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  1. MFG38

    Pages or Infinite Scroll?

    I pretty much second @holaareola, and/but I'll add that pagination is something I find myself preferring as far as blogs are concerned. Feels easier navigating through the post history that way.
  2. MFG38

    How do you aproach building maps?

    I'm largely a stream-of-consciousness mapper. I just draw shapes and slap things down until I have something I'm happy with.
  3. MFG38

    More Memorable Maps

    Cryonology (Eviternity MAP15) - AtroNx, 2018 Not necessarily memorable in the most positive sense of the word, but Cryonology is definitely one of the more memorable Eviternity maps, if only thanks to the pain and suffering it caused. Namely with that wave of enemies at the "temple" thingamajig with the Roman numerals. At least the visuals were a lot less agonizing. Walking Lava (Literalism MAP08) - RonnieJamesDiner, 2021 I'm admittedly biased here, but Ronnie knocked it out of the park with this map. Out of all the maps made for Literalism, Ronnie's entry is easily one of my personal favorites. The aesthetics are simply gorgeous, the combat is (mostly) fun, and the additional level of danger brought by the lava you occasionally have to walk on brings its own brand of fun to the gameplay. Great stuff. The Gentle Dark (3x3 MAP25) - InfernalMonsoon, 2020 Again, I'll admit to being biased in this case, especially since Infernal and I are old friends. With that said, though, The Gentle Dark is honestly one of the most unique Doom maps I've ever seen, let alone played. A delicate interplay of light and dark, it provides a gameplay experience with a sense of tension that even horror games fail to give me at this point. Diabolus Ex - Arvell, 2018 It's like Doom meets cyberpunk. 'Nuff said.
  4. MFG38

    [FINAL] Literalism (Release Thread)

    Hey yeah, that's an idea. I'll see what I can come up with.
  5. @Lifeform Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, I don't know if I'm gonna do further tweaks to the spawning balance at this point - I spent enough time trying to nail it back when I developed the first version. I know it doesn't always result in fair encounters, but then again, that's half of the fun, if I do say so myself. But your thoughts are appreciated at any rate.
  6. MFG38

    A noob question here...

    Easily done even in vanilla format - just find the appropriate line action (a W1 (walk-over, once only) action is what you'll most likely want) and assign it to the desired line(s). No need for ZDoom ACS trickery.
  7. Problems I see with this thread: This is not an "issue". The question you present here, along with the context given by the actual OP itself, is a red flag. There's already been enough threads with the exact same premise and they all went to shit sooner or later. So expect this one to suffer the same fate. Capitalizing on things people dislike and making levels that comprise them primarily is never a good idea. Your work is only going to get cursed to the ninth circle of Hell for that. The people that do get some form of morbid enjoyment out of it are likely to be few and far between.
  8. MFG38

    Doom Modding, WADs and PWADs, Help with making sense?

    A PWAD is a user-made WAD file that modifies the content of whatever game it's made for. A "full standalone" WAD, aka an IWAD, is a game's main WAD file and thus required to run PWADs. I believe most Doom source ports default to DOOM2.WAD as the IWAD (if found) unless specified separately with the -iwad parameter. Some do have graphical frontends for selecting the appropriate IWAD prior to launching the game - GZDoom is one such port. The good majority of PWADs are made for Doom 2 either way, though.
  9. MFG38

    How (and when) to host a community project

    Yeah, the last update on that thread looks to be from April of 2020.
  10. Alright, that settles it then. Much appreciated. c:
  11. I did figure as much, and that is how I intend to do it. What I was getting at is whether I should use an HDMI-to-DisplayPort or DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable to actually connect the second monitor to the GPU. Obviously it depends on the connections available in whatever monitor I end up getting, but I was mostly wondering if the former would be a sensible option even in the case that the monitor has a DisplayPort connection. Hope that clarifies my train of thought adequately.
  12. MFG38

    Do you like other retro games (other than DOOM)?

    I sure do. Crash Bandicoot, Quake, Unreal, Descent (sort of), Tekken 3 - to name just a few.
  13. MFG38

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Is that by chance a BTSX3 map? c;