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  1. It is possible to fall into 32 unit pits doing a vertical glide.
  2. If you consider someone famous when he has plenty of videos with millions of views on youtube, ciryak.
  3. In my opinion the second room should be removed and replaced with something of your own, the big fight manages to remain interesting for a while cause masterminds and fatsos pull monsters from the center, but by the point they died I still had close to 1000 revs alive and I had to circle strafe them for 2 minutes, so this fight needs a better mix of monsters so this doesn't happen to such degree. The second room (the one that I think should be removed anyway) can be cleared easily with 2 invuls, leaving the third to trivialize the return to the main area. Edit: Also this texture alignment
  4. Max for literally unplayable
  5. Absolutely horrendous map, sorry. If stuff like holy hell or okumap are grindy this map takes it to the next level, boring, nothing can save this map, if you respect the work of the other mappers in this project it shouldn't be included in the wad.
  6. Well I cheesed the yellow key fight by killing the viles before the fight so it was kinda easy.
  7. Fun map, just some details. The yellow key fight can be cheesed by killing the viles before dropping with chaingun, the red key, unless I missed an invis or something, is much harder than anything in the map, it's a pretty interesting fight tho, too bad you can just run out of it and forget about everything. At the end fight it takes 20 seconds to kill the revs but the platform with the invul takes 1 minute to lower, leaving 40 seconds of simply running around doing nothing.
  8. First map: Nice little map, the line that releases the cybers from the front is too short and easily skipable by walking close to the wall, some textures around the viles cage seem criminally unaligned and the viles cage itself looks taller from the inside than from the outside. One of the torches behind the spawn is cut by half by the ceiling and the wall texture is unaligned too. Second map: One of the sides of the exit door doesn't have the proper texture Third map: There is a serious ammo shortage in this map, the yellow key fight a bit bs cause the viles can attack you from the stairs and there is no way to dodge that, you can get in the shootable switch room when the crates go down and it seems you are not supposedd to be able to cause there are some missing textures in there. You can get locked in if you go into the yellow key room with no ammo at all.
  9. Ultimate, immeasurable, indescribable, such grace is seldom seen in this world, the tales and songs fall utterly short of the enormity of this map, stupendous.
  10. Motion to rename the wad to relax.
  11. When people talk shit about slaughter maps in some recent threads they seem to describe maps like this, let's get on why this is not a good map. It is not challenging, or entertaining, or fun, you get some weapons, shoot it on the meat in the map, you win, while slaughter maps don't need to be hard to be amazing (see rush.wad, so good and remains casual) here you can simply run in circles and you will never get hit. Spawning 200 monsters on a single teleport destination takes forever and is not fun. Good maps usually have a theme, or revolve around some area, or there is something that makes it feel like a cohesive piece, here you are in some watery area. then in a cave, then in another cave! @Bdubzzz's map suffers from the same but he got away with it cause the fights are fun and I forgot about it. I am not anyone to talk about the looks of a map but right after playing bemused's map this one leaves a lot to be desired. These walls don't block anyone.
  12. Also please benjo update the op when someone updates a map cause I just played an outdated version of it D:, gotta check if something I said stands now. Edit: I forgot to mention in my previous post that the meme difficulty should give a chaingun as there are no chainers in the map. Viles in the cage at the plasma area can be pushed out, while this doesn't break anything it doesn't look right, the complains about the mega's posisition obviously don't stand as it was moved.
  13. My first concern about this map is the area where you get the plasma, the first fight with the pinkies/cacos/barons is fine but then after pressing the switch, the usual player will have 100hp or less and the mega in the room is at the center blocked by fatsos and soon to be blocked by revs until the end of the fight, the best strategy for this fight was to go behind the revs and take the mega in the hallways, maybe remove the 2 fatsos at the center so the player can actually take the mega and have a chance at the fight as just running behind the revs also feels cheesy. The fight with the 4 masterminds is nice but you can simply press the switch and get outside the fighting area. The ending is fun but too generous on ammo/hp, I cleared the fight without noticing there were 4 megas and plenty of ammo at the corners of the room until there were less than 100 monsters left (nice exploration on my part), blue armors would be just fine instead of megas and there is enough ammo without the cells at the corners. And nice ITYTD meme difficulty
  14. The one that should be obvious is jumpmaze.
  15. Just some thoughts about the map. The start room seems fine, I like that you can jump to the exit platform and skip all the ssg section ;), the next room seems fine. Yellow key section, excellent. Blue key section, some block lines around the cyb platforms would do good. Red key, now this section is a little overkill if you go in without bfg from any of the other teleporters, bfg should be given right away as anyone with knowledge of the map will just take the blue key tele that already does this. This room also really needs some eyecandy stuff for when you are there circling for like 5 minutes, or to cut down some monsters to make the strafing shorter and achieve the same result anyway, or both. The end section starts amazing, this setup is something I haven't seen, but when the viles die I was dissapointed to see it turn into a circle strafe but then the room turns fun again when the pains and cyb and fun stuff starts coming from the walls and teleporting monsters from the middle to the sides is a good way to keep it interesting even after everything already opened. So the only problem with the end room is the circle strafe section after killing the viles, I get that this is maybe just to spawn some meat to act as a wall for the monsters coming next but it could be done in some more interesting way, maybe keeping some sort of mechanic with the viles in the circles cause that was very interesting to fight. Now some nitpicking. In the first big room, the platform where the 2 mancs stand over the inescapable pit, the second stair is a damaging floor. Also, inescapable pits usually not very well received. Also in the same room, killing each rev individually feels like a chore. The very little room with the red key was not easy to see. I know this is not a zdoom map, but pressing the button that releases everything in the red key room froze the game while playing the map in zandronum, this is maybe cause each rev is in his own closet and the switch moves toooo many walls but all of this is unnecesary when you can do just one big closet with all the revs. Red key room really needs some detail.