @riderr3 Regarding the first point, I think that is the fixes of SW1SKUL1. I will try to find a solution. The second point, you are correct is the selection of music and not the maps themselves, i tried it on the real console, before updating beta 2, "Abattoire and TEETH" were locked and not loaded, in Xebra if they loaded it but before loading it sounded like an overflow of sound, like a "psssss", then I changed the music to Abattoire and TEETH did not do it, I went back to try real console and Abattoire charge without problem and TEETH did not charge, so the music also influences the loading of the map.
  2. Of course, more programs will be released, to create complete CDs and also something similar to dehacked, to modify the exes. Beta 2 includes all the levels of the first beta, they are only updated. Mill is one of the maps that have not had problems in psx console. By the way, they have tested with PAL versions, I only have NTSC console.
  3. Ok, I'll take into account the "Reverb Off", and the PSX DoomBuilder.
  4. you have downloaded the beta 2? update, in that correcting the GLOW texture in "Spirit World" and "Industrial Zone".
  5. Exactly, and I have been working on this, but I have continued, but the possibility exists.
  6. Exactly as the doom64_techbible says, 0 = no compression, 1 = LZSS, 2 = Huffman The mystery of Huffman compression is that it is different, you can see it here https://github.com/svkaiser/Doom64EX/blob/master/src/engine/wadgen/deflate-N64.cc only decompression is not compression.
  7. The most difficult and complicated is to modify the EXE files. Previously I said it, in the thread of Dexiaz, page 3: and the final objective is to incorporate the original and current levels in each respective game DOOM, DOOM II "this will include NRFTL", Master Leves, TNT and Plutonia. in total there will be 5 EXE files and another 5 with PAL versions. The other PWAD, could be done but in another project. The problem of Doom64, is that the maps are compressed in a different format, which I have not taken time to decipher, but I do not think it helps much since the rom is limited to 8Mb, and uses almost 5Mb for the WAD originally, for some reason Midway did not include the missing enemies, because they ran into the limits of the console, and if it is true that there are games up to 64Mb, but I think the file uploads are separate, unlike Doom64 which is a WAD file loaded in memory.
  8. I have updated the PSXDOOM Beta 2 file, the download in the OP, the errors of the Final Doom EXEs files have been repaired. For those who want to play the PAL versions, they just need the real hardware "PAL Version" or change the BIOS in the emulators corresponding to the EUP region.
  9. On the day of arrival the Psx Doom Master Edition Beta 2 is available in the OP, with the Doom set containing 22 levels, the Final Doom Part 1 set containing 18 "Master-TNT" levels and the Final Doom Part 2 set containing Exclusively "Plutonia" with 21 levels. Data of the beta, the missing animation of doom "GLOW01" was repaired, the switch "SW1SKUL2" of final doom was also repaired, in addition the nightmare difficulty was added, and the lost cheat "Vram Viewer" was reincorporated. The EXE of the PAL versions of "PSX DOOM / FINAL" have also been added. By the way the entry menu is added mouse support, but only to access Final Doom, since Doom does not have mouse support, I hope to at least try to expand Final Doom to support the 59 Doom levels, so that get to have mouse support. I hope you like this beta, my brothers and I are enjoying the new built-in levels. without more to say Thank you all. =)
  10. The change log, could be included. With respect to whether the maps can be modified once a beta is released, the author of the map can clearly do so. Thus they would be updated for future betas or the final version.
  11. It is similar to Doom "DOS", but, with the difference that the enemies do not resuscitate. It is really hard.
  12. In beta 2, the nightmare difficulty is enabled, the only difference is that the passwords will suffer changes.
  13. I have modified the image one more time. What a weird mistake, the find side tool, only works with the sidedefs, not with the textures of the flats. Sorry, it's still going to take a little more time, since the hacking of the exes is quite complicated. By the way, I managed to restore the Vram viewer code.
  14. Remember that you have to press pause and then insert the code, if you fail, you will have to resume the game and try again. By the way the unused code, "Vram viewer", does not work since it was removed from the code, but its function if it exists, I will try to reactivate it.