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  1. Ancalagon

    Italo-Doom demos [complevel -9]

    Idk why I did this. it17m127.zip
  2. Ancalagon

    Annual Kama Sutra 2 begging thread

    @Gustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I beg youuuuuuu please
  3. Ancalagon

    POOGERS.wad Demos [-complevel 9]

    poog05m128.zip poog09m909.zip
  4. Ancalagon

    Chillax-v9.7.2 Original Maps?

    All the maps used until people started throwing more maps into the wad allowed for modifications in their txt files, and appart from the phml and gazebo maps the rest of the maps (past map19) are so different from their base maps that they might as well be considered original.
  5. Ancalagon

    Chillax-v9.7.2 Original Maps?

    Only the first 40 maps are from the original author, I don't think adding more maps to this wad by random people should even be allowed, plus these later versions have edits to the original maps that make them play in unintended ways.
  6. Ancalagon

    Abandon - RC1 is here!

    Do we need to start begging for this wad like we beg for ksutra2?
  7. Ancalagon

    Rush demos [-complevel 9]

    Map11 max in 2:13 ru11-213.zip
  8. Ancalagon

    Haste demos [-complevel 09]

    Map11 max 3:55 has11-355.zip
  9. Ancalagon

    Dimensions demos [-complevel 9]

  10. Ancalagon

    Sunder demos [-complevel 9]

    Iirc zm is in dsda team so he might upload the runs?, but the standard practice is to not upload demos of unfinished wads and recording demos for these wads is not encouraged.
  11. Ancalagon

    Rare kills

    It's cybercontrol map32, best part is this one happens 100% of the time.
  12. Ancalagon

    Dimensions demos [-complevel 9]

  13. Ancalagon

    Max Exceptions Debate Thread

    The thing with closets is that most of the time it doesn't make a difference what teleport, in the mayhem map the closet has hundreds of enemies and it's usually 1 imp that doesn't teleport in, it doesn't make any difference in the fight but invalidates your run, saying a run in this map would now aim to miss monsters to save time is false, and so is the case of most broken closets. Pushing cybers off ledges would be the case that would give advantage to the player if it was decided they can be skipped. It could be decided if a monster not spawning makes a difference into the run, I can't think of maps where this is the case, but it would account for possible future noye2 maps that have broken cyber closets just to be the exception. There somewhat of a difference between slow teleporters and closets that are broken and the monster will never teleport. In sc26 max your time is almost entirely dependant on how fast the monsters decide to teleport, but since the teleporter actually works I think you should kill everything in this map.
  14. Ancalagon

    Max Exceptions Debate Thread

    Dsda has separate entries for normal and secret exits, I think there isn't a more correct way to max the map since they won't be in the same table anyway.
  15. Ancalagon

    Max Exceptions Debate Thread

    And now for the hotter takes, the initial post doesn't address the core issue that was maps where sometimes monsters are unkillable. Everyone knows if a map has a monster you can't kill in any way you skip it, it's been like that forever. The best example is sunder map13, it has some pains that I've heard spawn about 50% of the time, they didn't spawn in Arby's max so his 6 hour run got invalided. Is this reasonable? What is the cut? Would the demo be max if the pains only spawned 10% of the time? If a map has a closet of 1000 monsters but only between 800 and 900 teleport into the map cause the mapper managed to break his closet that badly, what would be the max? Would this just be a lottery of who gets more monsters to teleport in regardless of the quality of the demo? I've only seen a closet this bad in holyhell but closet where anywhere between 0-5 monsters don't teleport in are more common, mayhem18p map17, tat03, tat25 as examples, I've never seen all monsters successfully teleport in the tat maps, while in the mayhem map I had to get multiple exits in a 30 minute demo just cause that closet is an abomination of mapping. And the last case was monsters that were theorically possible to kill for the player but become unkillable later, such as those that fall into a pit the player can't reach, is sunder05. In su05 the monster only becomes unkillable if it's a cyber. But, even if it's a rev, you can see in my 5:45 run that I had to shoot 30 rockets into a wall until that rev died which is similar to killing the vile in pl27 that was decided long ago you don't need to kill. It's these 2 cases, together with iOS chaos maps, that really need to be talked about. The other cases mentioned in the thread are mostly settled, and some of them were never even a point of debate.