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    One word: Awesome!! Fun game play, great textures. I agree with Zalewa: Difficult, but fair. Secrets not terribly difficult to locate. We will see Dark Encounters in the Cacowards! PS - As a side note: Zalewa, if you're reading this, your Power Metal wad rocks! It's my fave single level wad, hands down. I wish your would make more. I think I've played all of your wads. Big fan here!
  1. 10) Back to Saturn X E2 - Fountain of Sparks 9) Back to Saturn X E1 - Get Out Of My Stations 8) Doom 2-The Way id Did 7) Unholy Realms 6) Scythe2 5) TNT Revilution 4) Alien Vendetta 3) Legacy of Heroes 2) Nova II - New Dawn 1) The Vilecore
  2. This is hands down my favorite Megawad thus far released. The whole damn Team that worked on this rocks! My ONLY complaint is the lack of a Backpack until quite some time later. I also love the names of your maps...some names were worth a giggle. Thank you for a fantastic game! Keep 'em coming! Visuals - 10/10 Music - 10/10 Enemy placement - 9.5/10 Replay value - 10/10 Favorite map? That's easy: Map 25 - Unstable Journey. What a trip!
  3. Vile Flesh - 4.5 out of 5 CONS - Author wasn't going for detail here but the maps weren't entirely bland. They got larger, but not too complicated, as the game progressed. - Although ammo and health was aplenty, armor was very scarce. - Secrets VERY difficult to find on some Maps. This got annoying after awhile. - Final Boss was a bit easy. PROS - It's very cool only one author did all of this! Rock on Gynn! Great wad for 1994! - Game play was VERY fun. Not a slaughterfest by any means, but challenging on UV. You can beat the game without dying. I wouldn't recommend anything easier than HMP. - Plenty of ammo, except Plasma Rifle/BFG9000 cells, which isn't entirely bad considering Cyber Demons weren't everywhere; plenty of health packs. - I DID like the idea that Map 26 warranted VERY few Shotgun shells - and I mean I only found 16 total (a 'bundle' of SSG and two [4 pack] shells - including secrets) in this large map, with no Sargeants. So get used to the Chaingun & Rocket Launcher on this level - ammo for the Chaingun was aplenty! - The puzzles were clever. Good monster placement. - Music was awesome! All and all a very good Megawad. Well worth downloading and playing. Has definite replay value. ~ dylux