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  2. I actually quite enjoyed Alien 3 and Resurrection, despite them being generally disliked. Not so much Prometheus - it sucked as an Alien movie. And I haven't heard good things about Covenant either, although I personally have yet to see it.
  3. I occasionally like to play Crash Bandicoot 2 without going into the bonus stages.
  4. Favorite Movie Genre: Action. Favorite Food: Tie between pizza and sushi. Favorite Holiday: None. They all suck. Favorite Memory: Last summer, I had the pleasure of making a new acquaintance online. In fact, she was the first friend I'd made online since my BFF. We were chatting every day, every moment we could, and we became friends pretty quickly. And eventually, that friendship turned into a pre-romance emotional struggle - for both of us, apparently. Alas, what happened after that wasn't quite as beautiful, but that aside, it was a great summer. Worst Memory: The aftermath of the previously mentioned. Age: 23. Favorite Outfit: No particular favorite, I just wear whatever I happen to find. Favorite Genre Of Music: Progressive metal. Most Hated Genre of Music: Most contemporary pop. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right-handed. Worst Injury: A bruise on my left arm that lasted for a good few weeks. I've had pretty good luck with not getting injured a whole lot. Favorite Hobby: Tie between music and video games. Your Definition of Success: Being able to sustain yourself, preferably doing something you truly love. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Eh.
  5. On a daily basis, at least once.
  6. ITYTD = I Should Reconsider My Life Choices HNTR = I Have a Vague Idea What I'm Getting Myself Into HMP = This Ain't Too New to Me UV = I'm Ready For Anything! NM = I Should Reconsider My Life Choices 2.0
  7. Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark. I mean just look at it. Just... Why is this a thing? Also, Prometheus. Decent enough on its own merits, but as a movie in the Alien franchise, it fucking sucked.
  8. I'm guessing it's one of these two scenarios. Some people really are miserable, eh?
  9. Emotional moments in a DOOM game? The fuck are you smoking? Let me have some of that shit!
  10. BattleBlock Theater, TOXIKK and Worms WMD are some games I like to play on a regular basis.
  11. The BFG I can understand, but I'm legitimately curious as to how Doom 3 can be done on Nightmare without relying on the Soul Cube at all.
  12. I'm totally going to surprise everyone with my pick. /sarcasm Anyway, here thou goeth.
  13. Apologies for getting off-topic, but: I whole-heartedly agree with this. As a huge fan of the PS1 myself, I'm quite saddened by the lack of homebrew games for that system, let alone proper ones with physical copies and all. I know there's quite a community around (S)NES homebrew development, but I for one would love to see something for the PS1.