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  1. BattleBlock Theater is insanely fun in both Co-op and Versus.
  2. Cakewalk was owned by Gibson?
  3. Prayers of Armageddon. And I made it.
  4. Probably not the Bruce Campbell. Could just be another dude with the same name.
  5. Definitely Pokemon.
  6. Stop trying to rationalize video game logic.
  7. Not enough.
  8. Vanilla Fudge-coated Revenants.
  9. Well, yeah, but the problem is that if you go down first and shoot only then, the chain reaction of the barrels going off will inevitably kill you.
  10. Okay, here we go... Pros: + Contrarily to what some people have reported, I ran into no performance issues with the mod in GZDoom. + Weapons are satisfying to use. + Blowing enemies into a thousand pieces of bloody debris is damn satisfying. Cons: - To start off with the biggest gripe I have with it, I'm REALLY not a fan of the map enhancement system. So many things just look out of place and unnecessary. (Thankfully it can be turned off.) - Speaking of things that are out of place and unnecessary, the taunts. Seriously. Ugh. - Minigun eats up ammo way too fast. - The explosion radius of the barrels is way too high and makes Doom 2's MAP02 near-impossible in the latter section of the level. - Finally, not exactly a con, but I have mixed feelings about the new Icon of Sin. While the overhaul is quite welcome in my book, it does need some serious balancing. I typed in the "resurrect" command during that battle more times than I care to admit.
  11. Just downloaded it. This'll be the first time I touch Brutal Doom since v0.9, I believe - thoughts coming up shortly. Stay tuned and wish me luck.
  12. Gave it a brief spin a couple of years ago. I do recall having a pretty good time with it - no idea why I stopped playing it after a measly hour.
  13. Never played GBA Doom, but I'd imagine that port to not be as horrendous as the SNES one. While we're on the topic of SNES Doom, I downloaded an SNES emulator and fiddled around with corrupting SNES Doom once. And I came across a rather funny corruption. Imagine classic Doom, but you don't have any weapons, you're immune to any and all damage, and sometimes when you pick up an item, the ammo counter spazzes out.
  14. You can never go wrong with baby capybaras.
  15. Dude, I fucking loved Ergo Proxy! Also, I'll throw in a recommendation for Psycho-Pass.