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  1. I love how Linguica's status updates are all in size gargantuan font. Also, "recommenceth"
  2. id will most likely also be copyright. Way to jump from the lion's den into its mouth.
  3. I reckon it'd make more sense if each one was correlated to what each subforum offers. For example, Doom 2016 could be 'The Foundry' or 'Titan's Realm'
  4. Novaseer

    Original Doom songs you want to see return

    Shawn's Got the Shotgun, Into Sandy's City, Death's Bells, Sadistic, and it's a stretch, but I'd love to see songs based on some of the Plutonia MIDI pack tracks (especially Sepulchral, Infimum and Blood Rush) - that is, if Mick and id are in touch enough to know about it.
  5. Novaseer

    Level design tropes you use

    A few things I do quite often when mapping: Using arch-viles with a load of trash tier enemies. Targeting GZDoom/UDMF without making much use of UDMF features on a per-map basis (anyone who's played Depths will know this, there is one line portal in the third map, and a few on-kill triggers, and that's it) Completely polar difficulty - it's either really easy or really hard, there's no in between. "Fake" non-linearity, as in, I'll add an area with multiple options, except they're all locked apart from one way, which will allow you to go one other way, etc etc. until the exit is finally reached. Map02 of my current personal project is especially guilty of this - I might have to rework it at some point. In some cases, the way to progress in one of my levels is extremely hard to spot. XMAP05 in Depths, for example - I doubt many people will think of walking into tiny little alcoves to open up the way to a key. I reckon this is pretty hard to avoid when you're the person making the map though. Making cyberdemons easy. I did this quite a lot in Depths - most are turreted with good cover being available. Throwing in pain elementals just for the sake of being cruel. Normally in secret areas or maps, but it still stands: cramming my name or icon in for the sole sake of being an egotistical prick. Not planning out my maps before I make them in the slightest - with the sole exception of map 6 of my current personal project, which I drew beforehand. Either not using copy paste at all, or going all out with copy paste. Overuse of border sectors. I don't like it when colours clash too much. Alright, enough of that wall of text.
  6. Gotta love the UT99 Flak Cannon. And do Doom mods count? Russian Overkill deserves some mentions.
  7. Novaseer

    Favorite primary weapon from reveal

    Is the BFG10k not an option?
  8. Novaseer

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    Resurrecting whilst there's a Cyberdemon rocket still gunning to hit my newly-animated corpse. A.K.A. a solid 50% of my deaths on Ancient Aliens. The other 50% were from MAP18 alone.
  9. Novaseer

    Thoughts on the /idgames archive?

    I've used idgames as a whole only a couple of times (I believe I downloaded Icarus through the database here on Doomworld, and I uploaded Depths to the archive recently) and personally I don't have any outstanding issue with it. The restrictions aren't that bad, and they seem to work pretty well.
  10. Novaseer

    Depths of Insanity - Now on idgames!

    Glad to see you're enjoying it! And by the way, I didn't make the MIDIs, but I'll be sure to refer the praise to the person who did.
  11. Novaseer

    Depths of Insanity - Now on idgames!

    Huh. Must be something with that DECORATE function - I think it's only in GZDoom. I'll try to see if there's an alternative.
  12. Pretty fun! I'd say it's suitable for the MAP03 slot. Even if I'm a Brit and thus dislike American football.
  13. Novaseer

    Depths of Insanity - Now on idgames!

    Glad to see you liked it! The door issue is just a silly mistake on my part - the doors are set to close after 34 tics, not 34 octics (150 tics).
  14. Novaseer

    Level design tropes you use

    Use of resurrecting monsters to repopulate an empty area.
  15. Novaseer

    Depths of Insanity - Now on idgames!

    Depths of Insanity is now (finally) available on the idgames database! Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/depths