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  1. MFG38

    How do I into MBF21?

    DecoHack in DoomTools has what you need.
  2. MFG38

    What comedians do you dig on?

    I'm quite into Don McMillan's brand of comedy.
  3. MFG38

    Which musicians have you seen live?

    Slipknot Lamb of God Machine Head Deathstars Rammstein Gojira Jinjer Delain Bring Me The Horizon Stoned Statues Stam1na Sleep Token The Prodigy Opeth Riverside Linkin Park Metallica Saxon Arch Enemy Meshuggah Leprous Haken Dream Theater Monuments The Algorithm Disturbed Children of Bodom In Flames Devin Townsend Stone Sour 30 Seconds to Mars Queens of the Stone Age a whole bunch of other ones and this list is already long enough so there you go Worth noting that a good portion of the bands listed above were festival appearances.
  4. MFG38

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    I 100% second everything @Biodegradable said. If level design wasn't a learnable skill, I'd still be making maps that consist of rectangles of different sizes all connected by doors, flatter lighting than a pancake, no height variation to speak of and the least engaging gameplay you've ever seen. Also, they'd only work in (G)ZDoom due to untagged sectors and whatnot. But thankfully, through a thing called practice, I've gotten much better, and I can not understate its importance. Nobody is a master of a craft the instant they get involved in it. If anything, mastery is a myth. But you can strive to keep yourself at a level of competence that's satisfactory for you personally, and the only way to do that is by practicing.
  5. To my understanding, the problem is related to you calling Raise from within the monster itself. The way the Raise state works is kinda weird in that it needs the Arch-Vile's resurrect function for half of its behavior. You'll first want to replace the Goto Raise's in the code with Stop. The simplest solution to the actual problem would be a dummy actor spawned at the location of the corpse that calls A_VileChase and enters its Heal state immediately upon spawning, but there's almost certainly a more elegant solution with the functionality ZScript gives you. Sadly I don't have a solution ready to go, but I hope I've given some helpful pointers at the very least.
  6. Hate to budge in after all this time with these news, but it's unlikely I'll actually get anything done towards this project. Started working on another project the other day and it's stealing my focus, and I wouldn't want to bust out a half-assed map. For these reasons, I've decided to drop out.
  7. MFG38

    What are your creative crutches?

    For finishing maps within a reasonable timeframe, speedmapping a rough layout.
  8. MFG38

    Why 32 Levels?

    I dunno, maybe they just made levels without thinking much about how many they wanted to make and at a particular point went "alright, we have enough maps, this is shippable".
  9. MFG38

    A salad is just a breadless sandwich.

    But what about salads with bread in them? Those are a thing.
  10. MFG38

    bobby prince return for new doom game?

    Infinitesimal chances of that happening. Unless a new Doom game were to go full-on Pixar with the art style, Bobby's style isn't something I see working out in a modern Doom game.
  11. MFG38

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Dark Canyon NoMo in 1:35.91 dcanyono13591.zip omelet UV-Speed in 0:59.49 omelet-5949.zip NoMo in 0:37.69 omeleto3769.zip
  12. MFG38

    Doom Streams

    Micless impromptu stream of me playing random Doom wads in my PWADs folder. https://www.twitch.tv/mfg38
  13. MFG38

    Rocchetta Plin Plin SoundFont V 2.03

    At least the ones from the sources listed above.