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  1. Or, because it's Hell, maybe there's partially animated corpses below the surface that scratch and claw at you as you wade through it. I'll go with that because it's more metal.
  2. Novaseer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently going insane in Satisfactory, attempting to automate 15 Assembly Director Systems per minute. Compared to my other builds, it's so large it's not even funny. Already plonked down several hundred machines (by my guess, about 450 so far) and all I've automated thus far is concrete, steel pipes and wire. Haven't even started extracting the copper, quartz, oil and Caterium I'll need yet, and I still need another node of iron to reach the throughput I'm aiming for (4,880/min, currently processing 4680)
  3. Novaseer

    Unity goes full Unity

    My guess is "they don't, it's just an excuse"
  4. Novaseer

    What the hell is "artificial difficulty"?

    To me, it means an increase in threat that does not constitute a change or improvement of tactics to overcome. Probably the best classic Doom example is if you switch out a Hell Knight for a Baron of Hell. It isn't faster, it isn't more aggressive, it isn't any more likely to hit you, it just has twice as many health points. If you know how to beat a Hell Knight, you know how to beat a Baron - it just feels harder because it takes longer. Real difficulty, meanwhile, brings a new requirement to beat it - typically thinking differently, though sometimes it's a mechanical challenge too. Supplement that Hell Knight with a Chaingunner. That same tactic you used against solely the Hell Knight - which is probably just circle-strafing around it with whatever gun you have the most ammo for - won't work anymore, because the Chaingunner tracks your position with hitscan. Playing peekaboo with the Chaingunner to try and avoid its hitscan, meanwhile, is punished by the Hell Knight's fast projectile. The difficulty arises from you having to make more decisions - chief among them being which one you shoot first, and where you do it from. An example of mechanical real difficulty would be the difference between the Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal Cacodemons - whilst the Eternal caco is almost immediately killed by landing a grenade in its mouth, if you don't hit that skillshot you're punished with a much more aggressive enemy than before. EDIT: I will say that stat changes being "artificial difficulty" isn't ubiquitous, and is most often a problem in FPSes. In something like XCOM 2, for example, having less health or enemies having more health does actually induce real difficulty, because the thought processes you make whilst playing the game are different. ADVENT Troopers' health going from 3 to 4 is a huge difference when your basic assault rifle does 3-5 on a hit - without an effective guaranteed kill, you're forced to have contingencies for if things go wrong, and upgrading your weapons in an expedient manner becomes more important.
  5. Novaseer

    I ban you because...

    i ban the person below me for liking the new metallica album
  6. Novaseer

    Any Community Projects out There?

    Yeah, Iconography is technically still open, but it's fairly reasonably understandable that such a niche project like that didn't get quite enough traction to stay alive in the community sense. After all, a project focused around that one level in Doom 2 most people found annoying isn't most peoples' idea of a good time - even if it did have a few quality submissions. Though, then again, my lack of actual activity in the community (lurking aside) the past few years didn't exactly help matters.
  7. I'm... sort of still around, and by that I mean I lurk occasionally around the forums. I haven't had much time or incentive to do Doom mapping recently, unfortunately (2019 really kicked me in the jaw in that regard and I never really got the motivation back), which means that a few projects I had, including a 22 map sequel to Depths, have been stagnant. As one of my first works, Depths was pretty traditional, purely as I was getting to grips with Doom mapping as a whole. The map format was primarily so that if I wanted to do something, I could, as it's a lot less restrictive than, say, Boom format. The final boss on XMAP06, for example, I'm not sure I could do in other formats. My other unreleased stuff was a bit more experimental, with Depths 2 having multiple new enemy types as well as me generally putting more thought into what enemies go where instead of just making a cluster of enemies in a room and calling it a day. Who knows? Might finish it one day. Glad to hear that you, well, didn't hate it, at least.
  8. Novaseer

    Infinite Ammo Starting Weapon: Good or Bad?

    nah it's hidden in the source code, if you punch 2,387,421 times in a single level you break your knuckles and can't punch anymore /s
  9. Novaseer

    The 2021 Cacowards

    shit, now I'm feeling like taking up mapping again before inevitably abandoning whatever I'm working on in a month's time
  10. Novaseer

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    We don't want to destroy our planet with fossil fuels, and renewable/green energy sources aren't efficient enough with our current technology. It's the best option we have.
  11. Novaseer

    Map11: Circle of Death, or 'O' of Destruction?

    Map 11. I'm boring.
  12. I saw a comic the other day that argued that "shit shit shit shit shit shit shit" is a valid sentence.
  13. Novaseer

    Name your current favorite band/artist

    Vektor. Listen to this and this.
  14. Novaseer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I love this. Clever use of untextured walls if that's what I'm seeing.
  15. Are all the mapper spots taken up? If not, sign me up. I needed an excuse to get back into mapping.