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  1. I still can't get over that you made this, Empyre. And it only took you 15 minutes!!! I spent 3 hours searching for one!!! It was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks again! :)
  2. Thank you so much Dragonfly! I grabbed it. I appreciate you too! :)
  3. OMG! Thank you soooooo much Empyre!! Works like a charm! You really went above and beyond and I really do appreciate it! You rock!! :))))
  4. Is there such a thing as being able to replace the regular ol' Chaingun weapon with Skulltag's Minigun for Doom/Doom 2 Wads for zdoom (like in wad format)? Or to even just add the Minigun to the inventory of weapons? See screenshot (below). Classic examples of games that utilize this are Dimension of the Boomed and Titan 2. If so, can somebody please provide me a link as to where I may download it? Just the Minigun only, please...I've looked everywhere to no avail. And please don't tell me to just download Skulltag and/or Zandronum and play my WADs on those. Just looking for the Minigun only. Thanks!! :)
  5. dylux

    Titan 2

    Titan II Review: The Good: - Big Maps - Lots of detail - Loads of everything to keep you going - Dogfighting galore – but not a slaughterfest - Lots of secrets that are rewarding - “New” monsters are great - Minigun rocks! The Bad: - There’s no Titan III In Short: Whoever said that Titan II was better than Titan I was absolutely 110% correct! (and I loved Titan I as well). Much work went into this fantastic WAD. Every Map was excellent. Never boring. I had loads of fun playing this Titan II. Maps 07 and 09 were my faves. Bravo! Thanks for making it. :) Solid 5 out of 5 Stars
  6. dylux


    The Good: - Mapsets were awesome. Non linear. Larger than medium sized. - "New" monsters were great! - Loads of clever secrets - most of them rewarding - Great monster placement - Lots of shooting, some good puzzles - There's a Titan II The Bad: - Maps 08 and 09 were a bit slaughtery, but nothing extremely outrageous. - Music could have been updated I didn't think I would like this WAD at first, but it turned out that I really did have fun with it. It was a little slow getting started, but after the first 2 Maps, this game took off like a bullet! I wished it was longer, but hey, there's Titan II which, according to the reviews I've read, is even better! Great job! Thanks for making this great WAD. :) 4.5 out of 5 Stars
  7. dylux

    CH Retro Episode (retroeps.wad)

    First of all, I think I shot and exploded more barrels than I did with monsters. I never saw a game that had so many barrels! The maps were great for being non-linear. Lots of elevators and poison ponds. Ammo and/or health was never a problem. Hence why I could shoot at all the barrels! No Berserk packs, either. Don't worry, you'll never need any with all the health packs lying around. Loads of secrets - most of them clever. Was a bit too easy, even on UV. I think I shot off 2 whole rounds of Rockets in all 9 Maps. Half of the monsters were "hiding" behind those brown fences with the diagonal bars. It was just the same old Knee Deep episode that's a dime a dozen. Nothing memorable. And nothing original. Pretty average throughout. If you liked the original DooM, then give this a go. It's pretty much the same thing, only with a different set of maps. 3 out of 5 Stars
  8. dylux

    Doomed Space Wars

    The Good: Jeeez, just about everything! Stunning graphics – the Star Wars themed atmosphere is just awesome! Large Maps Loads of clever Secrets & Puzzles Great monster placement You're gonna work for most of the keys Hardly a Slaughterfest A few Easter Eggs The Bad: There’s no Doomed Space Wars II In Short: I’ll admit I’m not usually a fan of new monsters implemented into a Doom WAD. And this is why: The problem is that usually the “new” monsters come off as cheesy, with poor graphics and even worse sounds. Most times, the new monsters don’t fit the theme of the game and that’s a problem for several reasons. But this WAD does NOT have that problem. Mr. C. has created his new monsters into more or less upgrades of the original ones, along with brand new ones, and they all fit perfectly in this game because of its theme. You can tell much work went into creating this entire WAD! You know how in some WADS, you find the final key, open the final respective door and it's usually the EXIT switch (or portal)? HA! Not this game! When you open that final door, that's when you best bring your A game... I had loads of fun with Doomed Space Wars. I just wished it was longer. Whether or not you like the PSX sounds is up to you. I personally didn’t mind them. Bravo! Highly recommend. Solid 5 out 5 Stars.
  9. dylux


    The Good: - Stunning visuals - they don't come much better than this! - Non Linear, huge levels - “A bit difficult,” yet fair, for the first 9 Maps - Decent music - Tons of clever and fantastic puzzles - For only having 11 Maps, it will take you as long as it will for a full 32 Map Megawad The Bad: - Maps 10 & Map 11 are complete slaughterfests (which I absolutely loathe) - To make matters worse, there's nowhere near enough ammo for Maps 10 and 11 - Some-to-most Secrets are quite a bit difficult to find throughout the entire game - Hitscanners are wayyy too exaggerated. I was getting picked off by Zombieguys and shotguns from a virtual 500 yards away. - Hope you like fighting Revenants; they’re the most plentiful monster in the entire game The Ugly: - Missing Red Key in Map 09 if playing on the 2 easiest levels. - Some large rooms have 4-6 Arch Viles with dozens of Cacodemons and everything else. In Short: Bring your itchy trigger finger to this game. It’s a great balance between puzzle solving and continuous dog fighting. I admit that I loved this WAD and had fun with it right up until Map 10 because of this. Then it turns into a complete clusterf*ck. There is no way, on single player, you’re going to get through the last 2 Maps without using God Mode AND unlimited ammo. I completed this game initially on HMP. After the game was over, I started a new one on ITYTD and immediately IDCLEV’ed to Map 09 to see if what I read was true from other reviews and it was! :( The Red Key is missing. I took one star off for that and one star off because the last 2 Maps being slaughterfests. “A bit difficult” is not the same as slaugherfest. You’d think the Red Key issue would be corrected by now, but I’ve seen no patch for it. If you are into a game that has a fine balance of puzzles and shooting and don’t mind the slaughterfesty last two levels, then download and have fun. Just remember if you play on the 2 easiest levels, pull up the console and “Give Keys” on Map 09 when you can’t find the Red one in the room with the Cyberdemons. 3 out of 5 Stars
  10. dylux

    Demonastery - work in progress

    Just finished this on UV difficulty. I wouldn't recommend anything easier than HMP, though. Was a fun map! Great textures! One secret eluded me, though. ARGH! Great job though! I hope there's more Maps to come! :)
  11. dylux


    - Played on zDoom - UV Difficulty The GOOD: · Plenty of ammo, health packs, and everything else you need to succeed · Not sure if this is a good thing to some players, but it’s very non-linear, which means Auto Map is going to be your best friend at times · Very subtle difficulty progression · Mostly medium-sized maps. But don't let that fool you: These maps take longer to complete than usual. · Not a slaughterfest · Lots of clever and not-so-clever secrets, in which most are rewarding · Episodic – and most MAPS begin where the last one ended · Plenty of puzzles · More traps than you are usually accustomed to. If something seems to good to be true, beware! · Fitting music · Very cool Final Boss The BAD: · I think it was the lower teen Map that I finally found a Backpack. But in all honestly, you’re really not going to need it until then · A bit more ambushes in the later MAPS than I liked, especially with the multiple Arch Viles and Chaingunners. In Short: You have to respect any quality 32-Level Megawad created by just one author. One can tell endless hours went into creating this and it certainly paid off. Moonblood will exercise your mind as well as your trigger finger. And you’re going to be switching weapons often, as the virtual distance of the monsters (as well as the monsters themselves) varies from room to room – which I like as well. One word of advice - check every nook and cranny with caution. This game was fun and it sure as hell lives up to the non-linearity description by the Author. Even the secret bonus levels were great. Nothing fancy, yet nothing bland. The latter levels are filled with the more “difficult” monsters – these latter levels are challenging, yes, but certainly not a slaughterfest. An excellent balance of puzzle solving and dogfighting. Great quality WAD with definite replay value. Recommended. Bravo! 4.5 out of 5 Stars.
  12. dylux

    What does DOOM means?

    Taken from https://web.archive.org/web/20131028050052/http://www.doomworld.com/interviews/int7.shtml "John Carmack The man, the myth, the legend: John Carmack. He's considered the greatest programmer of his type in the entire world, and he's stunned the gaming community numerous times with each new 3D engine he's created. We had an opportunity to talk to Carmack about the "good old days" five years ago when he and id Software were in full Doom swing... Doomworld: Who came up with the name "Doom" itself? Carmack: There is a scene in "The Color of Money" where Tom Cruise shows up at a pool hall with a custom pool cue in a case. "What do you have in there?" asks someone. "Doom." replied Cruise with a cocky grin. That, and the resulting carnage, was how I viewed us springing the game on the industry."
  13. Agree. If a tree falls in a forest, and no one or nothing is around to hear it, it makes absolutely NO sound whatsoever.
  14. dylux

    Preacher - released 08/21/18

    Playing on zdoom - HMP - I've just finished the first three Maps. I usually don't care for partial TC's or Mods, specifically with weapons, but I admit that I'm having a lot of fun with this! I giggle every time I obtain some kind of power-up and hear choir sing, "Hallelujah!" LOL!! Thanks for not making it a slaughterfest (I have little use for them). Challenging, yes, but not a slaughterfest. A bit greyscale for some players, but given the architectural theme of this game, it's quite okay. Can't wait to play the rest! Great job! :)
  15. dylux

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    What if DooM had never been created? Wow. That’s a deep (and scary) thought. Fact: In 1995, more people purchased and downloaded DooM than they did with Windows '95. Let that sink in for a moment. I remember playing DooM (who doesn’t??!!) for the first time on my friend’s desktop and I was in awe of the simple things of this game – like just watching that barrel of the shotgun sway back an’ forth as I walked down a hall. The sheer violence! The blood gushing everywhere with every successful blast of a monster. The ambience. The music. The realistic sounds. The hellish themes. There was finally a game that catered to a mature audience. And, I, like just about everyone else, was immediately hooked, wanting more. id Software was smart enough to push the envelope with Wolfenstein 3D to create DooM and this completely revolutionized the entire video gaming industry as we knew it. There is no doubt that DooM is the pioneer of FPS's we all know and love playing to this day. The icing on the cake is that DooM (and its successors), over 20 years old, is still fun to play! I shudder to think of a universe without id Software's accomplishments.