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  1. dylux

    When Do Your Maps Get Named?

    I've always wondered how the Map names of the BTSX's were created because I've always loved them; they're very unique and it certainly sets them apart from all the rest. When I am playing a Doom Wad, the first thing I do when I start a new map is to pull up the name of it. Sometimes, the name can give you a little indication as to what your'e in for. You don't get that luxury with the names of the Maps in the BTSX series LOL!! (" e.g., "Postal Blowfish", "Big Chief Chinese Restaurant ", "Useless Inventions" and my fave, "Unstable Journey"). The names of the Maps are just *ONE* of the millions of reasons both BTSX's are still my top 2 fave WADS of all time.
  2. dylux

    Bloodspeed (Beta 3)

    I'm nominating Bloodspeed anyway. This is the best Doom II WAD I've played all year.
  3. dylux

    Bloodspeed (Beta 3)

    Very true! LOL!! :)
  4. dylux

    Bloodspeed (Beta 3)

    Yippeee!!! I am gonna download it again and start again after I am finished with This HeXen Wad - Chuxen. Thanks!! Nobody's answering my question (above) so I'll re-ask LOL!!: Is Bloodspeed eligible to be nominated for a Cacoward this year? I am uncertain if it meets the timeline criteria.
  5. dylux

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Lunar Catastrophe. Best Ultimate DOOM WAD I've played all year. And Bloodspeed. I know it's in "Beta stage," but I believe it's finished enough to nominate.
  6. dylux

    Bloodspeed (Beta 3)

    Did this project come out too late for a 2019 Cacoward nomination? I'm not certain of the cut-off date(s). I *think* the cut-off is December. I believe Bloodspeed came out in Nov, 2018, according to the date at the very top of this thread. Somebody correct my ignorant a$$ if I am incorrect, please. If this meets the criteria, then I am nominating it. :)
  7. dylux

    Top 10 MUST PLAY Non Slaughter Wads?

    There's a million really good Non-Slaughter Wads and I am certain I am forgetting some here. I am naming both Doom and Doom II WADS here, off the top of my head, and in no particular order: 1) Knee-Deep in ZDoom (which I am currently paying for the 1st time and it's awesome!) (Ultimate Doom) 2) Jenesis (Doom II) 3) Back to Saturn X Ep 1 and Ep 2 - Both are my absolute faves (Hurry up Ep 3!!!) (Doom II) 4) Lunar Castastrophe (Ultimate Doom) 5) Dark Encounters (Doom II) 6) Doom the Way ID Did (Both Doom and Doom II versions and The Lost Episodes) 7) Legacy of Heroes (Doom II) 8) Titan I and Titan II (Doom II) 9) Avactor (Doom II) 10) Dimension of the Boomed (Doom II)
  8. I shall try that! Thanks Nevander! :)
  9. Thanks for your response Alper002. :) I've found that some Modded games (e.g.'s, Knee Deep in ZDOOM and Valiant) DOES offer a "Lite" version, which strips the Modded Weapons from the original WAD so you may use the defaulted weapons. Unfortunately, this also strips the modded enemies as well. Oh well...I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too. :P
  10. Is there a way to replace already Modded Weaponed Wads (or, if you rather, MODS) with the Default Weapons that come with Doom (or Doom II)? An example WAD would be 'Knee-Deep in ZDoom'. I assume, because I have no knowledge whatsoever of how to create a WAD, that this would be a very complicated process. I was in VERY high hopes that there was a "magic patch pack" out there that could just do it easily. Should I just keep dreaming? LOL!
  11. dylux

    (Update/Fix) Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    Your timing is perfect - well, in my universe, anyway. I was about to replay Dark Encounters as soon as I'm finished with the lame one I'm currently playing (and about to abandon LOL!) I didn't catch anything major as far as bugs were concerned except for the fact Dark Encounters didn't win or even runner up a Cocaward!
  12. dylux

    Base Ganymede: Complete

    The Good: - Nice, clean Maps. Nothing fancy. - Not a slaughterfest, but loads of challenging dog fighting. - Very little puzzles. The Bad: - Too many small, nonlinear Maps. - WTF was with M1E8?!? - Wayyyy too many "poison ponds" for my taste. I don't think there was a single level that didn't have them. - Very few secrets - most of which were unrewarding. A Med Pack isn’t exactly what I call rewarding - unless you have less than 10 hit points. So if a reward for finding a secret is a Med Pack, what is that telling you?!?! - Wasn't into starting new chapters (with just a pistol) during the same episode. - Monsters that suddenly spawn from thin air just because you're walking towards a switch. In Short: If you like dog fighting, then Base Ganymede Ep 1 is for you, so bring your itchy trigger finger. It’s was average as far as fun game play goes. I don’t think I ever saw more Specters and Lost Souls in any other non-slaughter game. The only things above average in this WAD was the amount of monsters, barrels and poison ponds you'll endure. Not the best WAD I've ever played, but not the worst, either. 2 1/2 out of 5 Stars.
  13. dylux

    Bloodspeed (Beta 3)

    Not sure if you're aware of this "bug." I apologize for the photos, but I am using a crappy computer at work: You can get finish Map 29 (Iced Sanctuary) without needing the Red Key at all, or the Red Door, for that matter. In fact, I did the below description when I first played this Map because I thought it would lead to a secret. When I got to the end of the Map, I backtracked and finished it the "correct way," that is, with the Red Key (yes, it's possible to backtrack from the exit to Photo 1 without needing the Red Door): I'll attempt to explain this the best I can...1) Climb the stairs when you find the red door. It's actually on the path you need to go on to get the Red Key. 2) Go all the way to the top. 3) At the top, face left. You'll see a ledge. 4) Board the ledge and proceed along the ledge to the gap on your right and drop down. - Photo 1 is me almost to the top of the stairs. Note you can see the Red Door (circled) from here. - Photo 2: I'm in the exact same spot as photo 1, only facing 90 degrees to the right. Note I'm almost to top of stairs. The circled ledge is the target. - The bottom photo is the top of the stairs. See the ledge circled by a "1"? That's the ticket. Go from "1" to "2" and drop off the ledge "3". You have no choice after you drop off the ledge except to follow a linear path to the exit area.
  14. dylux

    Most visually creative/beautiful megawads?

    I totally agree with every word in that post. It's one of the very few WADS out there that has multi-platformed (floored) Maps. How this game didn't win or even receive an honorable mention at the last Cacowards is beyond me. I guess perhaps it was overshadowed by Payload4367's (Paul Dechene - same Author) Dark Universe. Doomed Space Wars (by Paul Corfiatis) comes to mind on this subject. And both BTSX's.