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  1. MFG38

    How to organize mods?

    ZDL, like I said. Probably didn't make it quite clear in hindsight.
  2. MFG38

    How to organize mods?

    Concrete advice is kinda hard to offer here simply because everyone has their own way of going about it and a lot of it is about personal preference. But I can at least tell you how I do it. On both of my computers (a Win10 desktop and a Linux Mint laptop), I have a dedicated DOOM folder either on the desktop or in my home folder. In the root of that DOOM folder is the executable for ZDL, my Doom launcher of choice, and a bunch of subfolders with hopefully self-explanatory names: iwads/, pwads/, srcports/ (with subfolders for each one), tools/ etc. To me, the advantage of this setup is that everything is contained within a single folder and - more importantly - clearly structured so I know where everything is. And since I like to fuck around with gameplay mods on occasion, having a dedicated launcher makes things like load order easy to manage. Now once again, everyone has their own way of organizing their Doom stuff and my way isn't the "one true way", but I hope my explanation is helpful regardless.
  3. Fun fact: TCs are still rare in the Doom modding space all things considered. The good majority of wads coming out today still use the assets and mechanics that the base game provides, albeit extended with custom textures and maybe some DeHackEd modifications but not to the point of warranting being called a "total conversion". Making such a project would entail replacing every single asset, which is at least a monumental task and thus not something you see being done most of the time.
  4. MFG38

    Need help

    Stronghold didn't have structure building or mechs, so it almost certainly isn't that.
  5. MFG38

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    Jokewads never went anywhere. Only their quality has dropped sharply.
  6. Far as I've been able to tell, the only noteworthy feature in 3-1.1 over is it automatically names the IWADs and source ports that you add. In, you had to type the names in manually. Anyway, I use either ZDL or the command line.
  7. MFG38

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP01 UV-Tyson in 1:10 lv01t110.zip
  8. MFG38

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    With a 6-digit linedef count.
  9. MFG38

    Trouble getting ideas for maps

    Inspiration is one of those things you can't force. Something I've learned the hard way.
  10. MFG38

    WAD Request

    Well, learn that skill.
  11. E2M9 UV-Speed in 0:25 e2m9-025.zip E3M1 UV-Speed in 0:53 e3m1-053.zip
  12. MFG38

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP32 UV-Speed in 0:19 lv32-019.zip
  13. Crazy thought that just occurred to me: seeing as the UDMF format stores map data in a plain text format, what's the feasibility of making a UDMF map simply by generating one from a hand-written text file? I just did some googling around and came across some tools to convert vanilla/Boom-format maps to UDMF, and a lot of them seem to handle the process in two phases as follows: Generate a TEXTMAP file from a given map. Convert said TEXTMAP file into a UDMF-format map. What I was thinking about is whether it'd be possible to eliminate the first phase entirely. Instead of generating a TEXTMAP lump from an existing map, you'd write one by hand, feed that to the program and it'd spit out a map. Writing an entire TEXTMAP file by hand does have some rather obvious caveats, but if nothing else, it'd be a fun experiment to see if a playable map could be made that way. Now, if we were to do this, obviously we wouldn't want a mere 256x256 STARTAN cube with a player start and an exit switch in it. We would want something that looked and played like something resembling effort was put into it. We would want a map that would convince anyone playing it that it was made in an actual map editor instead of Notepad. Thoughts? Experiments in doing this? Words of concern about my sanity? Share it all!
  14. Suddenly it feels like the universe is against me. My desktop PC just seemingly committed suicide - sudden BSOD out of nowhere and it's not producing any output even from onboard graphics after a hard reset. It still boots up, but nothing shows up on the monitor and the mouse apparently isn't being recognized either. And all I have in terms of a replacement is a 5-year-old laptop with Linux on it and no Doom editing tools set up (from which I'm writing this post right now). Honestly I don't know when the beta build will happen at this point. The GPU failing already discouraged me as it is, and with the entire PC in a seemingly unusable state now, that's only bound to delay things further yet. Don't be surprised if you don't see it until next year.