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  1. I mess around with an editor until I create something that isn't steaming hot garbage. I then whack some enemies, guns, ammo and health packs in it.
  2. Wow, those are nice.
  3. God, this is going to make my school work so much easier. sarcasm intensifies
  4. Flavoured water.
  5. I fucked up the installation, that was my problem. I know how to do it properly now, but it'd be nice if I could recover my 12 levels of hard work...
  6. High five for the reference.
  7. Exactly what the title says - I can't open a WAD file after trying to add a custom monster into it. I get the error message displayed below, then Slade dies on me. Any solutions?
  8. Berserk powerup. BFG. Megasphere. End of discussion.
  9. yes, someone already has
  10. Depends on what DOOM we're referring to. 1990s originals: fuck it let's genocide some hellspawn 2004: ah yes the hellspawn are genociding us this time 2016: let's see why we're genociding hellspawn
  11. As I said, I wasn't referring to MAP08.
  12. I wasn't referring to T&T or The Pit in my comment - I rather enjoyed both myself.
  13. I never found that telefrag secret myself, and the point with the Chasm still remains. Anyhow, this is getting derailed like my post about PUBG and GZDoom conflicting. But let's be honest, who cares?
  14. Consider eyebrows raised.
  15. I was commenting on him praising Barrels o' Fun.