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  1. Erick194

    PSX Sector Lighting Specials

    Hi, friend. If you mean the lighting effect commonly used in PSX Doom outputs, I believe to date those special lighting effects that the console versions of PSX Doom and Doom64 used have not been implemented in the current GZDoom, in my project the code for these effects is incorporated into the GZDoom 1.9 engine but it is already outdated, in the TC it is very likely that acs was used and you can also consult the CE project that has code adapted from my project in zscript to achieve those effects.
  2. interesting, this is my discord user erick194#0000 in case you want to chat.
  3. The truth is that there should be at least one more release, but I haven't focused on that yet, my apologies.
  4. Hello friend, at that time I was very new to programming and for some reason the compiler did not give me errors and I know that when compiling in Linux it did reflect errors more than in visual studio. But the line should be like this: !(player->mo->flags & MF_NOGRAVITY || player->mo->flags2 & MF2_FLY))//[GEC]
  5. Hello and thanks for commenting. Let me know that I am working on reverse engineering Wolfenstein RPG iOS, Orcs and Elves I & II Brew version and Doom Resurrection iOS and on Psx Doom I have already worked on reverse engineering for the psx hardware and if you want to see a port for PC this PsyDoom by @intacowetrust it's excellent work too. https://github.com/Erick194/PSXDOOM-RE https://github.com/BodbDearg/PsyDoom
  6. @sina-gst I have a question, the position of the texts, an example in the main menu, they should look like this or like this
  7. @sina-gst Ok, an idea occurs to me, I will make a function to invert the numbers that are necessary, and in the drawString function a new flag to write in RTL. I will be informing you in the next few days of the progress .
  8. Hmm, ok I need you to translate some texts from the game and publish them here, so that I can know at your discretion how it should be read, so I can have a main idea and be able to obtain a solution.
  9. Well, repositioning the texts is not the problem here, the problem I see is the numbers, as it should be read correctly in the language you want to add, you mentioned then the amount of health should be 14, but by reversing the order of the text it is 41, how should it be correctly? @sina-gst Also remember that the top bar shows the texts of the damage received and also uses numbers.
  10. ok when I was referring to the numbers they would look like this
  11. It is almost the same, but in version 1.8.94 it is easier to modify the text
  12. ok don't worry all that can be corrected
  13. Ok although here you also have as a reference the reverse engineering of Doom RPG BREW source code. Practically it's almost the same.