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642 files

  1. Bluish Awakening


       (5 reviews)


  2. Atonement Episode 1 MARS + Episode 2 EARTH

    All maps were created by The Mysterious Moustachio a.k.a. Matthew D. a.k.a. Matt534Dog a.k.a. Matt534Doom (on ZDaemon) a.k.a. MDC a.k.a. myself. My goal in creating this wad was to develop and sharpen my senses as a level designer and Doom wad author. I aimed for an atmosphere akin to DOOM and DOOM II portrayed in an updated visual style; I was really trying to face my poor skills in wad compiling and texturing/detailing. I think I improved somewhat by the end of E1 + E2. All of the music was provided for this wad by Dial-up for Murder. cc4-tex.wad was used as a resource pack. I used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) r3018, Doom Builder 2, SLADE 3.1.2, and paint.net 4.0.21 to create all of the maps, compile the wad, and create a large portion of the graphics. The status bar was created by galileo31dos01 using SlumpED v0.7 (for testing), Paint, Paint.net v4.0.21. Additional Credits are listed below. :)


    -MAP01: Level name Teleporter Accident Music Track "Give Me Back My Future" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Can't get out of the starting room using -nomonsters. Inspiration Goofy ZDoom cinematic wads, valkiriforce maps, BTSX E1, and DOOM II: Hell on Earth.

    Author's comments I wanted to make a really goofy sort of cinematic intro that conveyed the idea that you are actually responsible for the demonic invasion on Mars. The rest of the map after that set out to make a fun and intense brawl more or less. This is the last level I created for this portion of the wad.

    -MAP02: Level name UAC Machine Labs Music Track "Mars Monolith" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration The Ultimate DOOM and BTSX E1.

    Author's comments I tweaked this level a good bit from its original incaranation. I have to say, I like it a lot more now; it's a lot more streamlined and cohesive while maintaining the same goals.

    -MAP03: Level name Cross Canyon Chaos Music Track "Deimos Monolith" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration Half-Life, The Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II: Hell on Earth.

    Author's comments I originally planned for this to be MAP01, and I designed it as such. The first base that the player starts in was meant to be its own "prologue" stage, and the other side of the canyon was meant to be the first level proper. It got too big in the second part (since I designed that first), so I shrunk the first base into a short intro to the map.

    -MAP04: Level name H2O Extraction Zone Music Track "Asteroid" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used Doom Builder 2, GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration DOOM (2016).

    Author's comments This was the first map I designed for this wad. I drew this one out on paper, and it was orignally supposed to be a Beach Boys themed beach map... I'm curious to see what that might have looked like, but the original concept was that it was taking place during sunset. Hence, the copious amounts of orange, and hence the generous percentage of green and red sprinkled about to accompany it. It was only after this map was finished that I reworked the premise and textured it as a Mars techbase.

    -MAP05: Level name Big Ol' Crater Music Track "Rivers" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration E3M6 from UDoom, MAP13 and MAP15 of DOOM II.

    Author's comments My goal for this map was to create an outdoors Mars map -- something I had seen a request for in an "underused level themes" thread on DW. Without going to much into specifics, this is easily the largest map in the project, and I'm certain that it took me the longest amount of time overall as well to create just the layout. It too went through many iterations before settling on the half shadow-casted crater of today.

    -MAP06: Level name Mars Escape! Music Track "Phobos Monolith" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration This map was pure freestyle.

    Author's comments So the story meant to be conveyed here is that the scientist is attempting to escape Mars by transporting himself to Earth using the old model inter-planetary teleporter in this UAC base. Honestly, it kind of got lost in translation when I started using the Plutonia teleporters as a level bookend, but I think I made the ending teleporter for this map distinct enough to simply stand out from the rest.

    -MAP07: Level name This Earth Unknown Music Track "T'Pol Or Not T'Pol" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration This map was also pure freestyle.

    Author's comments This is one of the later levels I designed for the wad. It was a challenge for me to truly convey that this map and the last took place on two different plants -- two different worlds -- with one shared sky texture. Luckily, I think I crafted a convincing enough facsimile to distract from the obvious vanilla limitations.

    -MAP08: Level name Seismic Research Music Track "Panic! At The Drive-Thru" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration 1024x1024 maps.

    Author's comments Seismic Research is a 1024 x 1024 sized map; I merely wanted to see how well I could pull the premise off, and I then decided that a super short map like this would be an awesome break coming from the E2 opener and all of E1.

    -MAP09: Level name Mining Ops Music Track "Come On In" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration The Plutonia Experiment.

    Author's comments This is one of the first few maps I created for the project. The difficulty cranks up substantially here because I wanted to give the player the feeling that they are always under siege.

    -MAP10: Level name Filtration Station Music Track "I've Only Got One Emotion" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration Community Chest 4.

    Author's comments One of the last maps I made for E2, Filtration Station is an interesting map in terms of layout and secrets. I won't get into secrets here, but, as far as layout is concerned, the map reuses a lot of space. I think this is my most three-dimensional feeling map to date, and one of my most difficult.

    -MAP11: Level name Sewage Plant Music Track "Dave" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used Doom Builder 2, GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration BTSX E1, The Ultimate DOOM.

    Author's comments Perhaps the most difficult map of the set (at least, for me, from a pistol start), I cut out large portions of this map and streamlined it like I did MAP02. The final version is much more fast-paced (and also grueling) than the original beta that I released in 2017.

    -MAP18: Level name Strike on Hectic Castle Music Track "The Chicken" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration Alien Vendetta, and DOOM II: Hell on Earth.

    Author's comments This map belongs somewhere in E4 of Atonement, but, since I've already released it on the thread, I'll just include it as a bonus map. It'll go somewhere from Map16 to Map20. The opening of the map was meant to convey a seige on a fortress, and the map proper would have begun as soon as you get though the front door.

    -MAP21: Level name Eternal Suffering Music Track "Jungle" by Dial-up for Murder Editor(s) used GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) Bugs Possible savegame/demo overflow in vanilla Doom. Inspiration Scythe, Kama Sutra

    Author's comments For Episode 5: HELL, I wanted to expirement more with how I used groundwork, enemy placement, and item scarcity in order to create a more significant challenge. Though this is an older map, it's still plenty challenging, and the progression I ended up with was a lot more abstract than my usual Atonement maps. This will go somewhere from Map21 to Map24.

    -Title Screen Music Track "Rivers (Ambient Mix)" by Dial-up for Murder

    -Intermission Screen Music Track "I'm Glad I'm Dead" by Dial-up for Murder

    -Text Screen Music Track "_ ______ _ ___ _____ ___" by Dial-up for Murder


    Jesus Christ, it's finally done. The inter-dimensional teleporters you've been building on Mars -- under top secret conditions -- are finally finished, and testing day has come.

    Countless hours spent laboring over several machines, tinkering and tampering with circuit upon circuit, staring at white text on a black background. Your eyes are fucking sore.

    But none of that matters anymore. Because you know, when you flip that power switch, you will make history.


       (3 reviews)


  3. Toxic Complex


       (3 reviews)


  4. AndrewB Still Stil Sucks It

    It's the thrilling unofficial threequel to the best vanilla Doom wad ever made, which was made by Ralphis himself! This threequel includes more amazing things!


       (4 reviews)


  5. A.W

    First attempt at a Doom Wad.


       (12 reviews)


  6. Altitude

    One large City themed map designed for Vanilla/Chocolate Doom with multiple possible routes and a lot of optionality.


       (23 reviews)


  7. Absolute Dishonor

    Absolute Dishonor is a brand-new 8-level WAD created between Michael Jan "valkiriforce" Krizik and Jon "40oz" Vail - four maps from each map author. The levels are inspired from old-school Doom WADs from the 90's such as Memento Mori and The Plutonia Experiment. Compatible with the original vanilla doom2.exe.


       (15 reviews)


  8. CthuluDoom

    Adaptation of H P Lovecraft tale 'The Picture In The House' (1920).


       (6 reviews)


  9. Asylum (v1.0)

    Asylum is a Doom 2 level inspired by the asylum texture set created by DethteX, Rick Clark and editor. It is Vanilla compatible so you can play it with Chocolate Doom.


       (8 reviews)


  10. Bootmans factory

    After falling into a ditch you find yourself facing Bootmans minions.


       (4 reviews)


  11. Cute Demon Butt Collection

    Welcome to the land of orthogonal misadjustment. In here you will ASSume the role of the BOOTY warrior. The demons, whose only job was to sit on their BUTTS and guard this facility, have been CHEEKY ASSholes again and you've been chosen to show them their place. Your mission will be to travel the narrow, tight and dank corridors of this gallery complex. At the BOTTOM, slap the leaders of the uprising and find the EYE OF THE DEMON which you must poke with your finger in its MOISTY CENTER. This will conclude your objective.

    So, with a badASS attitude enjoy this map of utter flattitude. Tastes best with coffee at quarter past twelve.

    (this is not a joke WAD, honest)


       (17 reviews)


  12. Confinement 256?

    First wad I have ever made. Inspired by Congestion 1024 and 64. Made to be some sort of bridge between the two numbers. Review it however you like! Send me feedback!

    QUESTION: Should I continue to make a full megawad of this?


       (7 reviews)


  13. Castle Library - Castle Dasböurg Bonus

    Having deepened into Castle Dasböurg, the remains of a antique fortress used as "weak bunker" in World War II, you find a library as a side room, where monsters reside and a chalice deep inside can very well suit as a souvenir of the visit to the Castle. This is a bonus WAD coming with the Castle Dasböurg Community Project in /idgames, hence it is known as a "side room".


       (10 reviews)


  14. Doom 2's Consumed earth

    A continuation epidode for doom2, there were supposed to be 10 maps, but contributers were few, so there are 7 maps instead. In this mapset you're going through earth's ruins to get home on the computer to call the rescue marines to get you out of this wasted zone, to get on a helicopter and land in a place where the rest of the human population takes place.


       (22 reviews)


  15. Benchmark v1.1

    This is intended as a benchmark wad to compare the performance of various source ports. The selected difficulty setting is used to tune the number of enemies (quarter for easy difficulties, half for normal difficulty, full for hard difficulties).


       (4 reviews)


  16. Bricked

    A small, 15 minute-ish single level wad I made as something more simple after making Tekbase.

    Supports Deathmatch as well.


       (12 reviews)


  17. Castle Courtyard

    A map I made for wrack a while ago, I ported it to Doom removing the real 3d parts.


       (10 reviews)


  18. Cassie Steele

    After saving Nina Dobrev from the monsters, she asks for your help to save her Degrassi co-star, Cassie Steele, from the monsters in this nonlinear vanilla map.


       (7 reviews)


  19. Adage

    1 map for vanilla Doom to celebrate the birthday of WildWeasel on Doomworld and the ZDoom forums. Hope you had a good one dude. :)


       (12 reviews)


  20. Apocalypse

    A medium length level that depicts an old factory overrun by demons.


       (5 reviews)


  21. Ascension

    Another vanilla map, scary maybe?!


       (5 reviews)


  22. Bridges.wad

    Medium to hard single player with simple landscapes, average sized wad. Plenty of secrets/hidden stuff and problems to solve.


       (10 reviews)


  23. The Cave

    This is my first WAD :)


       (6 reviews)


  24. Bullets

    A map using bullets and only bullets, nothing else. Also Hell revealed style.


       (18 reviews)


  25. Carson Hallways V.2

    Update to the original


       (5 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By warman2012 · Posted
      I'd give this mapset a friggin 0 if I could. This mapset is terrible to its very core. It pulls all sorts of asinine moves to make sure you die at least 3 to 4 times in a level, on HMP at least. I wouldn't dream of playing UV for this mapset, not that there is much of any difference when mapping philosophy is "aggravation central". Lets list out all the things wrong with this mapset: 1. Ammo and Health starvation. 2. Claustrophobic ambushes stuffed with so many enemies you can barely move around in. 3. Cheap tricks such as a teleporting cyberdemons that teleport every 3 seconds across 3 elevated levels. 4. Archvile abuse. 5. Slaughtermap-esque encounters.   What were these people going for when they made this? Sure, it has colorful Mario graphics and short length. That essentially ends it here. These ppl had to go out of their way to handcraft each way they could send you back to the loading screen. No difficulty or "skill" could possibly fix the deranged minds of these sadists. Map 18 for one, has at the end, a cyberdemon to kill you as you go towards the exit of the level with no way to get out of the cyberdemon's way because its a narrow passage. Map 15 Ziegenhous, I am going to single out as the worst offender. 16 archviles, 55 revenants make up 90% or so of this ridiculous map. This map also has the teleporting cyberdemons I mentioned earlier. Had to MDK these guys as it was too ridiculous to try and kill them conventionally. Map 21 Rainbow Road is another stain with it shoving you into cramped slaughter arena fights; one of these fights has an archvile duo with another monster for cover and poles that can barely block line of sight, not that it matters as the arena is too small to move in and is open to fire from two cyberdemons that dominate the map and can snipe you from long range.   One of the worst mapsets I've played. If savecumming, headache-inducing aggravation in colorful, cheerful environments with fun music is your thing, then check this out. Otherwise, for the normal folks, stay far away from this mapset.  
    • By VanillaExtract · Posted
      Pretty solid for a bite-sized claustrophobic level. Even on UV it doesn't get frustrating, though you will die a few times. On top of that, the level is pretty short overall, taking less than 10 minutes. The level is pretty linear in terms of unravelling, but there was at least one encounter that could have gone quite differently if I hadn't taken care of an enemy earlier, so there's a little bit of strategy. The combination of Wolf3d and Doom textures make for a colorful and macabre combination, having bright, cartoony blue walls interspersed with rooms of meat. Good stuff!
    • By Roofi · Posted
      One of the best wads of the 1990s I've ever played. The main weakness is surely its very outdated aestheticism with a very strange use of textures.   On the other hand, the wad must be retained for its ingenious traps and creative layouts. The wad is not easy. I have died several times in some levels. Rocketmen are particularly dangerous but at the same time very useful in killing their teammates.   My level is probably level 5 "The Hidden Below". I loved the height variations and the ways of climbing and descending. Moreover in each level, there are nice textures like barriers, middle-textures arches....   For me this wad is an example of true level design and inventiveness.   I rate it only 4.5/5 because of the absence of new music and the rather rudimentary aestheticism even for its time.  
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Big, fun exploration map with a really good theme... Visplanes crash on vanilla DOOM2.exe, works without any problem with doom2+
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I really liked the free alternative to TNT: Evilution.
      Icarus: Alien Vanguard is a totally different monster but somehow similar, made by the same monster team.
      This lacked a proper dehacked patch with custom text, but @NightFright made a neat fix for that, telling a compelling story that is really entertaining to play.
      The maps are amazing. The best maps here are far better than Evilution's best maps. The bad ones here, are just bad Doom 2 level maps, so there is little to be really bad all in all.
      But, Icarus had the same little ill as Evilution had, last ten maps completely drags the experience. At least, this maps are better than the ten last from Evilution.

      Team TNT has shown that not only are good mappers, they also are good storytellers and that, in a game like Doom, is something to be proud of. And they achive this even working non stop to release this before Evilution hit the streets, so, even if some maps feel a little rushed, they are great!
      The soundtrack is a key element here. Bringing an awesome personallity to this outstanding mapset full of neat ideas.

      Thanks team TNT for this amazing megawad.