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  1. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    Thanks for playing my wad! i know i screwed up baron of hell "fight" in MAP01 and i still have some problems with texture alignment but, hey, thats why uploaded the wad, to listen to opinion of other, more experienced people, right? :) i will finish the last, 3rd map of the wad and i hope you will play it :)
  2. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    So i uploaded next version, hope you all will enjoy ;) plus i'm working on a next map in this wad
  3. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    Thanks for your review! I still have problems with Aligning textures so i'm going to definitely work on it Yes the map is meant to be played after first one, so spawning SG is okay for me! I don't remember why, but i made yellow key (the one in lava) easy on purpose, sorry if it was disappointing :( I'll add some demons tho the archvile fight so it will be more entertaining And yes, you collected blue key the way it was meant to be I will fix some thing and upload the next version
  4. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    I made second map! hope you all will enjoy it :)
  5. Looks nice, will give it a try once i finish making my own wad, plus i will record a demo of all 4 maps :)
  6. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    @NoisyVelvet Thanks for checking out the map and demo! i know that the rooms lack polishing and decorations, but i'm working on a next map in this wad, that will be more detailed Hope you will check it out ;)
  7. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    @MFG38 Thanks for playing! i'm already working on a next map so i will definitely make some more paths, also thanks for a review :)
  8. piesunisko

    NoisyDiarrhea [Vanilla Speed-Megawad (32 maps)]

    Yep its Gzdoom g4.1.0 demo
  9. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    Definitely, too bad you didn't went back too see what that hidden switch revealed because i think that secret is the best thing i made in this map, but thank you for playing my wad and posting your video! It feels really nice to see someone playing my wad
  10. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    @Astro @Simomarchi @Mk7_Centipede Thank you guyz for a good feedback :), Especially Simomarchi for pointing out misalignments and Baron of Hell placement, i will work on it in my future maps, but what do you think about the secrets? did you guyz had any trouble finding them?
  11. piesunisko

    Recommend me YOUR wads

  12. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    Sooo i made my first wad I tested it with Gzdoom 4.1.0 and Prboom+ Doom 2 Format No freelook No jumping/crouching Works with both Software and Hardware IWAD- doom2.wad Map is on map01 Second map is on map02 What do you boys and girls think of it? obviously its my first map and feedback and demos will be really appreciated :) Changelog Marsbase v0.1.rar - Initial release Marsbase v0.2.rar - Changed some things in Lava pit secret, Blue key switch and Exit Marsbase v0.3.rar - Fixed some minor things in map01 and added map02 Marsbase v0.4.rar - Fixed minor bug in teleport to Red Key room, Added two pinkies in Archvile room, changed music in map01 from Running From Evil to Bye Bye American Pie
  13. piesunisko

    I need some Feedback on a new map

    Tbh, i really liked it, reminded me of Sigil, because of these eye-switches that you have to shoot, but in the open section of the map behind the blue door, there wasn't enough ammunition, you cold add box of shotgun shells or ammunition, but in overall, the map is really fun to play and id wish it was longer, also i recorded a demo, i used only keyboard so it might look a bit weird (sorry for my English, by the way :) ) placeholderpiesunisko.rar
  14. plus, in map01 in the first room to the right in the begging of the level (where the stairs are) shotgun sergeant nearly every time when he gets alerted he opens door in the wall that leads to the secret, you should fix it so he couldn't open them, plus map 4 looks promising :) is it going to be some kind of castle?
  15. Really good wad, but in my opinion secrets are waaaaay too easy to find, especially in map01, but i really liked the secret with soulsphere on the crates. Monster placement is ok, i guess, the rooms behind the blue door in map02 are really bland, you could add something in there, at the ending of map03 in UV i didn't had any ammo, but overall wad is really good, for a first wad :) Sorry for my English