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  1. With a setup and some practice you can reliably do rjs almost 100% of the time.
  2. Yes please, also a mapset from rdwpa would be awesome.
  3. At this rate slaughtermax will be released before sf13.
  4. This wad is definitely aiming to be a cacoward winner.
  5. Cybercontrol map32 max in 12:50
  6. Cybercontrol map16 max in 19:36
  7. That monster is a vile under the floor that's impossible to kill can be killed with splash damage if a cyber targets the monsters up there and you let them be resurrected several times.
  8. Cybercontrol map31 max in 4:31
  9. Cybercontrol map17 max in 5:20
  10. Cybercontrol map15 max in 6:21
  11. Cybercontrol map14 max in 9:54
  12. Cybercontrol map13 max in 7:35
  13. Cybercontrol map12 max in 2:16
  14. This run is really bad maybe I'll revisit this map some day to do a proper demo.