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  1. You're most welcome.
  2. Funny you should mention this, because I also used to see dreams about running around in Doom wads that don't exist. Only I haven't exactly contemplated recreating them from memory, because the layouts were frankly 1994 wad levels of bad. :P
  3. Haken - Aquarius Haken - Visions Haken - The Mountain Haken - Restoration Haken - Affinity Piece of cake.
  4. You might want to take a look at Defiance. It appears to be rather mediocre judging by the reviews, but it's a title that's not very well-known, for better or worse.
  5. Unless I misunderstood which instrument you mean, the closest you'd get with General MIDI is the Orchestra Hits instrument.
  6. Might as well contribute mine, even though my work is nowhere near as good as some of the others' here. 2010: Prayers of Armageddon - My first ever serious (and publicly released) mapping effort. It contains 33 maps and was made in about 9 months. Play at your own risk. 2011: Hell's Asylum - One of my personal favorites as far as gameplay goes. Made for ZDoom, ACS scripting is utilized extensively here. Level design is nothing to write home about, though. Stana Prkle - A spiritual successor to the above. 'Nuff said. 2012: Spartan Nightmare - A small, ugly, slaughter-style-ish map that took next to no time to put together. I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran - A set of 5 hard maps for ZDoom. 2013: Bleeding Skies - A 6-map, 3-episode GZDoom mapset inspired by TUTNT. For the effort I put into writing anything resembling a story, the rest of it is embarrassingly sub-par. DooM20.wad - This should be self-explanatory. The Root of Madness - The idea behind this one was to create a map with a gameplay style similar to Hell's Asylum while reusing map design elements from Prayers of Armageddon. The job itself may have been done somewhat haphazardly, but I'm still somewhat proud of this one. 2014: The Stars of Styx - Inspired by Swim with the Whales, this 3-level mapset for ZDoom has a lot of blue in it. There are a few level design elements I'm quite proud of, but otherwise, nothing amazing. I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran: Coop Edition - Literally just a coop-friendly version of I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran. Includes nothing extra. mfg_e1m1.wad - My first vanilla map since Prayers of Armageddon, this one, as the name implies, is a remake of E1M1. Somehow. Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation - A recreation of Prayers of Armageddon. Not much improved, in all honesty. 2015: MFG38's Unreleased Abominations - A set of two previously unreleased maps. The first one became MAP01 of Prayers of Armageddon (with some modifications), and the second one is a jokewad-esque collaboration with a friend. At least it lives up to its name. MFG38's Deathmatch Map Pack - Two small vanilla deathmatch maps. Yes, only two. Chances are I'll make more sometime, though. Not my best work by any means, but it was a fun deviation from my usual repertoire at the very least. 2017: Deliverance 2600 - Easily my personal favorite work. This is a Metroidvania-inspired total conversion for GZDoom that I spent a whopping two years putting together - almost everything here was made by me, myself and I.
  7. I care extremely little about Doom's plot. I just want to fuck shit up.
  8. Make an ISO file out of the CD and run it through a Win95 virtual machine. I'd say that's your best bet.
  9. It's officially not meant to support mods, but I've actually seen a few mods for BFG Edition on ModDB, though most of them are just graphical enhancements. I forget if there are any gameplay mods for it, though.
  10. I connected my Acer laptop (back when I had one - never again, thank you) to our TV through VGA and played some Skulltag deathmatch on it once. It was a pretty fun experience - no noticeable problems with visuals either.
  11. Screenshots are looking cool! I'll make a note of giving the demo a spin.
  12. Anything ZDoom or derivative - been using those ports almost exclusively since at least 2009. I've tried out a good number of other source ports, but I never grew as fond of them as ZDoom and co.
  13. Eh, it looks kinda awkward to play... Interesting seeing this, though. The only Fate game I knew prior to this was a Diablo-style RPG title with the same name. I love discovering obscure games, no matter whether they're hidden gems or not.
  14. I was mainly thinking about the dynamic lights, since they're essentially a GZDoom-specific feature. But then again, I suppose you could load either gzdoom.pk3 or lights.pk3 as an additional resource, so as to circumvent the lack of dynamic lights in "normal" ZDoom.
  15. Downloaded this the other day, haven't touched Doom Builder 2 since. I'm really digging the addition of the Sound Propagation and Automap modes. The Visual mode on Doom Builder 2 is also jittery on Windows 10 (at least on my computer for some reason), but I'm glad that's not present here. Great work in every aspect! c: Although I do have to ask: is there ever going to be a built-in GZDoom config for this?