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  1. Why does this look white?
  2. Combat shock map03 max in 10:36
  3. Combat shock map02 max in 7:46
  4. Dead in map02, blind.
  5. A max for for zzul
  6. that's quite hard when 90% of your levels consist of clearing and waiting for locks to open.
  7. map20 max in 7:09
  8. I watched your demo and couldn't see that much potential for improvements, the map is really long and the start is really bad with that giant room and the shootable switches that I didn't want to route it.
  9. And the last I'll do of Time of maps map32 max in 4:29
  10. Time of maps map16 max in 9:23
  11. Time of maps map14 max in 2:56
  12. But you are not considering the first 100 cybers are killed at 13:40 and the rest of the demo is running back to the start, anyway map31 is a better view at how long it takes to 2 shot cybs in average as they are facing the entrance and I don't get a free shot. I love the way you killed the first 4 cybs and I wish that was reliable enough to apply more frequently.
  13. Time of maps map13 max in 5:21
  14. Time of maps map12 max in 1:29
  15. Time of maps map11 max in 16:51 map31 max in 19:18